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Destination Vegas

She promised him anything.
by Salacious © 2002

It was a risk, but she was willing to take it. She had been talking with Kage for months now, chatting, camming, and phoning - the banter was good and the sex was hot. He could make her drip so easily. With carefully selected words he would type and send them via instant messenger, he would watch her as she read them. Instruct her, guide her, lead her, taunt her, tease her - he enjoyed the look of heat on her face and they both longed to share the union of their desires.

Deciding that it might be easier to meet in Las Vegas, she had never been there, and he knew his way around, they met at the airport. There were plenty of hotels to choose from and definite opportunity for anonymity. Kage had arrived early, before Riva and he met her at the gate. He greeted her warmly. They embraced and hugged a long time. He whispered in her ear, how long he had wanted to feel her body close to his, to feel her hugs, her tight embrace. Upon hearing, this she held him a little tighter and he knew she felt the same way. The low soft sound of his southern inflection soothed Riva's ears and her pussy twitched, as she remembered how many times they had talked over the phone and shared mutual orgasms. She wanted to hear him ask her, what he had said to her nearly daily, and each time her answer was the same. Now she wanted to hear it in earnest. As she hugged him, she rubbed her groin against his and squeezed him tight. He kissed her neck and she was in heaven.

Then as if he could read her mind he said it, "Riva-baby, you wanna fuck?"

She smiled and looked up at him, "uh huh," she said soft and sweet and her hand brushed against his crotch. They broke the hug and he took her hand and suitcase. He said he had a car waiting and they were going to go get something to eat because she was going to need her energy and so was he. They laughed and talked while they walked to the car.

As they arrived at the hotel, all the staffers greeted Kage as though all knew him. He took her bag to the front desk and asked that it brought up to the room. He then escorted Riva to the dining room. They sat close to one another, shared their dinners and sipped an after dinner cocktail to relax. Exchanging caresses under the table, flirtations, and the like, things between them were heating up

Riva leaned close to Kage asking sweetly if they could please go up to the room as she was aching for attention. Kage smiled broadly, he looked into her eyes and said, "Beg me.”

Riva's hand slid down Kage's chest and she moved closer. She pressed her chest to his, kissed his neck, she licked a path to his ear, and whispered, "I'll do anything you want if we can go up to the room right now. Please baby."

"Are you sure Riva," Kage asked in the most serious of tones.

She looked straight into his eyes saying, "Yes baby, anything."

Kage thought for a moment, looked at Riva and said, "Alright darlin'. You take the room key and head up to the room. I want you to go get naked, take a shower and be waiting on the bed for me when I get to the room.”

Riva grinned at Kage and took the key. She pressed close and kissed him firm and deep. As she broke the kiss she whispered in his ear, "Please baby, don't make me wait too long.” Riva stood and straightened her skirt, as she started to walk toward the elevator she turned and looked a Kage, she flashed him her bright smile, winked and mouthed one word to him, "hurry."

Kage scanned the room, looked toward the bar, and grinned. Things were falling into place. He signed the bill, left the table, and headed to the bar. Approaching the bar he extended his hand, said, “Glad to see you made it Ramón.”

He shook Ramón's hand, and Ramón reciprocated. "Yes, Kage everything is just as we discussed.”

For sometime now Kage and Riva had banter about black men, and how the thought of fucking a big black cock makes women hot, and swoon, not just women in general, but Riva as well. Riva always denied that color had anything to do with it. Nevertheless, Kage felt he was right about this and was going to find out tonight. After all, Riva had said "anything.” Not to mention, that on several occasions, she had said if things were right she would oblige this request. Kage was going to make sure that tonight was that night.

Ramón was one of Riva's on-line friends, a large black man from Brazil. Riva never had a clue that Kage would be able to track him down and arrange for such a meeting. She had made the mistake of mentioning his nick once and Kage remembered it, he searched and talked to several "Knight’s" before he found the right one, befriended him, and made plans for each of their fantasies to materialize.

Ramón and Kage spoke for a bit, shared a drink and then rode the elevator up to the room.

Ramón went into his room, which was next door to the room Kage and Riva had.

Surprised by what he saw when he entered the room, Kage smiled in satisfaction. Riva had not only done as requested but had gone further in trying to please him. Riva was just as he had requested, freshly showered and waiting on the bed. However, Riva had done more than just that. The room was aglow with candlelight; there was a basin full of ice and bottled water, and a tray of fresh fruit. On the bed near Riva were five silk scarves, four red ones, and one black one. She had stripped the bed down to the sheets and there were many extra pillows near by. She lay in the middle of the bed and the soft light from the candles made her appear angelic.

The sight of Riva laying in wait aroused Kage tremendously and for a moment, he wondered if he would be able to stick to the plan. He removed his shoes and socks, undid his belt as he walked towards the bed. Riva heard him come in and did her best to lie there calmly, her heart was pounding, and she could feel the excitement wash through her body.

Her pussy twitched, as she heard Kage speak, "Now isn't that a pretty sight.”

Riva opened her eyes, Kage was removing his shirt and Riva said, "Yes baby, you are a pretty sight...c'mere. I’ve been waiting for you. How'd I do baby?"

Without uttering a word, Kage, standing in his boxers, picked up the black silk scarf then he took a lone finger and closed her eyes, kissing each eyelid as he did. Then he tied the black scarf gently but securely around Riva's sparkling hazel eyes. With his hand behind her head, he laid her back into the pillows. Then he kissed her slow and soft; his tongue probed in and tasted her clean mouth, the mintiness of her toothpaste still fresh. His hand smoothed down her chest and he cupped her breast. His finger and thumb reached up and tweaked her nipple; she gasped softly. Kage grabbed one of the red silk scarves and tied it lovingly around her wrist and then to the bed. Her arms stretched above her head.

He tied her other wrist and whispered in her ear, "Riva, are you prepared to let me do “anything”?”

She nodded and bit her lip. Her body trembled and she could feel the wetness between her legs, as soon as he parted her legs, he too would know how excited she was. She tried to lay still; her breathing was already quickening and shallow, her heart still pounding hard with anticipation. He took a finger and let it drag down her leg, sending shivers through her body. Then he tied it around her ankle and then to the bed. Reaching down he took her foot brought it to his lips and kissed the sole of her foot. He spread her legs open wide and tied her ankle securely to the frame of the bed. She looked vulnerable and beautiful, her body trembled softly, and her chest heaved with each breath. Riva was so ready and now Kage was too.

He slid up the bed between her legs, she felt him and held her breath anticipating what she had longed for ... his touch, the touch of his tongue, his lips on hers. She felt his fingers peel back the folds of her pussy lips and felt his hot breath on her cunt. He touched his tongue to her clit and the trail of cum seeping from her glistened in the candlelight. Kage stuck his tongue out and licked the length of her hot ready cunt.

He moaned, "Mm-mmm," as he tasted her for the very first time. Then with his lips he grabbed her clit and began to suck on it.

Riva cried out, "Oh Kage! Oh god baby!" her hips undulated.

Kage dug in and sucked her clit. Riva whimpered and moaned. Riva was so hot the juices were flowing from her cunt like spring rain. Kage took his finger and slid it into her pussy she moaned and bucked.

“Yes, baby!” Riva whispered.

Kage continued to eagerly suck and lick her pussy; the cream ran from her pussy covering his beard and slicked down the crack of her ass. Kage slid a second finger into her pussy and then rubbed his thumb around the pink ring of her ass. She groaned and pleaded, "Kage, please baby ... fuck me, fuck me please.”

"Not yet Riva, you're not ready.” Kage told her firmly. She continue to writhe and buck under him, her cunt pulsating on his chin, two fingers fucking her cunt, his thumb now buried deep in her ass. Her pearl clit sucked into his mouth and growing, elongating as he worked her. Kage was enjoying this as much as Riva, although he knew what was coming; she didn't. Kage continued sucking her relentlessly, finger-fucking her pussy and ass. Riva was breathing hard and bucking harder, she was fucking his face, chin, and fingers. He felt her nearing and rammed three fingers into her cunt. His cock throbbed and he ached, but not yet. He wanted this to go as planned. Riva's body arced off the bed and she screamed as her body wracked with orgasm. The cream of her cunt drizzled out of her; he pulled his fingers out and licked her sweet tangy cream from them. He reached for a piece of ice and brought it to her lips. She opened her mouth obediently and took it in gratefully.

As Riva lay there her body calming slightly as she recovered from the intensity of the orgasm, Kage quietly went to open the door. Silently Ramón entered the room and nodded at Kage.

“Kage,” Riva whispered, "Could I have some more ice please?”

Kage moved to her and slipped another piece of ice to her lips. Ramón was undressing and his cock was hard. The sight of Riva's dewy body, spread and waiting was more than he was prepared for and it was obvious. Ramón's cock stood out in front of him like a rhino's horn, thick, long, black, and highlighted with the dark pink head of his cock glistening with pre-cum.

“Kage,” Riva cooed, “that was amazing baby. So much more than I had ever imagined.”

“We're not done yet Riva,” Kage assured her.

He fed her another piece of ice and stroked her hair. Then he stepped back and sat in the chair next to the bed. Ramón crawled up the bed between Riva's legs, his hand gripped her thighs, her hips twitched, and she moaned. He stuck his whole face in-between her legs and sucked up her cunt juices.

Riva moaned and her body shook, “oh Kage, please baby, please won't you fuck me?”

Riva pleaded. Kage stood next to the bed so that Riva wouldn't know that there were actually two men in the room.

"Beg me Riva," Kage commanded.

Now Ramón had moved to his knees and was rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy, just rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, and not pressing in at all. Riva lifted her hips and tried to reach his cock to pull it to her, without avail.

"Please Kage, fuck me with that big beautiful cock of yours, plow it into my cunt and fill me. Show me what it feels like to be fucked.”

Kage grinned, and whispered to Riva, "Tell me how much you want to fuck a big black cock Riva. Tell me how you want to feel a big black cock fucking you hard and deep.”

Riva sighed, “but I want to fuck you Kage.”

"You said “anything” darlin. This is my request," grunted Kage.

Ramón rubbed her pussy, reached down, and rubbed her tits, her nipples were hard and her pussy dripped, she wanted to be fucked - no needed to be fucked.

“You’re right Kage, I did say “anything.” Alright, I'll tell you,” Riva conceded.

Ramón removed his cock head from her pussy and began to lick and suck her cunt. He realized how hot Riva would get talking about this and wanted her sloppy wet when he rammed his big, thick, hard, black cock into her tight wet pink cunt.

“Baby,” Riva began, “I want to fuck a big black cock so bad my cunt aches for it, I want to feel it drive into me like a plow into fresh soil. I want my cunt to grip it and feel it spread me open, I want to feel my pussy close around it and feel it stretch me open wide. I want to see the blackness contrasted against the whiteness of my own skin and want to feel it bore into me deep and hard.”

Now she was bucking wildly as Ramón sucked on her pussy, she writhed and wiggled, fucking his mouth ferociously. He moved to his knees again and Kage untied Riva's feet. Ramón took her by the ankles and spread her open wide, moving her feet toward the head of the bed.

He rubbed his cock against her cunt and she cried out, “Damn it Kage, fuck me! Fuck me baby, please give me your cock, inch it into my pussy.”

“No," Kage answered, "tell me Riva, how much you want to fuck a big black cock."

"Please Kage, please! I want to fuck a big black cock so bad I can feel it to my core!”

With that said, Ramón rammed his cock into Riva's hot wet cunt. She gasped hard and deep, her pussy clamped onto his cock and he groaned loudly. Kage moved to the head of the bed, and stroked her hair; Ramón pulled back and rammed his cock into her cunt again, she moaned, "yes, yes, yes, fuck me baby.”

Then Kage slowly removed the blindfold, Riva looked at him and then at Ramón. Before she could say a word, Kage planted a long hard deep kiss on her lips and Ramón continued to fuck her cunt, pounding into her, driving his rod hard and deep into her pussy. It spasmed around his cock and he thrust hard and deep. He looked at her and smiled.

Kage broke the kiss and whispered into her ear, "You said anything Riva, and you know Ramón.”
Riva was in a state of bliss and said nothing; she just moaned and bucked wildly as she came again.

Kage began massaging and sucking her nipples, Ramón continued fucking her relentlessly and said, “Riva?”

Riva responded saying exactly what she knew Ramón wanted to hear, “Yes, my big black stallion, fuck me hard and deep, ride me into the night.”

With that said, he had new found energy and began fucking her robustly, grinding against her mound, her legs spread wide, and her cunt making squishy noises as his cock slid and out.

Kage moved to the head of the bed and untied her hands, Ramón pulled out and they rolled Riva over, Kage slid in under Riva and said, “Suck me Riva, deep throat me.”

Riva looked up at him and then at his cock, she licked her lips and then wrapped her mouth around his cock. She started slow at first taking it in little by little, Kage's hand on her head stroking her hair, the other reached down and twisted and tweaked her nipple. Ramón had begun to lick her from behind and she was beginning to take more and more of Kage's cock into her mouth, moaning as she did.

“That's it baby, take my cock, suck me good baby, deep throat this old man,” he coaxed Riva.

Now Ramón was rubbing his long, thick black cock hard against her cunt, she pressed back to him and Ramón thrust in hard. As Ramón rammed Riva from behind, her head went down on Kage; his whole cock buried in her throat, Kage moaned, Ramón moaned and Riva moaned; this had set off a chain reaction. Ramón fucked Riva and Riva sucked Kage, and Kage moaned in pleasure. Ramón fucked her hard gripping her hips tightly, pounding into her, his balls slapping against her. Riva grunted with each thrust from Ramón, her head bobbing up and down on Kage’s hard cock. It seemed the deeper Ramón thrust, the deeper Riva swallowed Kage’s cock.

Kage’s fingers intertwined around Riva’s dark locks and he thrust his hips upward to her lips, his shaft deep in her throat. He felt her hot breath as she gasped for breath with each outstroke. The grunts she emitted vibrated through his cock on each down stroke. Moving in unison like a well-oiled machine, their shafts moved in and out of Riva. The air in the room was heavy with sex, their bodies glistened with sweat, and the moaning increased in volume and tempo. Ramón uttered a sound that was nearly indiscernible as human. His body stiffened and his cock plunged deep into Riva’s pussy. Riva tried to cry out but Kage’s cock stifled her scream as he pumped ropes of thick cum down her throat as he grunted low and deep. Ramón kissed down Riva’s back and slowly withdrew his spent cock from her pussy, cum dripping down her thighs as he did.

Riva lifted her head and looked into Kage’s brown eyes. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She collapsed into his arms, breathless, her body still shaking from the intense fucking and wave after wave of orgasms she had endured. Ramón handed each of them an open bottle of Evian spring water. Riva drank hers down completely. Ramón took the tray of fresh fruit and brought it to the bed. He took several grapes and fed them to Riva one by one, smiling into her eyes as she sucked them in hungrily. Kage fluffed a pillow for Riva and leaned her back. He popped some fresh golden raspberries into his mouth and ate them down.

The three of them sat there together on the bed, catching their breath and eating fruit. The room felt incredibly warm, Kage opened the sliding glass doors and the cool Nevada evening breeze washed over their naked bodies. Riva’s nipples hardened and she shivered. Kage picked her up from the bed and carried her to the hot tub, he gently lowered her in, and she sighed softly as the warm water caressed her body. Kage slipped in next to her and gentle massaged her shoulders and neck. Ramón called room service and ordered some champagne, then joined Riva and Kage in the hot tub. It was only a matter of recovery time before the next round would commence.
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