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A Very Surprising Night

True story of what can happen after getting horny from chatting on Lush
I met the security guards one night after sitting here talking on Lush. You all got me so horny chatting that I didn't know what to do with myself.

I was naked already and none of my toys would satisfy me. My perverted hubby came by and saw me rubbing myself and knew he was going to have some fun.

He told me to dress myself in a pair of short daisy duke shorts, a hoodie that zipped up the front, and heels. Nothing else. No bra or anything under what he said to wear.

He took me outside and put me in the car and we drove to the local hospital. It was late at night and we parked in the parking lot and went in through a side door.

He walked to some stairs and we went up to the third floor. I was following him and he stopped in front of one of the rooms and told me to go inside.

There was someone on the bed and he walked over to them as I stood by the door. He asked them if they wanted some of what I could give, as I unzipped the hoodie and my tits came spilling out. The guy, a really young guy, laid there and just smiled at me.

Hubby had me come over to the bed and I stood on the side and pulled down the sheet and started blowing the guy. He was soft for only a few seconds and then started growing in my throat. Hubby walked up beside me and rubbed my left nipple as the guy reached out and started tweaking my right one. I think I told you about how sensitive my nipples are. Well, I was horny as hell already and that just made me more frustrated. I was rolling my hips as I stood there but no one pulled down my pants. He finally came in my mouth and just laid there smiling as I swallowed his cum.

I stood up and we left his room as quietly as we had come in.

We did the same thing in two more rooms and each time hubby would have me show my tits as I sucked their cocks. Finally we got to a room with a big young fellow in it and as we went inside on the next floor, he told me I could fuck this one. I was more than ready.

(That vid is on my profile of him doing me on the bed on my hands and knees.)

I went into the room and dropped all my clothes in a chair. I was so hot I had juice running down both legs from being played with in the other rooms. I pulled the sheets back and he was really surprised. He had no idea who this naked woman was in his room. He didn't protest as I started sucking on his cock and I was pleased when it grew and grew in my mouth.

Hubby walked up behind me and rubbed my clit and fingered me and I stood there as long as I could stand it before crawling onto the bed for him to fuck me. Hubby backed off and started to video him fucking me and that's where the vid came from that I posted. As you can tell from the video the young guys got finished way too fast and after he came I was really frustrated. I needed to cum very badly and it just didn't happen.

When I went out of the room, all I had on was my heels, clothes tucked under my arm, totally naked heading for the stairs, frustrated from all the foreplay and very little fucking. Hubby was trying to keep up as we hit the ground floor and went out the side door.

As soon as I cleared the door to the parking lot, I was in the dark and just that fast I had a flashlight in my eyes. Here I was naked with my clothes under my arm, standing there in heels not knowing who was shining a light on me. Hubby came through the door and when It opened I saw a huge security guard standing there smiling and looking at me up and down. He asked what in the hell I was doing. Hubby came out, closed the door and said, "I think she wants you to fuck her if you want to."

My eyes started to get used to the street lights in the parking lot as he took the light off me and stood there. He was a huge black guy in a security guard uniform and he knew he had me. I was imagining all the trouble I could be in for being there like I was and was hoping all he wanted to do was to fuck me and let me go.

Hubby backed up as he grabbed my arm at the elbow and spun me around in the dark onto the hood of an SUV we were standing in front of. I bent over and as I looked back over my shoulder I saw him drop his pants. The last thing I saw was a black monster half hard hanging between his legs.

I felt him come up behind me and bent over rolling my ass back for him and I'm glad I was soaking wet because after he stroked his cock for a few seconds, he put the head into me and rammed that huge thing into me till I felt it hit inside me as far as it would go. My God it was big, and stretched my pussy into a perfect circle as I got used to his size. He probably got a little over half into me with the first thrust and just kept stroking it into me, sometimes lifting my feet off the ground as he pushed it into me. I hung onto the front of the SUV as he continued to stroke me, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. It was what I needed and finally his balls hit my pussy as he got it all the way in and it really started feeling wonderful.

He just kept fucking me hard and made me cum once before I looked up and saw a car in the lot stopping behind the one I was holding onto. It looked like a cop car and when he saw it, he put himself all the way inside me and grabbed my waist and picked me up, my feet dangling in mid air, moved me over and bent me over between the cars, so they could see what he was doing. I was there with his cock all way inside me, bent over with my hands on my knees, and my tits swinging wildly as he fucked me, with whoever was in the car watching him do me.

They turned off the lights and got out. It was two of his friends. All security guards and they walked up on us as he fucked me.

One stood in front of me and I felt him lift up my head and look at my face. The other one walked to my left side and started squeezing my tit and playing with that nipple. I started moaning and hubby walked up and squeezed the other one. All the time the first guy continued to fuck me hard, pushing me forward with his cock and hanging onto my hips.

The guy in front of me was rubbing his cock on my lips and when I opened my mouth he put it inside and I started to suck on it. Then I felt it going in and I tilted my head back as he started working it into my throat little by little till his balls were on my chin.

As much as I needed fucking I started worrying as I stood there with two cocks all the way inside me on both ends, feeling like I was really being used. Then another wave of orgasm started coming over me as I felt someone reach under me and start rubbing my swollen clit, and I didn't care anymore.

I started sucking his cock as much as I could with it in me and he started fucking my face. It felt so good with one in my pussy, and one in my mouth and the two of them squeezing my nipples and stroking my clit. I was moaning around his cock and rocking my hips on the other guys cock as much as I could as he fucked me. They kept going till the first guy came deep in my pussy and I could feel it squirting inside me.

As fast as he pulled out the third guy was behind me stuffing his cock in my pussy. He started as the first guy did, fucking me hard, working his dry cock into my wet pussy a stroke at a time till he was slapping his balls on my pussy as he did me.

I came twice for him before the guy in my throat came and I swallowed hard not to loose any of his cum as it squirted into my mouth, sucking hard on his head as he shot into me. Finally the third guy came deep inside me pulling my hips back onto his cock trying to get it as deep into me as he could as he squirted a huge load into me with the first guys cum.

They stood around me as I stood up, my legs weak, hubby holding me up as I stood there.

The first guy looked at me and said I could come back on a Wednesday or Thursday night any time I wanted, and I smiled weakly at him, standing there with loads of cum running down my thighs. My pussy and clit tingling and my nipples hard in the night breeze. I pulled on my shorts and hoodie and hubby drove me home.

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