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Comixxx Players Ball

Costumed Role Playing Fun

It started with a phone call, at most inopportune time. My cell phone was blowing up while I was demonstrating my patented hucklebuck position to my cute neighbor; Jill. The constant clattering of the phone vibrating across my night stand became too much for me to ignore anymore.


"Who's this?" a female voice inquired.

"Whose phone did you call? I asked back.

"Xav is that you?" She asked sounding more annoyed

"Maybe, who am I speaking to?"

"It's Katrina, Xav."

I was about to ask what she needed, but Jill pulled a leg from over my shoulder and pressed her big toe to my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked the perfectly pedicure digit until Jill moaned.

"Xav are you there? Hello I know your not getting busy with some trick with me on the phone..." Katrina yelled.

I let her rant, while I tensed the muscles which made my dick flex inside the soft confines of Jill's pussy. Soon Jill was pleading for me to fuck her proper. Those were her words, so I obliged her.

I dropped the phone on the bed so Katrina could listen to me make Jill climb the walls.After Jill and I came I picked up the phone again.

"Katrina are you still there?" I asked, knowing she was.

"That was really fucked up Xav..." Katrina whined.

I let her blab awhile to let of the steam. Katrina was never a client of mine; in fact we were occasional coworkers seven years ago while she worked her way through school. She moved to New York to be a model, but the party life was too much for the undisciplined little freak. Since she was screwing everyone and anyone she figured she might as well make a living as a "Party Girl".

The fashion bug still called to her, so she enrolled at the fashion institute. After graduating she started her own line of sexy party clothes and lingerie thanks to the financial backing of several generous "clients". With her tongue firmly in cheek she call her label "Ho No's", the marketing campaign she used was brilliant "Ho No's...Sexy"! Of course she was sued by an industry giant. The free press from the trial made the tiny label a known name, and then she won her case on top of it all. She was on her second marriage the last time I heard anything about her.

"Katrina, what do you need? And why are you fussing I bet you had your fingers all up in it while you were listening"

"Okay I did get off a little listening to you fucking her...but, I called because I need an escort to a...a function. Are you available this Friday I'll pay your usual fee just for your time." Katrina said pleadingly.

"Sure I can be there, where are we going, might I ask?" I replied. "And how come your husband isn't going."

"It's the Comixxx Players Ball, ever heard of it? And Kirby isn't good at these things."

"Nope never heard of it, who's going to be there Dave Chappell, Chris Rock?"

"I'll let it be a surprise. Oh yeah don't worry about what to wear I got you covered." Katrina blurted "I'm so excited I'll book you a flight into Macarthur and email you directions to my house...Smooches."

I thought to myself what a cool gig, the Comic Players Ball must be a red carpet event, and Katrina was going to hook me up with threads. Katrina was in the industry, so I figured on getting some designer gear cast offs. I didn't get to think about it to long; Jill started licking my sack for seconds.

When I got to Katrina's place I was already pissed thanks to the Map Quest directions she sent me. I looked at the outfit Katrina had laid on the bed and knew the she had run serious game on me.

"Okay Trina please explain to me what that is suppose to be?" I asked.

"It's your uniform for the ball silly. You know we can't participate without being properly dressed," Katrina explained as if I should have known.

"Participate? What does that mean?" I asked expecting some doozy of an explanation.

"Haven't you ever gone to a costume party before, I mean really Xav," She said.

"Sure I have, but when you asked me if I'd like to go the comic's player's ball, I thought I was going to see Dave Chappell or Chris Rock. I figured you were going to get me all Doulce'd up for the occasion..."

Katrina put her hand in my face to stop me, and then she got all up in my case.

"First of all I hired you to escort me to the Ball, and I told you not to worry about dressing up because I had you covered…didn't I."

"Yes you did, but I don't see how that outfit has anything to do with comedian's party..."

"What comedian's party? We're going to the Comixxx Players Ball. Go look at the invitation and you tell me where you got comedians from? Trina said pointing to her dresser.

I went and looked at the invitations on her dresser.


Comixxx Players, ah ha. Of course she didn't invite me in writing so I didn't have knowledge of the cute word play used on the invitation. Alright I trick fucked myself, so I resigned myself to my fate.

The Comixxx Players Ball was a role play grope and poke hosted by a swingers club. The attire required a super hero you invented and preferably costume of your own design or at least removal of any recognizable logo from a know characters uniform.

My uniform was not that original, Katrina simply cut the ears off of a famous crime fighting crusader's cowl and then straightens the hem of the cape. The rest of the uniform was a sheer black body stocking. Where she found one to fit me is a wonderment. Black wrestling shoes and a utility belt stocked with packs condoms, lubricants and in the butt pack hidden by the cape were several pairs a black latex exam gloves, some zip ties and other odds and ends.

Katrina's costume keeping the theme alive was a simple mask, a sheer green leotard and green high heeled boots and a green cape. "Shouldn't the cape be yellow and the leotard red if were suppose to be..." I started to ask.

"We are not those two, your Fatcock and I'm Swallow. Swallow get it? Katrina giggled at her own clever concept.

"Yeah I get it." I said as I felt my dick twitch.

Before we left Katrina checked on her husband Kirby whom she chained to an old steam radiator hidden behind a 3 panel shoji screen. I found the radiator strange since they had central air in their house.  Kirby had access to a small black and white portable TV and an empty coffee can for his facilities.

We drove over to an old school building in boonies of Suffolk County; behind the school was a free standing gym. We entered the gym after presenting our invitations at the velvet rope and having the small duffle Swallow carried searched by the Gorilla costumed bouncers.

The host and club president greeted us inside. He wasn't in costume like us; instead he was in shirt sleeves with his tie loose and a pencil behind his ear. His pocket protector read Stan/Editor.

We mingled with the crowd of twenty costume attendees. I did a quick head count eight male and twelve female, if there were no cross dressers. I enjoy a scotch and soda at the open bar and nibbled a few tidbits from the buffet.

"Hi Katrina, new look?" asked a woman with a "Strong Island" accent who wore a tiger outfit.

"Yes I decided to switch up a bit this time," Katrina replied.

"What and no Kirby? I do so love to play with him," The woman replied.

It was said so sweetly I knew she was being catty.

"Kirby isn't feeling well, so I brought a new cunt...I mean crime busting partner." Katrina said, just as politely. "This is Fatcock and I'm Swallow."

"Well I know you'll live up to your name, what about your friend?" The Golden Tigress asked.

I had been walking around making sure my cape hid my credentials since I felt under dress essential walking around in what was a pair of sheer panties hoses. I opened my cape like a flasher to give the Tigress a look.

"Oh no sweetie, that's not real." Tigress remarked, before she handled my package.

I smiled when she started to purr loudly as I swelled from her skilled touch.

"I guess I was wrong." She said.

Then I closed my cape to shield the raging wood trying to tear through the thin covering of nylon.

The party started in earnest when the Editor; he controlled the game somewhat like a Dungeon Master; split us into groups of four. Couple versus couple, the object of the game was to screw more partners then anyone else. The couple whose male partner came first lost. Loser lost their powers and became the slaves/subbies of the victors. Also there were the four unattached females referred to as the Stag Sluts circling the floor like buzzards to feed on the carcasses of the spent.

First up for us was the Golden tigress and her husband; the Leopard. She called us out with a challenge relayed by the Editor.

"Good I wanted to get the bitch!" Katrina whispered to me. "She thinks you're an easy mark like Kirby. She thinks brothers can't handle that trick ass pussy of her's just because she had it tightened up in South Beach. Please abuse her for me. The bitch milked Kirby in five minutes last time, and then ass raped him with the vibrator hidden in the tip of her tail."

Okay, I now understood why I was here, to grudge fuck the females that abused Katrina and Kirby at the last Party. Well I she should have considered herself avenged.

I grabbed the Tigress palming her head lick a basketball and forced her to her knees. I rubbed my stiff joint against her face and realized the flaw in Katrina's costume design; no fly.

"Ha Ha, looks like you have a problem my friend." Tigress joked at me.

"Not really the problem is yours; Swallow is getting a good head start on you," I replied.

Reaching into my utility belt to see if Katrina packed something to slice open the front of my suit. Tigress looked over to see the Leopard lying on the wrestling mat covering the gym, and Swallow living up to her name by hiding her nose in his short curlies.

"Shit!" screamed the Tigress.

Before she used her teeth rent a run in the nylon which she expanded greatly with her hands to get at my cock.  Since I was already in my belt I pulled out a mint flavored condom and handed it to tigress.

"Hey no fair, this is shielding, he won't get the full sensation," She complained.

"Safety first, I always say." I retorted in my best Adam West imitation.

"Okay, I'll allow it!" Said Stan the editor; with a flourish of his hand to make his point.

Tigress sheathed me and opened her mouth wide. She gagged and choked as I stuffed myself brutishly into her stretched maw. She had tears in her eyes when Stan came around monitoring the situation and called for a change in position.

I looked around to see Swallow bouncing up and down on Leopard's stiff mast. I also watch the other couples going at it throughout the gym. Tigress was having trouble getting me into her very tight snatch, so I helped her.

I put on a pair of gloves and pulled out a foil packet of lube and squeezed it over my fingers. Then I massaged her tight fuck hole paying attention to her reactions until I found her sweet spot and made her squeal and squirt, and then I eased her onto the head of my cock. I had to use another packet of lube before she slipped over the head. I let her struggled getting down the pillar of flesh which was splitting her wide open. She worked slowly and started to cum or so she said.

Her fingers were tearing into my chest and arms so bad I had to zip tie her wrist to control her claws. After I few minutes I had enough of dabbling with her, and rolled her onto her knees. Then I processed to wear out her reconditioned pussy.

In no time she was pounding the floor with her fists begging Stan to make me stopped.

"Are you quitting for your partner too? Stan asked getting down on his knees and raising his hand to slap the mat like a referee calling a pin.

"No, no, no..." sobbed Tigress.

I tried to go balls deep but she was too tight for that. She screamed like a banshee another minute or so before she called for Stan and quit.I left her sprawled face down, with her vibrating tail buried in her nookie. I watched a couple of females pounce on Leopard very ready to enjoy the rare treat of a still stiff dick on a loser.

Next up was the closest couple to us; the Buccaneer and Captain Kitty who had just dispatched Commander Cosmo and Space Kadette.

The Captain was a black haired beauty with a nice ass and a perky rack. I looked at Swallow to see what I was supposed to do with this woman.

Swallow gave me thumbs up saying. "Luz is ok I like watching her cum."

Okay with me, I didn't mind having a little fun on the job. I soon found out why Luz was fun to watch. She wanted me to stand up in it and coaxed me over to a nearly empty buffet table and told me to slowly take her.

She spoke with perfect diction when we started. After couple minutes of good loving courtesy of Fatcock she started talking like Rosie Perez. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and her flailing feet somehow slipped inside my costume and her heels quickly shredded the nylon from the armpits down until the tatters gathered around my feet.

"Oh shit. Shit baby you making me cum so much oh damn I'm not playing!" CK moaned with her accent becoming more pronounced.

I threw both her legs up on my left shoulder and went in for a kill. She was soon spewing more broken English then Charo getting gang banged at a Dominican Day Parade.

The next time she came English was a forgotten language altogether. My Spanish is shaky but I could make out a few word and phrases; basically she was screaming at her husband that I was turning her inside out.  I knew she was cumming because whenever I stopped stuffing her she screamed.

"Mas, mas, mucho Masssss!"

Finally the Buccaneer; who had Swallow pinned with her ankles behind her head; grunted and bucked wildly spraying a hot load into the jimmy that Swallow wrapped around his rod before she let him bone her. I was a little reluctant to give up CK because she had some good pussy. She was soft and juicy, and she took me balls deep, but I had a job to do.

The next colorfully clad couple standing; Liverpool Lancer and the Sapphire Skater. They were an interracial couple, from England, he was soccer hooligan and she was a wide mouthed second generation Jamaican from Brixton.

"What have we here love? A couple of yanks thinking; they can handle the likes of us!" Lancer said behind a red mask that covered his head completely.

"He's going to need more than that to scare me off Love, let's have a go shall we!" Skater said, pointing at my swaying boner.

She had nice phat badonkadonk even if it was from across the pond; I intended to enjoy breaking off a piece of that.

Swallow flashed me thumbs down which meant skater was going to get a grudge fuck. I had wondered about the skates, but she quickly schooled me on their purpose when she squatted in front of me.

"My you're a large lad; now hold up that big cock so it lines up with my mouth." She ordered.

Then she backed off about arms length from me, and using her hands to push herself into a slow roll, she crashed her mouth onto my dick. I guess the trick worked better on average sized dicks because even with her wide alligator mouth I was getting more tooth on my bone then I cared for. So after three attempts at a rolling deep throat, I grabbed a handful of the hooded speed skating suit she wore and held her in place.

The girls had skills because I would have sworn she unhinged her jaws like a snake once her mouth limbered up, and it felt great. She slobbered my knob up until her mouth frothed like a rabid bitch. When Stan came around to push the action she had to work at extracting my cock from her mouth. Once I was free she opened and closed her mouth several times moving her jaw from right to left.

"I believe you've dislocated me bleedin' jaw," Sapphire complained as she massaged the joint where her mandible joined to her skull.

I turned to look when I heard the Lancer shouting."No fuckin' way! No fuckin way!"

I was truly amazed myself at what I watched, I must admit.

Swallow had perched herself atop Lancer and was sliding up and down like there was no tomorrow. That wasn't the amazing part, what was amazing was she was taking Lancers long thin pole balls deep in her backdoor.

"Oh you dirty little whore; I'm fucking your bloody guts out!" Screamed Lancer and that was no lie.

Lancer's schlong was nearly a foot long and Swallow squirmed down his pole into his lap until she bottomed out, and then bounced completely off when she came up. I'm sure it felt great having your glands squeezed pass Swallow's tight starfish, slide up the tight passage and pop through the knotted sphincter protecting her colon and fucking the very core of her body.

She enjoyed making him scream and thrash from the wanton pleasure she gave. Then she started to blend him with short fast strokes mixed in with the long slow ones.

Lancer grasped his head and squeezed, but nothing was going to stop that nut ball express and he hammer fisted the mat when he came.

Swallow threw her head back and screamed "!"

I hadn't even fucked Skater yet.

"I didn't hit the pussy yet Kiddo, so I guess she's off the hook?" I commented not know the rules completely.

"Bullshit we own that bitch all night, and I have the taste for a Hero Sandwich." Trina informed me.

The hero sandwich which Swallow had the taste for wasn't food. I expected a pedestrian three way, Skater getting it doggy from me while she licked Swallow, but the rolling BJ had given my cohort an idea.

She placed Skater placed between the two of us, bent over at the waist. I stood behind her holding her arms back, using them like handle bars to pull her little snatch to my fat meat, and Swallow stood in front owning her mouth with a strap on, and added to the Skater's abuse by invading her ass with an anal hook fixed to a collapsible pole she brought in her duffle.

Pulling back hard I rolled Skater back l would stretch her womb; the only thing missing were the beeps to warn folks a big load of ass was moving. Then Swallow used the hooked pole to pull Skater forward to fill her gullet with plastic dick.

I felt the steel ball on the hook's tip moving along the dorsal side of my cock with each time the skater glided back and forth between us. Talk about a wild sensation it took my best effort not to bust a load.

We abused skater to tears with our wicked game of tug-a-war and would have continued longer if we had not been interrupted by one of the Stag Sluts who was trying to cut in.

Ki Lei Lei the green Dragon was a short pudgy Polynesian girl. I noticed her earlier that evening dressed in Green spandex hip huggers and a see through bra, with a pair of green safety glasses shielding her eyes. The only thing she had on now was eight inch stripper heels and her eye protection.

"What are you guy Super Heroes or Super Villains; I think she's had enough," Green Dragon commented.

Of course Dragon was slapping a pink jelly double dong dildo against her palm while she was speaking.

"Why do you want to join in?" Swallow asked very politely.

"Umm okay." The giggling Dragon replied.

I don't think she realized what Swallow meant by joining in, and at the time neither did I. I continued to stuff Skater, but Swallow moved off and Ki Lei Lei jumped in like it was double Dutch. Dragon had one end of the pink jelly up her pussy and the other in Skaters mouth, and she worked the pole like Swallow had.

"Take off your shoes and over stand there." Swallow asked the Dragon.

Green Dragon kicked off her shoes and took her position where requested. Swallow retrieve her duffle again moved behind the Dragon and started to rummage in the bag

"What are we going to do now?" asked Dragon while she used her hands to keep the jelly dong from slipping out."

"You'll see in a minute," Swallow replied.

Swallow took off her cape and put it on to Dragon, except backwards like a barber cape.

"Now kneel down on the cape. Well your still up a little too high, tell you what let's me get this out the way." Swallow commented.

Then she stripped the jelly out of Dragon with the motion used on a pull starter.

"Heyyy!." Dragon yelped.

"Oooops, sit all the way down and across your ankles," Said Swallow.

Dragon as told and when she did Swallow pick up the portion of cape lying on the floor and draped it over Dragons shoulders. On the underside of the cape near the head opening there was a band of cloth that Swallow fed the bottom of the cape through to create an open sided pouch.

"How in the world am I going to use this?" asked Dragon.

Swallow didn't answer instead she pulled out a flex cuff and secured dragons hands behind her back, then closed the open sides with zip ties through several grommets on the sides of the cape. When she was finished tighten the sac it became an effective restraint bag. The only part of Dragon visible was her head and she wiggled around inside the bag attempting to get free.

"Oh come on already don't leave me here like this left out of the party," Dragon whined. "I promise not to butt in any more!"

"Bitch you are the party!" said Swallow.

She then proceeded to take a climbing rope weighted with a bean bag and toss it over one of the exposed ceiling beams. She let the rope play out until she could hold the end looped over the beam.

"You can let that strumpet go now." Said Swallow referring to the bent over skater.

So I pushed her away; still bent over; and watched her roll away like a run away shopping cart into the waiting clucks of the SS, one of them grabbed the pole wheeled her away like a wagon.

Since I was the muscle of the operation I lifted Dragon like a sack of spuds off the floor while Swallow tied the ends of the rope to a short pole she threaded through the bottom hem of the cape. I stepped back to survey the completed project and discovered a new wrinkle in the plan. I noticed that with her weight supported completely by the hanging sack a slit in the garment was revealed. This slit in return revealed Dragons slit framed by her long wispy black pubes.

"Well old chum it would appear that we're going to get a good old fashion basket job." I said.

"Damn straight but I'm not twisting her up for the spin, you're going have to do that yourself." Was Swallow's reply.

So I spun Dragon around and around until the end of the rope twisted together to create enough energy to turn back by themselves when I released them. Swallow held the pole so the rope wouldn't unwind until I was in position on the floor beneath dragon. Once I was in position Swallow released the pole and let gravity and the stored energy of the rope do its job.

Dragon slowly turned on my cock head, her sweet wet the lips twisting around my hot latex covered flesh. Dropping slowing inch by inch my thick cock slowing progress as it stretched her little cunt.

Once she stopped in mid-turn but a few up and down thrusts helped her along and the rope started working again. She wailed like a crazy woman the whole time.

"Oh my god my pussy, my’re going to break!" cried the little Dragon.

When the ropes played out and the sack stopped turning she was only half way down my shaft so I pumped up into her making sure she was good and loose. Then I spun her while lying beneath her and she begged for mercy, so I would stop and she would beg for more. I gave her more alright; I moved from beneath her when it appeared that she had pass out. I left her there hanging like a pussy piñata.

I looked around for a new partner and discovered the contest was over. We were the wining couple since we out lasted all the other couples. I fucked a couple the losers I didn't get to the first time around and one SS girl, but we decided to get home before the sun came up. It would have been a little difficult explaining to Suffolk County's finest why a masked couple was driving around essentially naked.

"You want to sleep over know in all the time I've know you we have near actually done it with each other, " Katrina said on the way home.

"I'm a bit tired and I wouldn't want to give you a tired fuck. You might hold it against me." I replied.

I liked the sexual tension created by us not having done the deed with each other. Plus her husband Kirby was a there and I didn't want him to have added degradation of hearing her wife getting fucked stupid after he spent the night chained up.

I took a shower and dressed at Katrina's. I kept the mask, cape and wrestles shoes. On my way out the door I heard Katrina fussing up a storm at Kirby.

I peeked in to see that she was actually playing a lively game of bad puppy with Kirby.I don't know what he spilled or did on the floor, but Katrina was rubbing his face in it and swatting his ass with a rolled up newspaper. Some people just can't get enough.

The End

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