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Chapter 4 Your Gift

The story of a Chinese lover's sexual awakening... continues.

Shyly you come towards me. Your nightie is red, short, and lacy. A single delicate pearl button between your breasts holds the top closed. Almost sheer, the outline of your nipples creates a shadow darker than your skin; thin straps of red across each shoulder. The shadow of your tummy button is clearly visible. Panties the same colour. My God! This is my gift.

My body reacts. I want you.

I can feel the shyness in you. You quickly climb into the bed and cover yourself.

“No,” I say. “I want to see you.”

Slowly I pull the blanket aside, but your grip tightens, resisting. I become more insistent and you relent. After all, this is my gift.

“Sit up.”

Your eyes refuse to meet mine, but you comply.

“I can’t believe I am doing this.”

“You’re doing this because you want to.”

“I’ve wanted to for a long time.”

“Look at me.” Your eyes finally meet mine. And a faint smile grows.

“Do you like your gift?”

What can I say in answer? It is more than a gift. It is a statement of the courage that you have found in yourself. It is an awareness of your own body and the effect that you have on me. It is an acknowledgement of your womanhood. It is much more than a gift.

Shi de.” A simple answer in your own language. But not enough. “God, yes.”

“I bought it for you.”

“Thank you. Xie xie ni.”

And you laugh.

“You always make me laugh.”

“Come to me.” And you sink into my arms.

Your skin is hot. I feel the heat from every inch of you. I kiss your neck and my tongue once again plays with your ear. You snuggle in closer and I hold you tighter. I can feel the swell of your breasts against my chest. My hands slide down over your hot little ass and I pull you closer. You grind against me and my cock rises.

I push you up. I want to see your face. I want to kiss your lips. I want your tongue in my mouth.

Your panties interfere. I slide my hands beneath the elastic waistband. Soft smooth skin as I always imagined. Just as I remember. No need to remember. This is real. I know for myself. Skin, hot to the touch.

As my grip tightens on the two orbs of your backside, your beautiful pi gu, you grind against my cock. I push against you with my hips, a clear signal that I want you. I want to be deep inside you. I want to make love with you. Wo xiang he ni zuo ai. I want to hear you say: “Harder. Deeper. Faster.”

I want to splash my juices inside you, to mix with your own wetness.

“Sit up.”

You do; sitting astride my hips, my cock insistently throbbing between your thighs. I release the single pearl-like button between your breasts and your nightie opens slightly. With both hands, I cup the twin mounds of your breasts pinching each nipple between my thumbs and fingers. You suck air between your teeth with a hiss. Your eyes roll heavenward, like a plea to God for release. Your nipples respond; erect, stiff, tender, aching at my touch.

You lean forward and unbutton my pyjama top and begin to tweak my nipples in the same way. The effect on me is intense. Then you lean down and suck on one of my nipples, flicking your tongue over the tip. God, I can’t stand it. Every nerve in my body comes alive.

And your hips ride my cock.

I push you onto your back as I strip away the top of your nightie. I kiss you, your neck, your ear, your shoulders, your nipples, and your tummy button. I strip away your panties and my tongue finds the place where the sweet liquid flows from your body. The little button is erect and as my tongue flicks over it, it begins to stiffen. Your body writhes and your head tosses side to side. Your hands grip my head and pull me tighter to you. You cry unintelligible words.

I love the taste of you. I want to give you so much pleasure. I want you to cry out, scream with joy. I want you to be greedy and take as much pleasure from me as you want. As much pleasure as you can stand.

You pull me away and up to your mouth. As you kiss me you taste yourself on my lips. And you discover the sweetness that gives me such pleasure as we share the taste of you.

Without hesitation, your hand reaches down and through the opening in my pyjamas. Without hesitation, you take my pulsing hard cock in your hand. And you begin to stroke me.

My mind reels. God! Don’t stop! I don’t want you to ever stop.

But this is not what I want. I want to watch your face as I slowly enter your body. I want to feel the tightness give way as I open you. I want to be inside you. I want to feel your wetness surround my cock. I want to move with you. I want to watch your face as I penetrate the very depths of you.

I want to watch the passion rise in you as we move together. Harder. Faster and faster. Deep within you. Building and building until we both come together and the passion is spent.

But your hand continues to stroke me and you make no move to guide me to where I desperately want to be.

“I want you.  God, I want to be inside you!”

Your hand hesitates. Your release me and strip off my pyjamas. But, instead of offering yourself to me, you continue to stroke; faster, gripping me tighter.

My body responds and suddenly, my cock erupts in your hand. My cream flows over your fingers and down the shaft of my cock. My body spasms as I come.

You found a way to give me pleasure. But not in the way that I expected.

As my cock slowly softens, you leave me for a moment and return with a damp towel and begin to wipe away the sticky remains of the pleasure you gave me.

You dry me and, satisfied with your work, you bend down and gently kiss the tip of my cock.

You snuggle up beside me and we join together as before, like spoons.

You haven’t said a word. You snuggle closer to me, your hot little ass, your pi gu, against my soft cock.

You gave me pleasure in a most unexpected way. Yet still, we haven’t joined our bodies as one. I am a patient man. But my body is impatient.

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