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Doing Favors for the Black Foremen

I go to work in a warehouse and end up sucking the black foremen, boss and others.
I was an out of work, 48 year old marketing representative. A friend of mine named Bill, who just happens to be black and the owner of an electrical supply company, gave me a job in his warehouse in Detroit. I needed to get some income to support my family and no jobs were available in my profession. Many of the other men resented me getting the job, especially since I had never worked in a warehouse and hadn’t paid my dues so to speak.

I was constantly being teased by some of the men. This hazing went on for several weeks, and sometimes they would put grease or other distasteful things in my sandwiches, or even hide my gloves and hardhat so I would not be able to properly do my job. No one ever threatened me, but the constant teasing was getting old. I suppose that I could have gone to Bill to at least temporarily solve the problem. But I knew that if I complained, my long term ability to work there would be severely hampered. I just had to find a way to resolve this situation on my own.

I was sitting by myself on some pallets at lunch one day, and a shift foreman named Luther came to sit with me. He asked me how I was doing and then said, “I can get the other men to back off and give you a break. But I would also like you to agree to do some favors for me.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about by favors, but I told him, “Thanks a lot for the offer Luther, but I think that I would like to work this out by myself.”

He then smiled and said, “Okay Ed, I respect you for that attitude. One hint that I can give you is to just try to laugh it off when they tease you, and don’t let them know that they are getting to you.”

Luther was a big, black man at 6’4” tall and about 220 pounds and probably 50 years old. He looked to be very muscular from his years working in the warehouse. I knew that he would be a good friend to have, but I still wanted to do this on my own. Most of the other men who worked there were also in great shape, especially when compared to me. Most of them were either black or Mexican, with just a few white guys.

Over the next couple of weeks the teasing seemed to escalate. I was even beginning to wonder if Luther might be instigating some of it just to get me to agree to do him some favors, whatever that meant. I never felt threatened or that I was in any danger, and I would sometimes see them laughing amongst themselves knowing that they were getting to me.

One day after work Bill, the owner, asked me how everything was going. Although I didn’t tell him about the teasing, I did pause before answering him and he picked up on that. Then he said, “Look Ed, a lot of the new men have a rough time here at first. I expect you will to, especially because of the way I hired you because we are friends, and just the fact that you are a white man when most of the other men are either black or Latino. But just hang in there and things will get better. Sometimes it helps if you make friends with some of the foremen. I know that Luther has helped many of the new white men get a good start here.”

I thanked Bill for his advice and then decided to give in and talk with Luther the next day to see if he could help me. I saw him walking by himself in an isolated area of the warehouse and said, “Hi Luther, I’d like to talk with you if you have a minute.”

He said, “Sure Ed, what can I help you with?”

I then explained, “Well, the teasing hasn’t stopped, and if anything it has gotten worse. I’d like to talk to you about getting some of the men to back off. The only thing is that I don’t know what you mean by doing you some favors. I was hoping you could explain it to me.”

Luther smiled and said, “Sure Ed, but let’s go over to the high-value storage room so we can have some privacy.”

There was a special room in the warehouse where all of the expensive electronic equipment was stored. Only the foremen and Bill had keys to the room. So I followed Luther there and he closed and locked the door after we entered. I noticed that there was a couch, a couple of chairs and what looked like a weight-lifting bench in there, in addition to the shelves containing the expensive equipment. The room must have been used for entertainment of some kind as well as for storage.

Luther motioned for me to take a seat on the couch. He took a seat on one of the chairs in front of me and said, “Now Ed, just hear me out before you get upset and try to leave. I need to explain the whole thing to you. Look, I am 51 years old and have been married for over 30 years. I have had a lot of pussy over my life-time, but my wife went through menopause a few years ago. She just doesn’t have much desire to fuck me anymore, but I have a high sex drive and need to get my rocks off often. We used to fuck almost every day, and twice on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t want to cheat on her with other women. It can be expensive and risky to date other women and I would feel guilty about it. I also don’t like to masturbate.”

I was getting very uncomfortable with this conversation and started to get up to leave. Then Luther said, “Come on Ed, sit back down and hear me out on this. Over the last couple of years I have been able to find a few men to suck my cock for me. That has given me the relief I need, although nothing can really beat a juicy pussy for sex. I usually need to cum at least once a day. It is sometimes hard to find men who are willing to do that for me. Many different men have sucked my cock, but I have found that mature white men with little dicks are usually the most enthusiastic at sucking black men. They usually can’t seem to get enough of my black cock once they get the first taste. My cock is big, thick, uncut and I have big, low-hanging balls. The white men that suck my cock also love to suck my balls and swallow my cum. I really like it when they keep sucking and swallow fast when I cum in their mouths.”

I interrupted again and said, “Damn Luther that sounds pretty nasty. What has all of that got to do with me?”

Luther replied, “Just let me finish. I sometimes use this room for the cock sucking, since Bill and two other foremen are the only other persons with a key. But I can also find a quiet place in the warehouse for shooting my load from time to time. So what do you say? Would you be willing to suck my cock for me? And don’t worry, I will ask the men to give you a break even if you don’t suck me. But I would sure like to use your mouth to suck out my loads.”

I was stunned by what Luther was saying, and I had never heard about stuff like this, or that some white men had such an attraction to black men and their cocks. But I was happy that he was going to help me with the teasing. For some reason I did find his comments about cock sucking slightly interesting, and decided to play along with him for now. I looked at Luther and said, “I have never heard of anything like this before, and I sure have never sucked a cock. I have seen some naked men in the showers in high school and in the Army, but I frankly never paid much attention to their cocks. I’ll go home tonight and think it over, but I just don’t think I could be a part of this.”

Luther then said, “Okay, I’m happy that you’ll at least think about it. I’ll give you a few websites where you can go to see what I’m talking about how some white men just love dark and thick cocks, and some of them even talk about and show black men fucking white wives. I really hope you will agree to do this for me. I have lost a couple of cock suckers lately due to their retirement from the company. That is why there was an opening at the warehouse for you.”

I went home that night and thought that I should at least look at those websites. After my wife had settled down watching TV, I went to my den in the basement to go online. I spent hours looking at all of the porn sites that Luther recommended, and many more that were advertised on those sites. I could hardly believe that there were hundreds, if not thousands of sites about white men and women who just loved serving black men sexually. I thought that only a very narrow segment of the white population would have those desires, but it still provided a big market for that type of porn. The aspect of anal sex with men did not interest me, but a lot of the material was about black men fucking white women and oral sex with men anyway. I was especially interested in some of the story sites.

I have to admit that it was very arousing to read first-time sex stories where various circumstances were described that resulted in white men developing an interest in black men and a taste for their big cocks. There were also many stories about white men sucking the big, brown cocks of Latino men. I read dozens of stories that night and noticed some common themes. Many of these cock-sucking white men were middle-aged or older, and their wives were no longer providing sex at home. It seemed a little strange to me that they filled the void of having no pussy with sucking black cock, but that was the way the stories described it. It just seemed that those men were starved for sex, and sucking black cock provided some satisfaction to them. Many of the stories also portrayed how many of the white men had small dicks, and one other thing was interesting as well.

The stories described how some white men who were normal macho guys in almost all aspects of their lives, found it sexually stimulating to be submissive to strong black men. The black men were described as being virile, having a strong musky scent, with big cocks and shooting big loads of thick, potent cum. Some of the cuckold stories even talked about white wives being impregnated when the potent black cum was ejaculated directly into the mouth of the cervix of the woman, a place where little white dicks couldn’t reach.

The surprising thing was that I could see my situation in many of the stories. My wife had lost interest in sex after going through menopause in the past year. I was probably subconsciously looking for something to fill that void. I also have a small, four and a half inch long and thin dick. I enjoyed seeing the tits and pussies of some white women who were fucking black men on some of the porn sites. But, I was also strangely attracted to the thick, heavily hanging cock and balls of the black men, and I really liked seeing their cocks as they pounded those white cunts. Luther undoubtedly thought that if I had any of the characteristics of those white men in the stories, that it would start me on a path to eventually sucking his cock. Some proof that the topic of black cocks was turning me on is that I jacked off twice while reading those stories and looking at the pictures and video clips.

After reading those stories, I had pretty much decided that I at least wanted to see Luther’s cock in the flesh, but I didn’t want to appear too eager. So when I found him alone in the warehouse the next day I said, “Good morning Luther. I just wanted you to know that I looked at those websites last night. Some of them were pretty interesting and opened my eyes to things I had no idea were happening in the real world. But, I don’t think I can be a cock sucker for you. However, many of the pictures were interesting enough that I might like to at least see your cock in the flesh, to compare it with the ones I saw on those sites. Could we just do that?”

Luther smiled because he probably figured that if I wanted to see his cock, then he would likely have a chance to get me to suck it so he said, “No problem Ed. A few of the other white guys started out by just looking at my cock. But, don’t be surprised if you want to touch it and suck it after you see it and smell my virility. If you’re really serious about it, let’s take a forklift back to a quiet area behind some pallets in the far corner of the warehouse. Some of the guys are taking inventory in the equipment room and we can’t go in there right now.”

I saw some of the workers look at us, smile and whisper something to the others as Luther jumped into the seat of the forklift and I stood on the side step. I had to wonder what was so amusing to them. He drove slowly to the secluded area that he described and parked behind some big stacks of wooden pallets. Then he said, “Okay Ed, let’s do this. The forklift is perfect because I can stand on the side step, leaning back against the seat, and you can stand on the ground in front of me at just the right height to examine my cock. And if you want to see my cock, then you have to do the work. So go ahead and unbuckle my belt, unfasten the button on my pants, and pull down my zipper. Then, pull down my pants and underwear. I want to see the look on your face when you see my big, black snake appear before your eyes.”

Luther was right about our positioning being perfect, especially since he is so tall. From where I was standing on the ground, his crotch area was right in front of my face. My hands were shaking as I reached out to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. When I gripped his zipper, I could feel the heat from his groin, and I pulled the zipper down. Now was the moment of truth as I gripped the waist band of his pants and underwear and slowly pulled them down.

The first thing I noticed was his curly, black pubic hair coming into view, and then the strong, musky smell of his virility overwhelmed my senses. I continued lowering the pants and soon saw the thick base of his black cock. It seemed to take forever to pull the pants down past his cock. But then his still-soft cock was right in front of me and had to be at least seven inches long and very thick. I could see the thick veins showing through his ample foreskin. And the tip of the foreskin looked to be moist with precum as it totally covered the thick head of his cock. His balls looked to be as big as eggs, and they hung down in his hairy, black scrotum as far as his cock was hanging.

I just stood there in awe staring at Luther’s cock and balls and he said, “So tell me what you think Ed? I can already see by the look on your face that you like what you see. Go ahead and hold my cock and stroke it a little so you can see and feel what it’s like when it’s hard.”

My plans did not include touching Luther’s cock, but I was somehow drawn to reach out and hold it in my hand. I could feel it immediately start to harden when I gripped it, and it was hot and throbbing as it stiffened. I had never seen or felt an uncut cock before, and I really liked the feeling of the skin sliding over the shaft and cock head. It only took a couple of minutes of stroking before his cock was rock hard and sticking straight out and only inches from my face. I didn’t have a ruler with me, but I’m guessing that it was a little over nine inches long, and so thick that I could not quite touch my fingers together when I gripped it. I continued stroking him and was mesmerized by the sight of his cock head disappearing and reappearing as the wet foreskin slid back and forth. In addition, his cock was now dripping with precum and my hand was soaked with it. The smell of his juices also added to his overall virility.

Then Luther said, “Ahhh man, that feels good Ed. Go ahead and feel my balls now. I think you’ll like the weight of them and how they feel moving around in the leathery sack. And at the same time, go ahead and give my cock a taste. You’re only inches away from having it in your mouth, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll like the taste.”

I then felt Luther’s hand on the back of my head as he pulled my face to his cock, and I instinctively opened my mouth to take it in. I had never even tasted my own cum before, so the taste of his precum was a new experience for me. His juices were salty and a little sweet, and the texture of his substantial foreskin sliding on his thick cock head felt wonderful in my mouth. He held my head in place and started thrusting his hips, pushing his cock ever more deeply into my mouth. I could now better understand those stories I read the previous night. I liked the feeling of being sexually submissive to this strong black man and taking his thick meat into my mouth.

Luther was just getting into a rhythm fucking my face, and he laughed a little and said, “I just knew you’d make a good cock sucker once you got a look at my cock. Many of you white guys just love this black cock and cum. Listen to me good cock sucker. I’ll be shooting my load in a couple of minutes, and I want you to keep sucking and swallowing until my balls are drained and I tell you to stop. That’s the best part for me, knowing that you are hungrily sucking my cock to get all of my juice, and taking my potent sperm into your belly. I also like to have my balls and perineum sucked, but you can do that for me tomorrow.”

I started to panic when Luther told me to swallow his cum. I hadn’t even planned on sucking his cock, much less swallowing his semen. I tried to pull away to object, but he just held me in place and kept on pumping. It only took another minute until his cock stiffened even more and started throbbing, and he pulled back a little until the head of his cock was resting on my tongue, and a deluge of semen erupted from him. It felt thick and hot, and I swallowed quickly to get it all down without choking. I continued sucking his cock until it softened, and he pushed me back. Then he said, “Damn Ed, you did a great job for your first time sucking cock. I’ll take that fine sucking as your yes at being my cock sucker. Now let’s get back to work before someone starts looking for us.”

I was feeling embarrassed for sucking Luther, but at the same time I had a sense of sexual relief that was hard for me to understand. Even though I considered myself to be a normal, married man, I was still attracted to Luther’s strength and virility and wanted to be submissive to him sexually. I also realized that my little dick had been hard the whole time I was sucking his big cock and my underwear was soaked with precum.

When we arrived back at the main warehouse area on the forklift, I could tell from the looks and whispers of the other men that they had a good idea of what I had just done for Luther. And I got the distinct feeling that the teasing by the other men was a well-rehearsed and familiar effort to encourage yet another white cock sucker to learn the joy of sucking black cock.

I was accepting my role as Luther’s cock sucker, but still didn’t know how he would make arrangements for me to suck him on a daily basis. But I didn’t have long to wait. The next day, just before lunch, Luther came up to me and said, “Let’s go Ed. Bring your lunch and let’s go to the equipment room. I feel a need to get my nut again.”

We went to the room and he locked the door. He then took off his work boots, pants and underwear and said, “Get over here and lie down on your back on the weight bench. It is the perfect height and width to allow you to lie down while I feed you my balls. Do a good job for me and get them all wet and sloppy while I sit on your face and feed them to you.”

I lay down on the bench and looked up as Luther straddled my head, facing my feet. I could immediately smell his musky, virile odor as he lowered his hairy, black scrotum to my mouth. He pressed down on me as I sucked first one, and then the other testicle into my mouth, and I hungrily sucked those big nuts. Then he shifted his weight forward slightly which brought his perineum right over my mouth. It was long and swollen just like the black ones I saw on those porn sites, and it must have covered a span of four inches between his balls and hairy asshole. Then Luther said, “Go ahead and give me a good sucking there Ed. I know that it puts you very close to my funky asshole, but you’ll be sucking that for me someday soon anyway. So be a good boy and clean up my nasty crotch.”

I was starting to enjoy the feeling of sucking his thick bulge and the strong smells down there between his hairy legs, when I heard the door to the room open and close. Then I heard what I learned was my friend Bill’s voice saying, “Damn Luther, it sure doesn’t take you long to train these white cock suckers for us. I’ve known Ed and his wife for 15 years and never dreamed that he would be open to sucking black cock and balls. Just seeing him down there so submissively sucking your balls and perineum, on only his second day, makes me think I could get him to arrange for me to fuck his wife too. Take your time and then feed him your cum. I’ll just sit here and stroke my cock until you’re through, and then take my turn at his pussy mouth.”

Now I knew that all of this had been a set up, and that Bill had probably offered me this job partly out of friendship, but also because he wanted another white mouth to fuck. I was just a replacement for another white guy who had retired.

Luther continued pressing his balls and perineum into my face for another few minutes and then he pulled back and said, “Open wide Ed, and try to suppress your gag reflex. I’m going to fuck your mouth and throat just like a pussy right here on the bench.”

When Luther stepped back for a moment, I could see Bill sitting on the couch with his shoes and pants off; stroking a beautiful black cock. His cock was circumcised and his balls were huge. There was already a large amount of precum running down his shaft to his balls. Then Luther held his cock to my lips and pushed it into my mouth. He started fucking my mouth like a pussy, and I started gagging a little when he had about seven inches in me. I struggled to relax and then felt my throat expand, and his cock was buried to the base in my throat. I could feel his pubic hair on my chin and his big balls on my forehead. He fucked me like that for a few minutes and then I felt him stiffen and throb as he unloaded another huge load of cum into my throat. I continued sucking him until he was soft and clean, and he pulled away.

Bill was still sitting on the couch and said, “Damn Ed that was hot seeing a new cock sucker like you taking Luther’s whole cock like that. Now get over here and get to work on my cock. It’s just a little shorter than Luther’s at eight and a half inches, but just a little thicker. I also shoot big loads of cum for you to enjoy. I’m sorry that we tricked you into sucking our cocks like this, but it looks like you are really enjoying it. Hell, you even took to sucking his perineum on your second time. It usually takes us a couple of weeks to get new guys to suck the perineum, and even longer to suck our assholes. But I’ll bet that I can get you to suck my hairy asshole today.”

I smiled at Bill as I got on my knees between his legs, and took is hard, black cock into my mouth. He tasted a little different than Luther, probably because Luther had been sweating all morning before I sucked him. But he still had that strong, virile aroma that was turning me on so much. I started going up and down on Bills cock and sucking him hard as I had learned by sucking Luther. I also rubbed his big balls with my hands. After a few minutes more sucking him he looked down at me and said, “Let’s move over to the bench. I want you to lie down while I feed you my balls and asshole. I should be pretty clean down there today, but that might not always be the case.”

So I got on the bench and Bill pressed his balls to my mouth and started moving back and forth on my face. Then he moved forward and pressed his hairy asshole to my mouth. He moaned a little and said, “That’s it Ed, lick and suck my hairy ass crack. And when you’re ready, I want to feel your tongue pushing into my asshole. I just love having my ass eaten by a white guy.”

I did as Bill directed, and was soon tonguing his asshole. Then he said, “Holy shit, that is just perfect. Who would have known that you’d be such a nasty cock sucker? And if you like sucking my ass, I’ve got another surprise for you. We have two other foremen who will appreciate your oral skills. Hector, who is a Mexican, is 52, and Tyrone, another black guy is 51. They both need to cum about once a day just like Luther and me, and will really like to get nasty with a guy like you. Hector will even try to piss in your mouth after he cums, if you let him.”

Bill then pulled off of me and pushed his big cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth and throat, just as Luther had done and was soon filling me with his cum. His juice was not as sweet as Luther’s and was actually a little bitter, and that was likely from him being a smoker. I continued sucking his cock until I had drained all of his cum and he was softening, and he got up.

Bill and Luther got dressed and then Bill said, “Look Ed, the foremen and I will want you and another white guy to suck us off every day, and that will keep you pretty busy. Sucking our cocks is your highest priority, and all of your other work is secondary. You need to be aware that most of the other men in the warehouse know what is going here, and some of them might want you t suck them too.”

Then I said, “Bill, it’s one thing to suck you and the foremen, but what makes you think I’d be willing to suck the other guys?”

Billed smiled and said, “I’ve never seen a new guy enjoy sucking cock and balls like you have. It’s pretty obvious that you have a taste for cum and like it a little nasty. I just assumed that you might want to suck some of the other black guys and Latinos. They’ll definitely be trying to get you to suck them. My point is that it is your choice, but you need to do it over lunch or before and after work, and not take more time away from your warehouse duties.”

I continued to work at the warehouse for another two years until I got an opportunity to get back into marketing. Over that period, I sucked Bill and the foremen every day, as well as sucking six of the other black and Latino workers who only needed relief every other day or so. But after I left I really missed the steady diet of cum that I had become accustomed to. So I stopped by the warehouse every chance I got to get my fill of that tasty and thick black and Latino semen.

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