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coffee shop

White woman finds the cock of her dreams

     * This is the first story i've ever written let me know what you think!


           I had been going to the coffee shop a lot lately and I figured this was a good way to meet new people.   That was when I saw him.   He was around 6 feet tall with beautiful mocha colored skin deep brown eyes and a smile to die for, he was built, muscles that were just the perfect size. His name was Joshua.   He walked up to me and winked and I felt myself melting in that moment and I knew that I had to have him.  

            Well let me describe myself first I’m about 5 foot 3 inches , short blonde hair, blue eyes and a very shapely body, not to mention 38C breasts.   As I said before I knew I had to have him but before I got the chance to say anything to him, he was already out the door.  

            My mind couldn’t stop thinking about him for the next few days hoping, wishing that I would see him again, playing out the fantasies in my mind of what he could do to me.   What I wanted him to do to me.   And then it happened I saw him again and it was almost as if I wet my pants I was so wet.   I was dumb struck and couldn’t seem to say a word.   All the time thinking I’d never see him again as he walked out the door again.   I sat there angry with myself for not saying anything and I got up the guts to go after him hoping that he hadn’t left yet, praying that there was some odd reason why he’d still be in the parking lot.   My world shattered around me as I realized that he had left and I had lost my only chance.   I went back into the coffee shop obviously upset, gathered my belongings and proceeded to walk to my car in the parking lot, planning on another night alone with myself in my bedroom.  

            I dropped my keys beside my car swearing at my bad luck this day and bent over to retrieve them.   I felt like someone was watching me as I was picking them up but then realized it must have just been my imagination.   While putting the key in the lock someone grabbed me from behind, I attempted to scream but his had came over my mouth not allowing a sound to be uttered.   He pulled me into his grasp, pressing his body into my backside, I felt him and I was shocked to find out that he was extremely aroused.   He then leaned his mouth to my ear and whispered “ I saw you watching me”   realization hit me, it was him the man from the coffee shop at that thought I looked at his hand covering my mouth, the same beautiful mocha hand that belonged to the man in the coffee shop.   The same hand that was clasped over my mouth preventing me from screaming, that of which was the last thing on my mind in that moment.   I slowly nodded my head in answer to his previous statement of me watching him.   I heard him chuckle felt his body vibrate around mine.   “I assume you liked what you saw?”   he said as he slowly positioned his mouth on the nape of my neck and lightly nibbled.   I moan in response as his hand over my mouth slowly makes it way down my neck.   My body begins to shake in sexual anticipation as he turns me around facing him.   Pulling me to his body and looking down at me.   I look into his eyes and see the sexual lust building there, the same lust he must have seen in my own eyes.   He just smiles, as if something is funny and lets go of me.   I apparently have a confused look on my face as he bends down takes my hand and lightly kisses me, nibbling on my lower lip.   Then turns around and walks to his car.   I stand there in utter disbelief, the most beautiful man in the world just looked like he was going to fuck my brains out and then he left me here.   I then realized that there is a folded up piece of paper in my hand, that he must have placed there while he was kissing me.

            I get in my car obviously flustered and open up the piece of paper.   All it says is : 9:00 - 370 MAIN STREET APT 5.   What was this?   Was it an invitation to his place for what I thought it was.     I look at the clock in my car, I have two hours to get ready, or to decided if I was truly going to go through with this.   Nine o’clock came around and I was standing outside of his apartment building, I had made it this far but it was difficult for me to ascend the stairs to his apartment.   I decided on a form fitting black dress for the night leaving my hair down.   My shoes clicking on the tile floor as I made my way up the stairs.   There it was his apartment door, once I knocked on it there would be no turning back.   I hesitated for a moment slowly moving my hand towards the door, when it suddenly flew open and a hand grabbed me and pulled me inside slamming the door behind me.   I was pinned against the closed door, large hands holding me there, and I was ravaged with kisses.   Joshua moved his mouth to my ear and groaned “ I’d though you weren’t coming for a moment.”   He stepped back and took my hand leading me to the couch.   There was some red wine sitting there in two glasses.   I carefully picked one glass up and took a sip.

            Joshua sat there on the couch, looking handsome as ever, just looking at me.   I asked him if he liked what he saw and with that he just smiled and licked his lips, like I was something he as going to devourer.   “You’re very beautiful” he said while lightly running his hand through my hair and down my back to the zipper of my dress.   Joshua began unzipping my dress while he leaned in and kissed me.   He tasted like cinnamon and tobacco, a strange taste I know, but it was amazing.   By now he had his hands on my shoulders sliding my straps of my dress down my arms and releasing my breasts.   His mocha colored hands lightly caressed my breasts, giving me a jolt of electricity through my entire body.   Not just from his caress but from seeing the color contrast his skin made against my own milky white.   He moved his mouth down to my nipples sucking first the left nipple and then the right nipple into his mouth making my nipples hard enough to cut diamonds.   I moaned as he continued kissing down my ribs pulling my dress down as he went, down my hips, his kisses sent electricity though my body, I though I was going to orgasm right then.   I wasn’t wearing any panties so as soon as my dress finally slid off my legs and over my feet, I was completely naked in front of this man.   He looked up into my eyes as he stuck a massive finger into my hole and I moaned in ecstasy as he rubbed my clit with his thumb.   I was so wet I could feel myself leaking on his couch and all over his hand.   He stuck another finger in me and began to pound my pussy, I arched my back and screamed out as I had my first orgasm of the night.   He smiled as he pulled his pussy soaked fingers out of me and brought them to my mouth that of which I began sucking on tasting myself.   I shakily moved my fingers to his shirt and began to unbutton it, feeling with my hands his beautifully chiseled chest.   He stood in front of me, and I noticed the extremely large bulge in his pants.   Eager to see his cock I quickly unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants.   I undid the zipper and was surprised to find that he wasn’t wearing any underpants.   I began slipping his pants down releasing his massive cock.   And when I say massive cock I mean it, it was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, at least 9 ½ inches long and his girth as big as my wrist.   I didn’t know how I was going to take this monster, but I sure as hell was going to try.   Pre-cum was leaking from his cock head and I moved forward sticking my tongue out and licked it up.   The moment my tongue touched his cock it twitched and he groaned like a wild man.   “You like my big fat black cock don’t you baby?” I just moaned as I stuck his massive cock head in my mouth using my small hands to stroke the shaft.   I couldn’t fit much into my mouth but I was determined to get him off so like a savage beast I began sucking, stroking and licking like there was no tomorrow.   I felt him growl as he took my head in both his hands and attempted to shove as much of his dick into my mouth as possible.   I felt his cock head touching the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth like the black beast he was.   I felt him stiffen and scream “fuck yeah” as a huge amount of cum began to fill my mouth, I quickly attempted to swallow all his sweet cum but there was just too much to handle so some began seeping out of my mouth and onto my breasts.   I continued sucking greatly pleased to find that he was still hard in my mouth. He lifted me up and kissed me tasting his own cum in my mouth, he grabbed me by the hips lifted me onto his body and carried me into his bedroom and threw me on his bed.   I could see the beast in his eyes as he walked towards me and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed.

            “You ready to be ripped apart baby, by this black cock, think your tiny pussy can handle that?”   “Fuck yeah”   I said “Rip me apart with that big black cock, I wanna feel you all the way in side of me, I want all of you fuck me fuck me now!”    With that he moved into position, and pulled my legs apart as far as they would go.   He began to slide his cock up and down my soaked pussy teasing me with it as   bucked up trying to get him to put it in me.   He just laughed at my attempts, while I screamed for him to fuck me already.   He positioned his cock head at my hole, and pushed himself forward slightly sliding the head inside of me.   “OH MY GOD!” I screamed as his cock stretched me wider than I’ve ever been stretched and I could feel the desire for him to just ram it in me I wanted to feel him all and I wanted to feel it now.   “Ram it in me, Ram it in me hard”   I said as I attempted to buck my pelvis towards him to get more of that wonderful cock.   “What you want this you want this big black cock bitch is that what you want”   “YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!”   With me saying that Joshua rammed himself into me in one great thrust burying himself into me.   I screamed out in pain and pleasure as he completely filled me up.   I felt my orgasm building as he continued to ram his cock into me with great speed.   I tightened up and felt it coming, and soon I was screaming out “oh yeah make me cum fuck fuck I’m cummming”   he didn’t stop his abuse of my pussy and I could clearly see he was greatly enjoying abusing my pussy, fucking me with all he had.   My orgasm wouldn’t stop, I’d peak and then peak and peak again, I felt like I was going to pass out from this fucking.  

            He pulled his dick out of me and lifted me up, facing me face first on the bed and sticking his cock back into my pussy.   He grabbed my hair and yelled “Yeah bitch you like that, fuck, you like that black cock in your pussy,   Oh fuck I’m gonna cum, you want me to fill your pussy with black cum and give you a little black baby, yeah you want that don’t you?”   With him saying that I went into the most massive orgasm yet my entire body went into convulsions and I could feel my pussy tightening on his cock like a vice grip.   He couldn’t take the tightness and came like a race horse inside of my pussy, I could feel his cum filling my uterus.   More cum than I’ve ever felt in my life.   As he collapsed on top of me, his cock still in me, I knew that I’d never want another dick in my life, that his dick was my addiction.   I felt the mixed juices sliding out of my pussy and onto the bed.   Feeling completely blissful as Joshua leaned down and kissed me.   “We’ll have to do this again sometime” I whispered and I could feel him chuckle on top of me.    

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