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Elegance Ch1 - The Selection

Sara books her appointment at a spa that caters to interracial sex
Sara pulled into the twenty four hour garage in her red Jaguar XF and let the attendant take the keys and hand her a claim check. She reached in the back for her travel bag and walked down the street to the four story brownstone tucked away on East 24th . There was a small gold plate on the side of the entrance “Elegance.” She was at the right place. She knocked on the wood paneled double door and then hit the ringer.

“Welcome to Elegance. May I have your pass phrase?”

She checked her cell phone text message.

“Rifle shot 4871”

The door buzzed and she went in. The foyer was quite nice. Dark wood panel, soothing music and a lovely twenty something black woman at the counter. Sara walked up and said hello. The woman, who was dressed in a sleek silk kimono that showed off her nice cleavage in a sensual way, asked for her reservation page which Sara presented. She had been told on the phone that this was all part of their efforts to stay secure and private. The security was quite good. She and her husband both agreed that her confidentiality was really protected. It was only when they were comfortable that she booked an appointment.

She also handed over the $500 she was told to bring as her down payment for services. The woman took it, counted it and handed it back in a sealed envelope telling her she could keep it until later. She smiled and said that they merely wanted to confirm that she was serious.

She looked down the hall way and saw three other women walking into a large sitting area dressed in lovely spa robes drinking wine or champagne, she wasn’t sure which. She heard footsteps, turned, and was greeted by a handsome black man who introduced himself as Eric. She followed him to a small office and sat in the Louis XIV chair he pointed to.

He looked at some paper work and then at her.

“Welcome to Elegance, Sara. May I call you Sara?” She nodded her assent. He offered her a glass of champagne.

“Sara we have made all of the appropriate inquiries so we are very comfortable to have you as a first time customer. We hope your visit it all that you expect and when you are finished if you have any questions about memberships or the like I am happy to help. My job today is to make sure you are satisfied.”

Sara smiled and felt relaxed even though she was still a bit nervous. She had come across this spa searching the web and after a month of indecision and back and forth with her husband Jeff, she decided she would give it a try. It was very discrete, clearly priced at the high end and was a spa that catered to women seeking an interracial experience. They had agreed that if she was going to search for something more or different this was a safe way of doing so.

“As you know we offer the finest in male companionship and total discretion. If you have any questions about services, prices, special offers or anything at all now is the time to ask.” He paused to make sure she was paying attention.

“As you know on our site we only book time, ensuring that we have space and rooms available when you arrive. We leave the discussion of services to this interview. It protects both of us from inquiring minds or hacked websites where your requests might be a bit embarrassing.” He looked at her for her confirmation.

“I trust you agree that we have done everything to assure you privacy,” he smiled and Sara once again nodded.

“I hope you don’t mind but during this process we want to make sure you have no questions after we book. We can take some time to go over your wishes, wants or desires. I will do everything I can to meet them.” He paused and looked at the paperwork. “I see you have booked two hours beginning at 4:00pm. That is 90 minutes from now. In the meantime, as you know, we have the open bar, buffet, a steam sauna, dry sauna, whirlpool and European showers as well as yoga and meditation before your time begins. That is all included in the base fee.” He reached for a ringed notebook.

“I can show you who we can have here by 4:00pm unless you have some specific requirements in terms of age, body type, skin color, etc.”

She was impressed that Eric was discussing this in the same way a concierge at a four star hotel talked about restaurants.

“Skin color?” Sara asked surprised, “I thought all the men were black?”

“Yes of course, but as I am sure you can appreciate they come from all over the world, and since we are in New York City we have a wide selection available on short notice.” Eric turned to his computer and, she assumed, was logging onto some sort of database. “Perhaps I can help you make a selection. Let’s start with age. Give me a range.”

“Mmm… 25-35?” Eric made some keystrokes.

“Height and weight?”

“Ummm…six foot… I guess around two hundred pounds. My husband is five foot ten inches and about 175one seventy five, so not too big or anything but someone different.”

“Body type? Well defined, muscular, lean, what did you have in mind? Facial hair”

“Defined I suppose, I am not really turned on by a weightlifter body, no beard please. I guess short hair or shaved?” She blushed as he continued making notes.

“Cock?” he asked.

“Pardon me?” she blurted.

“Cock?” He looked at her waiting for an answer.

“Excuse me?”

“His cock Sara. Did you have anything in mind? Do you have a preference for cut, length, or girth?”

Sara felt the color rise to her cheeks. She stammered. Eric smiled and stayed pleasant.

“Let me see if I can help. Let’s start with length. Less than seven inches? Seven to nine inches? Or more than nine?”

“Ummm seven to nine and, well…, cut please”

“Excellent. If you don’t mind me asking, were you considering anal?”

“Oh my,” she felt beet red now, “ummm, I hadn’t thought about it. Some of the men won’t do it?”

“Oh no, they all will. It is just that…, I will put in possible, is that OK?”

Eric hit a button and the printer behind him hummed. He turned and took out four sheets of paper. He glanced at all four approvingly.

“Here are some choices based on your requests. They are all available and for the most part included in the standard fee.”

He handed her the first one, it was a photo spread with four photos of a gorgeous black man. In two of the pictures he was nude.

“This is Dewayne who is twenty seven years old, six foot one inch, and one hundred ninety five pounds. He played football in college and still trains to stay lean. As you can see here,” he used his pen to indicate one photo, “he is six inches at rest and over here he is seven and a half inches fully erect. Notice the lovely mushroom head that most ladies find attractive during oral sex and appropriately stimulating during intercourse. And he is of a more slender girth in the event you decide you want anal sex.”

Sara was staring at the page and couldn’t help looking at the two pictures of his cock. She was still taking in the fact that she was sitting in a room with a man casually discussing who she might fuck in about two hours. She found the whole conversation erotic in a strange way.

“Josh,” he handed the second photo, “is a different body type altogether. He is five foot ten inches a bit stockier, darker skin, he is, ummm, two hundred five pounds last week when we updated this. He is one of the favorites here. As you can see, he is cut, with a much thicker girth, and a veiny cock if that interests you.” He paused to look at his screen, “He is five and a half inches at rest and seven fully erect."

"Sara, I must be honest, if anal is a possibility,” he paused, “you are quite lithe, and unless you are really experienced he might be too much to handle. I, of course, defer to your judgment and experience.” He smiled.

Sara had become a bit desensitized and the surprise was wearing off. She felt like she could be candid.

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thinking that I would have anal sex…this time.” She smiled.

“That is fine, but then, is there anything in particular you were looking for? The more information you can provide, the more we can make your visit meet all your expectations.”

“Well,” she stammered a bit, “someone masculine, but gentle and erotic. My husband is really great but, well, I envisioned a nice long oral sex session. I would enjoy that”

“Giving or receiving?” That made Sara blush one more time, she couldn’t help it.


Eric hit some more keys and the printer spit out another page. He handed it to her.

“If I may make a suggestion. CJ might be just want you are looking for. However, there is a 10% upcharge because he is from out of town.”

Sara looked at the page, unlike the other two while this one had photo, he was not nude. The shot with him in spandex bike shorts left little to the imagination but no nudity.

“CJ actually resides in Las Vegas where he has a regular job at one of the casino shows. He was a gymnast in college and still makes a living utilizing those skills. He is in town for sixty days touring with his show. I can’t tell you more about that but I am sure with some thought, if you spend time with him, you can figure it out. There is no performance until 8:00 pm tonight so he is available.”

Sara looked at the page. He was very attractive, had very short black hair and a small moustache. His body seemed sculpted.

Eric was looking at his screen,

“Let’s see. CJ is thirty three years old, five foot ten inches, one hundred seventy five pounds. So he is a bit lighter than you asked for. He is similar to your husband’s height and weight but I dare say he is probably different.”

She nodded and smiled.

“I know he has a moustache but I thought perhaps you might make an exception. I am assuming the oral sex will be to climax?” Again Sara blushed and Eric took that as a yes.

“The few times he has been here over the past two years I can assure you our clients are very satisfied. We don’t have any nude shots of him but let me give you some details,” he looked at the screen, “He is cut and has, what one client described as, the ‘most gorgeous looking cock I have ever seen’.” He looked at Sara and raised an eyebrow.

“Another said, ‘he was blessed by God when it comes to his cock.’ He is seven and a quarter inches at rest and only grows to seven and three quarters fully erect. So what you see is what you get. I mention this because for clients looking for a very pleasing oral sex experience he can stay unaroused for quite a while which makes it often satisfying for the lady. If however, you prefer an erect cock during oral, as I noted. he is not so large as to make it difficult.”

Sara was getting wet just sitting there. She looked at Eric and heard herself saying, “That’s sounds lovely.”

“Finally, it has been four days since he last was on call so, well let’s just say, the finish might be spectacular.” He looked at Sara and for the first time had a bit of a leer to him. She didn’t care.

“Well I wish I could see for sure, but he does look and sound perfect.” She went back to Dewayne’s photo and looked at him again, “It is difficult to choose, he is really nice and I was ready to say yes before you showed me anyone else, but …" she looked back at CJ.

“May I suggest an option?”

“Please do.”

“You have two hours reserved in a lovely room with a shower and sitting area as well. I can arrange for one of them at 4:00 pm and the other at 5:00 pm. There is a 15% upcharge for that, but I can assure you it is not an uncommon request here. Would you like CJ or Dewayne booked first?”

”Wow that’s something I hadn’t thought of.” She blushed for what have been the tenth time, “Ummm… is it possible to book CJ for the full two hours and Dewayne for the last hour?”

“Of course,” he acted like he had heard that request everyday, He moved his fingers to a desk calculator, “let’s see standard charge for CJ, two hours, add in Dewayne for an hour, less 20% because you have two hours paid.” He looked up at her.

“Did you want any of it filmed? Still shots?”

“You do that?”

“Of course, many ladies want their husbands to see it, or they enjoy being able to relive the experience… No? OK. Champagne or wine or any other drinks? I can show you a list. Just so you know, massage oils, condoms, whipped creame are all provided en suite. Oh that reminds me, I forgot to tell you, all of the gentlemen are required to be tested every four days. I know that seems excessive but it allows out clients to feel totally protected. Just let them know your personal preference when it comes to condom usage and they will abide by it.”

He turned the calculator to her and showed her the charge. It was slightly higher than she and her husband had budgeted but she was so caught up in the whole thing she simply said fine.

Eric grabbed his phone and began to text. She handed him the envelope and her told him they had set up a PayPal account for anything extra. As he processed the payment his phone beeped twice.

“CJ will be here at 3:45 pm and Dewayne arrives at 4:30. You are all set. Your room is actually available now so let me show you there and then you can use the facilities for the” he looked at the clock, “sixty minutes until CJ arrives. I hope it is all you dream of and after you are done if you would like to meet me to discuss memberships I would be glad to go over them.”

Sara stood, thanked him and thought to herself, 4:00 pm can’t get here fast enough.

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