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Age Doesn't Matter When Snake Wants to Come Out of Cage

Can you really plan your first blowjob ????
Hi my fellow sexizens,

I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying your sex life to the fullest. This is my first story on this platform. And I hope you guys would be kind to me since this is my first time. lol

Actually, I am an immigrant who came to the States to study. I am from the land of Kamasutra (India). Before I start, the U.S. is the greatest country on the earth and you guys should really consider yourself lucky to be part of this wonderful nation. You have freedom to express yourself in anyway you like in this country unlike rest of the world.

Let me start my story without further delay. I come from a typical conservative family, so sex is a real big deal to me. I didn't even think about it when I was back home. I was only 18 when I left my country which is not mature enough for an Indian guy. I came here and realized sex is no big deal if you like or love someone. It's like every other activity you do and that's how it should be. I was very shy approaching girls, so I tried this online dating site Okcupid. I was sending messages to bunch of ladies, and I sent one message to a lady who was 40.

She immediately replied and offered to meet me after a week. I was super nervous since I was meeting any lady like this for the first time. I called her, and she told me to wait at a certain spot. I was waiting, then she tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around.

I saw a beautiful blonde woman in a business attire, which was always a turn-on. She was about 5' 9 and very slim. She had big blue eyes, and all natural 36 C. In short, she was a drop dead gorgeous woman with an attitude to die for. Needless to say, She was much much lighter skinned than me. I shook hands nervously, and we went for a walk. I was super nervous, so she was leading the way.

We then bought a drink and settled at one place. She could totally tell how nervous I was. She was at ease because she was much older and must have met many like me. We shared our ideas and thoughts about online dating and had a little bit of small talk. I asked her why did she chose me over other guys?

She said "I was always curious about Indian guys and heard a lot about Indian culture, specially KAMASUTRA, so thought of giving it a try."

In addition, she said, "you are taller than most Indian guys I have seen. You have a build like a black guy and skin color like most Indian guys. Most importantly, you are smarter than any other guy of any other race. Intelligence is the biggest turn on for me. Thus, you are the total package."

I never thought of myself that way or maybe nobody ever made me feel that way.

I am 6'1 and 210 pounds. I am an athlete, so I have a well-toned body. I study in the most prestigious college for computer science in silicon valley. I told her about my conservative way of living.

She suddenly asked me, "Have you ever kissed anyone in public?"

I said, "Forget about kissing, I can't even talk properly to a lady in public. "

She then said, "Kiss me !"

I was shocked, and didn't know how to react.

She raised her voice a little and said, "Kiss me !"

I approached her with my shaky body and she pulled me towards her and kissed me. There were significant number of people from my culture in that area, so they raised their eyebrows and stared at us.

Of course, she was hot and sexy, but it was evident at the same time that she looked much older than me. We kept on kissing, and she was all over me. Waitress came to ask us if we need anything else, but when she saw us, she thought we were too busy to have another drink.

I wasn't in the same world! I swear to God. I didn't know what was going on. Whatever it was, it was fun.

Then she stopped after a while, and looked at me. I couldn't take my eyes off her. What a feeling it was to look at someone's face after kissing so passionately. We both smiled and finished our drinks. She then wanted to leave. I offered to walk to her car, and she agreed. We talked about how the kiss was.

I said, "Divine."

We reached her car, and had that awkward pause which suggests we want to leave, but we don't want to leave. She had a BMW X5 to add to the difficulty of leaving.

I gathered some courage and felt like a man after a long time, and said, " Can we increase the temperature of your BMW a bit?"

She got the signal and immediately opened the car, and started kissing me like a wildcat. While doing that I held her hand and took it to my shaft. She agreed to my intentions and finally entered my territory. This territory was never explored before. Then the king of this territory rose to power like never before and was rock solid.

She said, "Looks like this snake has been alone for a long-time. Look how happy he is after getting a wonderful company after such a long time."

She asked me, "How do you feel about taking this snake to another territory for a little vacation?"

I said, "He has never been anywhere, so he would love that."

She said, "Let's take that little boy on a ride!."

She wrapped her mouth around my snake. Boy! It was a feeling of lifetime.

I jumped out of my seat to balance what I was feeling inside. This snake was having the ride of his life. She may be did it for half a minute, and I felt something running out of my penis. I didn't actually know what it was and didn't have time to react it, and I just released in her mouth. Maybe first timers experience that.

She wasn't mad, but a little upset about that. She said, "Next time, please let me know when you are cumming" and smiled. Her smile helped me to ease a little, and I got the impression that there are many more to come. I took back my snake to his territory, and calmed him down. Then I let her go to enjoy her night.

We were fortunate enough to have several interesting encounters after that.

But first, I would see what kind of response I get, then I will share more. Please give me suggestions guys, and thanks a lot for reading it.

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