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A strange place called Florida: A lesson in feminism

On a nice summer afternoon at a large university in Florida, Claire is heading to class. A woman in her thirties, Claire is a professor at her university and has been asked to teach a course in gender studies. Despite her age, Claire is an attractive woman who is in shape and looks better than majority of the girls at her university. Claire is of Scandinavian heritage and looks almost exactly like pornstar Kayden Kross which leads some of her students to think that it is her. On the way to class, Claire hears a misogynistic comment that ruins her mood.

"I don't see the point of watching gymnastics because it is just an excuse for people to prove that women are actually athletic," says a guy.

Claire instantly glares in the guy's direction as he is talking to his friend and sees how he looks like. The guy has black hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and looks very Middle Eastern in his appearance. As a professor, Claire spent time in the Middle East and was familiar with what women there had to deal with. Losing her cool, Claire decided to call the student out.

"What about women not being athletic again?" asked Claire in a demanding tone.

"Excuse me?" asked the guy.

"No I will not excuse your ignorance now explain yourself!" said Claire.

"Well women are just not that athletic overall," said the guy.

"I bet right now I could beat you down and your "athleticism" won't save you." said Claire in an angry tone.

"Wow my gender studies class is going to be a crazy ride if we have students like you in there," said the guy laughing.

"I am the professor and I have tenure bitch!" said Claire.

The student looked in shock as he found out thatt he pretty blonde was his professor because he needed the class to finish college. Claire was hellbent on making sure that the student she had a confrontation with paid for his misogynistic comments. The name of the student was Erfan and though he was born in the US, his parents were Middle Eastern. Erfan was known for being a dick and the fact that he was a frat boy meant that he was around his brothers who had the same personality. Unfortunately for Erfan, his douche personality was going to cost him graduation and Claire made it clear that she was not going to let his comments slide. The class had around two hundred students in it and Claire had already started the lecture.

"Now everyone, just a few minutes ago I had a bad run in with a bigot in my class who made hateful comments about women and he can be found sitting over there," said Claire as she pointed at the seat where Erfan was sitting in.

Girls in the class started to boo Erfan for his comments and Claire simply laughed. As the weeks went by, Erfan's life in the class was miserable but Claire enjoyed his suffering. Erfan knew that unless we apologized to the professor, he was likely going to fail the class. On one afternoon, Erfan decided to see Claire during her office hours and make his apology. Claire was the only person left in the building because the campus was pretty empty during summer time. A bit nervous at first, Erfan finally had the guts to step in front of Claire and make the apology.

"Well, if it isn't the woman hater," said Claire smiling.

"I just came here to say that I am sorry for my rude comment and your class has really opened my mind to how wrong I was for thinking the way I did," said Erfan.

"Looks like someone is tired of being picked on and decided to change his mind," said Claire laughing.

"No, I really mean what I say and if I could take it back I would," said Erfan.

"The world doesn't work that way and as an adult you have to live with your mistake," said Claire.

"Can I please just get a second chance," said Erfan.

"Close the door behind you right now," said Claire as Erfan obeyed.

Claire would get off of her seat and start to sit on the desk right in front of Erfan. Both Claire and Erfan would make eye contact as Claire smiled at him. Erfan was a bit nervous when looking at Claire who kept on smiling and laughing. Finally, Claire would start putting her hands in-between her legs as she looked at Erfan.

"Eat it!" said Claire.

"Eat what?" asked Erfan.

"Eat it!" said Claire who kept slapping her crotch while smiling at Erfan.

"Are you serious?" asked Erfan.

"Bet you thought you were gonna get a blowjob out of this but it is me who is going to get all the pleasure so now eat it!" said Claire who kept slapping her crotch.

"I am out of here because you are crazy," said Erfan.

"Then don't you ever come back trying to get me to change my mind again," said Claire.

"How do I know we aren't being recorded right now?" asked Erfan.

"I decide who records what in my office, now you gonna eat it or what?" asked Claire.

Erfan had no other choice but to feast on Claire's pussy. The worried guy stripped her down and took off her panties only to find that Claire had blonde pubes which had not been shaved. A very powerful odor came from Claire's pussy because she had been walking around all day and hadn't showered for many hours. Claire's entire crotch was also covered in sweat which made the odor even more powerful. For some reason, the powerful odor managed to make Erfan horny and he started to eat Claire out.

At first Erfan started off by licking sticking his tongue against the labia and running it up and down. Erfan was initially going slow but the powerful odor was turning him into a sex crazed animal. After ten seconds, Erfan pressed his mouth against Claire's pussy and stuck his tongue deep inside. Claire felt the pleasure as Erfan's tongue quickly ran up and down her pussy.

"You filthy animal!" yelled Claire as she leaned her head back and smiled.

Erfan shook his head around as he was eating Claire out. The odor which came from Claire's pussy was making Erfan extremely horny and he didn't mind Claire's blonde pubes. Erfan started to kiss Claire's pussy as Claire moaned in pleasure from the sensation. When Erfan started to eat Claire out again, she pressed both of her hands against his head to make sure he doesn't do anything but eat her out. Claire's blood pleasure was rising as her heartbeat started to increase and after ten minutes.

Claire got off the desk and stood up as Erfan tongue naturally followed her pussy. Erfan was on his knees eating out Claire's hairy snatch and it was impossible for him to give up now because of the odor. The blonde stood on her two feet as Erfan was on his knees pleasuring her. Claire felt power over Erfan and felt the need to let him know.

"Ya, this is you down here and this is me up here!" yelled Claire.

Erfan could not handle having Claire stand over him, with his mouth almost glued to Claire's pussy, Erfan used his powerful hands to lift Claire up high in the air and slam her down on the desk. The act of boldness at first made Claire angry but she was loving the sensation of Erfan's tongue running all over her pussy. Claire was lying with her back on the desk as Erfan stood up to eat her out. The blonde tried to wrap her legs around Erfan's head but the pleasure she was receiving in-between her legs stopped her from doing so. Claire tried to shake her body around but Erfan had a tight hold on her and was much stronger so she simply gave up.

"I feel it coming!" said Claire who knew she was going to squirt.

The student would stop eating Claire out after doing so for more than ten minutes and as his mouth went off of her pussy, Claire immediately put her fingers all over it. Claire laid back on the desk and started to furiously finger herself while Erfan watched. Soon Erfan decided to finger Claire's wet pussy too until Claire started to squirt. Claire would squirt all over the place while kicking her legs around. The professor screamed as Erfan kept on fingering her and then finally she was done squirting.

Both Erfan and the professor were covered in sweat from the experience as the professor looked at Erfan and nodded. Claire never had a guy eat her out so passionately and made her squirt, she had to try him again. A day later, Erfan was in the class and noticed that Claire was a lot more calm on this day. As the class ended, Claire looked at Erfan and asked him to meet see her personally. The two would chat as Claire told Erfan what she was doing for the night and what she wanted from him. At eight, Erfan was to go into Claire's unlocked apartment, lock the door, take his clothes off, and enter her bedroom.

As eight PM was near, Erfan went to Claire's apartment and entered since the door was unlocked. Erfan would lock the door and take off his clothes as he headed to Claire's bedroom. Claire stood naked in front of Erfan and smiled at him but there was a mysterious smell in the near. The entire bedroom smelled of Claire's crotch and the smell drove Erfan's hormones through the roof.

"Come get it!" said Claire as she rubbed her pussy and smiled at Erfan.

Erfan ran at Claire and picked her up, eventually slamming her down on the bed hard. Claire laid on her back as Erfan's arms were wrapped around her body. Erfan stuffed his mouth against Claire's crotch and started to eat her out as Claire moaned from the pleasure and stretched her arms out. The blonde could not move herself at all because of the powerful hold Erfan had on her. Claire would rub her finger through Erfan's hair as he ate her out, she hoped to calm him down a bit.

"Ya, gonna eat all that pussy aren't ya boy!" said Claire breathing hard with her blood boiling and heart pumping fast.

After Erfan was tired of eating Claire out, he let go on the powerful hold he had on her. Seconds later, Erfan and Claire would wrestle naked on the bed as his massive dick rubbed against her sweaty body. The powerful smell of Claire's crotch continued to drive Erfan's hormones through the roof which helped him toss Claire around in their little play wrestling match. Claire was now put into a missionary position which she did try to break out of but failed to do so.

"Bet you can't destroy it boy!" yelled Claire.

Claire let Erfan fuck her without any protection and secretly loved how he overpowered her. Erfan started to fuck Claire's wet snatch slowly as he moaned from the pleasure while Claire simply looked up at him and smiled. Seconds later, the smell would continue to drive Erfan wild as he picked up the intensity and started to mercilessly pound Claire. At first, Claire did her best to hold her moans in but after twenty seconds of Erfan pounding her, she started to tell and moan. The skin around Claire's pussy would start to vibrate as Erfan destroyed her pussy.

"Uh fuck!" yelled Claire whose voice would oscillate because the fucking was so intense.

Erfan wrapped his hands around Claire's back and pressed his body closely against hers. The Arab would move the lower half of his body to fuck Claire who at this point was completely under his control. Erfan's weight was on Claire and the blonde could not move no matter what she tried, all she could do was hope that Erfan tired out. Eventually, Erfan did get tired from fucking Claire which was a relief for her until she found out what was going to come next.

"Put me down you pig!" yelled Claire.

The guy effortlessly put Claire over his shoulders and carried her to the corner of the room. Claire was surrounded by a wall on each side and didn't know what was going to happen until Erfan started kissing her around the neck. The blonde felt pleasured until Erfan tripped her which made her fall. Claire was on the ground and had Erfan's cock in her face. At first, Claire would try to move her head away from his massive cock but as soon as her mouth opened, Erfan found a way to get it in there. Claire's head was against the wall and Erfan pushed his cock as deep as he could in her mouth. The blonde would start to gag until Erfan started to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

Erfan kept thrusting his cock in and out of Claire's mouth as Claire had her eyes wide open and couldn't do a thing about it. Since Claire was at the corner of the room, she didn't had enough room to move her head around. The blonde felt the large cock ripping through her mouth and going in and out of her throat. Claire would bite down as hard as she could on it but the smell in the room had made Erfan's hormones so powerful that he hardly felt any pain. When Claire let go of her bite, Erfan continued to tear her throat up for minutes until he felt like fucking Claire again.

The Arab took his cock out of her mouth after which Claire would take long and hard breaths. Once again, Erfan would effortlessly pick Claire up and this time start to fuck her in a doggystyle position. After a minute of being fucked, Claire could no longer hold her position on her knees and simply collapsed on the bed. Erfan would hook his hands under his shoulders and put all of his weight down on her. Claire was too tired and beat up to get away from his powerful grip and knew what was coming.

"Come on buddy, go easy go easy," said an exhausted Claire who could barely make words come out of her mouth.

With all of his weight on Claire, Erfan stuck his cock inside of her pussy and pounded her away with all he had. The sounds of chopping wood were heard as Claire was getting fucked ruthlessly and could not even gather up the energy to moan. For minutes, Erfan fucked Claire hard and the blonde could not even move with all of Erfan's weight over her. The sweaty, beat up, and exhausted Claire had Erfan all over her back and could barely even open her eyes as she was getting torn apart.

Erfan changed the position and decided to fuck Claire in the missionary position yet again. A minute in, the blonde started to squirt and noticing this, Erfan stopped. Claire would start fingering herself as Erfan joined in and fingered her aggressively. Claire would kick her legs around and some of the liquids shooting out of her snatch managed to hit the ceiling. The whole experience made Erfan laugh while Claire was laying helpless on the bed.

The Arab would grab an exhausted Claire that could barely move start hitting her on the face with his cock. Eventually, all of Erfan cum was on Claire's sweaty face and Claire didn't even mind. The blonde rubbed her face with Erfan's cum and laid down on the bed. Claire and Erfan would go to sleep together as Erfan had his hands wrapped around her back yet again.

As morning came, Claire woke up to find that Erfan still had his powerful hands around her. Claire tried to wake him up by rubbing her hands over his head but found that it wasn't working at all. The blonde would have to wait a few minutes until Erfan was finally up. Erfan let go of Claire who could barely move or talk at all.

"I didn't get you too bad did I?" asked Erfan smiling.

The blonde looked at Erfan with a blank face and simply nodded. Erfan would leave the blonde alone and eventually go back to his place while Claire remained on the bed. Claire had to literally crawl out of her bed and struggled to even stand on two feet. The blonde was crawling around her apartment naked and deciding whether or not she should go to the hospital. Fortunately for Claire, by the end of the day she could walk and talk though there was a lot of discomfort. For the first time in her life, she had a night where she was completely dominated by a man much younger than her.

By the end of the weekend, Claire would recover almost completely. When the class had ended, both Claire and Erfan would become friends with benefits but in reality, Claire was Erfan's bitch. Claire was shocked to learn that this guy who she thought of as a misogynist had pleased her better than anyone she had ever known before. The blonde didn't care about his belief, just the fact that the guy knew how to make her squirt every time.

In a weird way, both Claire and Erfan learned a lesson in feminism. Erfan learned that feminists were not all bad people and Claire learned that a misogynist could easily please her better than almost any man she had ever been with. Learning a lesson about feminism in a weird way, only in a strange place called Florida.
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