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Carl, No. 1: The Hotel Currant

Steph meets Carl and finds a new part of herself.

As Steph pulled Jack’s mouth to her breast and his lips closed around her erect nipple, Jack paused. Behind his wife stood Carl, holding his impressive ebony cock against Steph’s pussy.

Is this really happening?Jack thought. Should we stop?

When Steph felt Carl’s insistent cock press against her pussy and felt herself pushing back eagerly for his penetration, Steph almost stopped.

Am I really going to do this? Steph thought. Are we? Should we stop?

Jack and Steph had been out to dinner earlier that evening at their favourite brewpub when Jack noticed a distinguished-looking man seated at the bar casting glances at Steph. Jack had first noticed the man while returning from the restroom. Though the bar was behind Jack’s seat, when Jack vacated his seat for the restroom, the man had a clear view of Steph.

The man glanced at Steph’s cleavage as she leaned over the menu, unaware of his attention. He was also checking out Steph’s legs under the table, where she was unconsciously dangling her peep-toed-heel from her recently pedicured, red-painted toes. 

Because Jack was returning to the table from a different direction, out of the line of sight from the bar to the table, the man did not see Jack watching him mentally undressing Steph. Jack looked away as he returned to the table, so the man would not know that his glances had been observed.

This could be fun, Jack thought to himself. The man was fit and good-looking. He also happened to be black, and Steph had admitted a certain attraction to black men.

“Somebody has been checking you out,” Jack said, as he sat.

“Yeah, right,” Steph said. “Whatever.”

“Seriously,” Jack answered. “He’s at the bar behind me — looks like Baldwin  Jones from NYPD Blue.”

Sure enough, Steph looked over, and there was a good-looking man in a suit who bore a striking resemblance to the actor. And, sure enough, during their meal, Steph caught the man glancing over at her several times. Likewise, he saw her looking his way. Steph had to admit that he was a very good looking man, and she was flattered by his attention.

When the waiter approached the table to ask for dessert orders, he delivered fresh beers to Steph and Jack. The waiter informed them that the beers were courtesy of the gentlemen at the bar. When they reflexively looked in the direction of the bar, the man nodded a greeting at them. Jack nodded back, and, after considering for a moment, beckoned the man to join them.

The man introduced himself as Carl. Jack noticed that when Steph shook Carl’s hand, the shake lingered for just a moment longer than normal.

“I’m sorry,” Carl told Steph. “I didn’t mean to stare at you before — and I bought the beers as an apology — but you bear a very strong resemblance to a woman I knew in college. It took me awhile to figure out whether you were her or not.”

They all chatted as they shared a beer. Carl was an attorney visiting town to meet a new client. He eventually shared that the woman he had confused with Steph was a woman he had regretted failing to pursue in college. 

Jack thought to himself that this was a better explanation for the way Carl had been looking at Steph.  That is, he hadn’t been looking at her solely in apparent recognition. No, he looked at her with desire.

Steph smiled at Carl’s explanation for ogling her. She felt the way he looked at her, and she, too, didn’t feel the look as merely perceived familiarity. In fact, his focus upon her was a bit unnerving. Deep down, though, she liked it. Among other things, it gave her goosebumps.

“I’m staying at the new hotel downtown, The Currant,” Carl told them.  “With the rooftop bar and fire pit. Have you been? It’s really nice.”

When Jack and Steph replied that they hadn’t been yet, Carl told them that he’d prefer to switch from beer to bourbon, and offered to buy them a drink at the hotel’s rooftop bar.

Jack and Steph looked at each other. Steph felt uncertain about going anywhere with this stranger, but Carl seemed like a nice guy. Plus, there was something exciting about what was going on, and it was harmless. She and Jack had both wanted to go to The Currant anyway, and this made for a good reason. 

Jack enjoyed seeing Steph getting a charge out of being charmed and thought this was as good a reason as any to check out the new hotel.

“I’m never one to turn down a drink,” Jack answered. “Sure. We’ve been meaning to get check out The Currant, and now we’ve got a reason.”

So off to the hotel they all went, talking as they walked a couple of blocks to get there. When they arrived, they rode up in a glass elevator on the side of the building with a great view of downtown.  After they exited the elevator, they were even more impressed by the view from the rooftop bar. The fire pit added a nice touch. As a new hot spot downtown, the bar attracted plenty of attractive people wanting to see and be seen. Although that wasn’t Jack and Steph’s scene, it was fun for a night. 

The conversation was easy, and they watched people dancing to jukebox tunes on a patio next to the bar. As they finished a drink, Carl asked Steph, “I never did get a chance to dance with that woman in college. Can I steal one with you?”

Steph liked to dance, and Jack wasn’t crazy about it. She looked at Jack. “Fine with me,” he said. “Go. Have fun.”

Carl took Steph’s hand, led her to the dance floor, and the rhythms of the music took over. The more they danced, the more comfortable it became, and the closer they drew to one another. Carl’s hand slipped from Steph’s side to her hip, and, eventually spread over her ass, pulling her against him as their bodies moved to the music.

Steph almost stopped him but hesitated to say anything. She didn’t want to be a prude, they were having fun, and he seemed nice enough. Before long, though, her reluctant acceptance shifted. She liked the feel of his hand on her ass and liked the confident way he pulled her tight against him.

Jack could only occasionally see them through the moving bodies on the dance floor, and he was surprised when he saw Steph’s body pressing tightly to Carl, brushing against him. He was momentarily alarmed but dismissed it. She was having fun, and he was glad she was. Maybe she’d be in the mood when they got home later.

As Carl’s hand cupped Steph’s buttock, and he pulled her closer to him, she was soon tight against him. It wasn’t long before she realized, as her body moved against his, that his cock was hard. Although she might have walked away if he’d been hard when they first got onto the floor, the increasing intensity of the dancing had turned her on.

By that point, rather than walking away when she realized he was hard, it just turned her on more. He felt very large. Her nipples were erect and her clit tingled. Surprising herself, Steph turned her back to Carl and pressed back against his cock, rocking back against him as he held her hips and their bodies moved together. 

But for their clothes, he’d practically have been fucking her. Before long, she thought, this frolic would end, they’d all leave, she’d take Jack home, and he’d give her the fucking she now needed.

At about the same time she had this thought, Carl took her hand, guided her back to the bar, and said to Jack, “My firm sprung for a presidential suite so I can entertain and impress the new client. The room is supposed to be one of the nicest in the city, with a gorgeous view, a fireplace, and all the modern amenities. Plus, I’ve got a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. Can I persuade you to check out the room and upgrade your drink?

Jack looked at his wife. She was flushed; from beer and wine, from dancing and heat, and from desire. There was an uncertain implication about going to Carl’s room, and it was thrilling, but also somewhat uncomfortable. There was a tinge of fear and a competing tinge of excitement.

There was also the thrill that something wild could happen, although they’d never done anything wild and surely wouldn’t tonight. But at least they could keep the thrill going a bit longer. Besides, Carl had some of the best Bourbon in the world, and it was hard to come by.

Steph grabbed Jack’s forearm when he said, “Sure.” 

“Are you sure?” Steph whispered in Jack’s ear.

“Sure. Why not? What’s the harm? Don’t you want to see?”

“Yes,” Steph answered, hesitantly, “I guess so.”

Steph felt hesitant, fearful, excited and turned on. She thought to herself that she wouldn’t be doing this if she hadn’t had so much to drink. But maybe a little lowering of the inhibitions was a good thing.

Jack looked at her. Well, he thought to himself, this is interesting. 

Like Steph, he might have thought more about it or reached a different decision if his mind was not clouded by alcohol. Nevertheless, Jack had answered “sure,” and though they both hesitated, Jack and Steph followed Carl to the elevator, floating along as if having an out-of-body experience.

Only moments later, they had entered the suite, and Carl had poured Jack’s drink. Almost immediately, Carl reached for Steph, pulled her to him, put his hand once again on her ass, and she was yanked against his body. She was startled, but could not find the will or desire to resist. When she turned her face up to look at him, and he brought his mouth down to hers, Steph was shocked to find not only that she was kissing him, but that she was not resisting it and craved more.

Jack sat, dumbfounded, momentarily unable to speak.  

Did we know this was going to happen? he thought.

As Jack processed that thought, Steph once again felt Carl’s impressive cock through his pants. An instinctive part of her was drawn to it, and her hand pressed over the outline of his dick. She gasped against his mouth, amidst a hungry kiss, as she felt his heat. She consciously acknowledged to herself that she had wanted this when they were on the dance floor, although she did not think at the time that it would come to this.

Racing along faster than her mind could process what was happening, and craving to feel the flesh that made this impressive outline, Steph soon found herself unfastening Carl’s belt and pants. Within moments, her fingers were wrapped around the biggest cock she had ever felt or seen. It was hot. She was hot.

Steph paused for a moment to contemplate the ridiculousness of what was happening. She froze and came to the precipice of running away.

Jack watched, still dumbfounded, but Steph was clearly enjoying this. He was surprised to find that he was deeply aroused watching it unfold. Come to think of it, he wasn’t that surprised. Situations like this had occasionally frequented his fantasies. Nevertheless, he couldn’t believe it was actually happening and would have never thought it would happen. He was truly shocked. But damn if it wasn’t hot.

Just as Steph’s brain began sending signals to her legs to walk away, Carl pulled her mouth to his, kissed her in a way that made her weak and spread his hand over her breast, squeezing her nipple through the fabric of her dress. She once again moaned into the kiss and her fingers began to slowly stroke the length of his rigid, heated cock. With each pump of her fist around his dick and each tweak of her aching nipple, Steph’s resistance melted away until it was gone and entirely forgotten.

The next thing Steph knew, in a flurry of hands and clothing, she unbuttoned Carl’s shirt, he unfastened the back of her dress and bra, their hands took care of panties and boxers, and within moments they were panting and naked. 

For one brief moment, once all the clothing had fallen to the floor, all paused. In a pregnant moment of uncertainty, it seemed nobody knew what to do next. Steph once again started to form a thought about putting an end to this insanity.

Yet, within a beat, that moment evaporated with purposeful, intense activity. Carl’s fingers found her breast, and she gasped when he pulled at her nipple. Her hand reached, in turn, to his cock, and her fingers, unencumbered by clothing, wrapped easily around his glistening shaft. Yet again, any thought other than intense desire vanished from her mind.

Steph’s fingers began to explore the full length,  from Carl’s glistening head down to his balls. Their tongues danced together as she stroked his cock, and his large, strong hand worked its way down between her legs. Steph felt her legs shiver when the tip of Carl’s finger parted her lips and grazed her clit. 

The way Carl stroked her clit made Steph see stars, and her shivering legs stood upon trembling, weakened knees. Upon those weakened knees, she soon found herself sinking down in front of Carl until her eyes were level with his glorious cock. It seemed nearly as big as her forearm, but beautifully proportioned, and deep, glistening ebony.

In that moment, Steph did not want to be anywhere else. Carl’s confident assertiveness somehow relaxed her, and she felt a hunger that could not go unsated. She found her lips sliding easily over his glistening head as her hand stroked the base of his cock, and her tongue began to swirl around him.

The sensation of his rigid flesh in her mouth made her clit throb. Carl’s fingers slipped through her hair, guiding her. She took more of him into her mouth before licking all the way down his shaft to his balls and back up to encircle him with her lips yet again. 

Steph realized that the harder Carl grew in her mouth, the more aroused she felt. Carl leaned over her, slipped his finger down over her ass and between her pussy lips, and began to slowly fuck her with his finger. The deeper he fucked with his finger, the tighter she suctioned her lips around his cock. She began to move her hips to press back against Carl’s finger, and, moments later, he inserted a second. Steph groaned in pleasure around his cock and closed her eyes. His fingers fucked her, and she fucked them back. 

Steph took her mouth off Carl’s cock to moan as his fingers alternately probed her and stroked her clit. Her nipples were burning, her clit was pulsing, and her body and mind were on fire.  There was now only one possible outcome, and it was irresistible and unavoidable.

As she closed her eyes and absorbed the sensations, she looked up to Carl and heard herself say, “Do you have a condom?”

Carl nodded and said, “Meet me in the bedroom?”

Steph nodded back at him, and he walked through the bedroom to the bathroom to retrieve a condom.

Steph turned to Jack and strode over to him. They made eye contact, and both seemed to search for words they were unable to find. Steph leaned down, pressed her lips to Jack’s, and kissed him as she unbuttoned his shirt, his belt, and his pants, and undressed him.

When she removed his cock, it bounced from his pants, rigid and heated. 

“So you like this, too?” she said.

“Yes,” Jack said. “I can’t explain it, but I do.”

“Am I really going to go in there?” she asked.

“Don’t you want to?”

“Yes! And no!”

“We could leave,” Jack said. “Is that what you want to do?”

“Yes! And no!”

“You’d be relieved.”

“A bit.”

“But disappointed.”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I think so.”

“You want his cock?”

“Yes,” with maybe the slightest blush.

“Deep inside you?”

“Oh god, yes.”

Jack took his wife by the hand and guided her into the room, where she crawled up on the bed. She lay on her side toward the edge of the bed, with her ass facing the edge, and her front facing the middle of the bed. She tugged Jack’s hand, wanting him on the bed beside her. Carl was rolling the extra large Magnum condom down over his straining cock.

As Steph pulled Jack’s mouth to her breast and his lips closed around her erect nipple. Jack paused. Behind his wife stood Carl, holding his impressive ebony cock against Steph’s pussy.

Is this really happening? Jack thought. Should we stop?

When Steph felt Carl’s insistent cock press against her pussy and felt herself pushing back eagerly for his penetration, Steph almost stopped.

Am I really going to do this?” Steph thought. Are we? Should we stop?

Before either could complete their thoughts, Carl’s hips shifted forward and his big black cock disappeared slowly into Steph. A moan rushed through Steph’s chest, past her lips, and filled the room, and she pressed her breast tightly against Jack’s mouth.

The tip of Jack’s tongue stroked her tender nipple, and his lips wrapped tightly around it. Steph gasped. Meanwhile, Carl slowly pulled his cock back out, and Steph feared desperately for a moment that he’d withdraw. Those fears were quickly allayed when he sunk back into her, and she felt a flood of warmth coursing through her body.

Jack’s lips suckled at her nipples, Carl’s cock filled her, and the competing sensations overwhelmed her. Steph’s pussy pulsed around Carl’s cock as he thrust and withdrew, and she had her first orgasm.

After slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts, fucking her with growing intensity, Carl rolled Steph to her knees on the bed. He stood over her and pulled her into position with her ass in the air and her ankles dangling off the bed. Steph felt wanton and exposed and was turned on by it.

Carl gripped her hips tightly and drove powerfully forward with a thrust that forced the air from her lungs. She was surprised and overwhelmed by the power and began to pulse again. The force of the thrust made her buttocks ripple and drove her off her knees to her belly, her feet dangling in the air.

Steph gasped and moaned in pleasure as Carl withdrew and thrust forward, smacking into her with each deep thrust, and unleashing a flood of heat inside her. As Carl thrust forward, Steph pressed back against him, aching for more. Steph attempted to reach out and stroke Jack’s cock as Carl fucked her, but the pounding was too intense. Her fingers gripped the sheets as she thrashed in pleasure at the overwhelming intensity of the fire Carl ignited in her.

Jack was mesmerized by the raw power with which Carl took his wife and by the sexual rapture she underwent. Her orgasms became difficult to distinguish amongst the moans, but she had clearly had several. 

The scene before him intensified yet again when Carl climbed upon the bed and lay back, and pulled Steph to climb up and mount him. She visibly shivered when she held Carl’s cock upright and sunk her pussy down to it and then over it. Her breasts dangled to his mouth, and his lips and tongue caught her nipples while Steph slowly absorbed Carl’s upright dick.

When she had sunk all the way down over him, she shivered again and rocked her hips to grind upon him. When Carl slowly lifted her off him, she gasped and pressed back down onto him. Carl’s hands spread over her buttocks to guide her as her hips began to circle and rise and fall, rhythmically and then arrhythmically. Steph began to moan again as Carl’s lips stretched her nipple, and his fingertip touched and stroked her anus.

As Steph slammed down over Carl and ground her clit against the base of his dick, and he felt her starting to cum, he pressed his fingertip into her ass and she exploded. Steph’s entire body convulsed, almost violently, as she erupted over him and shivered against him.

As Steph descended from that intense orgasm and continued to squeeze Carl’s cock with her pussy, Carl rolled her onto her back and kissed her mouth. Steph returned the kiss as he slowly filled her again. For several moments their lips pressed together, their tongues moved against one another, and their bodies rocked together as Carl steadily fucked her.

When one deep thrust grazed just the right spot within her, Steph shivered again and felt the intensity increase. She moaned, dug her heels into Carl’s buttocks, and thrust her hips upward to take more of him.

As Steph’s body heated up, Carl knelt back on his heels. He pressed Steph’s knees up to her chest and lifted her ankles up in the air, exposing and opening her to him. His big black dick slipped from her pussy, and he held his shaft in his hand as he looked into Steph’s eyes and slid the head of his cock to her ass.

Steph quivered. She almost objected, but something deep within her wanted this. She looked back at Carl as he held his cock in hand and pushed the head against her. She took a deep breath, and his head pushed forward with slight pressure. Slowly her ass relented to the gentle pressure and the head of his cock was in.

Steph exhaled and relaxed. Carl barely rocked his hips, and the slight motion made her groan. He wiggled his hips a bit more and slid perhaps an inch inside her. Steph relaxed deeper and closed her eyes, absorbing sensations that made her core heat up and her skin feel numb. As she breathed deeply, his cock inched slowly further until it was about halfway inside her. Her body lurched at this new, deeply intense sensation.

Carl rolled her to her knees, took her hand, and guided her fingers to her clit as he slowly moved in her ass. As her fingers began to move against her clit, Carl shifted his hips and began to move. The sensations were almost too much to bear. Her clit was pulsing, her pussy was clenching, and his cock was fucking her ass.

She felt like liquid heat inside, and very full. As he settled into a steady rhythm, she found herself pushing back to him, wanting more. And he gave it to her. The pace picked up. The intensity increased. The sensations flooded her in waves of heat. She was grunting and bucking, fucking like an animal. Her clit was tingling, her nipples ached, and her body and mind felt entirely alive.

Steph glanced over at Jack, who appeared mesmerized by what was transpiring in front of him. His cock was in his hand, precum dripping from his glistening head. Steph was briefly turned on by this image before Carl lurched again, and she saw stars. For several moments, she was void of any thoughts, just overwhelmed with sensations. His hips thrust. She pressed back against him. Her fingertips gripped the sheets, and she tried to hold on as her body started to quiver.

Her hips bucked, Carl pressed into her, and searing heat rippled through her body. It took a moment before she realized the moans of pleasure echoing through the room were her own as her body began to involuntarily convulse. An orgasm like she had never imagined rolled over and through her body and mind. She rode it out for an undetermined amount of time, peaks of sensation cresting within her until she tensed a final time, felt the shockwave crash over her, and collapsed on the bed.

Her convulsions had squeezed Carl’s cock, and it slipped from her ass, erupting onto her as they both gasped for breath. His liquid heat spurted and oozed on her skin, and it felt raw, primal, visceral and deeply powerful. 

Steph rolled onto her back, and Carl kissed her tenderly and passionately, as she wrapped her legs around him and their spent loins rested together. Jack collapsed on the sofa, groaning in pleasure, sperm erupting from his cock into the air, overwhelmed by the intense and raw beauty of his wife coming unglued and succumbing to animal desire.

After they shared another drink, Jack and Steph accepted Carl’s invitation to spend the night at the hotel. The next morning, Jack awoke to the sounds of Steph’s moans as Carl fucked her in the shower. After they dressed and found their car, and as they drove home, Jack asked Steph if she thought they’d ever see Carl again.

“I’m sure we will,” Steph answered. “I gave him my number. He promised to call next time he’s in town.”

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