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Ebony and Ivory a New Encounter for Both Chapter One

Ebony and Ivory a New Encounter for Both Chapter One

Nothing is ever just black and white.
The ad was simple and to the point. "Married African-American woman seeks relationship with a white man for friendship and maybe more. No strings, no ties, discreetness a must. Please respond back with a picture. Yours, Ebony Goddess"

I had always had a fantasy about crossing over the racial borders to be with a black woman, but always feared what the outcome might be. I always thought women with a nice mocha shade were beautiful and almost exotic, alluring and sexy, yet terribly out of reach for a guy like myself.

I had not planned to have an affair, I love my wife and she is a very beautiful blonde lady. However, I do not think, like most men I am sure, I would ever be happy with one flavor to taste for the rest of my life. Sad, yes, but truthfully the way most men I know, think.

I scanned these sites weekly, not as much to find another woman, more to look at the images and wonder if they are real. I had never responded to any ad and found that to do so, I would have to pay a fee to join. This I had to contemplate for a bit. Not because the fee was outrageous, but the fear of seeing the site name on my credit card statement.

I read the sites agreement, and once I had the descriptive billing name as it would appear on my statement, I joined. The fee was not bad, and I got a discount for paying the whole year in advance. By doing this, my bill would only show one charge and look less conspicuous if my wife happened upon the charge,

Kaycey and I traded emails for a few weeks. We swapped some pictures and chatted in the sites rooms when we had a chance, but still we had not taken the step of speaking on the phone or met yet. We both seemed to enjoy each other’s conversations, and there was no complaints regarding the pictures and how, hopefully, providing we were both honest.

Neither of us was into the new sexting game, so we traded basic dialogue about our lives. She, like me, is also married. She had 1 child, she is an RN, her husband an accountant. I own my own business, and my wife is a flight attendant. I learned over time that she actually lived within twenty minutes of my address, which was convenient, and we also had many similar interests as we learned.

She was a runner, enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and tried to keep her youth. I was similar, played golf, enjoyed tennis, and although I did not run, spent many hours on the treadmill each week. All in all, it was beginning to seem more and more like our paths were going to meet at some point.

After about a month, we decided it might be time to actually meet. We decided it should be a very public place, in another city outside of our regular habitat to avoid any friends we might see. We agreed to meet at a big restaurant chain for lunch the next week, and as my wife's flight schedule had her out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my week was basically clear to meet at her convenience.

She asked me, "What will you be wearing?"

I responded, "You have my picture, many as a matter of fact, you will know me."

She replied back, "That is great to hear, I was afraid you might look different; we should know each other, as my pics were of me as well."

I simply responded back with a sigh. I said, "What a great relief, and I am will definitely be the luckiest guy in the restaurant."

I am going to take a break for a moment so I can describe Kaycey, the woman I would be sitting across the table from, this goddess.

Kaycey is about five-four, looks to weigh around a hundred and ten pounds, and has sweet mocha skin that hints at her ethnicity, but she could almost pass as Latina as well. From the pictures, I would guess either a large B cup or small C. She has long legs and a face that will brighten the darkest night. Her skin is gorgeous and smooth and so inviting. I could not wait for the chance maybe to one day see all of her.

Now, back to the lunch. I showed a little early, a bit nervous of course, and filled with a bit of fear that maybe I would not be the man she was searching for. Though we were clear about the no-strings, no ties, and the discreetness, this was a woman, I think, who could be a great "friend" for a long time to come.

As I was looking in the mirror behind the bar, she had entered to restaurant and was making her way to the bar. I watched her, almost in slow motion, as my mind was blown away when she walked up so confident and secure with herself. She was, to say the least, one beautiful woman.

I stood and greeted her with a hand shake, and she reached in and kissed my cheeks. As she did this, I was caught by her aroma, smelling as sweet as a honey suckle, but not too overly powerful. Her hand was so soft, yet firm, and my cock began to grow at that moment.

She sat and ordered a white wine, and we began chatting. My first words out of my mouth were so stupid, and truly I would not have blamed her if she stood up and walked out. I simply scanned her up and down and said, "Wow!"

Kaycey simply replied," Thank you. I always like to go for the whole WOW factor, gets my juices rolling really quickly when I know the man I am with looks at me and nothing else."

I said, "I am not going to be taking my eyes off of you, but I do not think any other man in this restaurant is looking anywhere else either, you are, simply stated, beautiful. Your pictures do not do you justice."

She smiled and shocked me as she leaned in close and kissed me softly on the lips. As she sat back into her stool, she looked at me and said, "I think we are going to have a lot of fun together. It is funny how you can feel that sometimes, and this is one of those times for me."

I replied, "I cannot tell a lie. If I said it had nothing to do with your looks, that would be a straight lie. But, I hope it truly is because we are going to be great friends."

She said back to me in a whisper almost, "Yes, I agree, with many benefits as well, I hope."

I looked at her for a moment, a bit stunned, I suppose, and said, “Kaycey, I think I need to excuse myself for a moment or two, would that be alright?"

She responded quite curtly, "I hope you are not going to take care of any particular business. I would be very disappointed if you did not first give me the opportunity to decide how the afternoon might end."

I sat back down in the stool, looked at her and asked, "Do you want to eat here at the bar, or ask for a table?"

She said, "Can we ask for a booth more in the back of the restaurant? It would be a bit more intimate and we can get to know each other a little better with a bit more privacy."

I said, "Be right back."

I went to the hostess and made a request, to which she grabbed a couple of menus and said, "Yes sir, no problem, please follow me. We will transfer your bar tab to your order if that works for you."

I just nodded my approval, looked toward Kaycey and nodded my head for her to join me.

I think the hostess had some idea about the two of us as she seated us in a corner booth that really would fit six. It was located away from all of the other diners. I took Kaycey's hand and helped her slide in, and did she slide in, all the way to the middle. I slid in behind her, and she grabbed my hand to pull me right next to her.

We took our menus and opened them, and just as we put them up in front of us, Kaycey leaned into me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but..” she stopped and just stuck her tongue down my throat. Now this woman had a great mouth, it tasted so sweet and her tongue could do the tango. As she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes and said, “Now, aren’t you glad you did not take care of that little problem earlier?” With that, she placed her hand on my cock and gave it a nice soft squeeze.

I told her, “That damn near took me over the top!”

She took her hand away and began to look at the menu, trying to decide on what to eat, then asked me, “Which wine and what meal would you recommend to precede desert?”

I said, “I normally am not a desert kind of guy, what sweet choice are you going to have?”

She just looked at me and said, “You.”

“Ohhkay” was all I could get out of my mouth, I was stunned as I thought we were going to go a bit slower than this.

Kaycey looked and me and said, “Was that an okay, or a moan of ohhh Kay, as I really like to be called Kay.”

I looked back at her and said, “I think it was a little of both.”

She just giggled and kissed me a bit slower and softer this time. Then, she leaned to my ear and whispered, “I would blow you right here and now, but I don’t like cum on an empty stomach, is that alright?”

How does a man respond to that? I simply nodded my head in agreement. As I did this, Kaycey took my hand and placed it directly on her thigh right next to the hem of her extremely short dress. The heat was incredible, and yet so alluring and sexy. She was wearing thigh high stocking as I would learn as she pulled my hand further toward that one spot I had been dreaming of touching and tasting since the first picture I had seen of her, and now I was almost afraid.

She looked at me and said, “It won’t bite, I promise. But I might now and then, if you are really good.”

With that said, I slowly made a path directly to what may have be the hottest and wettest pussy I had ever felt. Thankfully, she was wearing some type of covering, a thong most likely, otherwise there would have been some stains on the seat.

She said, “Put a finger in me, feel how wet I am, then I want to you to taste it.” I did as instructed, and the flavor was so different than any woman I had ever been with. It was sweet, and creamy, there was an actual thickness to her pussy juice.

The waiter arrived back just then and asked, “Have we made a decision?” Kaycey ordered a light salad, and my mind not necessarily interested on food at this point, I ordered the same. We began chit chatting a bit more, thankfully not touching, and really got to know each other.

She said to me, “I want you to know, I did not come here today expecting this to happen this quickly, and I am not going to fuck you today, but I am going to fuck your brains out soon. I hope you understand, but I can’t wait to have your cum going down my throat after lunch.”

I looked at Kaycey and said, “This has actually gone further than I thought it might in a month, so I completely understand and hope that you would not mind if I enjoyed a bit of a dessert later as well.” She just nodded her head yes. I looked at those fantastic breast, nipple all firm and pointing like a laser and knew this was going to be a great friendship.

The food came and we hurriedly ate, paid the bill and left.

Kaycey looked at me and asked, “Where would you like to go?”

I said, "There is a hotel just down the street. I could get a room, if you like, at least then we would be comfortable, we could shower and clean up, etc.” She agreed, and we both drove down. I went in, paid cash and got the room card.

When we walked into the room, Kaycey did not even hesitate to look at the surroundings. She shoved me against the wall and began molesting me with her mouth. Oh how sweet that mouth tasted. She began unbuckling my belt, unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, pushed them down and she fell to her knees. She slid my boxers down, looked at my stiff cock and sighed a “Yes!” Then she just took the entire length to the base.

I said, “Kaycey, I am going to blow really quick at this pace.”

All she did was grab my balls with one hand and push me harder to the wall with the other. I erupted so hard, I thought I might drown her. I could not remember the last time I had had an orgasm so intense and with so much cum.

As my orgasm subsided, Kaycey pulled my cock out of her mouth and just twirled her tongue around the head, cleaning me off and finishing the last little droplets. I moaned and said,” Wow, but please, enough for now, my cock is so sensitive.”

She kind of playfully slapped it, as if to say, “Good boy,” and then stood up and kissed me.

I began removing her small dress, and as it dropped to the floor, I saw her for the first time and had to revel in her beauty. She had a lacey white bra that contrasted with her skin so beautifully and a matching garter and thong. Her thong was apparently soaked through and I said to her, “We definitely need to get that cleaned up, I have just the right tongue for that.” She just moaned my name.

I took her to the bed, sat her down and leaned over her to unfasten the back hooks on her bra. As I did this, she just reached out and stroked my cock, which began to grow again. Once her bra was removed, I laid her back and began sliding the thong down her legs. Her cunt was so beautiful, swollen from her excitement, wet with her sweet juices, and such a bright contrasting pink to her mocha colored thighs. To say it looked anything other than delectable would be an understatement.

I began slowly tracing my path with my tongue to her sweet muffin, slowly and ever so softly. She began to moan and said, “God please, please lick my cunt, please eat me like it is your last meal. I need to cum so badly!” As a gentleman, I must say I had to do as the lady requested. I pushed those beautiful legs wide and high and we to dinner. It was not long before I took her little pink knob in my mouth and sucked on it with as much vigor that she had sucked my cock earlier.

When Kaycey exploded, she squirted all over my face. Cum was dripping over me, her, and the sheets, and thankfully I was able to block most of it with my chest or it may have hit the wall. I was so happy with myself, and Kaycey just kept cumming. I was not sure if she was having multiple orgasms or one long one, but I was not going to let up. I attacked that pussy again and then started to slide to the pink rosebud located lower. I shoved two fingers into her pussy and began sliding my tongue into that gorgeous ass.

Kaycey almost came off the bed bucking and thrashing as she came again, just as hard as before. As her orgasm began to subside, she pushed my head away and said, “I can’t take anymore, Jesus, I have never cum that hard before. And I have never squirted. I hope you were not upset! please slide up here and let me lick your face clean.”

I looked at her and simply said, “Delicious!”

I slid up to her, we began kissing nice and slow, and then Kaycey began licking my face, neck, and chest clean, starting at the top, flipping me over on my back, and going downward.

My cock was once again hard, and this did not go unnoticed. Kaycey took me in her mouth and made sweet love to my cock until I came again in her mouth, this blow job lasting a bit longer and being more sensational than the first.

Afterward, we lay nestled next to each other, kissed softly, again entered into some dialogue and I finally got to taste those great tits. Kaycey let me enjoy them for a moment, but then pushed me away, saying, “You have to stop, or I am going to go further than I am ready to today.”

I said simply, “No problem, I respect your decision and, hopefully, this will not be the last time I see you.”

She simply shook her head no and said, “You're kidding right? If you are that good with your tongue and fingers, I can’t wait to see how that cock is going to feel fucking my brains out. Not to mention when you take my virgin asshole. God, I want it now, but, it will give us something to think about until next. And there will definitely be a next time, and a next and a next, until there can’t be anymore next times.”

We just kissed and then took separate showers. As I lay on the bed nude, satisfied, I was thinking of the next encounter, and knew this was a good decision.

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