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Extra Credit

Who knew getting extra credit could be so... pleasurable?
"Well there is one thing you can do."

My ears perked up immediately. "Yes, yes! I'll do anything," I begged. I had just finished giving Mr. West a long story of why I really needed some form of extra credit; I was prepared to do anything, even if that meant throwing away my morals and begging.

"Come over here," he said in a rush.

I nodded and went over to his side of his desk. He turned his chair towards me and wiggled his pointer finger, signaling for me to come forward. I took steps towards him until he stopped, which was right in front of him.

"Get on your knees now," he demanded in a husky tone.

I was taken aback. "W-what?" I sputtered out. Mr. West was a tall - probably 6'2 or 6'4 - black man. His outfits often made his muscles gloriously dignified. I could tell he worked out.

"Do you want extra credit or not?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I nodded my head. "Then get on your knees."

This time I did as he said and got down on my knees. I blushed because my face was right in front of his crotch. His hand snaked down and undid his zipper, and he pulled out his dick through the opening. I gasped and looked up at him.

"Depending on how well you suck this cock, you might get some extra credit or a lot of it." His own hand was gently stroking his cock. "So, suck it good and you get a lot. Suck it bad and you'll probably go home failing."

I stared at his dick for a minute. It wasn't even all the way out of his pants or fully erect, and it was still huge. "I've never sucked a big black cock before though," I said quietly.

He laughed. "There's always a first for everything, babe. Now start sucking me if you want that extra cred."

I stared a little more at his slightly limp cock. It had to be 7 inches already, and it was barely teased at all. I suddenly grinned, I loved giving blowjobs. And giving one to a black man was one of my fantasies.

I took his cock gently in my right hand, beginning to pump it ever so slightly and very slowly. He let out a sigh mixed with a moan, and I knew I was on the right path to pleasing this black cock. I maneuvered my hand to uncover a part of his dick. Sticking my tongue out, I drew a long hard line from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the edge of his head. When I reached the top I placed a lingering kiss on the top of his head.

He shifted in his seat and let out an exasperating groan. I smirked, pumped him twice, and then went back down to the bottom of his long cock to repeat the process but slightly to the side. I did this again, bringing my tongue all the way up him and placing a kiss on the top of his hardening cock, while looking him dead in the eyes.

“Ohh, fuck. Baby knows how to suck a cock.” He moaned.

I continued the process until I had gone the full circumference of his dick. Placing the last kiss on the top, I lingered and looked him dead in the eyes as I opened my mouth and took in his head, and only his head.

My hand wrapped around him and started to pump his full length slowly. He was becoming harder by the second. I lashed my tongue out across his head and let it develop into swirls around the head of his cock. I increased my speed of my hand, and he started bucking his hips. I immediately stopped.

“With all due respect, Mr. West, blow jobs are the only time I want to be in control. When I signal for you to start helping, you help, but until then please don’t speed up my fun time,” I said innocently. This took him by surprise.

He nodded and relaxed deeper into his chair. “Sure, baby.” I smiled at him.

I quickly got back to where I left off except I started to replace my hand with my mouth as I went further and further down his cock. I loved seeing black as I looked down, it made me all the more wet. My tongue flicked and my mouth sucked until I reached as far down as I possibly could while doing both. I stayed while my hand pumped the part I didn’t get. Then I went back to the top as fast as I could and popped my mouth off. I let out a gasp and he moan. My hand pumped a few times then I went back down. I repeated this process but each time I got a little faster on the trek down; soon I was going down fast on his cock, bobbing my head up and down.

“Shit, white girl, you can suck a good dick.” He let out a loud moan, I couldn’t help but smirk. I felt him bend forward and snake his hands down my waist, entering my already short skirt. His big fingers met my lace panties and easily prodded my clit. I moan instantly and felt myself get wetter.

He gasped. “Yeahhh, moan on my black cock again, baby girl,” he demanded, and prodded his two fingers deeper through my panties, antagonizing me more. I let out a animal moan.

I soon realized he matched the timing of him rubbing circles on my pussy to me going down on him. I instantly increased my speed and went deeper down on him. I felt my panties be tugged to the side of my lips, and I nearly gasped when I felt two cold fingers begin to rub my clit hard.

My eyes rolled and I let out a wild moan on his cock when I felt his two fingers enter my wet hole. He wasted no time and was showing all the way to his knuckles in me as hard as he can. I felt myself begin to release and relax. I quickly grabbed his free hand and put it on the back of my head. He got the message and pushed me even farther down faster.

He threw his head back. “Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

I automatically got so aroused I began to climax. I felt my pussy get tight around his fingers as it began to convulse. I couldn’t help myself, I let out a string of loud moans. That’s all it took for him to scream and release his salty seed in my mouth.

“Swallow it all, slut,” he commanded. I didn’t need to be told twice, after all, I was a cum lover. I swallowed all the strings, which had to be five or six, but a little did slip out onto my lips.

I took his cock out of my mouth. “Sorry, teacher, looks like a little slipped out,” I apologized innocently. He took his fingers that were in me and wiped my mouth then stuck them in. I tasted the combination of us both, and boy did I fucking love it.

“That’s right, baby girl, make the teacher proud,” he said as we looked into each other’s eyes. He grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist. "You get an A plus," Mr. West said.

I smiled deviantly and began to grind against him. I could see the lust rising in his eyes again. I wasn’t satisfied with my ‘A’. All I wanted right now was his big black ‘D’. “Mr. West,” I whined, “Please, my pussy is burning for your dick to be deep inside it.” I ground harder against him. “Please, I know you’re still hard... Please, fuck my brains out, Mr. West.” I begged desperately.


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