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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

A Butterfly Is Born
I have always been my parent’s perfect little girl, and I feel like it’s time for a change. I want things to be different. I just turned seventeen and I’m ready to spread my wings, so to speak. I've been debating this for the last six months, and I’m ready for it. 

I stroll down the street, repeating the same thing in my head, encouraging myself. “You can do this,” again and again, almost like a broken record. I step up to the tattoo shop and shiver slightly, suddenly afraid to push the doors open. I look into the shop, and someone spots me. I think to myself, it’s now or never. I push open the doors and smile at the tall, burly looking man behind the counter. 

“Good morning, how can I help you?” His voice is husky, almost mean sounding, only making me all the more nervous. 

“I-I want to get a tattoo.” 

“You’re in the right place for it then… ID, please.” 

I feel the butterflies go wild in my stomach. My best friend got me a fake ID a week ago and promised me it would pass. I dig in my purse and hand him it. I feel pale, and faint. He stares at it for what seems like forever, than nods. 

“You know what you want?” 

“I do, yes.” 

“Good, he’ll do it in a short bit.” 

I look to where the burly man points and see a young man working on someone else. I nod again, and sit down. I pick up one of the many tattoo books, flicking through it. I’m not even looking at the work, but want something to distract myself with. Another twenty minutes pass before I hear my name. 

“Um, Missy?” 

I look up, and see the tallest man I have ever seen in my life, tower over me. He probably isn't as tall as I think, I’m just scared. But, boy is he gorgeous. He has the darkest skin I have ever seen, it looks like dark chocolate. He has the brownest eyes, they almost look like root beer balls. You know, like the candy? I bite my bottom lip and shiver. 

“Yes, that’s me.” 

“I’m Tig, I’ll be doing you’re tattoo.” 

“Okay,” I don’t know what else to say. 

“Come on, this way,” He says, as he is looking at me a bit funny. I wonder if he knows. I don’t question it and follow him into the back room. It’s clean, really clean. It has a few tattoo chairs, a table, and bunch of mirrors. The walls are plastered with pictures of tattoos, I’m guessing of past costumers. There is music playing down low, rock n roll. I take a deep breath and look up at him. 

“What are we going with, Angel?” 

“I want a butterfly,” I whisper lowly. 

“Got ya, hop on up,” he pats the table. 

I remove my shirt and climb up on the table, and can see from the mirror he is eyeing my body. I can’t help but blush a little bit. I’m used to boys looking at me, I’m no virgin. I’m just not used to having a grown man looking at me. He catches me watching him through the mirror and turns around. 

He sets up what he needs, we stay silent. My heart is pounding hard. I can’t help but bite my bottom lip. I watch him through the mirror still, facing away from him. Once he starts, he rests his hand is so close to my breast. I can’t help but notice how dark he is compared to my creamy white skin. 

Finally he breaks the silences, “how old are you, Angel?” 

“I’m, um twenty one. How about you?” 

“I’m twenty four.” 

“How long have you been tattooing?” I ask.

“Seven years, mostly private stuff,” he continues to tattoo me, as he answers.

“Is this all you do?” My curious nature taking over, I can feel myself begin to relax.


“What else do you do?”

“I work on cars,” he says flatly.

“You look like the type.” 


“Man of many words,” I can’t help but smile.

“You always talk so much?” He looks up at me for a moment, before going back to tattooing.

“I tend to have a bad habit of it, yes,” I blush.

“Well, with a pretty mouth like yours, you might as well put it to good use.” 

Did he really just say that? I feel the red hot blush cover my body, head to toe. I fight the urge to squirm. I keep my eye on him through the mirror and can see him smirking. I know, he knows he has an effect on me. After another ten minutes he tells me he’s done. I get up and look in the mirror. A very cute, simple but stunning butterfly adorns my ribcage. I thank him, and almost regret that our time is up.

When I get home I ring my friend Jill. She’s the one who got me the ID. She squeals and gushes over the fact I did it. I can’t help but feel excited about it even more. We make plans to see each other the next day. I don’t tell her about Tig. I want to keep that part to myself. 

I make myself useful for the rest of the day, going to bed early. I can’t get Tig out of my mind, how hot he is. I can’t help it, even though, I know a man of 24, would never really be into someone who’s just seventeen. I roll over and try and forget about him. However, he’s all I dream about all night. Oh and the dreams I have of him, they should be illegal. 

I wake up, almost like I hadn't slept all night. I’m tired, yet so turned on. I feel like I've been teased all night. I guess I sort of have. I’m only am doing it to myself. I throw the blankets off, and jump into the shower. The water feels amazing, and can’t help but start touching myself. I envision what it’d be like if Tig was in the shower with me. What his hands might feel like on me, touching my milky white skin, kissing on my neck, teasing me. 

I've only been with two guys before. I have enough knowledge to get by, I suppose. Though neither of them helped much, they just wanted me to just simply please them. That’s one of the reasons I've put guys off for a while, though I could change my mind for Tig. I inwardly sigh knowing that it won’t happen. I put him off my mind, as I get dressed. 

Jill shows up about an hour later and we head to the mall, getting new outfits for tonight. She’s in awe of my tattoo and debates on getting one herself. I tease her, and tell her she cried for three hours when she got her ears pierced. She scoffs, and pouts knowing I’m right, but hates I called her out on it. When we’re done shopping, we head back to my place and change. 

There is a bon fire partying happening down at the beach, and when we show up, it’s in full swing. Jill gets pulled off by her boyfriend, leaving me to fend for myself. I grab a drink, and get into conversation with a few people I know from school. After about three hours I am about five drinks in, and feel a bit tipsy. I am alone, watching the fire flicker as everyone else does their own thing. I catch a glimpse of Jill sucking face with Todd. 

“A pretty girl like you shouldn't be sitting alone, ever,” I hear a familiar voice, and I look up. Again it’s like looking up a tall sky scraper. 

“What are you doing here?” I ask, almost a bit rudely.

“Me and the boys are checking out the party, problem?” 

“Ah, um, no?” I stutter over myself, and look back down, like I've been punished. 

“You got room on that log for someone else?” He asks softly. 

“Sure, go head.” 

He sits down and I can’t help but smell the freshly showered smell come off him. He smells like heaven. 

“You look beautiful tonight, Angel.” 

I blush scarlet red. “Thank you, Tig.” 

“Not a problem, darling. Why are you all alone?” 

“Jill, that’s my best friend, left me to go suck face with her man.” 

“Huh, I hate when that happens, unless I’m the one doing the face sucking,” he teases me with the term I used.

I can’t help it, when I see Todd kissing Jill that’s what it looks like. He looks like he can’t kiss to save a life. Poor Jill. I smirk up at Tig, who smiles down at me. 

“And what about you, you said you were here with the boys. Where are they?” 

“They are searching for something real to drink. We’re thinking of heading to the pub. Maybe you should come with us, it’ll be fun.” 

I curse at myself for not bringing my fake ID. I really want to go with him. I can’t even believe he’s here. I don’t want him to go already. I fiddle with my cup and wish I had something to distract myself. 

“That’s a nice offer, but I, um well I can’t just leave Jill. You know?” 

“Awe, she’ll be fine with face sucker. Come on, I’ll get you in. I know the bouncer. Let’s go.” 

I laugh at his remark about Todd, and stand up, dusting my dress off. 

“Alright, let me go at least tell Jill, I’m outtie.” 

“Sure thing, Angel.” 

I make my way to Jill, and pry her away from Todd long enough to tell her I’m going. She pouts for a minute, telling me I need to find a man. I roll my eyes at her, if she only knew. We hug and I go back to find Tig with a few of his mates. 

“You ready now, Angel?” 

“Yes, let’s go.” 

He takes my hand, and I feel a surge of warmth between us. I can’t help but blush. I love how soft his hand feels in mine. We head to the pub, that is about two blocks away, and get in with no issues. I’m not sure if it’s the booze already in me or not, but I’m relaxed.

It’s a good size pub. The music is loud and thumping. There are enough people in here to make anyone claustrophobic, but I don’t mind. Tig orders us drinks and drags me to the dance floor. We dance to the loudest, mind blowing music. We even attempt to make conversation over the music, which isn't easy. He holds me close, and we dance, as if we've done it all our lives. I’m feeling comfortable with him, and loving it. The booze helps me become a little bit flirtier then I’d normally be but I love it. 

“You’ve got moves to kill for, Angel,” he grins at me.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I tease back.

“Well thanks! Have you been here before?” 

“Nope, I don’t much do the pub scene, but it’s fun.” 

“It is indeed, Angel!” 

“Why do you keep calling me that?” 

“I do because you’re as beautiful as one, Missy. Problem?” 

I blush so hard, I feel like my entire body is glowing red. I look up at him, he has a killer, to die for smile and I flush harder. 

“Heck girl, you blush more than a spanked ass.”

“I can’t help it!” I squeal, giggling as I feel him pull me closer. I feel his body pressed tightly against mine, it teases me greatly. 

“I’m not complaining, Angel, red suits you just fine.” 

“If you don’t stop, I’ll bite you.” 

I grin, and he leans down whispering in my ear, “If you do that, I’ll bend you over right here, and fuck you so hard you’ll walk funny for a week.” 

I’m too stunned to say anything else, and Tig goes to get us another round of drinks. Oh what am I getting myself into? He’d have nothing to do with me, if he knew how old I truly am. I go to find him, to tell him I have to go. 

“Hey, I've got to go. I’m sorry.” 

I turn to walk off, but he grabs me by the elbow. The look on his face is confused and a little hurt, making me feel worse. “What’s wrong, Angel? I do something?” 

“No, nothing at all. It’s me,” I pull gently from his grasp and head out of the pub.

I can feel him right behind me, trying to catch up. “Well, what’s going on then? You were fine just a few minutes ago, what’s changed?” 

“Nothing, I just have to get home, that’s all.” 

“What for, you got work in the morning or something?” 

“Or something,” I say, and fight the urge to cry.

He notices and pulls me into his arms, stroking my back. “Hey, Shh. No need to for me to ever see an Angel cry. What’s really going on?”

“Look, I might as well just tell you. I’m sure you’ll find out sooner or later. I’m not twenty one, I’m seventeen. I’m sorry I lied. I had to at the shop for the tattoo. I should have been honest, you can run away now.” 

He looks down at me, I can’t meet his gaze, and I’m too scared. “I had a feeling you were lying about your age, even at the shop. You don’t even look close to being twenty one, but I couldn't help but go with it. However, I’m not going anywhere, I can’t help it. It’s like I’m hooked, you’re a drug to me. I haven’t been able to get you off my mind since yesterday. I knew it was wrong yesterday, and even more now but I can’t walk away.” 

I’m stunned by his confession. He was thinking of me, as much as I was of him. I do something I normally wouldn't ever, I blame the booze. I lean up, wrapping my arms around the back of his neck, and kiss him deeply. His full, soft lips meet mine, instantly opening up to me, our tongues wrestle for each other. I feel a soft moan escape my lips, and he holds me so close I can feel his erection press against my lower belly. The desire to be with him grows tenfold, and I step closer. I break the kiss, looking up at him. 

“Take me home, Tig.” 

“Are you sure, Angel face?” 

“I’m sure, take me home.” 

We head to his place, which isn't far from the pub. I’m grateful, because I’m not sure how much longer I can go without having his lips on me. I don’t even care where. I just want them on me, anywhere. We get to his place, and again, I make the first move. I bring myself into him, kissing him deeply once more. He holds me tight, I can still feel his erection against me, and I don’t think he ever got soft. A shiver runs down my body. His hands roam down to my backside, squeezing me tightly. He lifts me up, I wrap my legs around him, his cock pressing against my soaking panties. 

He carries me to the bedroom, dropping the both of us on to the bed. Our kiss doesn't break, his hands roaming over me, up over my breasts. My nipples are screaming for his touch. He tugs the top of my dress down, letting my breasts pop free. I am not wearing a bra, and he growls his approval. My perky, pink beads tighten harder, as he stares down at them. It only takes him a moment to wrap his soft, tender lips around one and suck on it hard. I grind my hips up towards him. I can feel him doing the same to me. I can only guess his cock is screaming to be freed from his jeans. 

I reach down between us, undoing his jeans. He bites and nurses on my pert nipples, taking turns with both of them. My moans sing through the room, loving how his lips work me. He hikes up my dress up. I sit up, so he can pull it free. He looks down at my silky white skin, he groans and lets his lips move along me again. He somehow works out of his shoes, and jeans, I tug on his shirt as he works lower down on me. We’re both just in panties and boxers. My body shakes as he kisses down, circling his tongue around my belly button. He dips it in every so often. I envy his large, thick tongue. He flicks it with such skill around and in my button. My legs are part, him lying between them, working slowly down. 

Never in my life have I had a man go down on me. As I said before, the guys I have been with before, expected me to please them. I don’t dare say anything, I just watch him work down lower. The darkness of his skin between my milky thighs makes me shiver with lust. He is so gorgeous. His full dark lips kiss on my inner thighs, and as if he knows I’m watching, he looks up at me with those sexy eyes and grins. I bite my lip, and blush. He helps me lift my hips, and slowly pulls my panties down. He tosses them aside, as he looks at my pretty, pink pussy. He licks his lips slowly, oh how sexy! 

He leans in, and kisses my mound, I automatically lift my hips. He holds me in place, bringing me closer, he kisses me again. His full, thick lips are working down further, until he reaches my clit. His tongue creeps out and assaults my nerve endings. “Oh shit!” I cry out, and he starts in on me, assaulting me in a way no one ever has before. I grind my hips, his tongue going to town on my clit, sucking, flicking, and licking me. I don’t know how much I can hold back, until I cry out. I stiffen in release, feeling the ultimate joy of my orgasm. I come so hard, I see colors I didn't even knew existed before. The whirlwind, as I moan out his name is loud, echoing off the walls, I grip the blanket on the bed, writhing until I feel myself float back to the here and now. 

“That was… The most intense orgasm I have ever had, bloody hell!” 

I blush deep, looking down at him, as he looks up at me, cocking an eyebrow. He grins, and licks his lips, almost telling me silently he approves of how I taste. 

“Hasn’t anyone ever gone down on you before, Angel?” 

“Um… No.” 

“Are you a virgin?” He asks, I can tell he suddenly becomes nervous, and I can’t help but giggle at him.

I reach down and run a finger along his lower lip. “No, I’m not a virgin. I've just been with shit heads in the past. You know the types who only care for themselves.” 

“Oh, you mean little boys. Gotcha.” 

“Yeah, that,” I giggle and he sits up, coming to kiss me. I kiss him deep. Tasting his sweet lips on mine, after going down on me, sends a surge through me that makes me ache. I climb onto his lap, and push him down, so he’s lying flat down. 

“I’m not down with you, not even close.” 

I run my finger nails along his chest, leaving faint marks on his beautifully dark skin. I stand up, and tug on his boxers until they are off him. I toss them aside with my panties, and grin at him. I dance above him, allowing him full view of all of me. His hands are on my legs, as I keep my eyes locked on his, he never looks away. 

I lower myself down, the head of his swollen cock pushes perfectly to my entrance. I steady myself just right, watching him. I begin to lower myself onto him, easing myself just barely onto him. The head of his cock inside me, his breath hitches and moans. My tightness clings to him, I move to lower down until I’m down to the hilt. I roll my hips on him. His head is so swollen and takes me perfectly. I slow my rolls, teasing him increasingly. This man fits perfectly inside me. I can feel him stretching me to fit his cock. 

I lift myself, high enough to bring him to my entrance again, and come down hard. I start the pace slow. Teasing us both, his hands on my hips, we work each other. We’re both shuddering in breaths of gasping completion, needing more. As if he takes cue, he begins to thrust his hips upwards and fucks me good. He takes control from bottom. I can feel my ass bouncing off his legs, as he drills me. I feel the stirring sensation of an orgasm lingering closer, and suddenly feel like when I stir chocolate syrup into milk, for chocolate milk. Our orgasms making the perfect cup of chocolate milk, I moan out at the thought. I come hard, and feel him join in. The cataclysmic response makes me orgasm harder around him. I feel him fill me up to the brink, and I grind down on him, taking it all. 

I collapse onto him, he holds me close, and I can feel his heart pounding against me. My mind melts into mush. My body screams for more, I cling to him for all I’m worth. His strong arms holding me close, kissing the top of my head. 

“Angel, wow, I don’t even know what to say.” 

“You don’t need too, I feel the same.” 

We lie there together, in silence as we feel the bond of our neediness grow between us. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m falling for this man, I crave him, I need him. I just hope he feels the same way. I close my eyes, and kiss his chest lightly. He runs his fingers up my back, making me arch slightly. He smiles, I can feel it. 

“I’m not sure if I can let an Angel like you go, Missy. I think you’re stuck.” 

“I’m not fighting to go anywhere, Tig. I don’t want you to let go.” 

“Then I won’t, Angel of mine.” 

He whispers the last bit quietly, and I feel myself fall even harder than I did moments ago. Rebelling against my parents, doing something that I want has been totally worth it. I couldn't have asked for a better tattoo.

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