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Black Neighbor Asks Me For Help

Picture taking leads to much more with neighbor
Mike and Keisha live across the street from us. Over the years, they have become our best friends. We do everything together including going on vacations. Therefore, it came as no surprise that one day Keisha took me aside and asked.

“Dave could you do me a big favor hon.”

“Sure Babe what is it?”

Mike is going out of town next week and our anniversary is coming up and I wanted to surprise him with some sexy pics of me that he can take on the road to remind him of what is at home waiting for him.”

“Sure love, be happy too.”

“Do me a favor don’t tell Linda, Miss Blabbermouth might give it away and I really want Mike to be surprised.”

“You got it.”

As Keisha walked back into the living room to join Mike and Linda, I couldn’t help but stare at the ebony beauty before me. Keisha was only 29 about 5 feet 9 with long gorgeous legs, that met near an incredible bubble butt. And her breasts were just as amazing. From seeing her in plenty of bikinis, that girl was hiding a beautiful set of DD breasts. She had beautiful caramel colored skin and a gorgeous face. Mike was one lucky dude.

The day finally came when Mike left. I told Linda I was going out for a while. So I drove away, parked around the back, and snuck back to Keisha’s house.

“Did Linda see you?”

“Nah I was careful.”

I swear with all this sneaking around it feels like we are having an affair.”

We both laughed and walked into her bedroom.

I started to set up the camera, the tripod and a few lights. I use to be a photographer and I still had all my equipment. Keisha went into the bathroom to change. She came out wearing a short blue silk robe. It came down just past her gorgeous butt. Underneath I could make out the fact that she had long white stockings and a garter belt.

“Dave I am really nervous.”

“Come on Keisha how long have we known each other. I have seen you in plenty of bikinis over the years, is this that different?”

“I guess your right. Okay so what should I do first?”

“Well stand over here and put one foot on the bed, act like your about to take off your stocking.”

“Like this.” Keisha reached down her leg and pretended to take off her clips off the garter.

“Yeap that’s good. I had a great view of her long legs. I hoped she didn’t see the fact that I was getting an erection. As I clicked away, Keisha started to try different poses always looking very sexy.

“Keisha I have taken about 50 pictures on my digital camera, why don’t we try taking off your robe now.”

”Okay Dave.”

Keisha took of her robe. What a sight before me. She had a lacy white bra that barely contained her breasts, along with her white panties and stockings and nothing else. To say she looked incredible would be an understatement. I took another 30 pictures in every position imaginable.

Finally, I said. “Keisha we should probably try a different outfit now.”

“Okay I will be right back.”

Keisha came back in a light blue see thru bra and thong. She was trying her best not to show too much but the bra could not contain her beauty.

“Oh my god, you are so beautiful.”

“Stop it, your making me blush.”

“It’s true.”

“I said stop, it I am not all that.”

“Oh yes you are and more. Now I know why Mike is always so happy. I would be too if I was married to you.”

“What are you talking about Linda is beautiful.”

“Yes she is and I am not complaining but my god Keisha I never realized how beautiful you were until just now.”

“Well thank you darling. You’re not too bad yourself. What are you 6 feet?”

“No, 5 foot 11”

“And what do you weigh about 200 pounds.”

“Close enough.”

“And I know you’re in good shape because you and Mike work out all the time. So you’re not to bad yourself.”

Keisha flashed me a smile that sent shivers down my spine. For the first time in a long time, I wanted to fuck someone other than my wife.

I started to take more pics of Keisha in all kind of sexy poses and I finally ran out room on my memory card.

“That’s it Keisha. I have taken about 120 pictures.”

“When can we look at them? How about tomorrow, Linda has to go out. We can download them into my computer and see how they turned out.”

“Great. I will see you tomorrow.”

I immediately went home and downloaded all the pics. I started to think of a plan that would allow me to take more pictures of her. The next night Keisha came over and I pretended to download the pics.

“Huh I don’t understand. The memory card must be bad; I can’t seem to download any of the pics we took last night.”

“Damn Dave I thought you were the pro. Now what are we going to do.”

“Well I have a backup memory card. We could try taking them again.”

“Oh god you’re a life saver. Come on lets go.”

We went back to Keisha’s home and she went back into the bathroom to get dressed. This time she came out in a tiny black see through panties and bra.”

I whistled. “Wow you look stunning.”

“I bought this last week. I was going to surprise Mike on our anniversary. But I thought it would look good in the pictures.”

“Yes you will.”

Hey, I just realized. I am almost naked and you’re completely dressed. That’s not fair. The least you could do is to take off you shirt and pants so we are a little more equal.”

“But I only have boxers on.”

“Well like you said to me, it is just like a bathing suit.”


I took off my pants. I felt a little self-conscious because I had a hard on that I tried to hide.

“Did I cause that?” Keisha said smiling.

“Yes you did. Sorry I can’t help it; you are so beautiful that he has a mind of his own.”

“MMM how sexy. You’re bigger than I imagined.”

Now she was grinning and I was blushing.

“Okay enough. I am here to take some pics remember.”

“I like watching you squirm.”

“I bet you do.”

I started to take more pics but now it seemed like Keisha was toying with me. She was being much more seductive in her poses. She would lower her bra strap just enough to tease me without revealing too much.

“You’re a tease.”


“Yeap you’re a cock tease.”

“You want tease I will show you tease.”

Keisha lowered her bra strap really quick and pulled it back up revealing her large areola.”

“Hey that was too quick I didn’t get a good look.”

“MMM you want to see it again.”


“What will you do for me?”

“Anything, you name it.”


“Yes anything.”

“Okay If I take my bra off you have to take your boxers off.”

“Say what.”

“You heard me, if I am going to be naked, your are too. Do we have a deal?”


Keisha slowly lowered her bra strap revealing her large pendulous breasts. Her areola came into view. It was so dark, large, and beautiful. I would give anything to suck them. I started snapping away. The pics took a different turn. Instead of Keisha taking pics for Mike. Keisha was now taking pics for me. Her breathing got raspier as she started to lower her panties.

I expected to see her bush at any moment, but as she lowered her panties, no bush was in sight. Keisha was completely shaven and her pussy lips were big and full. I took a bunch of pics of her. She would lay on the bed holding her breasts for the camera. One time she opened her legs and let me take a close up of her pussy. She even put her index finger inside her pussy as I clicked away. She then licked her finger. I took some amazing shots of this beauty. She was getting really horny. I could see her juices flowing from her pussy as she played for the camera.

“Okay Dave it is your turn. Take off your boxers.”

“I lowered my boxers and my cock sprang free.”

I heard Keisha gasp.

“Damn Dave I didn’t know you were so big. How big is it?”

“I am not sure. I never measured it.” That was a damn lie what man has never measured his cock. But, I wanted to see where this would take us.

“You never measured your cock.”

“Nope. I have always wondered but I never got around to it,”

“I have a measuring tape why don’t you measure it for me. I am dying to know how big you are.”

“Nah. I am not up to it.”

“Come on Dave. Pretty please. Measure it for me baby.”

“You measure it if you so curious.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not, hell you seen me naked. Go ahead measure it.”

“Okay but promise me know one will ever know about this.”

“Don’t worry; Linda would have my ball on a platter if she even knew we were naked in front of each other.”

Keisha went into the garage and sat on the bed. I came up to her and I got right up on her face. She backed away a little and took out the tape. She did her best not to touch my cock but I kept flexing it. Making it hard for her to measure. She finally took a hold of it in one of her hands.

Wow what a feeling. I didn’t expect what happened next. Instead of measuring it, she started to stroke my cock. She was hot, I was horny. She kept staring at my cock as she stroked it. Her large black hands were stroking my lily-white cock. It looked out of this world.

Keisha really surprised me when she brought my cock to her luscious lips and licked the head. I watched my cock slowly slip into her mouth. I couldn’t resist and I picked up the camera and I took some pictures of Keisha sucking my cock. I was mesmerized as I watched this gorgeous woman devour my cock.

“Keisha slow down or I am going to cum.”

“That’s the whole point silly. I want to taste your cum.”

That send me over the edge, I started cumming in Keisha's mouth. She swallowed every drop. She milked my cock as she continued sucking it.

“Wow you’re amazing.”

“Now it is your turn.”

Keisha got on the bed, grabbed my hair, and pulled my head to her pussy.

“Lick it lover boy.”

I let my tongue caress her lips. They were so full. I opened her pussy with my fingers and licked the inside of her pussy. She drove my head further into her. I licked all around her clit. I took it in my mouth and sucked it like a little cock. She was in heaven,. I must have been doing something right because she started bucking. Keisha was cumming in my mouth. Her juices were flowing out and I licked every drop.

As she relaxed, I moved up on the bed and I kissed her on the lips. As we frenched kissed we shared her juices. She licked my face all over making sure she got every drop of her juices that covered my face.

“Can you fuck the way you eat pussy?’


“Prove it!”

I got on top of her and positioned my cock at her entrance. I teased her pussy with my cock. Rubbing her clit with my head.

“Dam Dave put it in. I need to feel you inside me baby.”

I pushed the head in and she gasped. “OHHHHHHHHHHH That feels good baby.”

I pushed the rest of my cock in until I hit pubic bone to pubic bone. We both exhaled as I impaled her with my cock. She was so tight I could feel the warmth of her pussy envelope my cock. She had amazing control; I could feel her flexing her muscles. My cock could feel every nuance as she fucked me. I drove my cock deeper and Keisha wrapped her legs high above my waist. I fucked her harder than I have ever fucked anyone.

Keisha reached back and grabbed the bedpost as I drove my cock into her. She yelled.

“Come on Dave Fuck me harder baby. Give me all your cock. Make me your slut baby.”

The more Keisha spoke, the harder I fucked her.

“Oh yeah shit your cock feels so good baby. Hmmm yes don’t stop…hmmmmm Damn baby you feel so good. I am going to fuck you whenever we can sneak away.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes baby your gonna make me cum faster….”

“Oh shit Dave I’m cumming baby faster….harder…oh god…..oh oh god……..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………”

Keisha was coming on my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore I gave a big grunt and I exploded inside her pussy. I drove my cum deep inside her pussy. I was thinking wicked thoughts. I was hoping I would get her pregnant. I wanted her to have my seed. I wanted her to have my baby.

“OH god Keisha I want you so bad. OH god I think I am falling in love.”

“Oh Dave give me all your cum baby….”

I kept pumping more cum into her. Finally, we both relaxed. As I lay on top of her neither one of us had any remorse. We wanted this too much to feel bad about it.

“Damn girl. I can’t believe what we just done.”

“Me neither. I have always thought you were sexy. But I never expected us to end up in bed.”

“Are you on the pill?”

“No, that’s what made me cum so hard. Taking the chance that you might get me pregnant made it that much more exciting.”

“But what if you do, what do we do then.”

“Then I will have it. I have enough white blood in me that I think we would be okay.”

“Well then I think we should continue fucking until I do get you pregnant. I want you to have my baby.”

“As bad as this sounds Dave. I too want to have your baby. Now come here and fuck me again.”

Mike never did get to see the pictures we took. They are tucked away deep inside my computer. I indeed get Keisha pregnant. We took a private DNA test and figured out it was my baby. Mike named his little boy David as an honor to his best friend. Only Keisha and I new the truth.

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