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Double Date

Helping a friend out by double dating with her and a couple of black guys.
A few months ago a friend of mine Julie wants me to double date with her and a guy she was interested in. Basically she wanted me to be his friends date for the evening. Seeing as how I was dating someone else I reluctantly agreed after she begged me too.

I really wasn’t into the idea of it, but I dressed up none the less. I put on a denim skirt and white blouse on over the top of a pair of matching red lace bra and panties. Everything fit my 5’3” 115lbs frame quite nicely. I have a set of perky 34B tits, nice round hips, long blond hair and big blue eyes.

When Julie and the guys showed up, you couldn’t imagine my surprise. Julie is a blond like me, but the guys were both black. I wouldn’t say I am a racist, but the small town I grew up in with all white. I thought to myself, why not, it will be a new experience. Besides, Michael my date was quite hot. He was maybe 6’2”, 190 lbs, had short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin and was very muscular.

We went to eat at an Outback steak house. Had a good meal, pleasant conversation to go along with a few vodka/cranberry juices. We then made our way to a club. We danced some, shot some pool and had several more drinks.

We made our way back to Julie’s apartment. She grabbed her date and headed straight to the bedroom. I grabbed a few beers for me and Mike and we sat on the couch. We made small talk where I let him know nothing was going to happen between us because I had a boyfriend.

We weren’t there 10 minutes and we could hear the springs squeaking from the bedroom. We kept talking trying to ignore it, but it got louder and Julie started moaning and screaming. I must admit I was getting turned on hearing them. I could tell she was getting fucked good. Looking at the tent in Mike’s pants, I could tell he was excited himself.

We sat there a bit when Mike got his courage up and ran his fingers up my thigh. His touch sent shivers up my spine. When I didn’t move his hand he took it as encouragement and leaned down and kissed me. I didn’t resist him; I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. While we were kissing I could feel his hand working higher up my leg. It wasn’t long and he was rubbing my pussy threw my panties.

I spread my legs wider for him and he pushed my panties to the side and slid a long black finger inside my pussy. As he worked it in and out of me, his other hand was unbuttoning my blouse. His hand reached in and started massaging my breasts. My nipples hardened at his touch. I leaned forward and slipped the blouse off my shoulders and unclasped my bra.

He took the hint and moved down. He ran his tongue over my nipples, first one then the other. He started sucking on my left tit. He was taking almost the whole thing into his mouth. The feeling was incredible.

He slid a second finger in to my wet pussy and I moaned loudly as I started grinding myself on his fingers. The sight of his black head on my white breasts was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I think I would have come on the sight alone, but his fingers were like magic inside my pussy. It didn’t take long and I was cumming all over his fingers.

I leaned over and reached for his cock. I unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled his huge black monster out. It was very large, about as thick as my wrist. I slowly leaned forward and brought the dark black head to my mouth and began to lick the underside of his cock. His cock jumped and throbbed at my touch. I grabbed his cock with both hands and slowly slid more and more of his cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. There was plenty more cock to go but I gagged when it hit the back of my throat. He had more than I could handle so I sucked on what I could easily fit in my mouth as I stroked the rest with both of my hands. I was getting into sucking this huge black cock off. From the sounds he was making, he was obviously enjoying himself.

He reached down and grabbed the back of my head with one of his hands and started to thrust his hips as he pumped my mouth with his big black cock. I could feel the sperm leap from the bottom of his nut sack and shoot down the entire length of his cock. It hit the back of my throat like a rocket and was followed by three or four more blasts. I swallowed what I could but his dick was so large and the load was so big that some of it spilled from the corners of my mouth. He pulled it out of his mouth and sat there with a big shit eating grin on his face.

We sat there for a few minutes looking at each other. He was playing with his cock, stroking it trying to get it hard again. I leaned over and we started kissing. His tongue was exploring my mouth. I took my hand and started rubbing the head of his cock with my palm and fingers while he stroked it. It didn’t take long and he was hard again.

He flipped me over the arm of the sofa and knelt behind me to take me doggie style. He rubbed the head of that big black cock along my pussy a few times before he pushed the head in. I gasped in pleasure as he stretched my tight little pussy out. He would push in a little bit then pull back out and push in a little farther. He kept working it in and out till he was all the way in.

I was in ecstasy, never before had I been so filled. He held his big black cock deep inside my pussy, letting me get use to the size. Finally he pulled out nice and slow till just the tip was in me. He then thrust it hard into me. I could feel his balls bounce off my clit as he started to ram his cock into me harder and faster, causing my body to jolt at each thrust. It didn't seem possible to me that something that big could fit inside my small body.

It didn’t take a minute and I was cumming all over his cock. His hands were on my hips pulling me back as he pounded his cock in and out of me. Every few thrusts, he would spank me along with his dirty talk about me being a white slut was driving me crazy. I had orgasm after orgasm as he thrust his huge black cock in and out of my stretched pussy . Our sweaty bodies slapping together as he kept hammering away at my pussy.

After about 30 minutes as he started to move a little faster, his breath was coming in short, shallow gasps and his moans got louder. His body went stiff and he grunted as he came deep inside of me. His body jerked a couple of times and then he went limp and collapsed on top of me, not moving. Finally, exhausted he pulled his softening cock from me and flopped down on the couch. We laid there not moving, trying to catch our breath. Eventually I got up, grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

When I washed up the best I could, I walked out and handed him my phone number and told him he could cum in me anytime. I left walking the few blocks home and began to worry what if my boy friend was awake and would he be able to tell I just cheated on him…

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