Black Picnic

By rafael

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Del had an account to settle with Lloyd and his girlfriend paid for it
The last time I had seen Del we were two black dudes with more attitude than a pub full of skinheads. We were the main men on the street. Then he fucked off down south and never came back. I never did think he would go straight man.

I went down on the bus to see my old man Battersea some time back and there he was - looking spruce and spick like some middle class trash and his nose up in the air sittin in the park with some prim proper genuine class blond bitch. I had to look twice - but yep, it was him all right.

"Hey nigger" I said, "hows you doin?"

But my god the look her gave me - like he didn't even know his bosom buddy Lloyd.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" He said, all innocent like.

"Hey, what's up man, don't give me any of that attitude. You knows who it is."

"Lloyd!" He smiled big and wide. "Lloyd - my man is that you! Look at you!"

"Look at me? What the fuck man look at you! You made it big man yes. Look at those duds!"

His white pussy gave me a cold white middle class smileĀ  which just about froze my dick back to the ice age.

We talked and jibed a while and then they had to go.

"Where's you going man?" I asked, offended like hell.

"We are taking a train and going on a picnic" He said.

"Well heck bro, we spent some intense times me and you a while back - aint you gonna invite your old pal."

He looked at that white bitch with her tiny ass and big tits and she said no way with her eyes.

"Sure Lloyd. it would be good to have you."

Man the way he talked - I just hardly recognised him.

We took the train all the way down to some sweet little village and walked into some forest I think they call Eppin. Found a nice private spot and had us a little picnic from a middle class basket already prepared by Miss Goody Goody. Man, I never had cress sandwiches before and never will again.

Then Del said took me aside and said "Hey bro - d'you mind taking a little walk for ten minutes?"

I looked at him and his piece of posh ass looking so fucking demure "Oh yeah man, I understand" and I winked at my old pal.

I walked away some while and turned back to catch some of the action. They'd found a nice private spot. I watched from behind a bush.

My god - she fucked like no bitch I ever been with - so polite. She was combing her blond locks while my man kissed her proud little tits and then she pulled up her skirt and took off her sweet little white cotton panties. She laid down on her back and opened her legs a little. Del undid his belt and took his trousers down to his knees. His pecker looked ready for big time action. Man he was so polite with the bitch. "That ok?" he said as he slid into her pussy. He moved his ass up and down and the bitch was giving him instructions "kiss my nipples, touch my thighs, more this way and more that, deeper, do this do that". I thought, what the fuck? After five minutes of this shit the bitch came - I think so anyway - she raised her voice a little "Oh! Oh! Oh Derek! Oh my darling". I almost laughed. "Can I come now?" he said and he just collapsed on her with an "ahhhhhh"

Well what kind of fuck was that? I thought. I looked down and saw my dick in my hand. "Fuck" I thought, "I want that white middle class pussy"

I waited till they was dressed and took Del to one side.

"Hey man, you know you owe me one" I said.

"I beg your pardon"

"Don't give me that shit man, you know you owe me one".

I laid it on the line. I had taken the rap for him years bag over a drugs bust and spent a year inside from him. I had enough evidence to put the dude away.

"You fuck!" He snarled at me. At last - the real Del.

"Just one little shag with Miss Whitey man, that's all. Then you'll never see me again.

He was damn pissed at me. Called my bluff and I just walked away off to the police station. But he kinda cracked.

I watched him with the bitch talkin to her. Explainin. Should have seen the look on her face. "No!" she said, "No! No! No! What do you think of me? How dare you"

Ten minutes later he came back to me. "Go ahead" he said, "you fuck! I won't forget this"

"Neither will I man"

She looked well pissed off - looking at me with such hate.

"Hey sweetie" I said - don't you worry - just lie back and enjoy yourself"

"Well get it over then" she said laying flat on her back with her panties off. "What are you doing?" she said as I put my black hands on her white thighs - touching those polite middle class legs.

"Mmmmmm" I said, "that's nice"

"Get on with it" she said.

"Let me see your ass - turn around bitch" I said and she looked at me with hate. I turned her around and put her on her hands and knees and lifted her skirt up and grabbed her tiny white ass.

"You bastard!" She said, "you dirty bastard".

My big black dig was blazing away. I felt her pussy and she made a sort of disgusted sound. She was still wet from the last fuck, great I thought and shoved my hot dick in half way. She made some cry of pain but I wanted my dick in all the way so pushed harder. I heard Del in the background cursing me some. My cock filled that middle class pussy some and there was still enough of my rod outside her ass to grab. That pissed me.

"Put your face in the ground bitch - want to bury my dick in you"

She did not go down so I leaned forward and took her hands - using my weight to get her face on the ground.

"Open them sweet white legs! I want your whole pussy!" I said and used my knees to prise open her legs more. I ripped off her bra and gave her tits a good squeeze now and again. She just kept muttering "filthy dirty bastard" Then pop! My dick went all the way into that hot white cunt. "Ahhhhhhh" I said, "that's good babe" and I went to work on her, in out in out for a long time until my cock went bang and I filled the bitch with hot cum. As my dick spurted and I moaned "Ohhhh baby, ohhhh baby, yeahhhhhh" she just made some cry of disgust and called me a bastard again especially when I grabbed her ass strongly and pulled apart the cheeks to get my dick in - and touching her asshole as I came and putting two fingers into her tight white ass. After my balls emptied into her posh pussy I let my weight fall on the bitch and lay for a minute then took my cock out and wiped the cum on her ass giving her ass a strong slap.

"That was nice, I said. Thanks bitch. You want some real black cock - you just come and see me sometime"

She wouldn't look at me and just sobbed in her polite middle class white way. Del went to her, calling me names and hurting my feelings.

That was all sometime ago. Do I feel bad about the shit I did to them. Well, not really. Del's account is even now and it wasn't an even trade - one fuck on his bitch's white pussy for 1 year inside. I think he got the better deal. Still - I often think of my cock exploding in that well mannered little white pussy.