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Her trip to Atlanta was only the beginning...
As Lisa waited eagerly in the hotel room preparing for his arrival, she let her mind wander. It had been just over six months since they met that stormy Friday in Atlanta. As she stepped into the shower to get herself ready, she thought fondly back to the day they had met and all that had happened since.

She remembered the way he looked the day they met. Marcus was 28 years old, tall around 6'4" with a beautiful chocolate brown complexion. He had a warm friendly smile and she was immediately drawn to him and knew that she wanted him. She was very nervous though, when they first met, she had butterflies in her stomach and her legs barely supported her. However, the sparkle in his eyes and his deportment put her instantly at ease. He had a laugh that she couldn't help but get caught up in and his kind mannerisms made her feel safe and secure with him

Lisa was 25, horny, and just out of a dead-end relationship with a man five years older who bored her to tears.

She was anxious to try someone new, younger, with more stamina and passion. It had been several months since she had sex, and she was ready for some action. Lisa needed excitement. She needed to get laid. She wanted that hard, fast, incredibly hot sex that leaves you gasping for breath but wanting more! And he seemed like the perfect candidate. This guy was attractive and very well built; he would be able to give her a good hard fuck and enjoyable quick one-night stand. He was the perfect vacation fling and she was on a mission!

She had come to Atlanta on a business trip and she figured since she was in a strange town where no one knew her, it might be the perfect opportunity for her to explore some of her fantasies. All she needed was a willing participant. After yet another boring meeting on how the company could expand it's operations in this floundering economy, Lisa decided to go out for a quick beer.

It was that local bar just around the corner from her hotel that she met him. He was sitting at the bar when she walked in. At first she didn't notice him. But soon her eyes wandered around the room and landed on him. He flashed her his soft friendly smile and she was hooked. She invited him to come sit with him and they began talking. As they talked and she had a couple more drinks her she summoned up her courage and asked him back to her hotel room for a quickie. He soon served his purpose, and she came hard on his big black dick.

When Lisa left Atlanta a couple days later, she thought she'd never talk to him again. But strangely enough, after she went home from her trip, he had occasion to call her at work. After exchanging phone numbers, the two of them became phone friends and got to know each other on a different, deeper level.

Lisa discovered that even though they couldn't be more different in backgrounds and interests, they never seemed at a loss for words or great conversation. Perhaps it was the distance between them that made her comfortable in talking to him, but she found herself looking forward to their talks and loved to share things with him that she had never shared with other men before. There was something special about his personality and sense of humor that continued to pull her closer with each conversation. He was intelligent and knew far more about the world than she ever expected. He was an addiction and a drug, and she couldn't stay away.

They talked about a lot of things - the weather, their work, and how life was treating them. But before long they became comfortable enough to talk about more intimate things. Their conversations turned more personal and then moved more sexual. She found herself sharing her desires with him and occasionally they would even engage in phone sex. Through their talks, Lisa learned that she was interested in BDSM and in being dominated. She desperately wished she could submit herself to him in every way. Lisa often found fantasized about him throughout the day while at work or out with friends. Through his words and thoughts he was able to bring out a side in her that, until then, she did not know existed.

Lisa was always in control in all areas of her life, in business, and her personal life, she had always been the one calling the shots. But since meeting Marcus, she discovered that she craved the idea of being submissive to him and becoming all that he wanted and desired. He was one of the few men that had the innate ability to understand women and what they think, need, feel and want. Lisa felt that somehow he knew what her body and mind needed better than she did sometimes. He instinctively knew that the way into a woman's body and heart was through her mind and whether he knew it or not, he had hers.

As Lisa took her shower, she made sure she was clean everywhere. She checked under her arms and then noticed she had a bit of pussy hair stubble. That wouldn't do at all, so she lathered up and shaved her pussy clean and smooth. She loved the feel of the razor cleaning away the offending hair and the way it made her pussy feel afterwards. Once she was satisfied she was clean and smooth, she got out and dried off. Then she generously applied her coca butter body lotion all over her tanned, freshly shaved body. Next she put on her makeup; she knew that he liked her with the heavy eye makeup that the porn stars wore and with a blush to her cheeks and red lipstick. So she put on her makeup the way he liked and went into the bedroom to dress.

She turned to look in the full length mirror attached to the back of the bedroom door to admire her body and her ass. Lisa had a nice five-foot six-inch, 36-26-36 body, with long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She had a nice light caramel tan all over with no tan lines thanks to her passion for the local tanning salon. As she looked herself over, she fingered the dangling green heart shaped navel piercing she had gotten. She had talked about getting her navel pierced and it was his suggestion she go through with it. Now she wanted him to see what she had chosen for the piercing.

She ran her hands over her 36D breasts and across her nipples and she pinched them with her long French-manicured fingernails. She shuddered at the thought that soon his hands would be the ones touching and caressing them soon. She closed her eyes and imagined feeling his hands touching her, gently running over her naked body. She noticed that her thighs were quickly becoming wet with anticipation from the thought of seeing him again and feeling his touch.

Even though she knew she should save her first orgasm for him, she had worked herself up to such a fevered frenzy with her imaginings, that she knew she couldn't wait; she needed to find release. So Lisa laid down on the hotel bed and spread her thighs open and put the two fingers from her left hand into her soaked pussy and began rubbing her swollen clit with her right hand. She imagined that she was on her knees in front of him, pleasuring him and feeling his big black cock slide down her accepting throat. He was fucking her face hard, in a way that left her gagging and in pain but yet wanting more, needing more. She wanted to feel him grab her hair and pull her face into his cock so that she would take every inch of him in her mouth and down her throat. She wanted to look up and see the pleasure in his face as she gagged, spit, and slobbered all over his sweet black cock.

As she rubbed her clit faster and faster, she could feel the wetness from her dripping pussy run down her inner thighs as she imagined pleasuring him. Lisa soon felt her body shudder, her toes curl, and her body tighten as she imagined him coming and spewing his white sticky cum all over her face. As she laid there on the bed, she could feel how flushed her face had become and she could hear her heart pounding underneath her breasts.

Lisa's imaginations, coupled with her fingering herself, brought her to a crashing orgasm and she she had just finished the last spasmodic convulsions of her cumming when suddenly she heard a knock on the door.

'Oh fuck! He's here and he's early!'

Quite flustered by his early arrival, she had no time to dress, and could only throw on a white hotel robe and went to answer the door with her long blonde hair still wet from the shower and dripping onto the robe and down between her large breasts.

As Lisa opened the door to him, his eyes widened in shock, then surprise, then a wide grin formed on his face.

"You sure must be excited to see me!" he said, seeing her standing there practically naked in front of him.

"Of course I am," she said, blushing as she realized the front of her robe was wide open and he could see everything!

He came in and she quickly shut the door behind him, then he suddenly lunged towards her and slammed her up against the wall of the hotel room. She felt her heart pounding in her chest as he kissed her and grabbed a fist full of her wet hair from the back of her head and looked deep into her green eyes. He parted her robe, exposing her heaving breasts and began biting and sucking hard on her stiff nipples, twisting them with his fingers in a way that left her breathless and pleasured but yet in pain. He put two thick fingers into her pussy and was surprised to find how wet she was and the cum leaking out of her pussy.

"You bitch!" he said, slapping her hard across the face. Then he yanked her head back by the hair, "You disobeyed me, you knew you weren't supposed to come until I told you to! You're gonna pay for that!" he spat at her.

Marcus pushed her to the floor.

"Down on the floor, bitch," he said roughly and still holding her hair, he walked quickly into the bedroom.

Lisa crawled on hands and knees as fast as she could to keep up but he still half-dragged her along.

Once in the bedroom, he took her to the side of the bed.

"Now get to it," he said, standing over her.

Lisa knew it was her duty to please him and she wanted so much to make him happy and feel good. She quickly opened up the zipper on his jeans, pulled his enormous cock out and put it in her mouth. He was soft at first, but as soon as she put all of him in her mouth she could feel him swell, grow, harden, and triple in size in her warm, wet mouth.

Lisa's already wet pussy began to drip even more as she felt him get harder and harder. The he quickly took his cock out of her mouth. She looked up in puzzlement and started to protest. She wanted to feel his hard dick back in her mouth, but before she could speak she felt him take his cock and smack her across the face with it.

"Suck this black cock, bitch! I thought you were my dirty whore. You've been wanting this, now you need to prove to me how much!" he said gruffly.

Lisa loved his dirty talk. She was his nasty whore and she wanted him to treat her like that. She was his for the sole purpose of his use and his pleasure. He knew he could have whatever he wanted from her for as long as he wanted.

"Yes, baby, I am your whore! Your filthy white whore! Please give me that beautiful black cock. I'll take it all and suck you and make you feel real good, baby!" she replied back to him, panting.

After a few more smacks to her face he thrust himself back in her mouth and she groaned with happiness. She began to spit and slobber all over his big black dick and she rotated her tongue all over the head. Lisa happily licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and moaned in pleasure because he tasted so good. She loved the feeling of his hard black cock inside of her - in whatever hole he wanted.

As Lisa felt his hard cock hitting the back of her throat, she had to resist the urge to gag and cough all over it. She tried valiantly to hold back because she wanted to please him and let him know that she was up for the challenge and could take all of him down her throat. However, the pain was so great and soon tears began streaming down her cheeks as she choked and gagged on his big black cock. Her mascara began to run, making little black trails down her cheeks and getting into her eyes which, in turn, made her cry even more. Her choking and gagging along with her messed up makeup was quite a turn-on for him.

Lisa, on the other hand, was only interested in getting more of his huge cock down her throat, even though the pain was so great. After a few more tries, she was able to get nearly all of him inside her and she could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. As the mascara-colored tears streamed down her cheeks, Lisa continued to suck and spit all over his wet, hard cock.

Lisa was busy working on his cock when suddenly, before she knew what was happening, Marcus reached down between the edges of her robe and grabbed her nipples hard, pulling her to her feet by her nipples. Lisa screamed out in pain and stood on her tip-toes to try to relieve the searing pain in her breasts. She instinctively reached up to try to help by grabbing his hands, but he only twisted her nipples as he held them up high.

"Put those hands back down where they belong, bitch!" he growled.

She did as he said and put her hands back down behind her back and he let go of her breasts, instead grabbing her and spinning her around to push her face down on the bed.

"Ass in the air, face in the pillow bitch," he commanded and she happily obeyed.

If he wanted to take her from behind she would let him. But before she could even get situated, she felt him thrust his big cock into her wet and waiting pussy and she screamed out in pleasure and pain. Lisa could feel the wetness in her pussy leaking down her thighs and onto the bedsheets, creating a growing wet spot on the sheet between her legs.

Then she felt a hard SMACK! across her right ass cheek then her left. "You like that?" he asked her.

"YES! Oh God yes, I like that! I like that!" she screamed in response.

"Then take this whore," he said as he smacked her three more times across the ass as he fucked her wet, dripping pussy simultaneously.

She could feel the stinging redness across her ass cheeks, and the intense feeling of pleasure from his cock and pain from his blows were almost too much to take - but yet she loved it and wanted more! She needed to be used and humiliated, treated like the dirty street whore she wanted to be for him.

Lisa looked up and realized that he had positioned their bodies in such a way that they could watch themselves fuck in the mirror on the wall. She could see her titties sway and her ass jiggle in the reflection as it slapped against his abdomen. Their eyes met in the mirror and she could see the lust and excitement in his expression. As he continued to fuck her, his strong hands grabbed her hips and she could hear the wet, squishing sounds of his cock slamming into her juicy pussy.

Lisa then felt him grab a fistful of her long blonde hair and her head snapped back towards him and she screamed out in pain. Then she felt another few smacks across her ass while he continued to fuck her pink pussy and pull her hair. Lisa was in heaven and her body was trembling from head to toe. Her pussy had never been wetter and she was turned on more than she ever imagined! His dick was tapping places in her body that had never been reached before and her body quickly responded.

Without warning, he pulled out and unexpectedly grabbed her leg and flipped her over onto her back with one quick motion. As he spread her legs open and stuck his big black cock into her she couldn't help but look down and see how big he was, and how good he looked entering her slick wet pussy. She could feel his eyes looking at it too, and they both enjoyed the view of him penetrating her and the contrast in the colors between his dark chocolate cock and her light pink pussy turned them both on. Lisa then felt him place his hand around her throat and he began to choke her and cut off her air supply while he fucked her. Lisa could breathe, but just barely yet she loved the feelings of pain, loss of control, and his big dick and balls slamming up against her. She began to furiously rub her clit while he continued to fuck and choke her.

"Come on this cock bitch! Come on this big black cock," he said to her and Lisa was only too happy to oblige. Her body quickly began to shudder and shake as her orgasm approached.

"Oh fuck! Oh God I'm cumming! I'm CUUMMMINGGG!!" she screamed.

She grabbed at the sheet and gripped them so tightly her knuckles turned white as she arched her back in glorious ecstasy. Her dam burst and her juices flooded her pussy and coated his still pistoning cock leaking out around it to run down her thighs and the crack of her ass adding to the stains that were already on the sheets.

A few seconds after she was done, Lisa could feel his energy change as well. His eyes closed and she could see that he was now close to coming.

"Are you gonna swallow all of me like your life depends on it?" he asked her.

"Yes! Oh please let me taste you! Give me your sweet cum, baby!" she cried.

She had never wanted to taste a man's cum more than she wanted him at this moment. After a few more thrusts, it was time and she felt him pull out of her and he grabbed her head and stuck his cock into her mouth. As Lisa felt him fuck her face, she felt his cock begin to throb and twitch as his cum shot down the back of her throat. He tasted so good and she swallowed each drop as though it was the air that she needed to survive. She was instantly turned on knowing how pleased he was and she loved the combination of his cum and her juices mixed together in her mouth.

They had both came hard, and Lisa figured it was now rest time; but Marcus had other plans! Lisa stood up to go to the restroom and as she sat down on the toilet, she looked up and saw him standing in front of her and he stuck his cock into her mouth and deep into her throat as she peed.

"Don't get too relaxed, whore, I'm about to fuck you in your ass! There's nothing you can do about it and you're gonna like it!" Lisa's chocolate lover said with authority.

She had told him in their conversations that she had never tried anal before, and he was eager to be the first to try out her virgin asshole. He spoke with such authority and decisiveness that she knew who was boss. Lisa was no longer in control of her body or mind. He had control over her now and she was his and she wanted to please him in every way, even if it hurt. Lisa sucked him hard and once again felt him grow in her mouth as she peed into the toilet. When she was done he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up, pushed her down the hall, and threw her onto the bed.

He grabbed her leg and flipped her over, this time onto her stomach and spread her legs apart.

"Where's the blindfold and handcuffs?" he asked.

He had made her go to the local adult store a month ago and pick up a few things. He had her bring the blindfold and handcuffs down with her on this trip, and Lisa had hoped that tonight she would finally have a chance to use them.

"They're over on the nightstand," she said excitedly.

He quickly found them and cuffed her hands to the bed post and put the blindfold over her eyes so she could not see what would happen next. He pulled her up on her knees and pushed her face into the bed.

Get that ass up! I'm about to stuff some hard black cock in it!" he said handling her roughly.

Lisa tried to relax and loosen up her muscles, but she was nervous. This would be her first anal sex. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand and put a few drops on the tip of his finger and slowly put his finger in her asshole to get her warmed up. She could feel her asshole loosening up and she was enjoying the feeling of his finger penetrating her. After a few minutes of ass play, he put a generous application of lube on his cock and began to tease her asshole with the tip as he rubbed it back and forth across the entrance to her wet ass. As he slowly stuck the head of his cock in her, Lisa yelped and once again experienced the dual feeling of pleasure and pain that was becoming commonplace from her experiences with him.

"Please fuck my ass baby!" she cried out to him as he continued to push himself further and further inside of her.

As Marcus continued to go still deeper, Lisa felt chills and pleasure radiate up and down her entire body. This man knew how to make a woman's body feel amazing and she was in awe of his abilities. After her last boyfriend and his pathetic attempts at lovemaking, she never expected that a man could have the confidence and conviction to make her succumb to him in this way. Before she knew what was happening, Lisa felt him lean over and grab the vibrator from the nightstand and felt him push it into her pussy while his cock was still in her ass. She felt her entire body rise up in pleasure as both of her holes were filled to capacity with his big black cock and the vibrator.

"Fuck me! Oh God fuck me!" she screamed out to him.

Lisa had never been filled in both holes and she fucking loved it! She could tell that he liked it too because he yelled "Oh Shit!" as he felt the vibrator buzzing in her pussy while his cock was in her ass, separated by just a thin wall.

He could feel how tight and wet she was. He started smacking her ass and spreading out her ass cheeks as he continued to plunge deeper and deeper inside of her. They both were so excited and turned on, and she could feel his sweat dripping down onto her back which only added to her pleasure. She was soon panting like a dog, and begging for more.

He must have liked what he saw from behind, because then he told her he was going to take a picture of her and her ass. Lisa couldn't see anything of course because of the blindfold, but she was turned on by the idea of him taking dirty photos of his whore

"Oh, fuck yes!" she yelled to him as he pulled his cock out of her.

He jumped off the bed to grab his camera phone. Lisa couldn't see what he was doing, but she soon felt him spread her ass cheeks apart and heard the "click" of his camera several times which made her pussy drip with excitement. Lisa, being an exhibitionist, loved the idea of being on display for him, and at his mercy for his perverted desires. She then felt him plunge deep into her once again and heard the familiar "click, click" of the camera once again.

As he pumped inside her asshole, Lisa pleaded with him to release one of her handcuffs so that she could rub her clit which was begging for attention. But Marcus had another idea. He reached under her and began to rub her wet and swollen clit as he fucked her ass without mercy.

Lisa felt him pumping harder and harder in her ass which was becoming sore from the attention of this first anal he switched between spanking her ass and playing with her clit, he called her his dirty white whore. Lisa could no longer hold it in and her pussy and ass contracted on the combination of the vibrator and his big black cock.

Lisa panted, "Please, oh God please, please don't stop!" as he plowed into her from behind and rubbed her clit , and she came hard once again.

"I'm gonna cum on your ass you filthy white whore!" he yelled as he pulled his dick out of her and blasted load after hot load of white cum all over her ass.

He took his cock and rubbed his cum all over her ass and Lisa moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of his warm, wet cum on her. And as they collapsed onto the bed and lay there catching their breath, Lisa knew this was just the start of an amazing weekend!

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