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Awakening of Alexis - part 2

Alexis and I meet Jackie.
The Awakening of Alexis - Part 2

After a lot of time, thought, encouragment, and some light pressure on my part, Alexis finally agreed to take things to the next level, sexually. I mean she SAID she agreed, but she was
also very hesitant. She sometimes seemed almost angry when I brought the subject up and refused to even talk about it, but gradually I got her to talk more about this and we got into
some specifics.

A lot of the discussion about what we would do, took place while making love. Stroking and masturbating each other, working on her with a large black dildo, some oral work on my part
on her clitoris and vagina, periodically talking about what I would like to see her doing and experiencing. I could see that she very much enjoyed all this, and the circumstances did
contribute much to her agreement to how things unfolded, no doubt about that. But sometimes we would be sitting on the sofa together, clothed, I would bring up the matter, and I
would gently rub her jeans between her legs. She didn't mind, didn't resist, and would even part her legs to enjoy the stroking while responding or asking the occasional question. Or she
might reciprocate while gazing at me with eyes showing sexual arousal. That too, was very exciting, and it usually culminated in us going upstairs to the bedroom...

I kept emphasizing that I wanted our marriage to be happy and sexure, our sex life together to be exciting, and above all for HER to have newer and greater levels of pleasure - while, of
course, I watched and participated. She insisted that I be present and nearby and be ready to terminate things if that was what she wanted or if things or people got out of hand, she
became uncomfortable, etc. I agreed to these conditions of hers, naturally, and felt the same way anyway.

What we finally agreed on as the first step in this 'next level', was for me to arrange for a woman to meet with us for a sexual encounter. Alexis made clear that it had to take place away
from our home, probably at a motel some safe distance away, and we would only use first names. The woman would be an 'escort' or prostitute and it would be clear beforehand what
we expected of her. No one else would be involved, no pictures or films done, and no one else would know a whisper about this. Alexis agreed that if we enjoyed this enconter, she would
consider taking things a bit further.

I made some arrangements. After a series of calls to some escort services and having to dance around a bit as to who we were and what we wanted, I eventually managed to be linked
to some women 'in the business' and got into the sexual specifics. I had never been with an 'escort' and hadn't been with a prostitute since being a young man, so a lot of this was new
to me.

What was finally arranged was that we would meet at a motel about 30 miles from our home, with a woman named Jackie. She was white, slim, brunette, and in her 40s. I specifically asked for a woman of that description and got put through to her. After some preliminaries, I spelled out to her what I (we, I mean Alexis and I) wanted and expected. She listened and after a few questions were asked and answered, she agreed to everything.

I told Jackie that we were new to this, i.e. being with a third party, but wanted to try some specific things. I said that Alexis wasn't 'gay' or 'bi' but that we wanted to try her being with a woman. We wanted Jackie to orally service Alexis's vagina and clitoris, and to be willing to service her with a large dildo. Also, to expect that I would participate in the action. That I would want to periodically enter Alexis with my penis, alternating between myself and Jackie servicing her, and that I would
probably want to have sex with Jackie too - most likely while she was servicing Alexis, in a three-way scene. That we would try various scenarios and other things and that she should be open to it all, but not to expect anything weird or painful and nothing anal. She understood and agreed to it all. She even said that this kind of arrangement was not unusual and that
she'd done it before.

Jackie asked me about our interests and fantasies. After some hesitation I got into the interracial thing. She didn't seem surprised. She even offered to talk about that further with us after she'd met us and we'd spent some time together at the motel. Again she indicated that this set of interests was not unsuual and that she had experience in these things. That sounded exciting to me but I didn't know what she meant; we would talk about all that when we met.

We arranged the meet on a Friday evening two weeks way. I talked it all over with Alexis and she asked me for certain details over and over again. I was a bit surprised that she didn't hesitate to agree to a woman servicing her, as that was something we'd never done before. But then again, there were a number of 'never done before' things that we were slowly getting into... At any rate, I was really happy that she'd agreed to this.

The days ticked by and the excitement to me was unbelievable. Alexis seemed pretty calm though, almost as if this was some routine thing. Eventually the Friday arrived. We got ready, casually dressed, and drove over to the place where we would meet Jackie. The motel was a newish place, but fairly ordinary. It had a rear entrance. I paid for the room - for the night, even though Jackie wouldn't be with us the whole night unless we wanted her to - and we brought our bags in. Aside from some overnight things, the bags held the things we used for lovemaking: the dildos, a couple of vibrators, a couple of black blindfolds, a large jar of vaseline for lubrication, and a few videos. We were a bit early so we had a couple of drinks in the bar next door. That helped us loosen up a bit, as we were rather tense. I also bought a bottle of some Scotch and we took it back with us. We then waited in the room. Jackie called about a half hour before coming over, as we'd prearranged, and I told her the room number and where the rear entrance was.

At 8pm we heard the knock on the door. I opened it. It was Jackie and she looked great. She had short black hair, pinned back primly, and smallish breasts, a slim figure, and she was dressed like a lady. A nice dress, a necklace, and an exciting perfume. Just as I'd asked her to. I introduced the women and offered them each a drink. We all sat down and sipped at our drinks, making some small talk before getting down 'to business'. The money side was not a bother, as I'd already paid the escort service and Jackie (separately) beforehand, so that didn't interfere with the atmosphere. I was feeling excited and already imagining what was going to happen. Alexis seemed a little different, a bit more friendly or bubbly than usual, but maybe it was the drinks.

The women looked each other over and made eye contact a few times. They seemed to be communicating something, and seemed attracted to each other, or at least weren't repulsed.
Jackie asked us how we felt about this, since we'd never done it before. Alexis admitted to being a bit nervous. Jackie said it would be fine, great even, and to just relax and enjoy ourselves. She said she had done this with many couples. After some more conversation and we'd all had another drink, she also brought up the interracial thing, without my prompting her. She said that she knew a number of black men and sometimes arranged mixed race sessions, or group sessions. She also said that she sometimes put on a sort of lovemaking 'show' for couples, in which she would be made love to by one or two - and sometimes more - black men while the couple watched. That REALLY excited me, and I could see Alexis was really aroused by that too. I said that that was something we'd be VERY interested in.

At that point Jackie stood up and suggested that we get undressed and move to the bed. She loosened her dress and pulled it down over her bra. She then removed the bra, revealing small but very nice breasts. Alexis and I stood up and I helped her undress. She wasn't shy about that, or about laying down on the bed after I'd put some towels down and a couple of pillows. I had her lay with her bottom on the pillows, then I parted her legs with her feet resting on more pillows. This allowed full access to someone else to 'work on' her vagina and clitoral area, as well as to allow penises and dildos full and comfortable access. We did this all the time, but never in front of another person.

Jackie helped adjust the pillows and she then reached for the vaseline. 'Do you mind?' she asked, and took a large dollop of it and began rubbing it on her clitoris and into her vagina. Her pubic hair was dark brown and rather luxurious, just like that of Alexis. She was laying on her right side in front of Alexis's parted legs, and had her left leg lifted up enough to allow her hand to begin applying the vaseline. The way she was doing it - very erotically, slowly, voluptuously - had a powerful effect on me. I could see Alexis getting very aroused by this too.

I took some of the vaseline and applied it to my penis. I began rubbing it in and stroking myself. I was standing by the bed and already had a strong erection, and both women watched as I gently masturbated myself. I then got close to Alexis's parted legs and started orally working at her privates. I started on her pubic lips, then inside them, my tongue darting in and out of her vagina, alternating to moving my tongue over and around her clitoris. She was responding really nicely. After a minute or two of this, Jackie just reached for my penis and began gently masturbating me. She did this in such a way that Alexis could see the strokes clearly, and while doing so their eyes met again for rather a long look. For some reason this only aroused me further.

While servicing Alexis, Jackie reached for the large black dildo and began lubricating it with vaseline. Again with a view to Alexis seeing this. She did it voluptuously, as if it were a real penis. They locked eyes again and once again I sensed this communication thing. I couldn't quite get it but I think it was along the lines of 'do you want this? I like it too...' or something like that. Anyway I moved away from Alexis's privates and Jackie took over, she first rubbing its large black head up and down over her clitoris before slowly inserting it into her vagina.

As it went in, Alexis moved her right hand to her clitoris and began rubbing it in a dainty kind of circular motion. It was incredibly erotic watching this other woman shafting my wife with this huge black dildo, while Alexis masturbated herself. She had a light smile on her face and sighed occasionally. It was abundantly clear that she adored what we were all doing.

While thrusting the dildo into my wife with one hand, Alexis reached her other hand to her own privates. She began fingering her clitoris, then looked over to me with a look that clearly conveyed 'come and fuck me when you're ready'. I did exactly that. She was half laying on the bed focusing on Alexis's pleasure so I gently parted her legs a bit more and then entered her from behind. It was marvelous. And even more so when Alexis looked down at the action. She had never seen me with another woman. Nor had I even BEEN with another woman the whole time we were married. Her eyes widened a bit in surprise - although she knew beforehand that this would be happening - and she stared at my penis thrusting in and out of this other woman. Then her expression changed back to a light smile and her hand rubbing her clitoris sped up.

At this point she had her first orgasm, making a light series of 'ooohhhh' sounds and gasping. Jackie slowed down the dildo thrusting to a much slower and shallower action. Alexis began to relax again but with Jackie's movements she eventually began moving her hand again over her clitoris, this time more slowly and lightly. I pulled my penis out of Jackie and moved to my wife. Jackie took it in her hand, gave it several voluptuous strokes, then aimed it into my wife's vagina opening. Alexis just watched, and smiled again when I entered her. Her hand picked up the action on her hard clitoris - I could see it was actually engorged and much larger than normal - and after a number of violent thrusts I couldn't help myself and began ejaculating into her. Alexis knew I was coming and timed her second orgasm for that. Seeing this, I kept up the thrusting as long as I could, slowed, then gently pulled out.

What surprised me was that Jackie then quickly brought her face to Alexis's vagina. She was right there the moment my penis plopped out and her tongue began lapping at the wet opening and catching the stream of my semen that slowly came out. I stared at this action for a long time. It was incredible, I mean she gave oral very unlike the way I did, in some kind of woman to woman technique. Her tongue moved deep into Alexis's vagina, then alterated with wide lapping motions around her pubic lips, then deep pressure sucking action on her clitoris. This surprised Alexis too and soon brought her arousal back but this time to a new height of excitement. Jackie could sense the pressure building in my wife, and focused her deep sucking on her clitoris. My own penis started growing again - I couldn't help it, it was just such a turn-on to see all this - and I began stroking myself.

The orgasm built and then shook my wife in a series of waves. This was clearly a stronger and more satisfying orgasm for Alexis than the previous two. Jackie slowed the tongue action while Alexis just kind of laid there, her legs still parted lewdly with her vagina opening rather stretched from the dildo that had been thusting in and out of it a short while before. Some of my semen was still running out of its vaginal opening, although Jackie had caught most of it with her oral ministrations. This third orgasm was probably the limit for my wife and I think that Jackie sensed that too. But I was ready for a little more...

Both women looked over at me, still stroking myself and feeling a bit intoxicated from all that I'd been seeing and experiencing. Jackie gently removed my hand and replaced it with her mouth. Alexis watched from the bed while I was voluptuously sucked to my second orgasm by this other woman. It was amazing, it just felt wonderful. She sucked really nicely. Alexis herself didn't do much oral on me, and I hoped she was learning some technique from Jackie from watching the action. As I began reaching the point of orgasm, I reached for the back of Jackie's head and began digging my fingers into her hair, guiding her mouth as I began thrusting in and out of it. I came and she caught it all. She even swallowed my semen, then afterwards licked my penis dry. THAT I had never experienced in my life. Alexis just watched, with an odd expression on her face which I couldn't make out.

I thought that was about the end of our sexual evening, but another surprise was in store. As Alexis and I were feeling totally spent and satisfied from the sexuality, we dressed and we all poured another Scotch before parting. That was when Jackie opened the conversation again.

'I know that you're both very interested in trying some interracial experiences'. We nodded. 'I can arrange for you to meet a black man - or men - and set things up beforehand exactly the way you want them to unfold. Or perhaps you would like to view some interracial action up close to see what is really involved? I can arrange that too.'

My mouth felt a bit dry and I looked over at Alexis. Her look told me that anything was ok and that I should make the decision. 'I think it would be great if you could arrange a showing - I guess a voyeur kind of thing - for us first, then we can think about it all and talk again' I remarked, then added as an afterthought: 'and perhaps leave some options open during that, depending on what happens and how we feel.'

'What about photos and videoing?' Jackie asked. 'In these situations the action is usually recorded. And some couples like to share their experiences, trade pictures and videos, but above all enjoy the material later - over and over.'

Alexis said nothing, but I knew that earlier she had been adamently against any kind of videotaping or photographing. 'I don't think that's a good idea, at least not any recording of
ourselves', I replied, but my voice revealed that I didn't really see things that way. Again Alexis said nothing, which was revealing in itself. We talked a little more about this angle, and Jackie diplomatically led us to leave that option open too.

I asked Jackie for a few more details of these sessions, like how many people were involved, if other women were present, what kind of action took place, were condoms used or not, were the women menopausal, their ages, what the husbands did, and so on. The questions and answers in themselves started to arouse me again and I could see that I wasn't alone.

'Just thinking and planning on all this, I can't help being turned on again, do you mind if I touch myself?' Jackie asked. She had pulled her dress up and then her panties down around her ankle. She parted her legs, got comfortable, then reached for more vaseline. We were then treated to her own masturbation, a kind of show for us, and it was NICE. She discussed the options some more and described some of her past encounters with black men and couples into this kind of scene, all the while rubbing her clitoris. She even reached for the black dildo and inserted it, beginning a voluptuous thrusting in and out motion that turned on my wife and I immensely.

Alexis began masturbating too, reaching for more vaseline and a long black vibrator that we'd brought. It was not as big around as the dildo, but several inches longer. She started it on a slow speed but gradually increased it. Jackie and I continued talking while she and my wife masturbated themselves.

The conversation alone was a huge turn-on.

She described black men pumping white men's wives while the husbands watched. Black men taking and giving much sexual pleasure before ejaculating semen into the white women, sometimes several times. Usually without condoms. She described voyeur scenes, group scenes, and various other situations.

I could see that all of this talk was arousing Alexis even more. She said nothing at all, just masturbated herself. Both women looked each other in the eye as they worked at themselves
with the black dildo and vibrator. I was too spent to get another erection so I just watched them. Their hand action increased and they both came. This was Jackie's first orgasm, but Alexis's fourth. She had NEVER come four times in any lovemaking session we'd ever had, and she looked tired but happy afterwards.

This was Jackie's cue to close the evening. We mutually arranged to talk on the phone in the coming weeks and to make further arrangements after Alexis and I had thought and talked things over in private. We had very definitely liked our experience that evening and we wanted to experience more. We adored Jackie and had full confidence that she could arrange to have our needs met.

......... to be continued in Part 3 ..............
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