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Awakening of Alexis - part 6

More servicings - and Alexis learns a new skill.
The Awakening of Alexis - Part 6

The videos that we were given at that evening gathering were unbelievable. But I will describe them later, because something else came up that kind of interrupted their enjoyment.

My wife Alexis came to me late one evening and said she had to talk something over with me. I knew that she and Jackie - the white prostitute or 'escort' who arranged and organized our various 'extracurricular activities' - had had another telephone conversation that afternoon. The rest of the day Alexis had seemed concerned and indecisive, but now seemed to have made up her mind about something.

'Your know I don't do it very well.' She said. 'And I'd like to change that. To learn to do it better. Jackie has offered to help.'

I wasn't quite sure what she meant. 'Do what very well? I think you've been handling theservicings extremely well. All those men have been intensely satisfied. Their wives too - with that one exception - are happy that you've taken on their responsibility for a while.' Just thinking about all those black men ejaculating into my wife after so many erotic fuckings, started to get me hard.

'No, I don't mean that.' She paused, then went on. 'I mean the oral side of things. I've been ok giving cunnilingus to some of the women who've needed it, I mean the wives of a few of the men I've helped, but fellating the men has been a problem. I've just never learned to do it right.' She licked her lips and went on again. 'And they need it, want it. They want to be sucked, and all the way to completion, to come in a woman's mouth or on her face, or wherever they want. And that's not all. They want it from a white woman much more than from a black woman.' She paused again and took a sigh. 'And a number of the men have said they want it from me. They want ME to suck their penises until they ejaculate in my mouth. I mean they're happy coming inside my vagina, but they want the other too.'

I just listened. It was true that oral sex in our own marriage had been almost non-existent. I liked to give it to HER, but she almost never sucked ME. And on the few occasions that she'd tried, it was half-hearted and I didn't enjoy it and neither did she.

But things had changed since then. A lot. She was now servicing really potent men with very large penises and very heavy loads of semen. And not just any men, but black men - who need release, and more frequent release, and in more ways, than men of other races.

My wife interrupted my thoughts. 'You know that I like what I'm doing, and I know that you like it too.' She wasn't wrong about THAT, I loved it, loved watching her being fucked by these black studs. 'I want to be more helpful to them, I want to be able to satisfy them in this way too, by sucking them.' Her eyes brightened a bit as she announed 'and Jackie has offered to help teach me. She says there are several other white wives with the same problem. Women who don't want to orally service their husbands, but who very much want to service their black lovers. Do you understand what I mean? Does this sound ok with you?'

'I think so. Is it a group thing? Or just you and her? How does it work?' I was trying to put the practicalities together in my mind.

'She said that what she normally does is have several of the white wives together, with herself, and several black men. She personally gives sucking instruction to the women by demonstrating the technique on one or more of the men. Then she has the wives practice on them too. She says it works well because the men will refuse to be sucked unless it is being done well, unless they are really enjoying it, and they won't ejaculate until and unless the oral servicing is just about perfect for them.' She took another sigh. 'I really do want to do this.

I want to learn how to do this, and do it right. You don't mind, do you?'

Once again my selfishness intervened. 'What about the husbands? Do we come along, watch, participate?'

'Well, yes and no. She said that the husbands can come along and watch but NOT participate. No white husbands are orally serviced, only the black men.' She added, 'she did say that if the instruction is going well, some of it can be videotaped. And sometimes, there is vaginal penetration too with some of the men while the other is happening. It's part of the training. What I mean is, I might be sucking one man, while another is having vaginal intercourse with me. I presume you are ok with that?' I nodded. I sure was.

'Jackie said that one of the most erotic things to see - and experience - is for a white wife to receive a black man's ejaculate in her mouth and on her face, and at the same time or soon after to receive more ejaculate from a second black man in her vagina. And I have to admit, it does sound wonderful. I do want to experience that.' She looked at me in an odd way. 'You might video it for us too, can you do that?' Again I nodded. I sure could.

And so it came to be. Jackie's next 'class' was about three weeks away. My beautiful wife was slated to take part in it, and I would be allowed to come along as an observer. In the meantime, more 'servicings' of the other type would continue. Word of Alexis and her ability to satisfy these married black men was getting around. Their pregnant wives didn't seem to mind. It suited them, it meant they weren't 'bothered' while in their 'condition'. But they did usually want to be present to sort of keep things strictly sexual, in an almost clinicial kind of way, and not let things get romantic. We could understand that.

That weekend involved another servicing. As usual, I went along. I was now in the habit of bringing our own video camera. We got to the house. It was kinda run down and not in the best
of neighborhoods. A white woman answered the door. At first I wasn't sure who she was. She was actually the pregnant wife but only a few weeks pregnant. She looked in her early 50s but she was really in her late 30s. She had a 'worn' and resigned kind of look from too much work, too much obedience to a lazy and abusive husband. She had blondish hair but it was turning gray. Her figure was still pretty good even though she was a few weeks into pregnancy with her black baby. I mean Alexis and I got the whole feel of things very quickly. It was obvious that this woman COULD service her man sexually, she wasn't THAT pregnant, so something else had to be going on here.

She tried to be polite. She ushered us into the place and into a large room off the entryway. Our eyes adjusted to the dimmed ight and then we saw him.

Her husband was lounging back on the couch. He was completely naked. Very black. Very muscular. And with - no surprise - a very big and very black cock. It was uncircumcised, flaccid
still, and just kind of lay across his thigh as he lounged back. He looked at us almost with indifference, but we waved us over. His white wife came over and stood in front of him almost like a servant. He told her to 'get thngs ready', so she went into the other room.

I could see that Alexis wasn't totally comfortable with all this, but I could also see her eyes kept going to his cock. She was addicted to black cock, pure and simple, and that addiciton was already outweighing everything else in our lives. That was probably not good, but I still liked it and wanted it. And I had to admit that his penis WAS impressive. Big veins, and clearly a large head under the uncircumcised hood. He told my wife to just sit down next to him, and she did. Right next to him, on his right, with her left hand just inches from his cock. It seemed to twitch a bit when she sat down by him. I was already looking forward to seeing that thing fully erect - and seeing my wife satisfying it. That was MY addiction.

His white wife came back into the room. She was now wearing some kind of flimsy nightie. She was naked from the waist down, and had a really nice bush of light brown pubic hair. She had some towels and a big jar of vaseline in her hands. She also had a couple of large black dildos, including a long double-headed one. She sat on her knees on the floor directly in front of her black husband and my white wife. I sat myself down in a small chair next to the couch, to Alexis's right.

I was beginning to understand the scene. This woman could service her husband and didn't NEED my own wife to help out there, so this was some kind of three-way thing they had going.

It was probably the guy's idea entirely and it looked like the wife was just resigned to it, willing, but mainly just out of obedience to him. She positioned things on the floor and then stood up and helped Alexis to her feet. She just started undressing her. Alexis cooperated and in a few seconds was as naked as the huge black guy she sat down next to again. He smiled for the first time and his big cock twitched again but was still mainly flaccid.

The guy's wife, unsmilingly, saying nothing, reached out and took Alexis's left hand and placed it on her husband's cock. She wrapped my wife's fingers around it and guided a stroking motion. Alexis cooperated and began gently masturbating the thing. It started to grow. His wife then took some vaseline and coated her vagina and clitoris with it, then did the same to Alexis - who obligingly parted her thighs and lifted her hips slightly to get the lubrication. The man's wife inserted her vaseline-coated fingers into my wife's vagina and rubbed more onto her clitoris. Alexis sighed with pleasure. She liked this, liked getting masturbated by other men's women, and especially while herself masturbating a huge black cock. The kinkyness, the taboo of it all, was very exciting to all of us.

I filmed it all with the video camera, trying to get the best and most erotic closeups, but my attention kept getting drawn to this black man's wife. She had her legs parted and was inserting one of the double-headed thick black dildos, her eyes fixed closely on what my wife was doing to her husband's growing black penis. As it grew longer and harder, she was increasing the pace of the thrusting of the dildo. I was beginning to think that she might not have been pregnant at all, or just didn't care about the risks. Meanwhile Alexis - while masturbating the black cock to greater hardness with one hand - was rubbing her already erect clitoris with the other. His wife then took the other end of the dildo and slowly inserted it into my wife's vagina. She didn't stop massaging her clitoris but just accepted the dildo as part of it all. The man's wife even stood up and leaned over the couch to press herself closer to Alexis. It was almost like she was fucking her with the dildo - and herself at the same time - while continuing to stare at her husband's cock.

His penis was by now almost rock hard and about twice the size it was when flaccid. It had to be about 11 or 12 inches long. The black cock was already slick from the vaseline my wife was rubbing into it as her hand rand up and down voluptuously. He watched the dildo action for another minute or so and then told Alexis to take it out and climb on top of him. She did so. His wife then took his black penis in her hand and guided it into my own wife's white vagina. It slid in without any difficulty and was quickly in to the hilt - and in spite of its immense length. Alexis had sort of a wild look on her face, like of surprise mixed with intense pleasure and excitement. His wife continued to hold it in Alexis's vagina until she had a smooth up and down riding motion on it. It was going in full length with each thrust by now and it was amazingly slick. Not only from the lubricant, but from my wife's own natural juices.

She was turned on like I had not yet seen in any of our encounters. Her riding motion was something beautiful to behold. Her breasts swayed with each movement, and her hair flowed over her shoulders in such a lovely fashion. I kept moving the camera from his cock going in and out, to her face reflecting all her ecstasy, to his wife who continued to rub her own clitoris and shaft the one end of the dildo in and out of herself while watching the action.

After a long time of this he took a deep breath and grabbed my wife's hips and forced the riding motion to be harder and more intense. It was obvious that he was starting to come. Sure enough, some of his negro semen started showing on the sides of his huge cock each time it came out of my wife's vagina. She just kept rubbing her clitoris and started coming herself. After his last ejaculation he just held her real close to him, his cock full length inside but a lot of the semen already escaping around Alexis's pubic hair and thighs.

At this point he stared at his wife and she leaned her face very close forward to where his cock was inside my wife. He effortlessly lifted her off his member and his wife pressed her face against Alexis's vaginal opening. A lot of the semen really started flowing then, and she caught most of it with her tongue and mouth, licking and swallowing as much as she could. Alexis shuddered with another orgasm as a lot of the tongue action was impacting her clitoris. When they were done she just laid back on the couch next to her new black lover. His wife sat back down on the floor. He semen was smeared on his wife's fact around her mouth, and also all around my wife's vaginal opening. Alexis leaned over and kissed him full on the lips, then a long lingering deep kiss. He only fucked and came in my wife the one time but he made it clear to her that she would be servicing him again - and that his wife would be just as involved next time as this. She only replied that that was fine with her and to just let her know when.

We cleaned up, dressed, and drove home. When we got home I asked Alexis to let me fuck her or at least for her to masturbate me to orgasm. She gave me a hand job but her heart just wasn't in it. Her interest now was not with me, but with her black lovers, their wives, and with whatever new thrills Jackie was arranging for her. I should have been extremely pissed, but I wasn't. Weirdly, it just turned me on all the more. I was ok to just masturbate myself while thinking of all I had been witnessing.

The first fellatio 'training session' began soon enough. We got there and found that in addition to Jackie, there were two other white women, and four black men. The women were good looking, in their late 40s or 50s it looked like. I didn't know why, but I was the only white husband present. Jackie was sitting there topless and her breasts were gorgeous. Once Alexis arrived she instructed everyone to just do as they were told and not argue. She assured them they would learn the skills her way and that they would soon be able to handle any black man's oral needs.

She told them to sit side by side on the large couch in the room and to remove their blouses and bras. They did so. Some really nice breasts emerged. The black guys were told to move forward and get bottomless. They did. Their cocks came out and were bobbing inches in front of the white wives's faces.

Jackie told the women to lick at them and to just take their heads into their mouths, just to get used to the taste and smell. Not to suck, just take their black cockheads into their mouths. She asked them if they noticed a different smell, or feel, from white cocks. They did, even though these women - including my wife - rarely, if ever, orally serviced their own husbands. They were experiencing something more primitive and with its own definite odor and taste.

She then told them to sit as close as possible to her and watch what she did very closely. She reached out for the biggest black cock and began stroking it to maximum hardness. She then slowly inserted into her mouth, alternately taking it out and licking it around the sides, then in her mouth again. By the time it was thoroughly wet with her saliva, she started sucking it in earnest. Not too tightly, just very wetly and at just the right speed. The black man on the receiving end of this closed his eyes and surrendered to the pleasure of what this white woman was doing for him. It wasn't more than about ten minutes before he started grimacing and making clear he was about to cum. Jackie just got her mouth more firmly on his black rod and sucked a bit faster and with a bit of a tighter mouth grip now. He came hard, his hands holding the back of her head, each spasm of his black cock sending a big stream of negro semen into her mouth.

The three white wives present stared at this open-mouthed. They had seen this kind of thing many times on video, but never up close and real. And they learned the technique from their
close attention. In no time, Jackie had them practicing it on the other black men. A few times they pulled their cocks out of their mouths, complaining about this or that, until the oral action was corrected. Alexis herself had a lot of difficulty but eventually got the technique down pretty well. One of the black men started unexpectedly ejaculating into my wife's mouth while I sat there watching, and she pulled her head back. His next ejaculation just splattered on her face and hair, and dripped down her breasts. It looked wonderful but Jackie semi-scolded her for doing that.

'Don't ever do that unless the man tells you to. Go with his guidance, sense what he wants with his hands and how he thrusts his cock in and out of your mouth,' shd admonished. 'If his semen is too much, let some of it slide out of your mouth while he is still coming inside you. Black men love to see that, it adds to their thrill and pleasure.' She added, 'and don't clean it up or wipe it away. Let it sit on your face and drip down your neck and breasts. Let the man see that too. It demonstrates to him your submission, your willingness to satisfy this black man in whatever way he wants you to.' Alexis nodded, clearly taking in these bits of wisdom.

All the men were eventually sucked off that way and the lesson went quite well. At one point my wife really was sucked AND fucked at the same time, the other women watching closely - and enviously. The one black guy came in her mouth while the other ejaculated jet after jet of sperm into my wife's vagina. The black men loved it, my white wife loved it, and the rest of us loved seeing it happen. It was something she wanted to experience, and now she had. And it would no doubt be far from the last time either, that I sensed clearly.

Jackie said that the next lesson would involve one woman orally servicing a succession of black men - just as we had seen in the video at the recent gathering. She said that each white wife would have to learn how to service a GROUP of black men that way, instead of just one or two. Alexis looked very excited as she heard this. So did the other wives. I was too.

Fantasies becoming reality...

We thanked Jackie and went home. But there was another regular 'servicing' to be done before that next oral lesson. And it wasn't at all what I expected...

A few days later I came home and saw a strange car in the driveway. I went in and couldn't find my wife. It turned out that she was upstairs, on the bed, being fucked steadily, and hard, by two huge black studs taking turns with her. I just heard the bedsprings and I could smell the unmistakeable odor of sweat and semen from our bedroom before I even got up the stairs.

In OUR house! Not planned, not planned at all - at least not by me! - and totally unexpected to me. But I did nothing other than get real quiet and look in the door. She was flat on her back with her legs flat on the bed but parted very wide. I at least had the presence of mind to grab the video camera from down the hall and get back and start filming.

When I returned, I just saw a firmly muscled and very black set of gluteals rapidly rising and falling over my wife's vaginal area. His black cock was deep inside her all the time, so I didn't see how big it was until he suddenly pulled out and lifted himself off her. It was nearly a foot long and glistening rudely with her juices and with vaseline. Her vagina gaped open widely as she waited for the next stud to take his place. He calmly did so, his own black cock about the same size as the other. It slid into my wife with the greatest ease right up to the hilt, and he too began that steady up and down motion with his ass as he slammed his dark penis in and out of her. His testicles slapped her thighs and ass opening with each forward thrust. His friend laid to the side of her and waited for his next turn.

They fucked my wife quite a long time and I watched every bit of it. They each came in her several times, hard, with big loads of semen each time. I presumed that these were married guys with pregnant wives not servicing them, judging from the sperm pumped into my wife, but I couldn't be sure. In fact, I wasn't sure of anything anymore. The men said nothing to me but just nodded when they left. My wife just lay on the bed, gasping, and very satisfied. She made no effort to clean up all the semen around her thighs and vagina. I made no effort to control myself, I just pulled my trousers down and climbed straight onto her. As had happened a few times before, she was so loose and wet that I hardly even got friction, but I came nonetheless, and very satisfiedly too.

No doubt Jackie had arranged all this and taken things to this new level. In OUR house no less! With NO prior knowledge or permission on my part. Just a shocker to see when I got home from work. I started to wonder what was going on while I was AT work, or at othe times I wasn't at home. Or when my wife wasn't at home. What was going on without me present? My mind just reeled, but I can't say that I was enraged or anything. In fact, the whole damn thing just turned me on, aroused me, made me more lustful and excited. I had trouble getting my mind around that too.

I started to wonder just who was really being awakened here. Alexis? Me? Both of us? Because I was changing just as much as she was. She was by now virtually a complete whore. I mean she was at the point where she would do just about anything for a black men - or men - or their white or black wives without batting an eyelid. Did it anger me? No. If anyting, I felt grateful. Happy. And was I any better in the 'whore' department? I let it all happen, encouraged it even, certainly did nothing to terminate any of this. I too, had become sort of a whore. But I felt no shame.

I said 'just about anything' as to what my wife would do for the black lovers Jackie hoooked her up with. That too, was soon to change... into 'anything'...

......... to be continued in Part 7 ..............
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