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A Walk on the Wild Side

Susan meets Monica. Monica shares her new found treasure.

As the warm Caribbean lapped gently over her toes, Susan drifted in and out of sleep.   Her white skin was protected by a high enough protection factor sun lotion to allow her to lie on the private members’ beach for as long as she desired, without fear of burning her delicate skin.

  As she drifted in and out of her lazy daydream state she felt so relaxed and comfortable on the warm, soft sand.    She felt a thirst edging into her consciousness and wished that David, her husband of many years would come back from his golf soon and fetch her a nice, cool drink.   She could walk up to the pool bar and order a cool cocktail but she was far too comfortable to produce the effort that would require.

  She lamented coming so far down the private beach that the waiters were rarely sent this far away from the bar, even though the members had every right to expect them too as part of the service on offer.   Hell they had paid a fortune for the holiday and it miffed her slightly that the waiters could seem to please themselves as to how far they carried out their duties.

  Susan decided that a swim would liven her up first and she then might take a stroll back along the beach to the bar area.   She made her way into the softly lapping sea and luxuriated in the water which was both warm, but cooling at the same time.    She was enjoying herself so much and the view of the palm fringed beach and white sands was exactly as she had imagined the islands would be.   She had wished to come here so often over many years that she couldn’t quite believe she was finally experiencing it.

  As she was taking in the view of the beach she noticed the figures of a couple strolling along the beach, coming from the area which bordered the private club beach.   This area, they had been informed was outside the grounds of the club and patrons were advised to remain inside the perimeter.    As the couple drew closer she observed that the woman was one she recognised from the hotel and who had arrived at the resort on the same coach as her and David just 2 days before.   . She had been with her husband on that occasion but most definitely was not now.   Tall and around her 40’s with shoulder length blonde hair and wearing a beautiful red bikini she moved very elegantly across the sand. The man she was strolling with was as opposite as he could be from her husband.   Tall, lithe, muscular and jet black he had one arm around her slim, pale waist and was leaning in to kiss her.

  As they drew level with her towel and belongings she turned to the sea and raised her hand and waved.   She had obviously recognised Susan too.   “Hi” she shouted.   “How is the water?”  

“Fantastic” replied Susan; a little confused that the woman and her friend seemed so openly touching, knowing he was not her husband.


Susan watched as the couple discussed something and almost immediately began walking in to the sea.   “Mind if we join you?” shouted the blonde.   “Of course not, there’s plenty room” Susan shouted back.

  Soon the couple were level with her and they offered hellos and how do you dos very strangely between keeping afloat and trying to conduct a conversation at he same time.

  “I am Monica and this is Sheldon” said the woman in an easily recognised American accent, reaching a hand out of the water.   Susan shook hands as best as they could and lost some of her buoyancy as she did so, dipping slightly into the swelling sea.   Whilst she was not in any trouble it may have appeared that she was as very quickly she felt herself being lifted above the surface and propelled towards more shallow water in a strong arm grip.   As she shook the salty water from her eyes and felt her feet touch sand Susan became aware of the black mass surrounding her.   Sheldon had her in one of his strong arms and Susan was cradled close to his body.   A shocking jolt, like electricity involuntarily surged from her loins up her body and seemed to lodge in her chest.   If she didn’t know better she would have recognised it as a sexual surge, but under the circumstances couldn’t understand what had happened.

  Sheldon released her and at that moment Monica swam up beside them.   “Are you OK” she enquired.   “Yes, honestly I was Ok and I am fine, honestly.   Thank you for lifting me, although I really was OK, I am a strong swimmer but thank you again.”

  “No worry lady, the pleasure was all mine” said a grinning Sheldon in his thick, Caribbean accent as he looked straight into her eyes.  

  “Well I’m sure Sheldon thought you were sinking” said Monica, appearing a little miffed at the exchange between the man and the English wife.   What had Monica observed?   Had she seen or known of the reaction in Susan’s body?

  Susan began gathering her things together and asked if they wished to walk with her back along the beach to the complex.   “Thank you Susan but we shall go back the other way as Sheldon mustn’t go any further on the private beach as he is not a resident of the hotel, you know the routine” she ended with, as they said goodbyes and headed off in opposite directions. “What routine?” thought Susan as she headed back.



  “How was your day on the beach?” shouted David from the bathroom of their luxury apartment.

  “Excellent, if a bit lonely David” replied Susan as she applied make up in the attached bedroom.   “How was the golf?”

  “Great course, decent company but the caddies seemed a bit rude and disrespectful on a few occasions.   “Perhaps it’s just their way” he added.   “Seemed somehow resentful of us being here” continued David.

  “Perhaps they are David, replied Susan, after all it can’t be easy watching well off white visitors taking advantage of their beautiful islands for playtime whilst they seem to be stuck in a much poorer way of life in the most part and whilst we play – they work to serve us.”

  “Anyway on of the locals was more than helpful today whilst I was at the beach” Susan shouted through the open doorway.

  “Why, what happened?” asked David

  Susan explained the meeting on the beach and how Sheldon seemed to think she was in trouble and assisted her back to the beach.   She left out the bit about her feelings at being I his arms but went on to tell David about Monica and her being alone on the beach without her husband and with Sheldon.

  “What the hell was she doing out there with one of the locals, are you sure he wasn’t staying on the resort and they had just happened to meet?” asked David.   Susan explained about them heading off and Monica comment about “the routine”

  “Sounds bloody strange to me Susan, best you stay nearer this end of the beach when I am away tomorrow”

  “Oh not again David, I thought we were going to spend some quality time on the beach together this holiday” complained Susan.

  “And we will, we will, its just that we were offered a package of four rounds and today and tomorrow were easy to arrange with the same group I played with today.   After today I will be free for a week and then we are booked next week for the remaining two rounds”

  Although she was pissed off she let it go as it would only be one more day and they would then spend a whole week uninterrupted.

  They finished dressing and went down to dinner.



  “How about a pre-dinner drink in the cocktail bar/” asked David.

“Sounds good, I’ll have a gin and tonic. Ice and lime please” said Susan.

“Coming right up” David announced cheerily and summoned the young waiter who had been hovering, ready for an order.

  They were just settling down to their cocktails when “Why David, hello fella” came booming across the quiet lounge.   “How ‘bout we join you.   We are just having a drink before dinner, have you eaten yet?” boomed the loud, male American voice.

  Susan cringed at the intrusion but was even more startled when she realised it was Monica’s husband and he seemed to know David.

  Monica also looked a little discomfited and glanced at Susan and David before extending her hand to David as her husband announced “I’d like you to meet my lovely wife Monica – Monica, David”

  David introduced himself and Susan likewise to Monica and Robert and once all the introductions were over the two couples sat down and ordered drinks from the same young waiter.   Susan caught Monica’s face as she stole furtive glances at the young black waiter and then quickly averted her eyes back to the group and the conversation.

  “Damn fine golf you played today mister” said Robert.   I am really looking forward to the next round and a chance to take some money back from you.  

  “So you two will be playing golf together again tomorrow?” queried Susan.

  “For sure” replied Robert.   “I have a series of rounds booked over the next few weeks and am looking forward to playing some great new courses” he continued.   “Perhaps if you have nothing else planned Susan, you might like to join Monica on her sightseeing tours she prefers to go on whilst I am golfing?”

  “Would you like that Susan?” queried her husband.

  “I am not sure exactly” said Susan “I rather prefer the beach and pool side more than trailing around during my breaks.”

  “I am sure Monica could show you some fantastic sights if you felt like it” grinned Robert. “She has had many great experiences and met some really talented people during her day trips – haven’t you darling?”

  “Yes, thank you Robert, but perhaps Susan prefers a quieter, traditional holiday to my varied and enlightening trips” she replied.

  “Well its something for you to think about darling, if you fancy a change of scenery at some time” said Monica, glancing across at Susan with a faint smile on her lips.

  “I doubt it, but never say never” Susan replied.

  “Well, I am ready for dinner” Robert announced. “Will you join us? I have a table reserved out on the veranda and it is such a beautiful evening it seems a shame to waste it sitting in here”

  “Of course we would” replied David, and all four of them made their way outside.

  They were escorted to their table by a head waiter who introduced himself as Simon who, he said was at their disposal for the rest of the evening.   Susan kept her eye on Monica at this point and observed her tongue sneaking out and running across her lips.

  As Simon held out the ladies’ chairs, Susan noticed his eyes follow Monica’s body as she sat down.   He was very discreet and careful but Susan saw it just the same.   As Simon moved around the table to assist Susan she waited for him to pull her chair back and then eased into the chair.   As Simon tried to shift the chair nearer the table his hands accidentally brushed Susan’s bare shoulders.

  The surge that shot through her body and stomach was instant and could only be described as lust and she almost gasped out loud.   What was happening to her?   Twice now when she had been touched by these dark skinned men her body seemed to be reacting to their touch without her control.  

  Confused, slightly alarmed and very conscious of a sudden wetness between her legs she could not begin to believe that she was having lustful reactions to black men.   Thoughts of that sort had seldom been her way, but particularly where the thought of another race or colour was involved was just extreme.   Of course, the oft mentioned myth amongst her group of friends occasionally raised the topic of well endowed, powerful, masterful Negroes and their hunger for sex with white women.    Quite a few women, she had read of were equally hungry for sex with black men and swore it was the ultimate sex experienced through a mixture of the almost forbidden aspect of interracial contact, the contrast in skin colours and the perceived size of their sex organs.   Some white women claim to have excluded white men from their sexual experiences and had “gone black”

  Susan tried to concentrate on dinner and settled into conversation with Monica and Robert about their different backgrounds in the States and the UK .   Jobs, housing, weather, attitudes and politics were all open discussions.   On the topic of leisure activities both Susan and Monica told of their interest and passion for animals, wildlife and painting.   Robert and David of course were golfers and Robert confessed to being mildly interested in cinema and theatre whilst both David and Susan were avid live event attendees.  

  Whilst talking of their home in east coast America, David commented that in his opinion the areas was fast becoming a mixed race mess of both professional and young wannabe black, Hispanic and Asian families buying many of the traditionally white, upper price band houses.   In his opinion they were almost certainly funded by illegal activities, drugs and other ill-begotten means.   David and Susan were quite perturbed at his openly racist position although he had not come out and said anything too controversial yet.   Monica chastised Robert for his thinking and said that people ought to be more tolerant and understanding and get on with creating a less tense environment in which to live and that ought to include mixed race accommodation areas.

  “Jesus, next thing you’ll be telling me its OK for blacks and whites to live together and have relationships” said Robert.  

  “Some already are and just exactly what is wrong with that?” asked David.

  “It’s just not right” Robert weakly replied.

  “Do you feel threatened in some way?” enquired Susan.

  “Well, a little I guess.   I just fear for our wives in certain areas and situations; being threatened, approached and I see the way some of these guys look at women and it does make me feel uneasy” Robert vouched.

  Monica sat silently throughout this debate until David asked her outright if she felt any of the concerns Robert had raised had been experienced by her.

  After thinking for a few moments Monica replied “I think that what will be will be between people, whether they be black, white, green or blue.   If someone is attracted to another someone then it will happen.   What other people think of that situation should be of no concern and in fact causes most of the tensions Robert talks of.   People are so biased, bigoted and horrible to each other no matter what colour group they are in.   Some people will never see that interracial contact is natural and others will find the issue not worthy of consideration”

  “Which group do you fall into Monica?” asked Susan

  “I don’t consider it to be a problem”

  After dinner the couples shared some more time together and eventually Monica and Robert retired to their room leaving Susan and David in the bar.

  “Strange discussion at dinner tonight” stated David.

“Which part?” asked Susan

“All of it” he replied.

  “I hadn’t obviously known Robert before the golf today and had not seen anything in his behaviour or comments today to make me think he was racist” he said.

  “You did also mention that you thought the caddies had been off hand David”

  “Yes but not because they were black, I said because they were local boys”

  “Perhaps Robert is implying much the same then?” ventured Susan.

  “Big difference dear, he stated the colour issue, I did not, and anyway you know I am not bigoted in that manner – don’t you?”

  “Yes, I do and I am so glad of that.   I feel the same way.   Colour makes no difference to the person beneath the skin” Susan said, although she was beginning to question why therefore, her experiences earlier in the day now made her doubt that was always the case.

  Susan had not yet told David of the situation with Monica and Sheldon on the beach and she questioned herself as to why not.

  “Where was Monica today whilst Robert was golfing?   I just wondered how she spent her days when he is gone.   I like the beach of course and there was mention of some trips she takes” Susan questioned Robert.

  “I think Robert said she had gone on a cultural trip – a bit vague really” said David.

  Susan could not stop the snigger that escaped her mouth.

  “What” asked David?

  “Nothing, it’s just that I wonder how she would explain the cultural pursuit I am convinced she was involved in today to Robert,”

  “How could you know what she did today?”

  “I met her on the beach, late afternoon”

  “Did she return there after her trip do you think”?

  “I think it was her trip – she just didn’t expect to meet me”

  “What does that mean?” her husband asked

  “She was with someone.   Someone I am not too sure Robert would be happy about” said Susan, hesitantly.

  “A man?” quizzed David

  “Yes, a man. A black man” she replied “and not just with, as in, in her company.   With, as in, he had an arm around her waist as they strolled on the beach”

  “Are you sure it was her”

  “Of course I’m sure” although she didn’t expand on the reason she was so sure.

“I was in the sea but they were close enough for me to see clearly who it was”

  “Perhaps he was the guide from the cultural trip” David asked questioningly.

  “Perhaps he was, perhaps he was” she replied.   Unconvinced.



  The following morning after David had left for his golf trip and whilst Susan was still in the throes of stirring properly for the day, the apartment door bell rang.   Must be room service thought Susan as she crossed to the door.

  “Good morning Susan” greeted Monica as she stood in the doorway.

  “Hell... hello Monica.   Come in.   Is everything alright?” asked Susan.

  “Sure, fine.   I just wanted to invite you to spend the day with me if you had nothing planned”

  “Well nothing that couldn’t be changed for the right reason” said Susan. “What do you have in mind?”

  “I want to show you something Susan, something I think you might remember for a long time” Monica replied.

  “Does this involve one of your trips at all?” asked Susan

  “In a way” said Monica.   I really think you will find you enjoy the view.

  “Can’t wait” replied Susan.



  The two women walked for a long time through the hotel gardens and eventually made their way onto the beach.   Further along even from where Susan had met Monica yesterday they were now quite some way from the complex.   As they rounded a headland they continued to what appeared to be a deserted beach area where no hotels, houses or buildings of any sort existed.   Monica explained that this area was earmarked for development but that the islanders were resisting further expansion of the hotel building programme as too many were losing land and housing to the large corporations who were gobbling up people’s livelihood, history and land in pursuit of further hotel rooms.   The local politicians and councillors were getting rich on the back-handed payments they were receiving as they pushed through land reforms and land purchase orders.

  Monica explained that during a previous visit she had been made aware of the plight of the local fishermen and fruit growers and had she had been encouraged to take an interest in their cause and had attended a few rallies whilst her hubby was off golfing on some of the very land that had been “stolen” from the islanders.   This made Monica doubly mad and she had told some of the activists about her anger.   She explained that she was taking Susan to meet the group with whom she had become friendly and who were hoping she could add to their voice of protest.

  As they left the soft sand and began to re-enter the tree lined fringe of the beach she noticed a few small huts dotted amongst the trees.   As they approached one Monica called out Sheldon’s name.  

  The sound of reggae music was gently wafting through the trees and Susan felt a little trepidation at being so far from the complex.   The door to the shack opened and she recognised Sheldon as he emerged from the hut.   Wearing nothing but a pair of tight fitting swimming trunks, Susan inwardly gasped at his toned and shining black body.   His long legs seemed to travel upwards for ever and he must have stood at least 6 and a half feet tall.   As he ambled down the few steps from the hut Susan’s eyes were drawn to his crotch area.   The bulge in Sheldon’s swimming trunks was colossal.   She couldn’t believe that it could be him inside the trunks.   She quickly drew her eyes away but could not keep herself from retuning to sneak a glimpse of his powerful body and crotch.   The man was an almost perfect specimen and she flinched when she again experienced that now too familiar tingle and jolt run through her body.   In spite of everything she held to be normal she admitted to herself that she was in a state of pure, unadulterated lust for this strange, black Adonis.

  “Hey Monica” drawled Sheldon “and friend” he added, seeing Susan standing, staring.

  “You remember Susan don’t you, from yesterday at the beach?”

  “Of course I remember Susan.   I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday” he replied.   “And it sure was a pleasure” he added, looking deep into Susan’s eyes.

  “Hello again Sheldon” replied Susan.

  “Well, what brings you fine ladies to this part of the island?” drawled Sheldon.

  “I just wanted to show Susan where you lived and explain to her what your cause and my support is all about” replied Monica.

  “Sure thing” replied Sheldon.   “And has Monica explained everything to you Susan?” enquired Sheldon.  

  “I guess so” she hesitated.

  Monica shot Sheldon a quick look that Susan did not see.

  “She told me of the land struggle and her attempts to help you raise support against the Government on the island” Susan explained.

  “Very good, very good.   And did she explain about her other reasons for visiting this area?” he enquired.

  “No, I don’t think so” Susan pondered.

  “She didn’t tell you of her new found love of local delicacies” Sheldon said in a teasing voice.

  “No, nothing like that.   What type of delicacies exactly?   Fruit, drink, foods, what exactly?

  “Why don’t you show her Monica?” drawled Sheldon.

  “I am not so sure any more, that what I brought her here to see will interest her”

  “Well I won’t know until I see for myself” said Susan,

  “Follow me” said Monica.   “You too she aimed at Sheldon” and walked off towards Sheldon’s hut.

  As Susan entered the dark, sweet smelling hut she was taken by how cool and peaceful it was compared to the already heavy warm air of the mid morning on the beach.

  “Welcome to my humble abode” said Sheldon from behind Susan as he entered the hut.

  Monica was lying on a makeshift bed and Sheldon offered Susan a rattan chair in the corner by the television.   Sheldon hit a stereo button and soft Caribbean music instantly began playing throughout the hut.

  “What do you like about the Caribbean ?” asked Sheldon.   Susan thought for a few moments.

  “The weather, the ocean, the laid back feel of it all” she replied.

  “What about you Monica” asked Susan.   Monica continued to lay on the bed and her long bronzed legs stretched out towards where Sheldon stood over both women.

  “All of those things you listed Susan, and I have learned to love so much more….much more” answered Monica.   “Let me show you”

  Monica raised herself onto one elbow and turned to Sheldon.   “Sheldon, why don’t you show Susan just exactly what it is about the Caribbean I love so much?”

  Sheldon slowly smiled at Monica and said “Whatever the lady desires”

  He put his thumbs into the waistband of his swimming trunks and began to slowly slide them down his hips.

  Monica saw that Susan was about to say something when she touched Susan’s arm and mouthed the word “Wait”

  Sheldon resumed the slow peel of his trunks, pausing as they seemed to become trapped on the stalk of his cock.   The trunks were stretched low down as Sheldon continued to pull them over his thighs but still the front of the garment was stuck nearer his abdomen.   At last the trunks sprung off and slid down his legs to rest at his ankles.

  Susan let out an involuntary gasp as she saw the appendage hanging between Sheldon’s thighs.   From a completely hairless crotch and hanging almost a foot down his legs was the most incredible cock imaginable.   His balls were a fantastic accompaniment.

  Sheldon stood rock still and looked intently at Susan.   Slowly Susan lifted her eyes from the massive black cock and looked into Sheldon’s gaze.  

  “That is my reason for coming to the Caribbean ” whispered Monica.   “Isn’t he something else?” she cooed.   Susan remained speechless and stared into Sheldon’s dark eyes.   A smile cracked the large Negro’s face as he watched the white wife in front of him mentally wrestle with the image before her.  

  Susan’s mind was swirling with a maelstrom of thoughts and confusion.   “It cannot possibly be so big” she thought.   “I have never seen one with foreskin before. What woman can possible take something so large and thick inside her?   He must be two and a half times the size of my husband.   He isn’t even hard yet!”

  “Touch him” whispered Monica.   “See what he feels like.” Susan looked at Sheldon who gently nodded and smiled.

  “This is crazy” croaked Susan.   “One minute I am talking about land reclamation issues and the next I am gazing at a strange, black man’s huge cock in a Caribbean beach hut” she thought to herself.

  “Touch him” insisted Monica who was clearly becoming aroused by the situation.   Susan knew this was so wrong but couldn’t seem to stop her hand rising up and cupping the underside of Sheldon’s long thick dick.   Her tiny white hand was barely wide enough to contain his girth and she was shocked and entranced when she realized that he was as long and as thick as her forearm.   And he wasn’t yet hard!! The thought kept repeating in her mind.  

  Susan was stroking the underside of the thing in her hand and was amazed at how soft and velvety Sheldon felt in her hand.   Her heart skipped a beat when she ran her hand over the large vein on the underside of his cock as she realised it alone, felt almost as thick as her husband’s erection.   Sheldon’s cock felt like it was on fire and she traced her hand up and down the full length of his hanging, horse-sized cock, marvelling at the contrast of black and white.

  Sheldon moaned as he watched Susan stroke his dick and felt the first stirring in his loins as the skin began to tighten around the uncircumcised head.  

  Susan felt it too and could feel the blood begin to course down the length of cock in her hand.   She tried to close her hand around him but could barely spread her hand wide enough, never mind reach fully around him.   “Fucking shit, he’s growing” she thought to herself as Sheldon did indeed continue to throb and grow in her tiny, married, white hand.

  “Stroke me” commanded Sheldon as Susan was now in danger of letting go of the huge erection.   “Stroke me slowly” he repeated.

  Susan began a long slow wank of the gigantic cock in her hand.   She could feel every vein ripple beneath her palm and fingers as Sheldon continued to grow into an almost obscene pole of hot, silky, black flesh.

  “You like that Susan?” asked Monica.

  “Fuck yes, it feels incredible” Susan huskily replied. “It’s awesome, I cannot believe how big it is” she continued.   “How fucking big is this for Christ’s sake?” she groaned.

  “At the moment he is about 10 inches long but if you continue with your excellent stroking I can get him up to just under 12 inches” Sheldon nonchalantly muttered.

  “Holy shit” exclaimed Susan “David is about 5 inches – 12 inches, oh my fucking god”

  Monica shifted on the bed and leaned over and cupped Sheldon’s massive, swinging spunk-filled balls.   She squeezed and jiggled them in her hand as Susan continued stroking the now fully erect black Adonis.

  Monica then bent her head down and kissed the head of the huge phallus.   She opened her mouth wide and took his huge head inside.   Susan continued wanking Sheldon into Monica’s mouth.   Sheldon threw his head back and groaned loudly as the two married white wives worked his pleasure stick between them.  

  Monica rested one of Sheldon’s huge black balls in her hand and gently rolled it in her palm.   Susan, realising how erotic this looked did the same with his other testicle.   Sheldon was amazed at how good it felt – his big cock in the hand of one and the mouth of another of the two white married women who now had his balls in their gentle, soft hands being gently squeezed and fondled.

  They continued pleasuring Sheldon for some minutes before Monica stopped lashing his rod with her wet mouth and lay back on the bed.   “My turn” she moaned as she raised her knees and slowly opened her legs.   Sheldon needed no further invitation.   If there was one thing he desired more above all else it was eating white pussy.   He leaned in and parted her thighs even wider, opening her sex to receive his thick lips and tongue.   Susan was enthralled as she watched the contrast of black and white as Sheldon’s large mouth covered Monica’s entire shaven sex.   She could feel her panties moisten and her stomach was on fire with lust as she saw Sheldon’s tongue snake its way over Monica’s outer lips.   Oh, how she wanted to feel the same thing happen to her.

Sheldon continued his erotic eating of the by now deeply moaning and groaning Monica.   He moistened his middle finger of his right hand in her boiling pussy and began to rub gently over her anus.   Monica rose up off the bed at the sensation and between gasps of pleasure uttered “be gentle, be gentle”   “Don’t worry little lady I won’t hurt you, just relax and enjoy what Sheldon has for you.

  He continued his licking and sucking of her vulva and clitoris, bringing Monica to an impending orgasm.   He gently worked his finger into Monica’s tight anus.   She groaned loudly as he reached the first knuckle of his finger and as he went past the second she began wailing “Oh fuck oh fuck I’m coming, do it, do it.” Sheldon’s tongue was working wonders in her pussy and his finger was embedded in her ass as she exploded in orgasm, lifting off the bed and clawing at Sheldon’s head as he brought her to the peak of pleasure.

  Susan was in awe.   Here I am, a married woman and faithful wife watching the most erotic sex scene she could ever have imagined playing out in front of her.   And she wanted, no needed, some of Sheldon’s black sexing.   Now – before she screamed in frustration or her pussy flooded her panties.

  Whilst Monica came down from her high and Sheldon continued slowly and gently licking around her sex and inner thighs, Susan reached through between his buttocks and cupped his swinging balls in her hand.   She slid it further onto his massive dong and began to give him a slow wank from behind.   She slid her other hand up onto his chest and began tweaking his left nipple with her left hand.   Sheldon groaned in joyous rapture as he enjoyed the ministrations of the previously, shy and conservative wife.   He knew he was going to have her, that she craved him and that he would be her first.

  Sheldon turned to Susan and gently kissed her.   His long, thick tongue snaked past her lips and she reluctantly at first opened her mouth slightly to let him in.   She could taste Monica on his lips and tongue and whilst in no way interested in a woman on woman need, she succumbed to the moment and the realisation of how erotic it was to have Monica’s love juices transferred to her mouth on the lips of a shared black lover.

  Sheldon reached his left hand out and caressed Susan’s arm as they continued to kiss deeply and she slid her tiny hand up and down his enormous erection.   She needed relief now too and clutched his stroking arm and drew it down her body and between her legs.   “Feel what you’ve done” she breathed into his mouth.   “Feel me” she repeated.

  Sheldon’s fingers soon touched what felt like silk panties, very, very wet silk panties.   He could trace the outline of her protruding lips through the sodden material and instantly realised that she was shaven too – just how he loved his white women to be.   Pressing his knuckle against Susan’s clit he rotated his hand, sending shivers through Susan’s body.   She bucked against his knuckle and groaned loudly into his mouth.   “Feel how wet I am for you” she whispered obscenely into the black’s hot, wet mouth.  

  Sheldon worked her panties to the side and slid a finger into her.   Damn, this bitch is fucking running.   Damn, lady how turned on can you be? Soaking, squelching wetness engulfed his second finger as he toyed with his beautiful prize.   He wanted to see how soon she would come and then hoped he would get the chance to find out how many more times he could bring her to orgasm.

  He didn’t have long to wait.   Susan began to pant and hump Sheldon’s fingers.   “Oh fuck, yeah fuck, make me come, oh god yeeeeeees!!” she orgasmed like never before and he only had two fingers in her.   What would full sex be like with this ebony stud?

  Now that Sheldon had brought orgasms to both wives he felt it was his turn.   He had pleasured them with his mouth and fingers but the time was right for him to pleasure himself and them at the same time by burying his aching hard on in some prime married white pussy.   Shit, he knew how turned on both of them were so he knew they were up for a good fuck.   Monica of course he had serviced previously but he really wanted the new wife – especially one who was a virgin of black.  

  Monica turned herself on the bed and presented her pussy and ass to Sheldon as he stood behind her, his enormous cock ready and willing to provide the pleasure she desired.   Monica reached through her own legs and spread her pussy lips.   “Do me Sheldon” she commanded as she flicked her clit and peeled herself open for him.  

  Sheldon replaced her fingers with his own as he held the beautiful pink pussy open and edged the head of his dick to her entrance.   “Watch this pretty lady” he said to Susan.   “Is this what you want too?” he queried.   “You want some of Sheldon’s pussy wrecker pretty lady?”   At that he slid into Monica.   She groaned loudly as his first four inches prised her open for what was to follow.   Susan watched, enthralled and incredibly turned on.   She had to know how that felt.   Sheldon continued to feed his cock into Monica.   She was wailing and moaning as inch after black inch disappeared into her stretched pussy.   “So big, so big, so good, oh fuck me, deep, deep, oh fuck” Monica nearly exploded as Sheldon’s cock-head nudged her cervix.   Fuck, he was deep. “Fuck me now” she yelled at Sheldon.  

  “Easy lady easy, there’s plenty time.   Anyway I want to share this with your little friend here” Sheldon looked at Susan and motioned for her to get up on the bed.   “You want some too don’t you?” he teased Susan.  

  She answered by kicking off her sopping panties, peeling off her t shirt and kneeling on the bed alongside Monica.   “Yeah, I knew the way you looked at me yesterday you wanted some” he teased.   Susan hadn’t even known herself but something in her gaze   had alerted Sheldon to her deepest desires.   And now he had her, kneeling in front of him with her horny friend, ready and more than willing him to take his bloated, pulsing dick.

  “Please take it easy” she begged as Sheldon pulled out of Monica and shuffled behind Susan.   “I will lady, I will” he replied “now open that sweet, tight pussy for Sheldon”

  Susan tentatively reached through her legs and spread her lips.   Sheldon was fighting the urge to plunge into her as he saw the awesome sight before him.   Two beautiful married white wives on their hands and knees, in his rough beach hut, spreading for him to feed them his big Negro cock.   He nudged the tip up to Susan’s entrance and asked her if she was ready.   “Yes, please, put it in me gently”

  “Why don’t you slide yourself onto me” he teased.   “That way I will know you really want to feel it in you.”   Susan, desperate to feel the big cock inside her began to work her pussy backwards onto Sheldon’s thick erection.   “Jesus fuck that feels soooo good” uttered Sheldon.   “Come on pretty lady work that pussy onto a real cock” he teased her.   Susan was holding her breath as the feeling of the first few inches squeezed into her unstretched pussy.   Hubby’s normal sized dick hadn’t prepared her for this intrusion and it felt absolutely incredible.   She was desperate to feel his full length and width but knew she had to take it easy or risk hurting herself.   Anyway, the delicious anticipation of slowly being filled was making her pussy flood.   This was the most incredible sensation she had ever experienced and she didn’t want it over too soon.

Just as she was about half way up Sheldon’s long cock she felt him pull out of her.   “No, don’t stop” she wailed “I’m just getting going”

  “Monica needs some too” he replied as he shifted back behind Monica.   He positioned himself at her entrance and as he crouched over her back to reach around to her hanging tits, he slid into her, full length in one long, continuous stroke until he felt his abdomen against her warm buttocks.   Monica exhaled a loud drawn out moan of pleasure throughout the single stroke as her insides were filled with Sheldon’s glorious dark pole.   “Fuck me baby” she moaned as he began a series of fully withdrawn and returned strokes of his now glistening cock.   Susan watched as the gleaming rod slid easily in and out of her lucky new friend.  

  Sheldon settled into a rhythm and soon Monica was gasping and groaning as she felt her orgasm well up inside her.   As she was about to come on Sheldon’s outward stroke she heard a “pop” and felt her pussy gape open as he withdrew completely.   “Sheldon, what the fuck” gasped Monica.   Sheldon said nothing as he switched to Susan who had remained in position, watching him fuck Monica.   Sheldon eased behind Susan and stroked her pussy with his big fingers. “Your turn baby” he drawled as he guided himself inside her leaking pussy.

  This time he gave her a little more before beginning a steady rhythm.   Susan was in complete ecstasy as her pussy walls stretched to accommodate his massive thickness. She couldn’t believe how she had taken him but realised her pussy was leaking like never before and she realised her body had prepared itself for his increased size.   She was deliriously happy with this new sensation and loved the feel of him inside her.  

  Sheldon increased his stroke length until eventually Susan felt his huge balls slap against her creamy arse as she realised that he was fully inside her.   She screamed like a mad dog when he drove his cock against her cervix for the first time and the lights exploded in her head as his cock touched parts of her body her hubby never got near to.   Now she knew what a big cock felt like and she loved it.   Sheldon continued to stroke into her, and her orgasm built speed like a runaway train.   Just as she was about to experience her first ever cock-induced orgasm he pulled out.   “Swap time” he bellowed as he returned to Monica.

  He rode Monica to a few smaller orgasms before allowing her the pleasure of release as he stroked her to a screaming, bucking, pussy filled orgasm.

  Susan knew her time had come and Sheldon didn’t make her wait.   She opened herself with both hands, parting her anus at the same time and bent round to watch as the massive Negro dipped his enormous cock into her again.   She had an orgasm almost instantly as Sheldon buried himself in her sloppy, creamy, slick, married pussy.   “Hubby don’t give you no sex like this lady, does he?” he teased her.   She contracted her pussy muscles around her new lover’s thick black flesh and sobbed joyfully as her pleasure mounted and she admitted to him that he was so much bigger and better than her man.

  Sheldon ploughed into her warm insides, intent on giving her an orgasm the likes of which he knew she had never before experienced.   She had felt a good one on the end of his thick fingers but she was deserving of so much more.   He lubricated his finger using her leaking juices and smeared it on her exposed and twitching anus.   Licking his finger he gently played around her little hole as he continued to feed her pussy his length.   She was whimpering now and he slipped his finger gently into her virgin arse.   Susan gasped, stopped moving but did not pull away or demand him to remove it.  

  “Come here and get her wetter” he directed to Monica.   Monica obediently crawled over and, putting her head between them she began to lavish his finger and her anus with her tongue and saliva.   “Good girls” uttered Sheldon as he eased the full length of his thick black finger into Susan’s tight anus.   Susan was now plugged with blackness in both holes.   As she thought about the sight of her sexing, combined with the stroking of her cunt and anus she began a shattering orgasm.   Her stomach felt like it was jelly, her legs began to buckle and her head was delirious with the sensation of the wanton woman she had tuned into.   And she loved it.   And she exploded.   Her cunt began to contract around her lover’s cock and her anus did the same around his plunging finger.  

  She was in sexual heaven and she knew it could never be the same again at home.


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