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Andee's Adventure Turns 'Dark'

Wife's birthday surprise for her husband takes a surprise turn with a couple of BBCs
“At some point, you're going to go a bit too far,” Bella said. “I think you've been pretty lucky so far ... but every man has his limits; even the most open-minded.”

Andee knew her best friend had a valid point. Other than her husband, Bella was the only one who knew all of what had been going on with her life the past year. It was pretty much every Saturday afternoon that they would get together to either go for a latte, or when the weather was right like it was today, hang out around Bella’s pool in their bikinis. Andee would use the time to share what was going on with her sexual adventure, and get a different perspective.

“I know ... I know,” Andee replied. She had just finished telling her friend about her trip to Houston and the graphic details of the sex she shared with Don.

“That's why I need your help. CJ’s birthday is coming up and I want to plan something really special – and super sexy,” Andee said as she swung her legs around off the lounge chair so she could face her friend.

Bella had been in Andee’s life for years. They met in college, but definitely took two different directions after graduation. Bella was always a bit of a party animal, while Andee chose to be more studious – and until recently, monogamous. Bella’s post-college story was a wild one: marriage to a wealthy real estate developer, swinging and trips to Hedonism resorts, cheating, and finally divorce. These days she was more independent and Andee could hardly keep tabs on what was happening in her friend’s personal life.

Not that it mattered; her own sex life was becoming a tangled web with the sexual adventure her husband had encouraged her to explore. Andee had never figured she would ever be where she was at – and have freedom to experiment beyond the bounds of marriage. But after her experiences with Don, and the realization that sex can’t always be emotionally free, she had her doubts that it was something she could handle in the long term. She liked being married, and she loved her husband dearly.

Bella turned her head and pulled her sunglasses down her nose to reveal her gorgeous green eyes. She stared at Andee for a moment before offering an answer.

“How special?” she finally answered with her usual no-nonsense tone.

Andee’s imagination kicked into overdrive almost immediately. She knew her husband had a thing for her friend; although he’d never openly admitted it. Blonde, amazingly fit and a pair of birthday gifts from her now ex-husband disguised as perfect breasts, she was an absolute knockout. Andee had yet to tell her husband that she had spent more than a couple Saturday afternoons at Bella’s, naked and with her face buried between her friend’s tanned thighs. It was the one part of her sexual adventure that she kept secret – something just for her to enjoy, and reflect on repeatedly when she was home alone with some fresh batteries in her favourite vibrator.

Andee thought for a moment, plotting her answer carefully. She had her own ideas swirling around in her lustful imagination, but she wanted to plan something just for her husband.

“Something very memorable …” Andee replied. She reached over and grabbed her friend’s hand with hers. She gently stroked Bella’s fingers, her mind wandering back to the last time they were buried deep inside her pussy.

Andee shuffled off of her chaise lounge and sat on the edge of her friend’s. She lightly stroked the top of Bella’s thigh, and then up on to her hip just below the tie on her bikini bottom. Bella’s skin was hot to the touch, warmed from the afternoon sun. Andee toyed with the string for a moment and then gave it a little tug so the knot would come undone.

Andee slid her fingers across the newly exposed flesh of Bella’s pelvis, under the tiny flap of fabric that still covered her crotch. She lightly ran her fingers along the thin band of pubic hair. Unlike Andee, who preferred a clean Brazilian, Bella had undergone laser hair removal so the most she would ever have was a tiny landing strip. It was another gift from her ex-husband … and one that other men would enjoy more than he ever did.

Andee slowly worked her hand down, pushing more of the bikini bottom out of the way as she did. Her friend adjusted herself slightly in the chair, spreading her legs a little so Andee had easier access to the wetness that was beginning to emerge from her pussy.

“Your husband isn’t the kind of man to get involved. You know that better than me,” Bella said in a breathy voice as Andee’s finger swept across the swollen lips of her pussy. “He’s a watcher.”

“That’s why I need your help. I need to change that,” Andee said with a hint of resignation in her voice. “I need him to be more involved in this whole thing than just getting off mentally on my trysts.”

Andee looked away from her friend. She felt Bella’s hand pull at the string to her bikini top before gently stroking her naked back as it fell away. She massaged Andee’s shoulder for a moment and then slid her hand around under her arm. She closed her eyes as Bella’s fingers found their way to her breast and circled her nipple until it was erect.

“What do you have in mind?” Bella asked.

Andee rolled her head back to enjoy the sensation a bit longer and then adjusted herself so she was facing Bella. A naughty smile took over her expression.

“I have a very naughty idea in mind. But first, something for me,” she said.

She pulled her bikini top completely away and moved so she was between Bella’s thighs. Placing a hand under each leg to prop them up, Andee knelt forward and kissed her friend through the tiny wisp of fabric that covered her moist pussy. Using her teeth, Andee playfully pulled the remaining tie and yanked the swimsuit bottom away, leaving Bella’s pussy completely exposed.

Andee pressed her lips against Bella’s clit and gently sucked it in as she kissed it. She then traced along the swollen outer lips of her friend’s pussy with the tip of her tongue, adding a little of her own moisture to the sweet wetness of Bella’s. Her friend always tasted so good, and it was the one thing that really allowed Andee to enjoy exploring her bisexual side. It didn’t hurt that her sexy friend had taken the time – and delicious effort – to teach Andee how to properly engage in cunnilingus. Of course, Bella also made it very easy for Andee to practice what she had learned ... and practice often.

She angled her head slightly and ran the tip of her tongue up the centre of Bella’s cunt, which brought out a deep breath and slight moan from the sexy blonde. Her hips slowly arched as the married brunette and mother of two explored ever more with her tongue. Andee picked up her cue from what was going with Bella’s physical reactions to bring her friend to a squirming orgasm and set her tongue straight to work on the most sensitive spot.

“Not fair,” Bella moaned with fake resignation. Andee knew full-well that her friend was enjoying every lick.

Andee soon felt Bella’s pussy surrendering to the unavoidable; her orgasm was going to come out at the will of her friend’s hot tongue. Andee pressed a little harder with the tip of her tongue against the side of Bella’s clit, just where all the nerve endings gathered. As she sensed her friend was getting closer, she slipped her long middle finger into Bella’s hot wet hole and stroked her g-spot gently. She could feel her friend squeezing her pelvic muscles on her finger as she slid it over the smooth, sensitive spot just inside her vagina.

Bella arched her back and grabbed Andee’s hair in one hand and the top of her deck chair with the other, pulling Andee tighter against her pelvis as she started to moan louder. She twisted and turned as Andee’s tongue slithered up and down and across her clit, drawing out deeper moans.

Andee could feel her friend’s clit swelling as the blood rushed to her pussy. She sucked the little button into her mouth and used her tongue to massage it even faster, sending her friend into a loud squeal. Bella’s hips twitched up and down and she pulled Andee’s hair harder.

“Don’t stop … don’t … stop,” she purred as her orgasm rose from deep within. “Aaaahhhh … fuuuuuckkk …”

Andee could feel Bella’s pussy quiver as she came, a slight rush of wetness running from her pussy and between Andee’s fingers. She slowly released her grip on Andee’s hair, allowing the brunette to settle back and focus on bringing the last few twitches out of Bella by gently rubbing her g-spot with her finger.

“Ok … ok ... I’ll help,” Bella moaned as Andee continued to lightly massage inside her pussy. “I’ll help.”


Andee left very clear instructions for her husband about where he was to meet her and what time he needed to arrive. Get there too late, she warned in her text message, and he would miss out on a birthday gift that had been long in the works.

When CJ got to the hotel room as advised, Andee and Bella had already poured themselves a couple of drinks and had some music playing. Looking at the two of them, he could only smile and chuckle. They had spared no effort on dressing up for the occasion. Bella had on a tiny pink crop top that hung teasingly from her perky tits and a black micro-miniskirt. It was a look he’d seen only a few times on his wife’s best friend – and it always led to some sort of trouble.

Andee was equally decked out for the private party. CJ rarely saw his wife dressed in the total slut role; her taste in clothing was move on the traditional sexy side, as opposed to the very obvious. An incredibly short plaid miniskirt barely hid the bottom of her butt, and the tiny white top she was wearing was unbuttoned to reveal more than an eyeful of the lace bra underneath. Stiletto shoes rounded out the look – his ultimate weakness, and she knew it.

Andee greeted her husband with a tonsil-teasing French kiss. She pressed her body against his and allowed his hands to caress her. As they stood kissing in the middle of the room, she rubbed his crotch with the top of her thigh. His hand fondled her behind and slid up under the hem of her tiny schoolgirl skirt. He could tell Andee was already beyond horny.

“I think you’re going to love your present,” she said as they separated from their passionate embrace. “For the man who has given me more than he could ever imagine, I have planned a very special occasion.”

CJ glanced at Bella, who was gently tapping the back of a chair in a manner that suggested he needed to take a seat. Andee grabbed her husband’s ass playfully as he walked over to Bella and sat down. Once he was in position, she leaned over, giving him an eyeful of cleavage, and whispered, “Close your eyes.”

Andee took each of his hands and placed them on the arms of the chair. As she did, Bella wrapped the silk rope around CJ’s wrists and each arm of the chair to secure him. She flirtatiously leaned in closer so her breasts would rub against him as she tied the knots, knowing that he would easily sense the difference in the touch of her breasts over his wife’s.

She then sat on his lap for a moment and put one wrist on each of his shoulders.

“Open your eyes now,” she instructed him. “Andee told me you like to watch. This way, I can make sure that’s all you get to do. I would hate for you to get too worked up and unwrap the wrong present.”

Bella kissed CJ deeply, which left Andee staring a little wide-eyed. She had not known her friend and husband were that well acquainted, nor did she expect her friend to be so enthusiastic to get into the scheme. Regardless, the sight of the two of them enjoying a deep French kiss sent an excited tingle through Andee’s body.

From behind her husband, she reached down and ran her hands across his chest and down to the waist of his pants. While her friend continued to kiss CJ, Andee unbuckled the belt and unzipped him. Bella broke the kiss and slipped off his lap, pulling his pants and underwear down to his ankles as she did.

“Happy birthday,” she purred seductively as she pulled her tiny crop top over her head, exposing her perfect breasts. She dropped the tiny pink top onto his shoulder. It was only on close examination would anyone notice the tiny implant scars left behind. Bella lifted up off CJ’s lap and brushed her breasts across his face to tease him.

“Hope you like your gift,” she said before turning to Andee.

The two women stood facing each other, gently stroking parts of exposed flesh. Andee ran both hands along Bella’s shoulders and down across the top of her breasts, before circling each palm around her friend’s nipples. Her friend’s breasts were so tight and firm – partly due to the masterful enhancement surgery, but also in part to the many hours she spent at the gym.

Andee leaned forward and glanced sideways at her husband as she planted a kiss on Bella’s rock hard nipple. She slithered her tongue out in an exaggerated move to tease the restrained man even more.

After a couple minutes of mutual fondling and kissing, the two women sat on the edge of the bed; their skirts too short to hide the flashes of panty from under the hems. They resumed kissing and stroking each other with their hands, letting out little moans to let CJ know how much they were enjoying the building sexual heat between them.

Bella had just pushed Andee’s tiny shirt off her shoulders when they heard a knock at the door. Andee jumped a little at the sound, but she just smiled at her friend.

“Time for my friend to join us,” Bella whispered in Andee’s ear as she got up off the bed. Walking past CJ in the chair, she winked and flashed one of her notorious devilish grins. A wave of anxious excitement came over Andee as she watched Bella strut to the door in her high heels and miniskirt. Despite their obvious plan, she was still in awe of Bella’s bravery to walk around topless and do something such as answer the door in that state.

“I brought a friend,” the well-built black man said as he kissed Bella on the cheek.

Andee watched as two impressive hunks of men brushed by Bella and into the hotel room. Brought a friend, indeed, Andee thought. The first man was a hulking mass of a creature, obviously someone from Bella’s gym. His biceps were easily the size of Andee’s thighs, and she figured he stood well over 6-feet. The second man with him was not much smaller, equally as fit, but had a darker complexion. Andee had never really considered her sexual preference for black men, but her mind was focused on how handsome the pair were.

Andee stood up as the two made their way into the centre of the room. Even with her unusually high stilettos, she was looking directly into their chests.

“Bella, this isn't what I had in mind,” Andee said in a hushed tone to her friend, trying to mask her apprehension as she strutted over the Bella by the door.

"Me neither," Bella quietly replied. Andee looked at her friend with an expression of shock. Bella didn’t seem to be all that concerned with the addition of a second man to the equation.

“This is Stone,” Bella said more pronounced. “And ...”

“Derrick,” answered the second man, extending his hand. Andee took it in hers, marvelling at how large and long his fingers were. She had a thing for hands – especially long fingers, for certain sexual reasons.

“Andee,” she answered. She felt a strange rush of shy nervousness – the same kind of sensation she would get as a teenager when the guys would flirt with her.

“This must be the birthday boy,” Stone said as he glanced over at CJ, who looked like quite a sight. His pants were bunched around his ankles, his cock pointing up from the excitement of watching his wife and her best friend just moments ago.

“I’d shake your hand, but ...” Andee’s husband offered from his seat in the corner.

“Just ignore him,” Bella jumped in, grabbing Stone’s arm and turning his attention back to the middle of the room. “It’s his birthday and his present is that he’s only here to watch.”

Stone and Derrick laughed as Bella carried on, rather flirtatiously, about how easily men can be tormented by watching two hot women like she and Andee do naughty things together.

As she talked, Bella offered the two men a drink, poured another for Andee and then joined her brunette friend on the edge of the bed. The four chatted for a few more minutes, mostly small talk as the two guys settled in and asked Andee random, but rather personal, questions. Almost a little like a game of truth or dare, but Andee wasn’t bothered. She had always been open about sex and experiences.

The more they talked, the more it was becoming obvious to her that the two men and Bella knew each other a bit better than her friend was letting on. The unknown excited Andee – but at the same time, the sexual tension that was in the room was definitely beyond the bounds of her comfort zone. Her mind continued to race as she tried to figure out exactly what the dynamics were going to be.

“This may be a … uh … silly question, but why do they call you ‘Stone’?” Andee asked, figuring she already knew the answer, given how large and muscular he was.

He flashed Andee a big smile, as if he had been waiting for the petite woman to ask. “Because when I get hard, it’s hard as rock,” he answered. “And I like it rough.”

Andee’s stomach jumped a little at Stone’s final comment. She wasn’t sure if that was his way of having some naughty fun with the innuendo, or if he was serious. Either way, she found herself growing more and more intrigued with the idea. It also didn’t hurt that the drinks Bella was pouring were going straight to her head … and pussy.

Without hesitating, Stone stood up in front of Andee and looked down into her dark brown eyes as he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down over his thighs, to floor and stepped out of them.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as the biggest cock she had ever seen was exposed. Andee was never one to introduce a ruler to her sex life, but she estimated Stone’s beautiful penis was close to 10 inches and very thick. For a moment, she wondered if she would even be able to get the head into her mouth.

The muscular man stood closer to her and placed one foot on the bed against her hip. He took his growing erection in one hand and stroked it until he was pointing straight at her. Andee was in total awe of his size and was practically watering at the mouth as she watched him masturbate right front of her face.

“And he’s just as big,” Stone said nodding to his friend. Derrick took the cue and stripped out of his clothes, revealing an equally impressive cock.

“Now, we didn’t come here to talk about dick,” he said in a warm tone as he held Andee’s chin in his hand. “We came here to use them.”

Andee gasped as the man’s boldness; and then smiled.

Stone pushed Andee back onto the bed, slid both hands under her tiny skirt and grabbed her panties on each side. With one powerful motion, he pulled them to her ankles and off. As if to add a little insult, he tossed the moist lacy panties onto CJ’s lap after sniffing the crotch.

“We’re gonna fuck your wife,” Stone said with a concealed wink. “You got a problem with that? Not that you can do anything about it.”

He didn’t wait for answer as he turned back to the little brunette on the bed. Andee had propped her heels into the bed so her knees were up and legs spread open. Her tiny miniskirt was bunched around her waist, leaving her completely exposed. She was looking intently at the man who had just removed her underwear; becoming even more turned on knowing she was now at the sexual mercy of her friend and the two men – while he husband was tied to chair just a few feet away.

“Look at that sweet bald cunt,” he said to Derrick. “Have you ever seen something so delicious? I love a woman who knows how to look after herself like that. And just like I promised you, you’re going introduce this sexy little thing to some serious hot chocolate.”

Stone then looked back into Andee’s eyes and said, “You don’t mind if my friend here shows you a darker side of sex? You see, I kind of already told him he was going to get to fuck a married white woman tonight … and Bella … she’s not married.”

Andee didn’t answer Stone. She just lay there on the mattress wide-eyed, with her legs spread apart and shook her head as if to say she didn’t mind at all. In her head, though, her thoughts were racing at light speed over the prospect of either man trying to work their gigantic cocks into her cunt.

Derrick stood for a moment at the end of the bed beside his friend. Andee couldn’t tear herself away from looking at their huge dicks hanging between their legs. For a moment she wondered if they were going to both join her on the bed and her pussy began to heat up with the idea. Her last multiple man experience had been a sweaty tryst with some salesmen in Denver. But now these two large black men were standing naked before her – and she was anxious for something to happen.

Derrick knelt on the bed between Andee’s thighs and stroked the inside of her legs, leading his hands up to her wet pussy. She shivered as he rubbed a finger across her swollen clit and along the side of her outer lips. Andee spread her legs a little more, as if to invite him to explore even more.

“Mmmm, that feels incredible,” she moaned softly as the black man’s long finger slipped between her wet lips and into the hot canal of her vagina. Derrick started slowly sliding in and out of her, eventually picking up his pace as she wiggled on his hand. Andee clenched at the long finger with her pussy muscles, enjoying the sensation as his finger pushed deeper inside.

Andee unhooked her bra and exposed her 36B breasts. As Derrick explored the wetness of her cunt with his finger, she played with her nipples – something that always sent a little sexual jolt to her clit. She closed her eyes and let the sensations in her body take over.

After a few minutes, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at his large cock, then back to his eyes. Derrick took the hint to move on to something better. He held out his hand to Bella, who slipped a condom package into his open palm. Andee watched intently as he rolled the rubber sheath over his erection and then inched up between her spread thighs so the head of his dick was against her pussy.

“Fuck that pussy,” Stone said enthusiastically as his friend pushed himself into Andee.

“Goddamn, she’s a tight little cunt,” Derrick replied as he edged his swollen cock deeper into her.

Andee let out a deep breath and moan as Derrick’s shaft penetrated her to the point where his tight balls brushed against her butt cheeks.

“Oh good god,” Andee blurted out suddenly as her newest lover pushed his erection deep into her again, then eased out to where only the head of his cock remained between her wet pussy lips. “You’re too big … oh god, so big … holy fuck!”

“Yeah, tell us how you like that,” Derrick growled as he pumped her harder from above. “You like this big black cock, don’t you? Come on, admit it you little slut.”

“Uh huh,” Andee answered in a slight wisp of a voice, too enthralled by the sensation of being pierced by Derrick’s incredible manhood.

“I didn’t hear that,” he said, stopping in mid-thrust. “Tell me what you want?”

Andee shuffled her body down, trying to work herself back onto the full length of his rod. “God, I want your cock … I want your fucking huge black cock.” She clutched at his shoulders as she braced herself for another inward thrust. She could feel her pussy giving way to the incredible girth and a hot sexual burn took over.

“She loves it doggy style,” Andee heard her best friend purr. “Come on, Derrick, we want to see you do her from behind.”

Derrick rolled Andee over and pulled her onto her knees before he slid his cock back into her dripping cunt. It was true, she loved getting fucked doggy style; and with the massive shaft pumping into her from behind, she could feel the head banging against the opening to her cervix deep inside. It was by far, the furthest any man had ever penetrated her, cock or sex toy.

She bit into the pillow to muffle her moans of delight as Derrick began to get more forceful in his fucking. She looked over at where Bella was sitting. Her beautiful blonde friend was watching intently as Derrick pumped in and out of Andee – and stroking Stone’s huge erection in sync to what was happening in front of her. She had a wicked grin on her face, obviously enjoying how things were playing out.

Andee rolled her head to the other side so she could look at her husband. His own cock was pointing straight up in the air in rock hard approval of what was happening to his wife. Andee loved him dearly, but she wondered how he would feel inside her now, with her cunt being stretched out by the black man’s monster dick. CJ glanced away from his fixed stare at Derrick’s cock sliding into his wife and looked into her eyes. He smiled and mouthed “I love you” as she lay there looking back at him, little grunts escaping from her with each inward thrust. She turned her face back away and closed her eyes to lose herself completely in the moment.

After a few more minutes, Andee felt a gentle stroke through her hair. She opened her eyes to see her best friend in front of her, crouched down on the floor at the side of the bed. Bella was smiling and leaned her face in to Andee’s and kissed her. Andee tried to smile, but found with each thrust of the massive black cock from behind her made her grunt involuntarily.

“Was … this … you …?” Andee groaned as Derrick drilled her.

“No sweetie,” Bella whispered reassuringly and kissed her forehead. “This is what your husband really wanted.”

Bella flashed Andee a devilish smile and stood up. Andee watched as her friend unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She could see Bella’s pussy was moist from the glint of wetness at the end of the thin blond landing strip of pubic hair she kept.

Before she knew what was happening, Andee felt Derrick’s strong arms wrap around her waist and shift her on the bed, his steel hard shaft never leaving her pussy as they moved. When she plopped back down, she found her face just inches away from Bella’s wet gash and the familiar tanned thighs she had kissed many times before.

As Derrick resumed his aggressive assault from behind, he pushed Andee forward and directly at her gorgeous friend’s pussy. She adjusted herself so she was in more of a position to properly lick Bella’s pussy. Her friend’s pussy was already quite wet, making it obvious that she was enjoying the events of the night as well.

Andee slid her tongue as far as she could into Bella’s cunt, drawing a loud moan from the beautiful divorcee. And the more she worked her friend over with her tongue, the harder and faster Derrick fucked her from behind.

After a few minutes of Bella moaning as Andee licked and sucked on her wet pussy, Andee could tell her black lover was about to cum. He slowed his paced and she felt his cock grow extremely rigid in her cunt. Then, with one last thrust inward, she felt him peak. Derrick’s cock throbbed rapidly as he emptied himself.

“Oh!” Andee yelped at the feeling of her lover pushing so deep into her as he came. His cock felt like it was all the way into her uterus it was so long.

She clutched at Bella’s hips to brace herself as Derrick’s orgasm shuddered through her cunt.

Bella slipped off the bed and crouched down and kissed Andee, using her tongue to lick the little trace of her own wetness off her married friend’s chin.

As Derrick eased his softening cock from her pussy, Andee kissed her best friend. When the muscular stud was finally free from her pussy, she rolled onto the bed and tried to catch her breath.

“Oh shit … that was amazing … my cunt feels like it’s been split in half,” she muttered between breaths.

For a minute, Andee lay on her back, legs still spread as her pussy came down from the sensation of Derrick’s orgasm. She closed her eyes and gently brushed her palms across her swollen nipples, hardly paying any attention to the movement on the bed below her. When she finally opened her eyes, Stone was just adjusting himself, placing one hand on either side of her shoulders. She could feel his hard cock brushing against her wet gash as he used his thighs to spread her legs apart.

“You didn’t think we were done yet, did you?” he said as he pushed the head of his erection into her.

The sensation was almost over-powering. Andee’s cunt was already stretched, but Stone felt even bigger than Derrick. She also noticed that he wasn’t wearing a condom like his friend.

“Oooohhhhh,” she let out in a surprised tone as he skewered her broken in pussy with the full length of his shaft.

Just as she was about to say something, he moved his face down to hers and planted a wet, aggressive kiss on her lips. It was the first time she had kissed a black man. He used his tongue to match the slow pushes of his cock into her. The incredible combination soon had Andee’s mind drifting away from her concerns and back to the feeling between her legs.

“Holy fuck … ooooo … uh, uh,” she moaned as Stone ramped up the rhythm of his thrusts. “That’s … ooohh … fucking huge.”

Andee lost herself in the moment, her breathing getting faster as the incredible hardness slid in and out of her already fucked cunt. She began to match his movements by lifting her own hips up and off the bed.

“Mmm, yeah … oh fuck,” she groaned from underneath Stone. She wrapped her hands around his neck and looked down the length of her body to watch the glistening black cock disappear into her soaking wet waxed pussy.

Andee could only grunt in delight as Stone continued his vaginal pummelling. She had never felt anything so massive in her pussy before, not even her naughty porn star dildo she kept in the night stand at home could match the size of the man who was now fucking her in front of her husband. She knew, come the morning, she would be walking funny and her pussy would be sore and bruised.

He kept up the pace for a few minutes, draining Andee of almost all her sexual energy as she continued to wiggle her own hips to match his fury. She could feel something strange building deep within her cunt, something she hadn’t experienced very often.

Stone tipped his head back and lifted Andee almost off the bed by her hips as he stuffed his cock completely into her, his balls slapping at her ass rapidly as he fucked her hard. With one last grunt, he let go a flood of hot cum into the depths of her cunt.

“Ooooh, fuck yes!” Andee yelled as she felt the giant cock pulse inside her.

“Cum in me … cum in me … cum in me,” she loudly pleaded with her lover. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist to hold herself against Stone as he pumped deeper into her. Her fingers gripped into the thick sides of his biceps.

“Oh … my … fucking … god,” Andee practically howled. She wasn’t normally so vocal during sex, but the experience with the two enormous cocks had stroked her in places no man had ever done so before. The sensation seemed so surreal to her, almost as if she was high on some sort of narcotic. She now was in the throes of her own orgasm; a rare vaginal orgasm for her.

Stone leaned back so that he was kneeling, with Andee still wrapped around his body as his cock twitched inside her. She clutched at his back tightly as she humped madly on his lap. A trickle of his cum made its way from between her swollen pussy lips and onto his balls as the last few spurts shot into her. Stone held her against him with one hand and reached around with the other to play with her ass as his orgasm subsided. Andee squeezed her pelvic muscles as she clung on through the last few waves of her orgasm.

He edged off the bed and stood in front of CJ; the tied up man’s wife still wrapped around the waist of her black lover, his immense cock buried in her cunt. He pumped her up and down on his waning erection a few more times just a couple feet away from her husband’s face, before turning back towards the bed. Stone put his hands under Andee’s arms and practically peeled her off of his body and tossed her onto the bed. She whimpered slightly as she landed, rolling over onto her stomach, her abused pussy was bright red, swollen and gaping from being fucked by the two men.

“I’m done,” she muttered softly into the blankets as if she was surrendering. “I’m done … I’m done.”

“Now that was good,” Stone said as he caught his breath, resting his hands on the edge of the bed. He stood up straight and patted CJ on the shoulder as he walked back to where he had left his clothes in a heap on the floor.

“Your wife is fucking amazing,” he said with a smile. “Damn, I just hope we didn’t break her.”

Derrick had sat on the edge of the bed where Bella was laying on her stomach, propped up on her arms for a better view. They both looked like a couple of kids watching Saturday morning cartoons. As he waited for Stone to finish putting his clothes on, he rubbed Bella’s back and then when his friend was ready to go, leaned over and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Thanks babe,” he said. “That was an amazing night. We’ll see you around.”

He gave her a gentle little pat on her bare ass and grabbed his jacket off the chair.

Bella got up as Stone approached. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him on the lips.

“Next time, that thing goes in me,” she purred as she stroked the front of his jeans. Both men chuckled and slipped out into the hallway.

Bella looked at CJ and smiled. He was still tied to the chair facing the bed where he completely used wife still lay. Still only wearing her black knee-high boots, she walked over to him and knelt down beside the chair. She easily untied the loose ropes around his wrists and nuzzled his hand, kissing the one closest to her.

She stood up and moved around to face CJ. Without saying anything, she placed a hand on each of the chair’s arms, leaned in and pressed her warm lips against his, parting them slightly snaking her tongue into his mouth to wrestling with his. CJ gently massaged her firm breasts as they continued with their kiss.

After a moment, Bella straddled the chair and sat on CJ's lap; his erection pressed hard against her moist pussy as she wiggled into a comfortable position. She kissed again before reaching down to stroke his cock with her hand.

"Was that what you had in mind, sweetie?" she whispered in his ear, pausing to nibble on his earlobe.

They both turned their heads to look at Andee, who still lay in the middle of the bed, spread eagle face down and breathing heavy. She hadn’t moved much since Stone had dropped her back onto the mattress. A steady dribble of his cum oozed from her cunt. It would be weeks before she was in any kind of shape to fuck again normally – and a very long time before she entertained the idea of extramarital sex.

“Should we worry about that,” he asked quietly and nodded to Andee.

“Nope … he’s been fucking me for years like that,” Bella said in a hushed tone as she kissed CJ’s neck. “Besides I only brought one condom.”

Before CJ could respond, Bella adjusted herself and slipped his hard cock into her soaking wet cunt.

“So, why don’t you just cum inside me ... then we’ll all be even,” she replied playfully and flashed another devilish smile as she began to slide up and down on his rigid shaft.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered.

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