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Apple and Cinnamon

Seduced by Indian goddess
This morning I woke up my thoughts wasa mess and flying in all directions. She haunted me again; all through the night she was there pulling me deeper into her. She possessed my mind and I craved it ….

It was a hot day when she walked into my life. I was busy with interviews and had a huge pile of applications to work through. The previous candidate was extremely beautiful she was an Indian women with light caramel coloured skin and incredible golden eyes. Her name was Dhanashree and I found her so refreshing as she was friendly and willing to help with any office related job. As she left I felt so bad as I wanted to help her again but none of the vacancies I had was suitable for her as they all included travel all over the city. Truth be told I would have loved a chance to seduce her and fuck her.

As I asked for the next candidate to come in, I started reading her application. There was nothing special about her CV besides the fact that she was spectacularly over qualified for the jobs I had. But truth be told so was most of the people that I have interviewed.

She walked in looking professional. Her black long hair tied back neatly and she wore a blue business suit. My immediate thought was that that I should advise her that the position is unsuitable for her. She sat down and smiled at me and spent the next few minutes introducing herself. It turned out she was my age (late 20's) and wanted this job because it was something different to the administrative jobs she usually gets. She was incredible and by far the most mature of the candidates. I explained the job requirements and she was keen to get started on it. When I told her when to come for training she flashed me a smile and that image burned into my mind forever. This is how I met my Indian lover and she is to me she will always be the cinnamon that flavored my life and from this moment on she changed my life forever.

The first few weeks the interaction between us was minimal and one night Cinnamon texted me and we chatted. Each night that followed the chatting became more and more intense until the sexual tension became evident. Thinking back about it I never new if it was me who seduced her or did she seduce me. To complicate things I was married and not happy at the time.

Then one day things happened so quickly. I was alone at the office and truth to be told very tired. I sat on the edge of my desk and for some reason I just fell back on my desk and stared up at the ceiling.

I heard the steps come into the office and as I looked up it was Cinnamon smiling down at me. I started sitting up and then she told me to stay like that when I moved to get up. She sat on my chair and started chatting about things. She told me we were alone in the office and then without any warning started to undo my belt and then undid my button. It was at this point that the damn phone rang and I ended up in a 5 minute conversation about crap. She followed me around the office making sure I didn't close up my jeans.

After the conversation ended I looked at her and put the phone done. She had strategically and suggestively leaned against the wall and smiled at me. I told her we were going to get into trouble but I moved closer to her anyway. Her eyes was on playful with fire and her hands was on my jeans pulling at the zip. I also reminded her I was married but she was so insistent.

I kissed her and started undoing her jeans and pushed them down until they fell down completely. I looked into her eyes and told her this was a bad idea. She smiled and at that moment I knew she owned me. She knew it as well and I slid my hand between her legs. I touched her pussy for the first time and rubbed her pussy with my fingers.

Her breathing increased and she clearly wanted more. I softly slapped her pussy and told her this is a really really bad idea. I did it again and she moaned and opened her legs wider for me. I gently spanked her repeatedly so much so that my fingers became drenched in her juices. We kissed passionately as I slapped her repeatedly. I am sure she was about to cum when someone knocked on the office door.

We had to stop and I had to attend to the visitor.

I told her to be at my place the following morning as I wanted to be with her. That night I worked through the night and picked her up early the following morning. We went to my apartment on the beach and soon I pulled her into me and and started playing with her.

We went into the room and I undressed her and myself and we ended up in bed. We chatted mostly in the beginning. She told me she has always wanted to see a white cock and it turned out that she had a healthy appetite for erotica which we never discussed before.

I went to my closet and dug out a porn magazine and gave it to her. She turned or her side to start reading it and I slipped in tightly behind her. I explored her body with my hands while my lips ran up and down her neck and then noticed the differences in the mirror her dark gorgeous skin so different to my pale skin. Her nipples so dark and so new to me. I turned her on her back and started kissing her breasts and nipples. Her breasts were small and her nipples was so incredible to suck on. Soon I was kissing her stomach and legs. She was enjoying herself and kept on reading the magazine. I opened her legs and found her pussy already juicy and dripping with desire.

I loved her dark lips and beautiful deep pink hole I could not resist but to plunge my tongue into her and drink her juices. Again I noticed the contrasts between us. My white hands against her dark lips. I loved every minute and my growing cock ached to plunge into her. She came quickly and I was quite pleased with myself.

She put down the magazine and sighed. She told me how much she loved to cum and wanted more. I told her I wanted to feel her pussy and told her to spread her legs for me. She smiled at me and looked at my cock. She stroked it a few times and tasted it and then laid back and invited me in.

I plunged into her and loved how tight she felt. She moaned loudly as I fucked her harder and deeper. She came so quickly and I could see she wanted more. I pulled my cock out of her and turned her around. She raised her ass and I pushed deep into her pussy. I pushed her head down into the bed to muffle her moans and she became so submissive at that moment and asked me to hold her head down while I fucked her hard and drained all my cum into her. She asked me to use her and fill her with my white cock.

All of this made me explode. The sight of her dark ass, my white cock pounding her pussy thoroughly made me explode deeply into her. I pumped every bit of cum that I had deep into her. I collapsed on the bed next to her.

She did the same and seemed so happy. I told her I love her dark skin and the contrast between us. She smiled and told me how much she wanted a white man.

I smiled and told her to open her legs so I could see my cum flow out of her. She did so and opened her legs. I loved watching my cum slowly flowing from her and I proceeded to rub my cum all over her pussy, stomach and breasts. While I was doing that she told me about her desires. How she wanted to kiss a girl and feel different kinds of cock deep inside her and how she wanted to see me fuck another guy.

I smiled at her and kissed her and promised we will get to all of those. She looked at me and I knew that she owned me and there was nothing I wouldn't do for her.

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