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Air Buns

The Hottest Flight with the Juciest Flight Attendants around
I travel fairly regularly for work. I'm a salesperson and I handle the southwestern part of the US. Naturally, I'm always looking for the most reasonable airfares, or at least the most benefits for those super high ticket prices.

While planning my latest trip to Dallas, TX, I came across an interesting airline website. The airline was named Southern Air, and I couldn't help but notice all over the website were pictures of very attractive black women who appeared to be dressed as flight attendants. I specifically noticed that the flight attendants had similar bodies, large breasts, small waists and nice large asses that were barely covered by their uniform skirts.

Part of me thought I'd stumbled onto another porn site, but the adventurous side of me decided to look further. Sure enough, they were a functioning airline and had service to Dallas for a week I needed to travel there. Their rates were a little higher but getting more than an eyeful of these tasty looking women, I just had to pull out the credit card and make a reservation.

Travel day arrived, and I headed to the airport. Making it past the usual search without issue, I headed to the gate for my departure. Sure enough, a nice looking woman resembling those I saw on the website was at the desk for the Southern Air gate. Having a few minutes before I had to board the plane, I figured I'd ask her a little about this airline.

Walking closer to her, I caught her attention and she looked at me with a flirtatious smile. Her uniform had a low neckline which showed ample cleavage that looked like easily to be D cups. I noticed her nametag, attached to her uniform and being almost angled out of view by her large breasts, with the name "Naomi" on it.

"Excuse me...Naomi?" I asked politely.

"Yeah baby, how can I help you?" Naomi cooed softly.

"I was just wondering, I never heard of your airline and I fly pretty regularly, can you tell me a little about it?"

"Sure, baby...we are pretty new, so that would explain why you haven't heard much about us. We provide extra service to business travelers who spend a lot of time on the go."

"Extra service?" I asked.

"Yeah baby...don't worry, I think you'll enjoy it," Naomi said with her soft voice, adding a slight giggle at the end. She was looking pretty good to me at that point. Her thighs were toned, but not too muscular.

I started to imagine what it would be like to bury my face between them.

After a few seconds, I shook that vision off and went to sit down until it was time to board the plane.

Glancing around, I noticed that the other people seated around the gate with me appeared to be close in age to me...I saw a mixture of male and females, but everyone looked to be between late twenties and mid thirties. Maybe a coincidence, I thought. It seemed that usually on most other flights I took there would be a few kids here and there or maybe some old people.

The Boarding call was announced my Naomi, and moving up from the desk where I spoke with her, she walked over to the entrance of the tunnel to the plane. As she walked I looked over at her. Her smooth thighs glided back and forth past each other, her hips gyrating as she walked. She had a sense of power and sensuality in her walk. I noticed the gentle bounce of her ass as she walked. Looking at her, I felt my dick getting hard.

Just then, Naomi grabbed a microphone near the tunnel entrance. She then began to call out the order for the boarding. As my turn came up, I walked to her and showed my boarding pass. I felt pretty turned on by this point and figured a little flirtation wouldn't hurt at this point.

Handing her my boarding pass, I casually asked, "So is it any coincidence your name is 'I moan' spelled backwards?"

I knew from past experience that a line like that could get a variety of responses, from disgust to perhaps a slap or a drink being thrown my way. Handling the remark with a sexy sophistication, Naomi said "That all depends on who's hitting this, white boy", as she lightly tapped her ass cheeks.

Continuing onto the plane, I noticed that the flight attendants were all closely resembling Naomi and the ones I'd seen earlier on the Southern Air website. I settled into my seat and buckled up for the takeoff.

Shit, my cock was a little ahead of the flight at this point as far as taking off is concerned.

After the usual safety lecture, the plane began to pull out from the gate and before long, we were taking off. Things went pretty regularly for a flight until we were at our cruising altitude.

At that point, a flight attendant came on the PA system for the plane and announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Southern Air. My name is Nina, and on behalf of our in flight staff it is my pleasure to welcome you to our special business traveler service."

As she made the announcement, I noticed the other flight attendants make their way down the aisle and kneel down before some of the male passengers. Without much warning at all, the flight attendants began to unzip the pants of the passengers and start sucking them off. Yes, that's right...I couldn't believe my eyes!

As I was wondering just how this flight was kept a secret, I noticed the flight attendant who made the announcement was standing right in front of me. She was a little shorter than the others, but had the biggest ass and smallest waist of them all.

"Hey," she said, matter of factly.

"Hey yourself," I said warily, still taking the whole situation in.

"So you like what you seein?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh yeah...trying to figure out how many trips I can book this airline for."

Laughing, she added, "That's what we like to hear. Naomi mentioned I should keep an eye out for you. I know you white boys like to eat pussy."

By this time, my cock was positively I was trying to get out a simple "yeah", Nina lowered the back of my seat to a reclining position, and gradually straddled my face. I held her ass with my hands and hungrily began to eat her pussy.

"That's it, me good," Nina cooed, gently working her hips into my face.

Nina's thighs were pressing against my head, but I could still hear the moans coming from the other flight attendants and their fuck partners on the plane.

As I liked Nina's pussy, her thrusting began to pick up pace. "Ohh shit baby, that's good!" She exhaled and began to shake.

The more I ate her, the more my cock wanted to be in her pussy. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and said, "I need you to ride me."

Moaning with delight, Nina said "Oh you want this ass, do you?" And smiling devilishly, she lifted herself off my face, and turned around.

Still wearing her uniform, she mounted my throbbing cock in a reverse cowgirl and began to bounce slowly.

Looking up, I took in the beautiful sight of this large ass just devouring my cock. Her movements started slowly but quickly picked up pace until a her ass met my hips in a loud clapping sound.

"Damn got it....don't stop..." Nina panted.

Her ass cheeks were bouncing like crazy. She was bent over all the way forward, grinding my cock like a seasoned pro. Grabbing her waist, I tried to pull her down as hard as I could on my cock. I felt a huge load building and knew I needed to cum soon.

"I'm gonna cum, baby," I shouted

"Do it baby...all inside me. All the fuck inside me," she yelled.

With that, I yelled loudly and shot a huge load deep inside her. As I shot, her body jerked back. I watched her beautiful ass quiver, as it seemed to drain my cum by itself. Reaching up, I fondled her breasts.

"So baby," Nina purred. "How do you like our Southern Air service?"

"Fan-fucking-tastic" I sighed, laughing as she continued to writhe with my cock inside her.

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