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Jenny discovers that calypso rhythms are very much to her liking…

Ending a relationship is never easy. PJ, Peter-John, was fundamentally a really nice guy. He was above average looking and the personification of charm. She, however, was equally stunning and therefore, opinions were shared about their good looks. As a result, everyone thought that Jenny and PJ were one of the luckiest couples in the world.

Unfortunately, shortly after they became an item, cracks began to appear in the relationship. PJ wasn’t exactly a maestro in the bedroom. In bed, PJ was essentially the chairman of the ‘Vanilla Club’ and once he had cum, which was always rather quickly, he simply rolled off Jenny after a cursory kiss and then fell asleep.

Hard as she tried to ‘educate’ him, Jenny’s pleas fell on deaf ears. PJ was simply who he was and his sexual modus operandi appeared to be cast in stone. For her, constantly having to employ the service of battery operated devices was totally frustrating.

Prior to PJ, Jenny had a six-month affair with a married guy named Carlos. Carlos was a total stud in the bedroom, but alas, when his wife angrily arrived at Jenny’s door one day their liaison ended.

Ashamed, she assured Carlos’ wife that she would end their relationship and true to her word, she did so because she knew that Carlos would not leave his wife and kids.


As she began to feel that her world was unravelling, Jenny decided to take a break from it all. With loads of leave that she had due to her, Jenny headed for the Caribbean. Two weeks of sunshine and leisure was exactly what was required.

Jenny was very philosophical about her life at that point, reckoning that failure was infinitely better than abstention. At least with calamity, one could get closure and move on. After two mistakes, she was determined to be much more cautious in the future.

Upon arrival at her holiday destination, she was determined to let her hair down and have some fun.

On the first two days she did some sightseeing but by the third day, she was ready for the real relaxation to begin. The hotel she was staying in was slightly removed from the more hectic resorts. Much as she knew that she would not find her own private beach, she, nevertheless, didn’t want throngs of noisy kids disturbing her peace and quiet. The beach she found was not overpopulated and she was pleased to observe that further along, it appeared to be almost unoccupied.

Once she moved past the last of the dwindling bathers, she saw a long uninhabited stretch before her. Jenny eventually came upon a slightly recessed area. Recognizing it as the perfect spot, she opened the huge towel she had brought along and shortly Jenny was lying topless and soaking up the sun.

After twenty minutes, she observed the shape of a young man about to pass by her spot. He was tall and striking and was only wearing a pair of shorts with a towel over his shoulder. He paused and then looked in her direction before he moved toward her. As he did so Jenny quickly reached for her bikini top and put it on.

“Beautiful day,” he exclaimed, before adding, “Hi, my name’s Curtley.”

“I’m Jenny,” she answered, returning his smile.

Curtley was very dark and his skin appeared to glisten in the sun. He had a handsome face, with the cutest full lips she had ever seen on a man. The inside of his lips was bright pink and surrounded his perfect white teeth. As they commenced chatting, Curtley told her that he was a local and worked for his uncle in a boat building business. By now, uninvited, he had placed his towel next to hers and sat down. Jenny didn’t mind, in all honesty, and also didn’t feel threatened or intimidated by him in any way.

Although there was nothing overtly suggestive in the way that he scanned her body, there was, nevertheless, a definite twinkle in his eyes. Jenny estimated that like her, he was in his early twenties. She had always gone for older guys but inwardly sniggered to herself, reflecting upon the fact that in recent times that practice had done her absolutely no good. She wondered if he would come on to her, wondering if she might get to ‘taste’ some of the local flavours. Jenny had not had a good fuck in longer than she could remember and could feel her pussy begin to tingle with desire. She also had an innate feeling that Curtley would be a great lover.

Jenny was brought out of her reverie when Curtley suddenly asked, “Do you mind if I leave my things here with you and have a swim?”

“No, not at all,” she replied.

Curtley then got up and removed his shorts, revealing a snug fitting hipster bathing suit. Jenny eyes practically spun in her head when she saw the substantial outline of his knob, anchored by a large bulge where his balls were obviously located. As Curtley stood looking down at her, it was as if was presenting her with a billboard advertising his merchandise. The look in his eyes had now also become for more lustful and prior to heading off for the water, he gave his wares a good old squeeze.

As she watched him in the water, Jenny had the feeling that Curtley had made his offer and had left her to consider her verdict. Her nipples were hard and her pussy had begun to juice up with excitement. She couldn’t believe that she was considering allowing a complete stranger to fuck her, but her cunt was crying out for pleasure.

After Curtley returned he picked up his towel and began to dry himself. After he was done, he asked if she would mind if he removed his swimming trunks so he could hang them over a nearby branch to dry. She said she didn’t and presumed that after taking them off he would place his towel around his hips. To her amazement, after hanging up his costume he returned naked with his towel once more over his shoulders.

The ‘big reveal’ was exactly that. After allowing Jenny to have a good look, Curtley nonchalantly placed his towel down next to her once more and lay down on his back. Glancing over at her he asked, “Why don’t you take your top off again and get a proper tan?”

Gingerly, Jenny did as he suggested. When Curtley’s eyes focussed on her very erect nipples, he let out a polite laugh and said, “Looks like our calypso air agrees with you.”

Their eyes now locked and Jenny knew that the chit-chatting had come to an end. She watched him stand up slowly with his engorged cock extending before him at a forty-five-degree angle.

Next, he knelt between her legs and reached down to remove her bikini bottom. Once done, Curtley lowered his torso and after placing her legs on his shoulders, she watched mesmerized as his mouth, which looked like an exotic shell, enclosed her pussy.

As the ‘shell’ clamped onto her vulva an electric shock pulsed through her and for the next several minutes Jenny underwent an ‘oral’ tour de force. Curtley’s strong lips and powerful tongue masticated her cunt like no other man before him, and his oral ‘persecution’ was the most ravaging raid that she had ever experienced. Curtley kept building her pleasure to ever increasing heights of bliss.

Finally, as her pussy erupted in rapture she heard him grunting his approval as he sustained her at that level. Jenny’s body was shuddering to such an extent that it looked like she was having convulsions.

Once he was happy that her pussy had produced enough moisture, Curtley moved up her body and began to slide his enormous knob into her portal. Once in, he hovered above her on outstretched arms and began a gentle rhumba with his hips. He used his ‘cobra’ like a snake charmer as he danced rhythmically above her. Jenny had never been so overstuffed with a cock in her life.

Curtley’s dance soon developed into a samba as his hips became more animated. When he finally began to cha-cha, she practically began to scream with lust as his staggered thrusting pounded her pussy as no other man had ever done before. When Curtley finally unloaded, Jenny was writhing like a bitch in heat.

“Oh fuck,” Curtley exclaimed as he jumped up. “I’m late and my uncle is going to kill me.”

Scrambling, he pulled his shorts on and asked, “Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Definitely,” she answered, before he ran away smiling.

The following day she followed the same routine, hoping desperately that Curtley would return. At twelve-thirty she was surprised when two men moved into her enclave. Curtley was with an older man, at least twice his age. As they stood before her Curtley introduced his uncle, Harris, to her.

“So,” Harris stated in a very thick Caribbean accent, “you are the reason my nephew was late yesterday.”

“I’m really sorry,” she said, apologetically.

“Well, you’ll have to make up for my lost revenue,” he stated, emphatically.

As he stood looking at her Harris instructed Curtley go for a swim. Next, as Curtley headed for the ocean Harris removed his t-shirt and dropped his shorts.

‘Jesus,’ she thought, ‘Are all the men in this family hung like fucking horses?’

Harris did not dillydally and after he moved between her legs, her bikini bottom and top were removed in a heartbeat. Next, his erect knob was at her portal, unceremoniously demanding entry. There was nothing sensual about his approach and his actions were mechanical. As his body closed on her, she clearly understood that Harris was there to fuck her and extricate the income she had cost him. Oddly, she did not mind at all.

Harris showed her no affection and with his head next to hers, grunted like an animal as he fucked her. Jenny gasped and panted as her pussy got thumped mercilessly, happily succumbing to the machinations of an alpha misogynist. As he unloaded into her pussy she saw Curtley approaching as he dried himself off.

When Harris was done he arose and got dressed. Without even acknowledging her he spoke to Curtley, “You’ve got twenty minutes, boy; fuck her, but don’t be late for work,” he said, before leaving.



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