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Benefits to Breaking Down in a Storm

A young inexperienced traveler find benefits to breaking down in a storm
He saw storm clouds on the horizon and hoped to make it to St Louis before getting caught in the storm, but looking at the trip odometer he resigned himself to a night driving in rain. He had miles to go and the flat Illinois landscape bored him.

He passed a gas station miles back and smiled. He'd filled up the tank before leaving and hoped to make it to Kansas City before refueling. He hated the interstate highways so he'd decided to follow the old routes from before the days of freeways. The trip so far had been very pleasant even though the flat farmland was nothing to write home about. That didn't matter anyway because to him he no longer had a home.

He'd grown tired of his mother's drinking and didn't know his father. He saved up to leave, bought an old used car and was on his way west and to whatever adventure came his way. The sun had just dipped below the horizon, still illuminating the clouds that were just a few miles off, when he felt the engine start to weaken.

He tried giving it more gas, but it continued weakening till finally the engine died and he coasted to a dead stop on the top of a small hill. He tried the engine again and the starter whirled, but no power was produced. He tried again and still nothing. Several more attempts and he was still dead with the clouds looming heavy above him when the engine tried no more.

He'd drained the old battery of all light. He got out of the car to see if some magic might occur by looking under the hood and once he did so he realized it was not to be as he knew little more about cars short of where the gas peddle was located. All he knew was he pushed it and the car moved so he stood there staring at the greasy pile of rusting iron when the first rain drops fell from the dark clouds above.

He raced back to the protection of the inside of the passenger compartment, but as luck or perhaps lack of planning would have it he'd forgotten to close the electric window before he killed the battery. Rain poured into the window unrelentingly before he moved to the passenger seat and then the temperature began to drop.

He dug into a bag in the backseat for a jacket, the only one he'd packed then cursed out loud when he realized it was also wet, as rain had come at the wrong angle and soaked it as well, but he put it on hoping it would warm him.

The jacket was of little use as the wind had picked up and it was now much colder, but at least the rain was slowing, then finally stopped. He held his arms close, closed his eyes and nodded off to sleep. He would deal with his problems at first light.

He woke up shortly after falling asleep, freezing. His fingers burned from the cold when he heard the sound of tires. He opened his eyes, then saw light bearing down on him from behind. He almost jumped when he heard the high pitched voice. "Hey boy, whatch'all doin in there? You outta gas?" It was a female voice, but the flashlight in his eyes blinded him from identifying the speaker.

"Uhh, no. Battery died. Can you give me a jump?"

"Nope. How your battery die?"

"I don't know. Engine just quit."

"Whatchyou gon' do? You cain't go stayin' out here. You freeze."

"I'll be OK. Thanks for stopping."

"You ain't gon' be OK out here tonight. It be gettin down below zero tonight. You already wet. Git yo ass out of dar an come wid me."

"Where to? I can't afford a motel room."

"Who say anyting bout a motel? You come stay wid me."

For the first time she aimed the flashlight toward herself. She was the color of coffee with cream with big, beautiful, dark, liquid eyes. "Unless you be fraid of some little black girl."

"No. I'm not afraid."

"Well c'mon den. I freezin my booty off out here"

"Well, OK. If I have to." He grinned.

"You aint gots to do shit, but you be dead in da mornin if you stay here."

He climbed out on the passenger side after grabbing his keys then made his way to the old truck behind his car and climbed in. She was dressed in brown cover-alls wearing a floppy knit cap over her long, dark locks and appeared almost childlike behind the wheel as she was quite small, but she ground the gears into reverse, backed up then slapped the gearshift forward and they shot forward. "T'ain no heat in dis thing, but we ain got far."

"I don't have much money to pay you, but I'll give you what I can."

"Keep your money. It aint nothing." She looked long at him. "Boy...You cute as a muthafucka. We'll think of somethin."

"Like what?" He seemed lost.

"Like what," she mocked laughingly. "You all about dumb ain't you?"

Finally they arived at a small, dark, rundown trailer and she pulled the truck through the yard and parked right by the door. "This is home baby." The tone of her voice changed and she lost all her accent. She opened the door and let him in then as soon as she closed the door reached for the thermostat on the wall behind her then unzipped the coveralls.

He nearly fell back after she shed the coveralls and stood up. Two perfect, round pointy tits stared right back at him both with large, rock hard nipples. She caught his look then slightly shook her chest making both shake and quiver, then his eyes instantly diverted to the floor. "You never seen titties like these? They won't bite you. You can look."

He looked back up as she pulled up her top revealing the most perfect tits he had ever seen, then she pulled her top back down as his face blushed dark red. "Oh my," she said in a low voice. "I guess not." She turned heading into the living room. "Come in here and sit on down baby. We can watch a little TV. I have a movie you might like."

He followed unsure of what to say. He'd never been with a black girl much less a girl and his heart raced as his hands trembled. He sat at the far end of the couch haunched over weary of looking at her as her beautiful round luscious ass bounced in front of him while she dug through a pile of DVDs. Finally she found what she was looking for and grinned her white teeth at him seductively. "You're gonna love this shit." She lay back across the couch facing him with her running pants clad legs partly open as a suggestive invitation.

He sat transfixed watching the television spring to life then he thought he would faint when a gorgeous black woman in a string bikini made her way across a room and began touching her tits for the camera. Then the bikini top fell away and he thought...he didn't know what to say, but he glanced at the girl beside him to see her cupping her own firm titties under her shirt. "It gets better honey, just watch her."

When he looked back to the screen the woman was on her knees fondling a large, uncircumcised, white cock. She could see he was nervous and struggling. "Ever had your dick sucked by a black girl?"

"Uhh..Sure. Lots of times." He held his head in his hands realizing the huge lie. She slowly sat up beside him, grabbed his hand and placed it under her top to feel her soft, warm, firm tit and its rock hard nipple.

"What you think of that?"

He looked into her seductive eyes and reached his other shaking hand under her top then she pulled him towards her pulling the top off. "Come here and suck on my titties." She pulled his face to her and let out a soft moan. "I'm gon take real good care of you baby."

His mouth tried to ravage her nipples, sucking hard, then she slipped off her running pants exposing her dark forbidding fruit. She urged his head slowly away from her titties to do the same to her dark, moist sex. "That's it baby. Lick my pussy good. Oh yes..."

He lapped wildly sucking on her thick lips, tonguing deep inside her till she pulled his face to meet her rock hard clit. "OH F-FUCK! That's good." She arched her back meeting every flick of his tongue with her own grinding motion, pulling him deeper in till she was frenzied, panting hard. She cussed, then flooded his face with her moisture and final release and collapsed back to the couch.

"Take your clothes off sugar. Lemme suck your dick." He glanced back at the television to see the huge cock explode, showering the girls face on the screen with long, gooey streams of hot white liquid and it took him only seconds to yank off his clothes to expose his own long, thick love muscle. "Oh fuck this. Put that puppy right in my pussy baby."

She pulled him to the floor to his back then mounted him, teasing his swollen rod's tip at her cunt opening, rubbing it on her clit. Finally as his hips rose to meet hers he plunged deep inside her. She squeezed him tight inside her then watched his eyes widen and felt the gush of him squirt hard in her in hot, thick waves.

"Oh, god.. I'm sorry," he whispered horsely.

"Don't be. I love a nice, big, hard cock filling me with cum." He felt her muscles relax around his slowly softening cock then his own seed spill from her covering his dick, hair and balls with his own seed. She began working her hips downward, kissing his chest then belly and finally licking the jizz off him before pulling his length inside her hot, thick lips. "I love feeling a dick get hard in my mouth," she said once he was fully erect again. "You had a lot saved up in there. I just bet you got your dick sucked lots of times." She winked, acknowledging the lie he told. She pulled him to his feet then sat on the couch directly in front of him and slowly swallowed his entire rod holding him in her throat until he pushed forward with his hips. She slowly twirled her wet, hot tongue around him as she withdrew off him, smacking her lips. She stood, taking him to the kitchen table, brushing all of its content aside to the floor and bent across it.

"Fuck me, baby. Tear my pussy up." As he entered her she moaned loudly, gripping the edges of the table and he pounded deep into her, watching her body squirm under him. He grabbed her long course hair in his hands, pulling her head back, fucking hard, burrowing deep. She loudly moaned out many cuss words and orgasmed multiple times. He was nowhere near blowing his load then he finally took the initiative and pulled her from the table, back to the couch.

He sat while she knelt between his legs and he watched her dark features swallow his swollen manhood deep inside her thick lips. She took him from root to tip and back over and over until finally he grabbed her head and pushed himself as far in as he could. He unloaded gushes of jizz until she began to gag on him. She coughed most of his load back on him then happily lapped up every drop. She looked up at him. "Not bad sugar. Was I your first piece of ass? Tell the truth now." She laughed.

"Well yeah. I lied."

"You fuck like a champ honey and..." she took his now flacid cock back in her mouth for a moment, "you have a really nice dick."

"Not that I have much to compare you to, but you're gorgeous, sexy as hell and I'm damned glad it was you." He explained where he had been heading and why. She she explained her father had left her the truck and trailer when he died so they decided to set off together in the truck which they did, abandoning his car, keeping the trailer and property as their home base for years to come.

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