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A Strange Place Called Florida: The Proper Kind of Stress Relief

The series continues
On another sunny day in the crazy state of Florida, Lisa is talking to her friend Kelly. Lisa is a blonde that is almost six feet tall, has a nice tan going for her, and very soft skin. Lisa has freckles which are somewhat visible but her skin is still nice and soft as opposed to being rough from the tanning. Being a child of rich parents, Lisa has a high sense of entitlement and feels that she should get anything she wants. Unfortunately, in a rough economy, Lisa is a bit stressed about finding a job in the future.

"Lisa, you seem stressed," said Kelly.

"Ya, you know the job market is just so terrible these days and I am going to miss my college days," replied Lisa.

"Relax, you will find a job. You are a bright girl and people out there will hire you," said Kelly.

"Ya, my body was been stressing me out too, the workouts are wearing me down!" said Lisa.

"Well there is a place which gives amazing massages located about three miles from here that you should visit," said Kelly.

"Ya, I'll check it out," said Lisa.

Lisa went and checked the place out, it was a nice little building on its own in the given area. When Lisa checked in she noticed that the place had a diverse cast of clients. Lisa peeked and saw a muscular Asian man who was massaging a pale skinned brunette that just loved it. Then a woman came to help Lisa out with her issue and ask her about what kind of massage she wanted. The woman was a short but cute Asian girl who gave Lisa some options and hooked her up with different types of employees in each of her visit.

The first to massage Lisa was a tall and buff black man, Lisa loved the way he rubbed her back and massaged her thighs but she wanted to try out at least five different kinds of people. On her next visit, Lisa was rubbed down by a tall Indian man who was lean and quite attractive; Lisa loved his exotic kind of look and the way he would dig his hands into her body made her moan in pleasure and made sure to get his number so the two might hook up. On one lonely day Lisa came there was a tall black woman who would massage her and Lisa just loved the way the woman would run her hands through her lower back.

On one nice sunny afternoon, Lisa met another blonde from the midwest who was pale compared to her, but the way the blonde rubbed Lisa's body made Lisa think that the blonde knew exactly where Lisa wanted to be rubbed down and massaged. The blonde knew how deep to dig her hands and had this little trick she did which made Lisa very happy. Lisa would get the blonde to rub her thighs and work her way up to her pussy which pleasured Lisa a lot.

Lisa was going to request the blonde again, but then she noticed that the blonde was out for that given day. The woman who would massage Lisa on that day would be a curvy Brazilian woman with dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes who was just an inch taller than Lisa. What some would find remarkable about this woman was that she had a face that strongly resembled that of pornstar Regina Rizzi and she was an inch taller than Lisa.

The tall and skinny blonde laid down as the dark haired latina with pale skin started to massage her. Lisa felt the latina's pale fingers rub through her tanned back and moaned at the way she dug them into her; the latina made sure not to dig too deep but she dug them deep enough to pleasure Lisa. The latina had cold hands while Lisa's skin was burning hot from the sun outside and for some reason this feeling of contrast really turned her on. Soon the masseuse grabbed Lisa's thighs and dug her hands in there, she would softly squeeze them as her hands dug deep into Lisa's thighs.

"Haha," said Lisa laughing as the latina pleasured her.

"You like?" asked the brazilian beauty in a somewhat heavy accent.

"Yes, I love, love, whats your name?" asked the pleasured Lisa.

"I am Eva," said the latina.

"Well, Eva, how about some just inbetween the legs," asked Lisa boldly.

Eva took her hands and put them over Lisa's pussy which still had hair on it, but Eva didn't mind. The latina soon started to push the clitoris together, which made Lisa moan and scream excitedly. Somehow the pleasure she had from Eva was the best one ever. Eventually it all had to end as Lisa was rubbed down properly but when she stood up naked Eva gave her one final rub down, Lisa gave Eva a hug to which Eva just smiled.

In the coming week, Lisa would try it out with two more employees, one was an Asian woman and the other was a Latino male but both were sub par. One day Lisa came to the place and decided that she would ask about Eva.

"Hey, where can I find Eva?" asked Lisa.

"Eva is massaging a guy, and after that, she will be done," said the employee.

"Ugh, dammit! Why the fuck do you people have such screwed up hours? She is the only fucking employee worth a damn," said Lisa irritated.

"Mam, calm down, she is done after this massage," said the employee.

"Look, I'll pay this shithole like fifty extra bucks if you can get Eva to stay," said Lisa.

The employee said he would do his best. He told Eva about Lisa, and Lisa went in for the massage in the room. Again, she was brought back to life and moaning in pleasure as Eva dug her pale fingers into Lisa's tanned skin. The latina would also massage Lisa's lower back and lift the towel off of her ass as she massaged the blonde's nice round buttocks. While Eva was doing this Lisa was hoping maybe Eva could play with her asshole but unfortunately Eva didn't do that. Towards the end Eva used one of her hands to massage Lisa's pussy as Lisa was laying down.

"Yes you are the best Eva, the best there is," said Lisa smiling and moaning with her eyes closed as Eva smiled back. Lisa's heart rate was rising as she moaned and could feel Eva's cold hands on her warm body.

When the massage was over, the naked Lisa hugged Eva and then talked to her.

"Eva is there anyway I can book you? I will pay extra," said Lisa.

"Sure, how about you come to my place and same cost yes?" asked Eva in her accent.

"Yes!" yelled Lisa as she hugged Eva again.

A few days later Lisa would text Eva and drive to her apartment which was in a very nice location. Eva also worked as a nurse and sometimes even an escort where she received a good amount for her services. The excited Lisa received a text from Eva saying that the door was open and all she had to was come in, lock it, and then make her way to the bedroom.

Lisa came into Eva's beautiful apartment which smelled clean and then closed the door making sure to lock it. The blonde walked around and went into Eva's bedroom to find a surprise which made her look in shock.

Eva was sitting in a chair naked looking and smiling at Lisa who was amazed by how nice, well shaped and massive her jugs were. The massage table had been laid down and organized but Lisa noticed that the bedroom was hotter than the other rooms.

"Ummm, Eva, wow nice," said Lisa.

"No clothes," said Eva smiling.

"Yes I know you have no clothes on," said Lisa laughing.

"No, your clothes, off!" said Eva, smiling and licking her lips.

"Well sure," said Lisa.

The tall blonde stripped down naked and Eva loved the way Lisa looked. Lisa was a tall blonde with a pretty tan that wasn't too deep, her slim build and long legs were different from the way Eva was built. Eva was also tall but she was a latina with black hair and a very curvy build as her ass and titts were massive, she was pretty much a duplicate of Brazilian pornstar Regina Rizzi.

Lisa laid down on the massage chair as Eva used a towel to cover Lisa's buttocks. The latina would rub her pale hands over Lisa's back and softly massage her shoulders before digging her fingers into Lisa's skin just the way Lisa liked it. The blonde was breathing calmly as the pleasure she received from the massage was amazing. When Eva worked her way down to Lisa's lower back, the blonde could feel the latina's hands getting closer to her asshole.

Eva spent a good bit of time massaging Lisa's buttocks, often alternating how deep she managed to dig her hands. Lisa was breathing calmly, smiling, and moaning as the entire experience was like paradise to her but she really felt that the fingers should go into her anus. Unfortunately for Lisa, the latina was done with the ass and worked her way down to the thighs. Lisa let out a soft groan when Eva started to work on her thighs but then Eva pleasured Lisa as she massaged her thighs and legs. Towards the end Eva would rub Lisa's feet which made Lisa laugh a bit.

Then Eva went over and took some oil which she poured on to Lisa's back. As the oil was being pored on to Lisa's back, she noticed that she was starting to sweat from the heat in the room. With enough oil on her back, Lisa felt Eva's hands distribute it all over Lisa's back from her shoulders to her feet. After she was done rubbing Lisa's back, the powerful Eva lifted and flipped Lisa over which made Lisa a bit uneasy.

"Woo, Eva you are powerful," said Lisa.

Eva simply ignored Lisa and poured some oil on the front of her body later using her hands to distribute it from her neck to her feet. The latina made sure to spend some extra time on rubbing the oil over Lisa's perky breasts. Having Eva rub those hands through her perky breasts made Lisa's nipples hard.

After the oiling was done from back to front, Eva surprised Lisa by lifting her up and bear hugging her. At first Lisa was a bit shocked and uncomfortable with it but Eva was running her hands all over Lisa's oiled up body. A few minutes later the powerful Eva lifted Lisa up and put her face down on the massage chair. The blonde didn't know what to expect next but then it came.

Eva took her oiled up middle finger and shoved it inside of Lisa's anus.

"You have no idea how badly I have wanted you to do that, keep that damn finger in there! You are so fucking amazing, Eva, why don't they have more like you?" said Lisa, breathing hard from the pleasure.

Eva smiled and started to vibrate her finger which was deep in Lisa's anus.

"Yes, uh huh, who's the best you say? Who is amazing? Who is making my life so much better right now? Eva. Yes Eva. Eva, Eva, Eva!" said Lisa, cheering Eva on.

Eva kept vibrating her finger before she took it out and licked it. Lisa was moaning and saying all sorts of crazy things about her life. After she was done licking her finger, Eva put both of her hands on Lisa's buttocks and pulled them apart as Lisa moaned. Then Eva would bring her head close to Lisa's anus, close her eyes, and start to lick Lisa's ass. Lisa loved the feeling so much and moaned from the pleasure.

"Wow, Eva, sticking your tongue where no one has ever stuck it before. It's nice that we can be so comfortable with each other. Hope you don't mind the taste but I did clean it before coming here." said Lisa laughing as she was pleasured by the experience.

The latina started to lick the area around Lisa's anus. As a nurse she knew that there were a lot of nerve endings there which made it easy to pleasure anyone. Eva took her tongue and stuck it as far into Lisa's anus as she could while Lisa moaned from the pleasure. Then Eva took her hands off the buttocks and simply stuffed her face inbetween them eating Lisa's ass aggressively. The blonde moaned from the pleasure which was coming to her but then she let out a fart.

Eva laughed and simply put her nose against Lisa's anus to sniff it, she didn't mind the smell. The blonde was amazed by Eva's love for her ass but at the same time also a bit freaked out, no one had licked her ass before and Eva was eating her ass as if she was a hungry person at a buffet. Eva used her mouth to softly bite each of Lisa's buttocks which really pleasured Lisa.

"Woah, Eva, where do you get these ideas from, Eva?" said Lisa, yelling with her face down as she was having the time of her life.

After the ass was done, Eva again lifted Lisa and turned her over. Eva would start to finger Lisa's pussy but found that Lisa had blonde pubes down there which could cause for some problems.

"Ya, look I meant to shave those but I have been busy," said Lisa

Eva put the lighter Lisa over her shoulder as Lisa was amazed as to how easily Eva lifted her. The latina put the oiled up blonde down in the shower as she went to get shaving cream, scissors, and a razor. Eva got down on both knees and started to softly pull on the pubes of the standing blonde. The latina would use the scissors to cut the blonde's pubes short which took her two minutes. After that was done, Eva put some shaving cream on her hands and gently applied it to areas where Lisa had pubes.

The latina gently shaved the blonde clean, running the razor through important parts and getting rid of hair. Lisa was impressed with quickly the latina was done shaving her. Eva would use a wet towel to rub the recently shaved area as all Lisa could do was look down on this amazing woman.

After giving Lisa a nice clean shave, the latina stayed on her knees, wrapped her hands around the standing Lisa's ass and started to eat her pussy out.

"Mmmmm, I bet no place does that, huh," said Lisa as she moaned and closed her eyes.

The blonde put her hands all over Eva's head and started rubbing her hair.

"Eva it seems like you missed lunch and breakfast, does it taste that good?" said Lisa, breathing hard and moaning in pleasure while blacking out.

Eva stuffed her face against Lisa's pussy and and instead of playing with the clitoris, she ran her tongue against her labia. The whole experience was out of this world for Lisa, who had been fucked by many guys in college but never in her life had anyone pleased her like this. Lisa was being eaten out so passionately that her legs were starting to shake from the pleasure which was she was getting, but she was not scared to fall, because the latina had her arms around her. Lisa's legs were over Eva's shoulders as her body was against the wall and off the ground. The a bigger problem came, Lisa really had to squirt and even though she tried to get away she could not because Eva's grip was so powerful.

Finally, Lisa had to let it all out. Eva let go of Lisa who was fingering herself as she started to squirt all over the place and scream.

"Okay, now you did it!" yelled Lisa who was squirting.

Eva looked at Lisa and smiled, then got back down to both knees where she would eat Lisa's pussy some more.

"Damn you are so hungry. Eva you so hungry. Mmmmm, haven't we had enough for today? Not gonna leave any for anyone else, you selfish Eva, you," said Lisa, who at this point was so out of it.

Eva continued to eat Lisa out as Lisa put her legs over Eva's shoulders.

After a while Eva did get tired and again with ease carried Liz back to the room. When they were in the room Eva got a towel and the area around Lisa's vagina. The blonde felt like she was done but Eva started to finger her to see if anymore squirt would come out. Lisa moaned in pleasure and some squirt did come out but Eva used the towel to once again wipe Lisa clean. Eva got down on her knees and stuffed her face inbetween Lisa's buttocks again as she started to eat the blonde's ass. Lisa stood there as she felt Eva's tongue running all around her anus in pleasure.

A few minutes later Eva got up and started to suck on Lisa's hard nipples, each of them one at a time. Eva's arms were tightly wrapped around Lisa's back while her head was lowered sucking on her nipples. The latina would close her eyes and let each sit in her mouth for a bit before finally sucking on it. Inbetween, Eva would run her tongue up and down Lisa's nipples which Lisa loved and moaned over. Eva kept on sucking on the nipples while Lisa was pleasured to the point she felt a new energy in her body.

"That's right, Eva, suck on em," said Lisa moaning.

Then Eva stopped sucking on the nipples and smacked Lisa's buttocks around a few times, Lisa didn't mind because at this point she wanted to be Eva's bitch.

Eva would carry Lisa to the bed where she would lay her down on her back and wrap her arms tightly around her. The two naked ladies took a nap together as Eva would sometimes kiss Lisa's soft skin and all Liz could do was raise her arms in pleasure. Then as the hours passed the two woke up, Lisa felt an entirely new energy about herself and Eva got off of her.

Lisa got up and started digging around in her purse where she tried to leave some money for Eva, but Eva grabbed her hand and denied it.

"No no no, my pleasure Lisa," said Eva.

"Mines too, I just have to reward you, the way you played with my ass and massaged me," said Lisa.

"I love your ass, good taste nice smell, money not needed," said Eva.

"But Eva, I insist, you really make me feel re-energized, please let me get you something," said Lisa.

"Well, how busy are you?" asked Eva.

"Oh, I am not busy at all," said Lisa.

"Well, stay here huh. If we get bored, I play with your pussy and your asshole, maybe I suck on sweet sweet nipples," said Eva.

"Well, sure here, suck on them now," said Lisa, putting her hands on her perky breasts.

Eva again sucked on Lisa's nipples as Lisa held her breasts in place. Lisa saw Eva close her eyes and suck on each nipple passionately and she knew Eva loved the taste of them. The blonde felt so safe with the latina around but then after spending seven hours at Eva's place, Lisa had to go. Eva saw Lisa's shiny body put some clothes on, it was shiny due to the oiling up that Eva did. Then Lisa would leave but somehow after the massage, Lisa felt very horny and energized.

It would not be the last time that Lisa and Eva saw each other either, the two would meet many many times and always kept in touch. Somehow the love that Eva gave to Lisa made Lisa a nicer and kinder person. Lisa also had a higher sex drive as a result of Eva's amazing massages. Lisa would see the Indian guy who gave her a massage a while ago and ask him to come over and fuck her on the weekends. Sometimes, Lisa would go over to Eva's house and just to chat with her but eventually would take her clothes off and allow Eva to do anything she wanted with her body.

Eva could have easily made thousands from Lisa but instead her desire was not for her money but just Lisa alone. Lisa loved the way Eva would dig her hands into her body, stuff her fingers into her anus, lick her asshole, eat her pussy, always make her squirt, and how powerful Eva was to lift Lisa with ease. After the blonde was finished getting her body cleaned and dominated by the latina, the naked Lisa would sleep with Eva's powerful arms wrapped around her back.

All in a strange place called Florida.
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