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Another Day, Another Fantasy-My Sexy Neighbors

My young neighbor returns with a friend

     Well day one of my vacation was great, let’s see what today brings, this was my thought as I awoke alone in bed, my bed and entire bedroom smelling like sex. Wow what a day and night I just had, fucking a sexy blonde mother and her young sexy daughter just doesn’t get any better than that. I showered, letting the hot water melt away some of the soreness from my body, it felt great, after 20 minutes of this I was feeling pretty good. I prepared a grand slam breakfast for myself consisting of bacon, sausage, eggs and grits with some toast on the side, I ate it all down. Just as I was about to wash my breakfast dishes, someone rang the bell to my apartment. I started towards my door but before I could get there Jocelyn entered holding hands with another sexy young black teen about her age, 20 years old.

     She introduced her friend as Darlene, her friends was beautiful with nice full lips and big brown eyes, she also had the roundest ass I’ve seen in awhile, a sexy young goddess.

     “So what are you two up today” I asked, she said that they didn’t have to go to the college class today, mid-terms or something, it was hard to concentrate in the presence of these two fine young women. “So do you want to hang out with us today” Jocelyn said to me with a sly grin and a shake of her ass.

     “Of course sexy lady, what did you have in mind?” I said with a sly grin of my own.

     “Well me and Darlene are tired of just playing with ourselves, we were watching some of Mom’s porn collection and we are horny as hell” said Jocelyn.

     “ Yes we are, we need a nice big cock to play with and I heard yours is just what we need” chimed in Darlene, glancing over at Jocelyn and both of them giggled.

     “Well, you’ve come to the right place, let’s chill in the bedroom, I’ll pull out some of my porn” I said while reaching out my hands to them, they both took a hand and we headed into the bedroom. While I rummaged through my porn videos, they both undressed, giggling and whispering. I found just what I was looking for, a video entitled ‘three the hard way’, it’s going to be another good day.

     I looked over at my bed and saw a lovely sight indeed, two sexy ass young women, one dark with a fat sexy ass and one blond and white with beautiful little bite sized titties. I just dropped my pants where I stood, my dick was already hard and rearing to go.

     Darlene was closest to me so I leaned in and kissed her thick sexy lips, we swapped tongues while her hand went straight for my 9 inches, I pulled her on to me as I moved between the two young  vixens, Jocelyn reached down and cupped my balls with one hand while the other was on Darlene’s sweet ass. We all moaned in unison as we continued to explore each others bodies. I kissed one and then the other, tasting the difference, enjoying them both, I kissed their necks and inhaled their essence, they were both sexy beyond words.

     I felt my dick being sucked and looked down to see Jocelyn with my length in her mouth as Darlene licked and sucked on my balls, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sexy sensation of being pleasured my two young ladies, sexy and sexier, damn, I was in ecstasy. I pulled Jocelyn up to my face so that I could lick her honey sweet young pussy, at my age I never thought I would taste this sweetness again, I spread her lips and licked in the crease between her pussy and her thighs. I sucked on her clit and she let out a loud moan, I answered her with a moan of my own after Darlene lick my tender spot between my balls and my anus, damn these young women were freaks. I knew I had to stick my dick in one of them right away so since I was enjoying the taste of Jocelyn pussy I pulled Darlene up over my dick and let my length slide into her, her pussy was dripping as she eased down on my dick. “Oh yes she moaned, fuck me” as she slid up and down on my dick, “yes fuck her” Jocelyn moaned as I continued to lick her pussy, reluctantly I had to back off Jocelyn’s sweet pussy so I could concentrate of fucking this young black goddess on top of me, I gently lifted her off me and laid her down as Jocelyn leaned over and began to suck on her classmates tits, squeezing and suck them as if she was trying to milk them, I got on my knees and started to pound Darlene’s pussy, long and deep, we got a rhythm going and we fucked in unison, I felt Jocelyn licking my back and working her way down to my ass, I know I couldn’t last long like this so I told Darlene to get on her knees and eat Jocelyn pussy, once they were in position, I got behind Darlene and fucked her hard doggy style while holding Jocelyn legs open so she could get after her pussy. The rooms were filled with moans from the three of us, I felt my cum building up in my balls and knew I would be filling this fine, sexy,  young black woman up any minute.

     “Where do you want it” I asked hurriedly, “cum on my ass” she moaned back at me, “oh my God, I’m cumming too” screamed Jocelyn and then I came so hard I could hear fireworks going off, I just kept cumming and cumming until I collapsed on Darlene’s young body. I manage to roll over on my back and was quickly joined my Jocelyn sucking on my now limping dick as Darlene’s laid in my arms still rubbing her pussy.

     “Can we order a pizza and hang out with you all day” Darlene said with a big grin.

     I’m getting to old for this I thought to myself as I said “Of course ladies”

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