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Best Friends Girl Part 2

Things get interesting between Roxy and I, after Chris leaves.
It has been just over six months now since Chris walked out. I would like to say it has been for the best and that we had worked things out. But that would be a lie.

Chris moved back to Florida, for a while he had moved back in with his mom, but then he found a new girlfriend then moved out with her. Roxy, his ex girlfriend, moved out of the apartment two weeks after Chris had left. I see her now and then. She works at the rock place we had all went out to for dinner.

It seems like only yesterday we were all together in this apartment. But that's how memories are right?

We can remember things that happened years ago, just as vivid and just as strong as if they happened just moments ago.

I blame myself a lot for Chris leaving, if I hadn't talked to him about setting himself straight, maybe he would of stayed and maybe our friendship wouldn't have fallen apart. But that's a lot of maybe's.

Now I have to deal with the present.

My job at the firm is a lot better. So much in fact that I am able to afford to move out. I could finally afford a better apartment for myself. I know there are a few things I must do before I leave though. One of which is to return some of Roxy's things.

When she left, she forgot a lot of stuff. Some of which was Chris's, but I could ship those down to him.

I could just leave a note at her workplace to come by and pick them up. I know she still has the key, she comes by when she knows I am not home. She usually picks up any mail that hasn't been forwarded to her new address.

But that's about it.

No, its better to do something like this in person. Leaving a note would probably be as bad as Chris leaving her, with just a note for a goodbye.

I picked up the large bag holding the two boxes in it and walked out the door. It was not that long of a walk to her workplace. She should be working it's a Friday night.

Slowly I walked down the streets of New York thinking of things I could say, trying to play out the conversation in my head. Before I knew it I was outside of her workplace. Taking a big sigh and shaking my head of any negative thoughts of how this would go down.

I walked inside, as usual the girl by the door took my coat and pointed me to a chair or sofa that wasn't taken. I pointed to a chair and table by the window then walked towards it. I scanned the area, no sign of her yet. I saw the band making their final test of their equipment

Hearing local rock talent is quite amusing, you can see their fears, their thoughts and hopes in their eyes.

I saw her coming out of the kitchen area. She had not spotted me yet maybe I could get out before she noticed me. I pushed that thought out of my head and stayed where I was.

She looked my way and for a second she had the deer in headlights look. I feared for a second that she would go back into the kitchen and have someone else wait on me. But then she began to walk towards me.

"Hey," I said as she sat in the chair opposite me.

"Hey," she replied.

Her long red hair was still as radiant as the first day I saw her. Her eyes not as bright, she was not smiling.

"I came to drop off a few things that you had left," I said breaking the silence.

I pushed the bag over to her, to which she took a quick glance inside and smiled.

"Oh thanks, I meant to come by and get them but...” she paused not knowing what to say.

"Yeah I know,” I nodded. “But I didn't want to just leave them behind," I began to say before I realized what I was saying.

"Your moving?" she asked with a very surprised look on her face.

"Yeah, I'm getting a bigger place closer to my job. It's in Manhattan," I said trying not to sound like a total asshole.

"Ah making that big money now huh?" she said with a smile.

"You can say that," I replied.

We both looked at the band as they introduced themselves to the crowd.

"Well I wish you luck," she said as she began to stand.

"Hope we can stay in touch," I said.

But I knew just like everyone knows. No one really stays in touch, slowly the communication slows then it just stops.

"Yeah of course," she said with a smile and her head cocked to the side.

She began to turn away.

"Wait," I said shaking my head.

She looked back.

"Not like this okay?" I say pointing to the chair.

She takes a sigh then sits back down.

"Not going to do this again. I have done it way too many times," I said shaking my head.

"I know so have I," she said sitting back crossing her arms under her huge chest.

Her black shirt did nothing to hide them.

We sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity.

"I am not keeping you from working am I?" I asked finally.

"No I just clocked out. I am just waiting on Charlie, to get off so he can drive me home," she said pointing to the guy working the soundboard by the stage.

"Ah. I Thought you lived a few blocks from here?" I asked knowing the answer already.

In fact she did live just a few blocks away. But it was in a bad neighborhood. It wasn't the worst but definitely not the type you wanted to be walking around alone, especially after dark.

"Yeah," she hesitated. "You want to walk with me?" she asked.

I was actually surprised, it wasn't what I expected. 

"Sure," I said.

I had grown accustom to the streets of New York.

I always thought of it like this, every state has its natural disasters. Florida had its Hurricanes, California had earthquakes and New York had its high crime. Once you thought of it like that, it was almost comforting.

We began to walk out after a while the conversation picked up. She told me about living with her roommate, who she hated but the rent was cheap.

She stated the reason she didn't like the roommate was because, in Roxy's mind, the roommate was almost like a low budget prostitute always having different guys every night. These guys would also buy the roommate stuff that she wanted.

I talked about my job. I also told her there was talk of me being promoted again.

I had already seen the two men approaching us from behind and knew that one of them had a gun. But I had not made any sign to her.

She gave me a slight nudge letting me know she had acknowledged them as well.

We kept talking as I rounded the up coming corner. I turned around very sharply as they came around. I quickly turned.

"Hi!" I said grabbing the one closest to me.

I shoved him into the wall. The other pulled out the gun.

"Your friend here, should talk a bit quieter," I launched myself at him shoving the gun out of his hand. "It's not loaded," I said to him.

"But this is," the other one had quickly grabbed Roxy holding a knife to her.

But she grabbed his wrist, she twisted it hard. Just like most women in violent cities, she had taken self defense classes.

He let the knife go, then they both ran away.

I stood there shaking, my heart was beating a mile a minute. Roxy did not look any better.

Kicking the gun down a sewer, I grabbed her hand then ran for it.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that!" I said as we reached a bar that was still open.

She nodded and walked inside. We sat down in one of the corners. I could see she was visibly shaken. It had become instinct.

Every time I had been mugged, I always fought it. I had gotten stabbed once and shot at twice. But I still did it.

"Chris told me about the first time," she said.

I attempted a half smile.

“I shouldn't have done that with you present. It was stupid.” I shook my head.

The waitress came by, we ordered two drinks mainly just to take the edge off.

“That was my first,” she said still shaking.

“He told you about our first then?” I asked.

She nodded.

I still remembered it like it happened recently.

Chris and I had been in New York no more than a week, before we were mugged at gun point. We gave up all our money and whatever else we had of value on us.

I never forgot that feeling of being helpless and lost after it had happened. I swore that night I rather be dead then feel like that again.

I looked up at her.

"Yeah it still bugs me to this day," I said.

She nodded.

"I understand," she said with a smile. "But next time give me a heads up?"

We both laughed.

The drinks came and we both began to relax a little.

"So how is he doing?" she asked putting her beer down.

I knew this was coming.

"Good," I said trying not to answer fully. "Moved out of his mom's," I added nodding my head.

"Found a girl then, huh?" she asked.

She knew Chris very well. He would never live on his own.

I just looked up at her.

"Take that as a yes," she half smiled. "Good for him," she said looking up at one of the many TV's that were showing sports.

"Well let's get you home," I said taking out my phone.

I called the local police station.

"Hi. I just heard some shots fired down the block, and heard screeching tires," I said.

Roxy smiled as I was putting on a different voice. I was trying my best to sound like Chris, who had always did this when he wanted to go somewhere. I gave the address for a random street corner.

They never actually looked into it. They would just would send a patrol car around the block, if they spotted something worth investigating then more would show up.

We sat talking about other things that came up, particular her not getting enough hours at work to pay her half of the rent. She also told a guy she went on a date with that stood her up after finding out that she didn't give blow jobs. It was one of her things. I never asked why or cared.

Soon we saw the patrol car make its way past the bar.

"That's our que," she said as we hurried out the door.

As if most of the people in the bar heard us, a lot of people left the money on the table and hurried out the door. Any thieves or muggers for at least four blocks would have seen the car and cleared out for at least a half hour or more.

"We can't get to my place, without going back," she said looking back the way we came.

Chances were the two had seen where we were heading and were waiting for payback with friends.

"My place?" I asked.

She nodded.

We hurriedly walked the other way towards my place. Which was a longer walk but much safer.

As we got close to the door she reached into her pocket and took out the keys.

"Instinct," she said smiling as she opened the door.

Walking in she saw most of the boxes lining the floor.

"Sorry for the mess," I said as she stepped over boxes.

"You said you were moving." she shrugged, as she went into the kitchen.

Her phone rang.

"Yeah I am okay." She turned away from me as she headed upstairs. "Staying at a friends house until the morning," I heard her say before the door closed.

It felt good having her here. I turned the kitchen light off then went into my room. I heard her walking around then the shower turned on. Shortly after there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Its open," I said.

She opened it, turning on the light on. I sat up in bed.

"What's up?" I asked.

She was standing in the door way. With one of my long shirts on it seemed like she had nothing under that.

"In the morning is it alright if Charlie picks me up?” she asked. “It will be early and I don't want to wake you," she said.

"Of course, I usually wake up early anyway," I said trying not to think of what was under that shirt.

"Thanks," she said as she closed the door.

I could lie and say I didn't think about her for the rest of the night, but I won't. Truth is I did not sleep much. Knowing she was alone and only a few feet away, made me think of a lot things, but none of which I acted on.

When I heard the front door close, I knew she was gone and it was only then I actually got some sleep. Not a lot though.

Work was the usual drag. Even though I was moving up the corporate ladder as they would say. It was still a drag. Full of people that I hated, others I tolerated and only a few that I actually got along with.

As I looked over some sketches for the next cycle of soda ads, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up thinking it was one of my co-workers asking where we were going for lunch. I was surprised to see a text message from Roxy.

"What do you think?" it said. I scrolled down to the picture. I almost fell out of my chair.

She was wearing a black and red mini dress, with the chest cut out just enough to show her ample cleavage. To say it was form fitting was an understatement.

"Wow very nice," was my only reply that I thought would not make me sound to interested.

"Going out clubbing tonight, with Charlie and a few friends. First time I have been out in a long time. Thought I would buy something new," was her reply.

"Well that should turn a few heads lol," I replied.

Looking over the picture again.

"Thanks. You should come," she sent back.

I hated clubbing more than I hated watching TV.

"Nah. You guys, should go and have fun," I replied.

I wasn't going to make up a lie to get out of it.

"You owe me for last night. Your coming. Be ready by 10!" she said Before I could reply. "End of conversation!" she sent.

I put the phone down.

How could I argue? I did owe her for putting her in that situation as well as other things. I sighed and thought of things I could wear.

Did I mention I hated clubs?

The rest of the day went by fast after that. All I could think of was. What to wear? Who was going? How long did I have to go for? It was moments to 10, when I finally decided on a black shirt that was very tight.

I wasn't one of those guys that put those shirts on and had their stomach sticking out. I actually looked good very good in tight shirts. I also choose black jeans, with black sneakers.

Looking in the mirror one more time. I thought I looked pretty damn good.

There was a knock on the door, looking over at the time. I realized I had spent more time getting dressed than any guy should. Looking over at my bed there were clothes everywhere. I didn't like how they looked spread all over it. I quickly scooped them all up in both hands opened the walk in closet then threw them in.

Looking around one more time, to make sure there was no other sign that I had been a nervous wreck for the past four hours. Satisfied, I ran down stairs.

"Hey was beginning to think you were not going to answer," Roxy said.

She was wearing the mini dress, the skirt part stopped just about mid thigh, the red stripe ran down both sides of the black dress. She was wearing a black blazer over the top but I knew there was a keyhole shaped opening right at chest level.

Part of me wished she would keep that blazer on all night, another part wanted to see what was under it.

"Nah was just trying to get a few more kills in, on the game," I said lying through my teeth.

"Ah!" she said as she walked towards a green sports car. "Charlie is waiting for us."

I turned and locked up.

"Fun," I said sarcastically as I walked towards the car.

She opened the door and got into the back seat. I took a quick glance at her thighs as she pulled the passenger seat back. Then I got into the front.

"Hey whats up?" Charlie said from the driver's seat.

I recognized him from her workplace. Small frame, brown hair, bright blonde highlights. She must have a thing for blonde guys, I thought to myself.

"Hey," I replied as we pulled away.

There was another guy in the back seat, but I didn't get his name over the roaring engine.

I had no idea why Charlie was trying to show off. He would speed up every chance he got, but we would have to come to a complete stop at every intersection.

Finally we got to the club, we stepped out. Charlie had them valet park his precious gas guzzler.

As we walked in I noticed that Charlie had began talking to the guy from the backseat, they both laughed and giggled.

"Relax," Roxy said from beside me as we entered the club. 

"I am," I replied.

No I wasn't. I had just stepped inside the club and I was already getting the stares from the bouncer as well as other guys inside the club. We all know the stares. The who is he, why is he wearing that. Does he think he is tough or something. Yeah those stares.

We found a place to sit that had a good view of the dance floor. I had to admit, it was a nice club.

The bar was lit with bright neon colors, the dance floor was huge, the upstairs level, had a view of everything. The music was loud but it was supposed to be. No club wanted you to sit and talk all night, they wanted you drinking and dancing.

Charlie and the other guy joined us shortly. Then two other ladies joined us. I barely heard the conversation but from what I gathered they were all friends from the same work place. When they introduced me I lightly shook their hands and smiled.

"Do you dance?" one of the ladies asked.

I knew this question was coming so I had practiced the reply countless times.

"He is a great dancer!" Roxy shouted back. Before I could reply.

"Great!" the lady replied taking my hand before I could interject.

I shot Roxy a killer stare as we walked towards the dance floor. She was half right. I was good at dancing, not great, but I could hold my own.

Before long I was getting into the groove on the floor and having a great time. The music was just as I liked it loud with heavy beats with some mixes thrown in.

We began to walk back to our spot as we had gotten thirsty. Roxy and Charlie were gone and so was the other guy. I reminded myself that the next time he came back, I would get his name.

The lady I danced with was Corrine. She had a nice ass, which had been rubbing up on me for the last half hour. Long black hair and a cute face. Her husband was working a night shift, so she was taking this time to enjoy herself.

I looked over at the dance floor and saw Charlie and Roxy dancing. I had never seen her dance before and I was truly amazed. I was staring hard. She definitely knew how to work her body.

"Wow!" the other lady said.

Her name was Yessica, she was Latin and had no boyfriend or husband. But from the attitude I heard earlier, it was no wonder she was single. The world revolved around her and she wanted everyone to know it.

"White girl has some moves!" she said.

"Can say that again?" Corrine said.

I was glad I wasn't only one staring. No wonder Chris had a hard time in the bed room. I began to think.

"Poor charlie," I said.

The two women looked at me.

"Why?" Corrine asked.

"Looks like he bit off more than he can chew," I said as I saw Roxy grinding her firm ass against him.

They both still looked at me puzzled.

"What?" I asked.

"You do know Charlie is gay right?" Yessica said. She was telling me than she was asking me.

I looked over at Corrine. Who nodded back at me.

"Could of fooled me," I said.

The guy had moves of his own.

Glad my gaydar didn't work, because I would of sworn from the looks and the way he was dancing he was as straight as an arrow.

"Paul is his boyfriend or husband. However you want to think of it," Yessica said frowning.

A guy came up to her and asked her to dance and she walked away.

"Don't mind her," Corrine said. "She acts tough but she is all talk," she laughed.

Charlie and Roxy came back to the table.

"Here you guys are. We were looking for you out there," Charlie said.

"Come on," Roxy said as her song came on.

I recognized it right away. She played the hell out of it everyday when she lived with me.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. She took her blazer off and threw it at Charlie. I instantly stole a glance at her deep cleavage.

"Try to keep up!" she smiled back at me.

"Do I look like Charlie?" I laughed.

We began to dance close with her facing me. I tried not to focus on her chest but it was hard.

She lifted one leg and wrapped it around me and fell backwards. I reached forward, grabbing her neck lightly, and pulled her back up. She laughed as she slowly span around grinding back on me, I grabbed her waist as she bent over.

Damn this was a nice view but I quickly kept my concentration and bumped her forward with my hips she smiled and walked away. Shaking her ass with her hands on her hips.

She ran her fingers through her hair, biting her lip, motioning for me to come closer to her. As I got closer she wrapped both arms around my head and neck, swinging her hips back and forth. She slowly turned facing away from me, her ass rubbing close to my crotch.

I suddenly felt another pair of hands around my waist and another body close to mine.

Slightly turning my head backwards, I saw Corrine had joined us.

The two women danced with me for over an hour. I felt sandwiched between them but I was not complaining.

After the DJ announced that it was going to be the last song before he was going to do a set of slow songs. We stopped and walked back to the table. I took the chance to go to the bathroom.

I opened one of the stalls looking in the mirror, my shirt was soaked as well as my face. I had done my best to keep up with both of them and it showed. I began to wash my face when I heard some other guys come into the bathroom.

"Did you see that guy with those two white girls?" one of them asked.

I smiled unless there were more than one guy dancing with two women, they were talking about me.

"Yeah the red head with the rack had some moves. Poor guy was lost!" the other said.

I sure as hell was not lost. Would like to see them keep up.

"That other one was all ass. I would like to get behind that for sure," the first one said.

I shook my head. Throwing some paper towels into the trash and flushing the toilet just because. I opened the stall and stepped out.

The both of them looked at me as they were washing their hands. I smiled and shook my head then walked out of the bathroom. I am sure they said more after I left.

As I walked over to our table, I noticed there were a few guys by our table talking to Roxy and Corrine. I smiled but slowly walked over until I realized these were people that worked for the club.

"Well think about the offer and get back to us," one of the men said as I got close. "Hey," he said as I walked by him. "If you can get him to join you guys that would be awesome!" he said pushing two thumbs up.

Roxy nodded.

"What was that about?" I asked looking around for the others. 

"Tell you on the way," she said as we walked out of the club.

We got into Corrine's car and drove over to a diner.

Seemed as they had both got job offers to work at the club as dancers.

As we entered the diner we spotted the others in a corner booth.

"You guys should definitely take the offer," I said as we sat down. 

"Take what offer?" Charlie asked.

Soon the conversation was in full swing. But it started to die down as soon as Yessica showed up.

"What's going on fools?" she said sitting herself down.

She injected herself into the conversation. But had nothing positive to say at all.

"Your a good dancer, but you don't have any good clothes to wear. Except for that one," she said pointing to the one Roxy was wearing. "And that took you two paychecks to get!"

Roxy's smile went away. Yessica looked over at Corrine.

"Your lucky your man let you out tonight. I am sure he wouldn't let you out every weekend to dance," she said taking some of Charlie's fries.

This made everyone silent.

"What? Can't handle honesty?" she said shrugging.

"Honesty is one thing. Being unrealistic is another," I said.

To which Roxy hit me with her elbow. It took me one night to notice no one stood up to this bitch. Yessica looked at me with a stare that could kill.

"The reason you don't want them to take the job is because they would rain on your spotlight.” I began to say. “Only one guy came up to you tonight. I am guessing that pissed you off. Now you want to tear them down to make yourself feel better!"

To which others smirked.

Yessica stood up.

"I don't have to take this!" she said walking out.

"You should not have done that," Corrine said.

"She had it coming," Charlie said, to which they agreed.

"I better go," Corrine said.

She was visibly displeased at the whole situation.

Charlie and his boyfriend looked like they wanted to go as well.

"We can get a cab," I said not trying to keep them away from whatever they wanted to do.

As if I had rang the lunch bell they took off. Roxy looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You know what!" she said shaking her head.

I waved the waitress over and paid the bill.

"Sometimes you have to put a filter on that brain of yours," she said as we began to walk out of the diner.

"Did I tell a lie?" I asked.

"No but some people can't handle the truth. Well the blatant truth," she said as we waited outside.

The waitress had called a cab for us.

"This is going to be a fun week," she said shaking her head. She was visibly cold.

"Here," I said taking off my jacket and wrapping it around her.

"Thanks," she said "But you will be cold too," she pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me, placing her head on my chest. "Just don't do that again. I have to live with her. Okay?" She looked up at me.

"Well maybe it will be the last time I will see her," I smiled.

We both laughed as the cab pulled in. I opened the door for her and climbed in after her.

"Well you can stay in your old room tonight. It will give her time to calm down," I said as we settled in the back of the cab.

She nodded that it was just as cold inside as it was outside. I told the driver where to go and paid half the fare upfront as it was the right thing to do.

I opened the door to the apartment and waved the cab driver good bye. It was nice of him to watch us get into the apartment but with the large tip I gave him, I am sure he thought it was only right.

She quickly walked over to the heating unit and dialed it up.

"Sheesh its like a morgue in here!" she said shivering.

She went to the fridge and poured herself a drink.

"You just don't like the cold," I said as we sat in the small kitchen.

She got up and took the jacket off as well as her small blazer revealing the key hole cut in her dress. I had seen it most of the night but now in the light, her cleavage was just too much.

"Well I guess I will call it a night," I said pretending to yawn and stretch.

She slammed the cup down on the table.

"How do you do that!" she said out loud.

"What?" I asked sitting back down.

Something told me the red head was going to explode again.

"You can tell people off, and say your just being honest. But you can't sit here with me and be honest to yourself!" she said staring right at me.

I tried my best to look at her, but I couldn't even though she was no longer my friends girl there was just no way I could look at her. Knowing I was the one that had caused their separation.

"I can but..." I began to say.

"Don't even, your just going to bend the truth just enough to make me feel good," she said shaking her head.

She grabbed a chair and pulled it close so that we were face to face.

"You want honesty?" she said looking me straight in the eyes. "You know the real reason why I left?"

She shook her head and smiled.

"I fought myself to feel angry, upset or even depressed for Chris leaving. I even tried to feel guilty for what I did with you. But I couldn't." she said sitting back in her chair and threw her hands up. "I actually felt happy it was over. Chris and I never really clicked. Sure we had fun. But never really clicked and as far as what I did with you."

She was leaning forward. Staring me dead in the eye.

"I was going to tell him. I was going to tell him what I did and that I have wanted to do that and more since I met you," shaking her head. "There. There is your honesty!"

She stood up looking down at me.

"At least one of us can be honest with our selves," she said walking out of the kitchen.

I don't know what came over me but I quickly stood up grabbed her hand and turned her around and kissed her. She began to kiss me back as we slammed into the wall of the kitchen.

"About time!" she said as we parted.

"Shut up," I smiled as we began to kiss again.

With her back against the wall she lifted her leg and wrapped it around. I quickly grabbed it with one hand and began to stroke her thigh under the skirt. She began to moan softly as I bit her neck and kissed her. Her leg dropped as I rubbed and squeezed her ass.

"They are up here," she said grabbing my hand and putting it on her chest.

I have big hands but they seemed small compared to her large chest. I quickly scooped her up.

Both her legs wrapped around me as I carried her upstairs. Lightly kicking my bedroom door open. I planted her down on the bed.

"Such force!" she said looking up at me as I climbed on top of her. "I like it!" she said smiling.

I smiled back as I kissed down her body lightly lifting her skirt up.

"Zipper!" she said before I began to rip it off her.

I reached up and pulled the zipper down as the outfit peeled off her.

Revealing a strapless black bra and matching thong. 

"Damn!" I said looking at her nice body.

Her stomach was nice and tight, her long thighs went down to wonderful legs and feet. But her chest breathed up and down with those huge breasts heaving with it.

I laid down between her legs, pushing her legs apart. Slowly I slid a finger into her. She moaned softly as she felt my breath on her. I pushed my tongue inside her joining my finger, working it all around.

Her moans got louder, sliding another finger into her drove the moans louder as her body began to move and grind down on my tongue and face.

I was getting turned on by her noises so I kept going deeper and faster working on her clit with my tongue. This was beginning to drive her crazy as her hands grabbed the sheets and pull on them. I worked her warm pussy more with my tongue.

Her body arched as an orgasm erupted inside her. She began to push her boobs together sucking on the nipples.

"Don't stop!" she screamed as I continued.

I gripped her hips with my arms.

"Oh my god! Right there!" she said as she grabbed my head with both hands pushing my head into her.

I had no intention on stopping.

"Fuck!" she squealed as her body arched again for the second time. "Okay! Enough! Enough!" she said pushing me back with her feet.

"Fuck me now!" she ordered.

I took off my shirt and jeans in a quick second. My rock hard dick poked through my boxers.

"Mm... mm..." she moaned looking at it.

I pulled them off. I slid back between her legs she looked at me as she sucked on a nipple again with teasing eyes.

"Put it in me big boy!" she smiled.

I nodded as I put my dick at the entrance of her and slowly moved forward. Her mouth instantly went into an O as I slid inch by inch into her.

"Okay stop right there!" she said.

I was barely half way into her. But I remembered what she worked with before and slowly started going back and forth working more into her slowly.

"Fuck that feels good!" I said.

I wasn't lying either. Her pussy was hot and tight. Tighter than most of the women I had ever been with.

I leaned back grabbing both her legs and splitting them wide apart as I slowly rocked back and forth into her watching my black dick go in and out of her was making me harder.

"Like what you see!" she said breathing heavily.

I nodded as I kept looking. My dick was sliding in and out of her. Getting coated with her wetness. She was taking more of me and she was loving it.

"Go faster!" she said as she held both of her tits up to her mouth.

"Fuck yeah suck on them big tits!" I said looking at her.

I pushed forward holding my self over her body. With my arms on each side of her, looking down at her. As she looked up at me with her tits in her mouth.

She kept her legs wide as I fucked her deeper now, she was taking me all the way in. The sound of my balls slapping against her filled the room.

"Fuck yeah take it all!" I said pushing deeper with each thrust.

She pulled me down on top of her wrapping her legs around my waist. I kept thrusting up in her back and forth. The poor bed squeaked and slid back and forth under us.

"Your so fucking deep!" she said into my ears.

Her legs locked tighter behind me as she squeezed them closer pushing me deeper into her. Her ankles digging into my lower back. I felt her body quiver again and her mouth made an inaudible scream. She was cumming again.

I wrapped my arms under her, then up, grabbing her shoulders. I began pulling them down with each up thrust.

Her eyes popped open.

I pushed my self up off her breaking free of her leg lock on me. I wanted to fuck her harder than anyone ever had or would. Grabbing both legs. I put them together and pushed them forward over her head so they nearly touched the back board.

"Oh god!" she screamed as I fucked down onto her.

She held her own legs looking up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Fuck me! fuck me!" She said. “Fucking use me!”

She was now soaking the bed. Every time she came. I fucked down harder and harder.

I was on the verge of cumming. But I wanted to fuck her so much more.

"'I'm Cumming!" I said giving in finally.

She let her legs go.

"Cum on my tits!" she said.

I quickly pulled out and straddled her chest as I came. The first blast shot her straight in the face the others landed on her tits as she pushed them together. When I finished she began to lick her tits clean.

I fell to the side of her breathing heavy. She turned and leaned on to me giving me a big kiss.

"I take that as a compliment." I smiled.

"You better!" she slapped me lightly on the shoulder.

She laid her head on my chest.

"I can't feel my lower body," she said.

She grabbed my arm and rolled over on her side. She held my hand on one of her large tits. We fell asleep like that.

The morning came quickly. I woke up on my back. She was laying on her stomach her red hair all over the place. I smiled remembering what happened that night. Feeling me stirring she opened her eyes.

"Morning," she said.

"Morning," I said as I began to get up.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"The gym. I am kinda late," I smiled.

She shook her head. Pulling me back to bed. We kissed deeply, her hands wondered down my chest. She wrapped her hand around my hardening dick.

She moaned as she kissed my chest, slowly working her way down. Her head disappeared under the covers. Then I felt her mouth wrap around my dick. I couldn't believe she was going to do this.

She had never done it with Chris, I heard him complain nearly daily about it.

The covers began to go up and down right where her head was.

"Fuck that feels good!" I said as she began to go faster.

By no means was she the best I ever had but the feeling of her doing it, was more than the actual act.

She stopped and came up. 

"I'm sorry," she said shaking her head. "I can't, I want to..." she began to say.

"It's okay," I said smiling at her.

She shook her head. Then told me why she didn't like doing it.

The first time she had ever tried it was in high school with a college guy. He did not like how she was doing it so he basically grabbed the back of her head, basically skull fucking her until he came down her throat. Then left her the very next day after.

"First that would never happen to you again," I said holding her close. "Second you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

She smiled and nodded.

"But there is something I like to do and I am very good at!" she said sliding herself out of bed.

She left the room but patted the end of the bed before she left.

I sat at the end of the bed as she came back she had some baby oil lotion in her hands and was rubbing it into her tits. Instantly my dick hardened to a full upright position.

She sat on her knee's between my legs, grabbing both tits and wrapping it around my dick. Instantly it felt great. She began bouncing them up and down.

"How does that feel?" she asked as she bounced them faster.

Words did not escape my mouth. I could barely keep myself upright. Her big oily boobs was bouncing around my dick and slapping heavily on my thighs. Even when I looked down between, her huge oily tits. I could see the head of my dick barely reaching the top.

“ You like your dick being buried between my big fucking boobs. Don't you?” she said. Teasing me.

“ Fuck yeah!” I replied.

She began to bounce them harder. Up and down over and over. Her arms, wrapped around them, making it tighter.

"Oh fuck I am going to cum!" I couldn't believe it.

I tried to hold it back but it was already too late. She held them both tight around me as I shot up through them.

"Well I take that as you being satisfied?" she laughed.

I nodded my head as we lay back on the bed. There was a loud thump downstairs. We both looked at each other.

I quickly put some clothes on and headed down. As I turned the corner I felt a sharp pain across my face, I stumbled backwards. 

"Hi Chris," I said shaking the feeling off.

Chris stood in the doorway to the kitchen his fist clenched. He came at me again but this time I grabbed him and planted him face first into the wall. Holding him there.

"First one was a freebie!" I said letting him go. "You try it again and I will hurt you I promise!"

He looked back at me. Chris was a smart person even when anger took over him. He knew I was a better fighter than he was.

"How?" he said shaking his head.

Roxy came down the stairs as she saw Chris she shook her head.

"You don't get to ask how!" she said walking straight past me. "How, why and all the other questions you want to ask, left when you walked out that door!" she said pointing to the door.

Chris nodded.

"I understand you, I understand why you did this to me!" he said to her.

"But you!" he said pointing to me. "We were friends, brothers even! And you slept with her the moment I was gone!" he shouted.

I could not look him in the face he was right.

"If the roles were reversed you would whoop my ass all over this apartment. And I would let you. Because brothers don't do that!" he said as he walked out the door.

I fell backwards on the stairs sitting down. He was totally right, if the roles were reversed I would be pissed.

"His wrong you know," Roxy said sitting beside me. I looked up at her. "A brother would not walk out and leave without a word. He stopped being your friend and brother the moment he started thinking about himself," she said holding her hand out.

I slowly stood up.

"Doesn't make it feel right," I said back to her.

"I know," she said as she hugged me. "I know."

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