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Awakening of Alexis - part 7

Alexis speaks about herself.
The Awakening of Alexis - Part 7

I am Alexis June.  My husband suggested that I provide some of my side of our experiences, to give a little different perspective.  I am going to be completely honest and candid.  Some of what I am going to say has upset my husband when we talked about it at length but he has come around to accepting it all.

Firstly, I met Charles in Africa.  He's an American and I came to like him and we got married.  I admit that one reason I married him was the opportunity to get to America and get citizenship here.  I knew that America had a large black population too, and that kind of gets me into this story.  The fact is, I have loved black males long before I even met him, and certainly far longer before we as a married couple became swingers, if that's the right term.

Anyway...  Sex with blacks was taboo in Africa.  Or at least what was absolutely taboo was white women having 'relations' with black men.  I mean white men could have black women, that was apparently ok, it was sort of frowned on by some, but generally it was ok.  But a WHITE woman...  No, that absolutely was NOT ok.  I once knew a white woman who did that and it ruined her life.  She had a black lover and the word got out when she was seen leaving a hotel with him and that was it.  She lost her friends, her family turned her out, she lost her job, she became non grata everywhere.  Eventually she just moved to England where, I was told, she almost immediately took up with a black guy THERE.  And got pregnant.  She just loved them and she reached a point where she just didn't care what people thought.  At least in England it was more acceptable, or sort of.

But not in Africa.  White women could think about it, but they couldn't do it or even talk about it except maybe in whispers to only their closest friends.  Sometimes we would go to the local pool and wear our tightest and most revealing swimsuits.  This was after the place was opened up to blacks.  We would go there and just sort of lie around to get tanned but REALLY to watch black men and boys get turned on.  We would wear our sunglasses so we could look at them without anyone knowing.  The black boys would stretch out on the grass and just sort of stare at us.  They couldn't help it.  And we would look at their swim trunks.  They would get erections, and sometimes ENORMOUS erections.  They tried to hide them, or sometimes didn't try at all.  I think some of them knew what our game was...  But nothing could come of it, because that was Africa and the old taboo stayed in place.

But once I took a tourist special to France and Spain.  I had heard about nudist beaches there and looked into them.  I was curious.  I went to one of them on the south coast of Spain.  It was really warm and voluptuous and it felt great to just go to this place with nothing whatsoever on, to just lie in the sun and let the rays bathe the whole body, including my breasts and between my legs.  I stretched out on my towel near the beach with my sunglasses and a fairly steamy novel I had picked up.  To get really warm I let my legs part quite wide and I just sort of read and looked around.  Most of the people were fairly ordinary.  The women were usually a bit overweight, the guys too.  The men had small dicks and even though I had never seen a place like this before, it didn't do a thing for me sexually.  But then a group of black men entered the beach area from a resort nearby.  I couldn't help turning my head to look at them so even with my shades on they noticed that I was looking.  So they said something to each other in some language I couldn't understand and moved closer to me.  Their cocks were ENORMOUS and very BLACK, long, and shiny too.  I just stared at them, stared at what was between their legs.  Their cocks just sort of swayed as they walked towards me and it mesmerized me.  Once they got closer they looked ME over too, especially between my legs.  I was wet and they knew it, they could SEE it, and I didn't try to hide it.  It just tingled down there, knowing that they were looking at me there.  And that is not all.  Their cocks were twitching and growing.

To make a long story short, that was my first time.  What I mean is, they came and sat next to me and in broken English we talked just enough to arrange to... you know... and I went back to my room and after a bit they followed.  This kind of thing was acceptable there, but to me it was still kinda taboo, that is why I wanted them to follow later, so that others would not see and know... which just added to the excitement of it all.  I got the room ready with the sheets turned back and towels out and lubricant and so on.  They came to the room about twenty minutes later.  And it was the most fantastic sex I had ever had in my life!  There were four of them and they stayed all the afternoon and into the evening.  They each fucked me three or four times, coming in me, on me, in my mouth, wherever they wanted, and I don't know how many orgasms I had!  I will never forget it.  My first time with black men.

And I have never gone back since.  I couldn't do it once I got back from Africa but I thought about it all the time.  And once we got to America I almost immediately took up with some black guys.  I didn't feel guilty.  Sure, I was 'cheating' on Charles, but I just needed them, period, and since he didn't know, he didn't get hurt by it, and I still gave him sex.

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