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Boxing Clever

Alf proves he could have been a contender...
It’s unbearably hot as the mid afternoon sun beats down onto the garden. We certainly made a bad decision to re-lay the lawn on this particular Sunday. The sweat is pouring out of me as I lay down another roll of grass. Thankfully, the job is nearly over.

“One more roll should do it, Alf. Will you do the honours mate?”

Alf nods and heads off in the direction of the garage where the turf has been stored. I decide to take a breather and pull up a seat at the garden table. Alf is soon back, a huge roll of turf slung over his shoulder as if he’s carrying a bag of feathers. He’s got a heart of gold, a truly nice fella. Alf’s been our next door neighbour for five years since we moved in. He’s had a tough time over the past six months, losing his job, and his wife walked out on him. I offered him a bit of money to help me in the garden and he jumped at the chance.

The job is finally finished and I invite Alf to stay and have a drink. As if by magic my wife, Kay appears, carrying a tray with three ice cold beers.

“Oh nice job boys. The grass looks superb, I can’t wait to get my sun lounger out on it.”

We sip our beers and make general conversation. Alf is a man of few words, he generally doesn’t ask the questions, just answering the ones you fire at him with one or two word answers.

“Any news on the job front, Alf?” Kay enquires.

“No, nothing.” he replies in his soft hushed tone.

“Have you tried down at the Boxing Club?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’ve tried, but they don’t have anything for me.”

Alf is now in his Fifties, but years ago he was a professional Boxer. Quite a talent by all accounts, unfortunately he gave into the temptation of drink and his career dipped. He still did the odd stint at the local Boxing club, training the youngsters, but it seemed as if even that had dried up.

“I’m sorry to hear it Alf, If I have any other odd jobs I need doing I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks, Chris.”

I give him his wages, Alf swallows down the last of his beer and bids us goodbye.


Later that evening, Kay and I are lying in bed, enjoying the afterglow of a particularly torrid bout of lovemaking.

“I’m surprised you had any energy left after the grass?”

I told her that there was just enough left in the tank.

The conversation wound around to Alf and how sorry Kay felt for him.

“Tell you what though, Chris, he maybe getting on a bit, but did you see those muscles? He was lifting those rolls of grass with one hand, you were struggling with two.”

“Well he was a Boxer, they do tend to have Muscles, Kay”

She turns her head to look at me “Oooh somebody’s a tiny bit jealous.”

“No I’m not Kay.” I snap back.

“Yes you are, you’re jealous because Alf’s got big muscular arms and legs and you don’t. I bet he was a real catch back in the day, and you know what they say about black guys?”

“It’s a myth, Kay.”

She looks at me, a sly grin playing on her lips “I bet it’s not a myth with Alf, hung like a stallion I bet.”

She reaches over and casually strokes my flaccid cock, pulling it back and forth slowly, coaxing me hard.

“Ooh yes, a big black cock, and I bet he knows how to use it.”

Kay now has me fully hard and Is gripping my helmet tightly, wanking me vigorously.

“You know what I want, Chris? I want Alf. I want to feel him deep inside me, filling me right up.”

“You’re kidding me, Kay? He’s old enough to be your Dad.”

“I know, that’s what turns me on. When you two were outside earlier what do you think I was doing. I was up here bringing myself off, thinking about Alf fucking my little pussy, shooting his come all over me.

The filthy talk combined with her wrist action was too much, my orgasm ripped through me. A huge jet of semen now covering my sexy wife’s hand.

“I’d want you to watch, Chris, would you like that?”

I told her I would, watching her lick my sticky load into her waiting mouth.


It’s 8pm the following Friday. The doorbell rings and I dutifully open up to greet Alf. He shakes my hand tightly, almost crushing it in the process. A bottle of wine is thrust into the other hand, inspecting the label I can see he hadn’t gone to any great expense, but I don’t suppose he’s got the cash.

“Hey Chris, thanks for inviting me over for Dinner, all I seem to eat is junk food these days. Hope you didn’t want me to dress up?”

I tell him not to worry, he’s fine in his Jeans and tee.

We make our way to the lounge and I open his wine, I try to disguise my wince as the acidity of it cuts across my tongue, definitely be opening a bottle of mine next.

“Where’s Kay?” he asks.

“Oh just getting ready, Alf. You know what she’s like, always likes to look good.”

Just on queue I hear her footsteps on the upstairs landing, and then her descent downstairs. Her entrance leaves us both mute.

Kay looked absolutely amazing. Long brown hair flowing around her shoulders, framing her pretty face. Her dress was new, or at least I hadn’t seen it before, a low cut black number showing plenty of cleavage and barely long enough to cover her curvy bum. I feel a stirring in my loins, by the look on Alf’s face, I’m sure he’s the same.

“Hi boys, do I look Okay?”

I tell her she looks absolutely stunning. Alf doesn’t say a word.

“What about you, Alf? Do you think I look nice?”

Alf nods and murmurs “Lovely.” I’m guessing he doesn’t want to offend me by saying more, but the transfixed look in his eyes tells me all I need to know.

Kay glides past us, a waft of her delicious perfume fills my nostrils, and my senses. I want her right here right now, roughly on the Dinner table. Unfortunately it’s not me she wants to impress tonight.

“Pour me a glass of wine please, Alf.” her voice is husky and low.

Alf pours out the wine, his eyes straying from the glass and onto my wife’s pert tits. Her eyes are staring deep into his, almost pleading “Take me.” The atmosphere is becoming a little hotter, it’s tangible.

“Come on Alf, let’s sit down, Dinner is ready.” I usher him to the table.

Kay serves up a beautiful meal, my personal favourite - Chicken with Mozzarella stuffing. Alf devours his quickly, as if he hadn’t eaten for a week. He clears his plate, leaving me in his wake, I’ve still got nearly a plateful left.

“Do you want more, Alf? Big strong man like you needs feeding up?” she asks.

Alf nods.

She takes his plate back into the kitchen and fills it up again.

“I knew a big man like you would want more from me, Alf. I knew you’d like second helpings.”

The innuendo seems lost on him, I think the less subtle approach will be needed. She must be telepathic. As she places the plate back down her bend is deliberate and slow, her breasts almost in his face.

Alf devours another plateful, but he doesn’t look particularly contented. In fact he seems to be wearing an expression of pure terror.

“You okay, Alf?”

“Uh, what? Erm yeah.”

He is acting very oddly, and then I catch on why. I can see Kay has removed a shoe and is rubbing her bare foot up and down Alf’s leg. I pretend I haven’t noticed and carry on eating.

Kay decides that’s enough for now, he looked likely to explode.

“More wine I think boys.”

She opens a second bottle, one of mine praise be and returns to the table. Picking up Alf’s glass she starts too refill. I notice she is really pushing into him, he would obviously be able to feel the warmth of her body.

“Say when, Alf, tell me when to stop….or would you like me to go all the way?”

There it is, innuendo again, he won’t get it, and she’s not exactly being subtle this time.

We finish up eating and retire to the lounge, sitting on a large leather sofa, Kay sandwiched between us. The wine is now flowing well and conversation is a little easier. I look at the time, it’s time. Touching her leg I tell Kay I need the bathroom, and I ask her to get Alf more wine.

I make my way upstairs to the bathroom and turn on the light. Looking in the mirror my face is flushed red - a mix of nerves and excitement, is this really about to happen? I turn on the cold tap and splash my face, it feels on fire so go for a second larger splash. I give it another couple of minutes and tip toe back down stairs. By now the fireworks should be underway. I lurk at the lounge door and listen.

“So did you like it?”


“The feel of my foot on your leg earlier, me pressing myself onto you when I poured your wine?”

No reply from Alf.

“I know you like me, Alf. I’ve seen you looking at my tits and arse, don’t try to deny it. You’d love to have sex with me wouldn’t you?”


“You’d love to fuck me right here if Chris wasn’t here.”

I peer around the door, Kay is rubbing her hand up and down Alf’s thigh, he doesn’t seem in any hurry to stop her.

“Kiss me, Alf. Chris is upstairs, he won’t know.” Kay pleads.

Her hand snakes it’s way around the back of Alf’s head and pulls him in. They kiss hungrily and neither of them breaks away. It seems to go on forever, a strange feeling fills me, part lust, part jealousy, but I still want to watch.

Kay breaks the kiss. A look of deep lust in her blue eyes.

“Touch me, Alf. I want to feel your fingers inside me.”

He doesn’t get a choice, she guides a huge hand towards her knickerless pussy. His fingers are like sausages, hope he doesn’t try and get them all in.

“Oooh Alf, that’s so good, don’t stop, you’re making me all wet.”

I can see Alf is thrusting two massive fingers deep into her hairless pussy, her face is scrunched up, a look of pure pleasure.

“That’s so good, it’s stupendous, Alf.”

The code word, time for my entrance. I compose myself, count to ten and enter the room.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Alf’s face is priceless, like a rabbit in the headlights. He quickly removes his fingers.

“Chris, I’m so sorry mate, she made me.” he protests.

Here’s hoping my acting skills are up to scratch.

“Made you, made you?” a look of pseudo anguish on my face “You’re twice the size of her, what did she do, hit you with her handbag?”

Alf is dumbstruck.

I move in for the kill, glaring at my wife.

“And as for you, what’s the matter, not enough for you am I?”

She looks up at me, playing this perfectly.

“No darling, you’re not. Alf here is a real man, not a skinny wimp like you. I bet he knows how to please a woman, I bet you could give me a good hard fucking? I bet you’ve got a nice big black cock haven’t you Alf?”

Alf doesn’t know where to put himself. I can see him squirming in his skin. Kay shows no sign of letting up.

“Show me your cock, Alf. I want to see it.” she orders.

Alf looks at me, completely lost.

“Better do as the lady says.”

Kay orders him to strip off, within a minute Alf is down to his pants. For his age, or any age his body is impressive, rippling arm muscles, huge thighs and a monstrous looking bulge in his underwear. As he makes to take off his pants, Kay orders him to stop.

“I want to take those off, come here.”

He shuffles forward, standing in front of her, just inches away.

Kay kneels down, her face level with his groin. Slowly she pulls his pants off. As he kicks them off a gasp of surprise leaves her lips.

“Oh my Jesus, Alf.”

His penis is semi erect, but massive, absolutely massive. At a guess his circumcised length is as least seven inches wide and five inches thick. Fuck me, he isn’t even hard yet!

Kay swoons. “Alfie, that is fucking beautiful.”

So much for my ‘myth’ theory then. He’s bigger now than I am at full tilt, and it just keeps jolting, the blood filling the frighteningly thick vein which covers it’s length. This is not to mention his balls, they are the size of ping pong balls, looking heavy and pendulous.

Kay stares up at his face, a look of pure desire.

“How long has it been Alf? How long since a woman touched your cock? How long since you fucked a woman?”

“Over a year, honey.”

This spurs Kay on. “About time I changed that then.”

She grasps his dick with both hands, one on the base of his column, the other on his helmet, working his length, using a technique she often did to me, a twisting motion at the base end, and a ferocious jerking to his tip. He is quickly reaching full length. Kay spits on his dick and works the saliva into his helmet, the lubrication enables her to wank his cock at a rapid speed.

“You like that, Alf? My hands all over your cock?”

“Fuck yes, keep going you dirty bitch.”

Alf seems to be getting well into this, easily forgetting I’m even in the room.

He is now fully hard. What a sight this is, I thought my seven inch length was okay, but he blows me out of the water. I’ve seen a lot of porn, but boy, this guy is up there with the best, he must be ten inches long, and the girth wider than my wrist.

Kay is in wonderland. She has now ceases wanking him and is admiring her work.

“Oh fuck, you’re massive, Alf.”

She pulls herself closer in to him, measuring her forearm against his manhood, her arm loses, Alf’s dick is longer and thicker, a bead of pre-cum now glistening like a dew drop at the apex of his helmet.

Kay sticks out her tongue and delicately scoops of the liquid from his tip swallowing it down.

“Hmm nice, real nice, Alf. How about I suck that lovely cock of yours?”

No need for an answer here, and no time for Alf to give one. Kay hungrily sucks his bulbous helmet, her mouth stretching to take him in. Like a pro she takes it nice and slow, spitting on his cock to allow more of his length in.

I think it’s time to stop being a spectator here. I get behind Kay and gently hold the back of her head and push it deeper onto Alf’s penis. She is aware of my presence but doesn’t miss a stroke. Kay must have five inches of him in her mouth, but I push her on even harder, causing her to gag and choke. She releases him and heaves violently, a huge, thick trail of saliva trails in an arc from his tip to her pretty lips.

As she recovers, Kay glances back and shoots me a furious look.

“Your job is to look, not touch, you prick.”

Knowing my place, I back off, retreat to the nearest armchair.

She is still glaring at me, but after a second or two she softens.

“But I will let you jack off, in fact I Insist that you do.”

Bloody hell, since when did my wife become so commanding? I kind of like it though, fishing my hard length out, gripping it tightly and tugging hard.

She continues her work, sucking Alf’s length deep into her mouth, all the time gripping his heavy sac, teasing the come out of him. From personal experience, I know how hard she sucks, like a vacuum. Alf screws his eyes tight, fucking her mouth with his huge cock. He can’t be far off.

“Yes, Oh Yes, I’m gonna shoot in your mouth, you fucking dirty bitch, Kay.”

It was the most he’d said all night.

“Yeessssss, yessss, urrgh.”

I could tell Alf was coming, he grasped Kay’s head tightly and gritted his teeth, coil after coil of thick come filled her mouth, she could take no more, pulling his length out of her mouth. He wasn’t finished though, taking himself in hand he massaged his tip, another eight or nine sprays lashed over her hair and face, this guy couldn’t have come in ages. Alf collapsed back onto the sofa, seemingly drained. I quickly replaced him, spurting my load all over Kay’s pretty features. Her face was drenched in cum, drops hanging off her hair, her nose and chin. The residue slowly sliding down between her breasts and onto her lovely dress.

She wipes the cum off her face and makes her way upstairs to the bathroom, shouting down “Don’t think I’ve finished with you yet, Alf.”

What do you say to someone who your wife has just given a blow job? It’s not something I’ve experienced before.

“Errm, enjoy that, Alf?”

He slowly nods. I guess he makes up for in actions what he lacks in words. Understandably he is very aware that he is sitting naked in my living room, thankfully he has the decency to cover his crotch with both hands.

Mercifully, Kay is soon back downstairs. She has discarded the dress, standing naked in just her heels, brandishing a tube of KY…I think I know what’s coming next. Her body looks amazing, taut breasts, toned legs, slightly big bum and a fantastic, clean shaven pussy. I’m glad to see she has washed off our come.

“Alf, get that dick hard again, I want that thing deep in my pussy.”

She is so demanding, I’ve never seen her like this before. Alf is now bone hard again, sat legs akimbo on the sofa. Kay squirts out a large blob of the KY and massages it onto his cock, astoundingly it looks even bigger than before, gaining an impressive sheen from the lube.

Grabbing the top edge of the sofa, Kay straddles his body, pressing her lovely breasts against his mouth, Alf hungrily nibbles on a succulent nipple as she guides his slippery manhood into her tight pussy. It takes a few minutes for her to become accustomed to his massive length and girth, her gutteral grunts and groans fill the room as she begins to ride him hard, she eventually is riding about eight inches of him, her pussy stretched obscenely wide to accommodate him.

Alf’s hands grip her waist, pushing her down onto his column harder, he seems intent on giving her his whole length, his dark hands contrasting against her pale, almost translucent skin. She begins to buck her hips, pushing herself flush against his body, trying to get more and more of his meat inside her. As she rides him hard, I can see traces of her cream coating his length, she must have nine inches inside her now.

Her grunts are becoming deep and primal, all her chat has now faded away, just concentrating on taking the biggest dick she has ever had deep inside her.

Alf is now pushing his hips up in time with her rhythm, I swear his whole cock is deep inside my wife’s tight sex, how on earth has she done this? I stare in awe at two people fucking the ass off each other and feel very much left out. I decide if Kay can indulge her carnal desires, then so can I.

Pulling my trousers down for the second time tonight I snatch the KY from the table and smear a liberal glob over my swollen glans. Placing one foot on the sofa I position myself behind my sexy wife and in time with her riding, gently place my penis against her puckered arsehole.

“Enjoying yourself, Kay, honey?”

“Oh fuck, this is so dirty, I’ve always wanted to be double fucked, just do it.”

This was all she managed to blurt out, her concentration fixed on Alf’s monster cock.

I ease myself in gently, her ass is no stranger to my dick, but this is different. I struggle to get with the tempo of Alf’s frenetic pumping, but eventually I get it, managing to push four inches into her, keeping time with Alf.

The sound of out three way sex was amazing, Kay’s holes being soundly filled, gasps, grunts and whimpers fill the room. Alf’s stamina is amazing, he is fucking my wife like a well oiled machine, sweat pouring off him, making his huge muscles shine.
Kay is loving it, what a dirty girl she really is, her fingers now circling her clit wildly. After a minute I feel her tighten, an intense orgasm ripples through her body, but she doesn’t let up, bouncing hard onto Alf‘s column. After a few seconds more Alf releases a second huge deposit into Kay’s pussy, he can’t pull himself off her as I’m pistoning deep into Kay’s sweet arse, the tightness of her tiny anus is too much and I shoot way inside her tight walls, collapsing on top of Kay, who is flat out against Alf’s hard chest. We are all breathing heavily, sweat pouring from our bodies.

Eventually, Kay comes to her senses first, disengaging herself first from me and then Alf, a huge slurping sound as his dick withdraws. She stands up, come dripping from both orifices, a large globule of semen slips from her pussy and lands on the sofa.

“Chris baby, you better get this mess cleaned up, that’s where you’re sleeping tonight, Alf will be fucking me silly all night in our bed, I don’t want you disturbing us, okay?”

Since when did she become the boss of me? But I tell myself that my time will come, she owes me big time for this.

Kay gets to her feet, and heads towards the kitchen, after a minute or so she shouts back into the lounge.

“All of that fucking has given me an appetite, anyone fancy a Sandwich?”

I chuckle and tell her that we’ve just had one.

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