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Fantasies -Burglars Give me What I've Been Missing

3 burglars take an innocent wife
Summer had been kind that year and even the evenings were warm and still. My husband Darren and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV with the patio door open and a gentle, warm breeze blowing through the lounge. A cuddle developed into something more and I decided to close the curtains for a bit of privacy. No one overlooked us, but somehow it just felt wrong to leave them open.

I've always loved it when he strips my clothes off and touches me. I especially love being finger fucked by him. Darren is a little small in the most important area and has never made me cum as I wanted. Fortunately, he makes up for this with his fingers, his tongue, the occasional vegetable and a small collection of vibrators he was thoughtful enough to buy me.

He slowly toyed with me, stroking, pulling at my nipples and peeling my clothes off one by one until I was lying back on the sofa eyes closed and naked. The fingers of one hand were twisting my nipples while 2 fingers of his other hand were buried deep inside my pussy bringing me nearer and nearer to orgasm. He'd obviously been thinking of sex tonight, it was at least a month since last time (sadly pretty normal these days). His fingers left me but when I opened my eyes to see what he was doing, he'd reached under a cushion and pulled out a new toy, a big black vibrator. He had a huge grin on his face, but not as big as mine.

He was so very good at this, I lay back knowing he would entertain me with my new toy until I told him to stop. Then he would bring himself off or ask me to do it for him. He was so unselfish it made up for some of the shortcomings.

He stripped himself down to his boxers but then reaching back under the cushions he pulled on a pair of long black gloves, this was new.

His hands ran over my legs and carried on up my body until their velvety smoothness cupped my breasts. Soft black fingers played with my nipples sending shock waves through my breasts straight to where I knew my new toy would soon be pleasuring me.

The contrast of black against my white skin was so sexy. He gently pushed my legs wide apart, the black rubber cock slid up my thigh ready to slip inside me. It looked so big but I knew he would be gentle. The tip pushed firmly against my lips and eased its way in under his pressure. My breath came in short gulps, my hips pushing up and forward urging him to give me more.

At the touch of a switch, my new dark lover burst into life. This one didn't just vibrate like my others but twisted and turned finding bits of my insides that sent me into an instant orgasmic spiral before he had even pushed half the length in. I came in one long climax, a low moan escaped from my lips, my legs spread even wider, my muscles squeezing as if I could milk this lover like a real one.

You can probably imagine my shock when the curtains bust apart and 3 hooded figures came through the open doors.

My scream, Darren's obscenity and shouted command from the men all ran into one short flash of memory. Darren froze, he wasn't a fighter and anyway there was little chance that he would have stood a chance with the odds so heavily stacked against him. I could only watch as they tied him to a chair using my stockings, the same stockings he had so lovingly peeled down my legs not so long ago. He tried to tell them just to take what they wanted and go, but they didn't want to listen silencing him by stuffing my panties into his mouth. I don’t know why the thought flashed through my mind that he would enjoy the taste of me on his tongue.

The men stood laughing, their eyes mocking behind the masks that hid their faces.

Three pairs of eyes now turned towards me, time stood still, no one moved, no one spoke. I became more and more aware of my naked body. One hand was on my breast, my arm trying to cover my chest but only being partially successful. My nipples, still hard, poked into the flesh of my palm and forearm. They felt like small bullets, hard and tense. Why were they growing harder?

The hand between my legs hid my warm, wet honeypot from the gaze of the three voyeurs who were now openly feasting their eyes on the female flesh so unexpectedly presented to them.

The reaction of my body was wrong, my nipples tingled and my pussy went into spasm. I gulped hard and fought the urge to thrust my fingers into the hot tunnel between my hips.

As I tried to pluck up the courage to speak and ask them to leave us alone, one of them broke the silence.

"Fuck yourself with that again lady." He nodded towards my new toy lying next to me. It was still squirming and twisting obscenely where it had fallen out of my pussy.

I shook my head.

The man who seemed to be the leader sat down next to me and ran his hand up my thigh, for the first time I realised he was black, I looked up, they all were.

His hand on my right leg pushed, my legs spread open; my body shook uncontrollably. It looked so like Darren's hand when he had worn the black glove. His other hand picked up the throbbing vibrator. I could only watch as he moved it up to the apex of my legs and held it so it squirmed and rubbed against the knuckles of my left hand, my final line of defence against him sliding it between the lips of my wet hole.

I knew that if I didn't do something I was about to have a big black rubber vibrator shoved into me again. This time it wasn't my husband, it was held by a big black man I'd never seen before. The fact that his face was covered somehow seemed to made it impersonal and a fantasy.

"Ohhh, no, please don't, please." This sounded half hearted even to me. I could feel my pussy juices soaking my fingers; I was wet and getting wetter by the second. I was so turned on that any fear I felt was disappearing fast to be replaced by a need that had been my secret for most of my life.

I think he knew I wasn't really scared any more. His free hand reached up to one of my nipples and pulled hard, stretching the soft tissues of my breast towards him until the pain made me lift my back off the sofa. By the time the pain reached the apex of my legs it had turned to pure lust. The raging feelings still coursed through me after he released his grip letting me fall back onto the cushions.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohhhh, no, no!" My pussy was sending messages to my brain that it wanted to be filled. I pulled my hand away and instinctively tried to push towards the vibrator to get it inside me but he pulled it back, laughing as he did. I felt my face burn red with embarrassment. I couldn't believe that I'd just tried to impale myself in so blatant a manner.

"If you want this, you have to ask for it". He pushed it back so that the squirming tip was rubbing against the wet entrance to my body. I know I should have been turned off by the situation. At the very least I should have been able to tell myself to switch off, but I couldn't. I was so turned on I really need to be fucked with something, anything. I was getting hornier by the second as he rubbed the vibrator across my lips and over my clit, making me wetter and wetter.

"That sexy little cunt of yours is gaggin for cock lady. Ask nicely and you can have as much as you can handle." His meaning was clear but right then I didn't care.

"Put it in me, for fucks sake put it in". I looked over at Darren, his face was a picture. His shy wife was pleading to be penetrated by a dildo held by a robber after trying her best to impale herself on it.

With a flick of the wrist, 8 inches of rubber ploughed into me. The feeling was unbelievable; he'd kept me waiting so long I was already on the brink. I threw my head back onto the cushions and lifted my leg onto the back of the sofa, giving in to the dirty thoughts that dominated my mind.

I knew I would cum despite them all watching, or was it because they were watching. My hips bucked wildly responding to the vibrator that was being pushed in and out at a greater and greater speed. My climax hit like a train and was almost as noisy. I stopped thrusting and he stopped fucking me with it, but it still twisted and rotated inside me so it seemed like minutes before I stopped cumming. When I did, I was aware of just how quiet it had become in that room.

My first thought was what Darren was thinking. I looked over but the sight of his penis sticking out of his boxers with cum dribbling down the side told me all I needed to know. Despite his hands being tied, he'd ejaculated just watching what this man had done to me.

The other 3 were a bit more difficult to read because I could only see their eyes. The one holding the vibrator pulled it slowly out of me and leant forward. He slid 2 of his fingers into my sodden hole making me gasp.

"You're a real piece of work lady, don't pretend you didn't love every second of that, even hubby here's got himself off on it. You'll love it even more when we fuck you. My bet is you can handle us all and still come back for more"

"Please don't do that to me, I'll do anything you want just please don't fuu..... do that." I didn't want to use the F word in front of them although it was the very word dominating my thoughts. "I'll use my hands or even my mouth on you if you like, but I've only ever done that with my husband."

"You're in for a real treat then aren't you lady. You aren't just going to get your first proper cock inside that married pussy, you're goin’ to get 3 isn't she lads? I bet hubby here enjoys watching, we might even let him have his turn if we aren't enough for you." He laughed a crude, dirty laugh.

I looked across at Darren; he met my eyes but looked very sheepish. I don't know what made me feel like I should attack him, it was probably embarrassment. I wanted to make him feel guilty or perhaps I just wanted to justify the fact that I knew I was going to let these men use me. I wanted to feel a real cock fill me instead of the rubber and plastic I'd been putting up with for years.

"I can't believe it turned you on watching what this man just did to me? You came just watching you bastard. You didn't even have to touch yourself. Did you listen to what they just said; all 3 of them are going to shag me for real now. I can't stop them, you know that don't you. I can't stop them from sticking their big black cocks into me one after the other. Will you come again while they use your wife like a cheap whore?"

His penis answered for him, he looked down and groaned as it twitched back to life. It may not have been big, but it was clearly rock hard at the thought of me being taken over and over by these men. If I was honest, I was a lot more turned on than he was.

Most women have fantasised about having more than one man to fuck them, I was no exception. At last I had the chance to make my wild dreams a reality. I knew that what I'd just said was giving these men the go ahead to make me their sex toy, to do almost anything their fertile imaginations could wish for. I looked at their leader, waiting for a response.

His eyes grinned at me through the mask and looked me up and down. I hadn't moved. My right leg was on the back of the sofa and my left foot on the floor. His eyes settled on my well used slit. I'd already been brought off twice and the lips were wet and puffy, but I guess he was really grinning at the fact that I was still lying there with my legs spread wide. There was no attempt to cover myself and I didn't show any signs of embarrassment. He turned and waved the other two over. The smell of his aftershave was a pleasant surprise as his mouth brushed my ear, his hushed whisper designed for my ears only.

"You can pretend you don't want this but you don't fool me girl. I've seen that look in a white girl’s eyes before. Now if you want us to pretend so hubby doesn't know what a slut you are just nod."

The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place, my eyes dropped in submission, and the slightest nod of my head gave him the acceptance he knew would be there. I was about to live out a reality beyond the wildest of my fantasies.

His voice became harsh, startling me despite the fact that I expected it.

"I bet you've dreamt of having a bit of rough you tart even if you've never done it. You're ours slut, until we say we've had enough. Now let's use that sexy body of yours like it was meant to be used."

"Please, don't hurt me. I'll do what you want but please, I don't want to be hurt." I had to play my part, a glance at Darren confirmed that he looked scared and shocked. I just had to hope that he didn't realise what a willing partner I was to what was about to happen.

Big powerful hands pinned me down, roaming all over my body. Any woman who hasn't had sex with three men should try this, 6 hands and 3 mouths leave your senses reeling. With one man you can concentrate on where the sensations are coming from, either your neck, or a nipple or your pussy. This was different, every erogenous zone I had was being stimulated simultaneously and the feelings were awesome.

I lost track of who was doing what to my body. There were hands on my breasts rubbing, pulling, and tweaking both nipples at the same time. Hands running over my stomach and down between my legs stroking my sex. Fingers were probing, pushing into me. There was no resistance for them, I was wet. I don't know how many fingers were pushed into my crack, but more than one. Lips were on my neck, sometimes there was a mouth replacing the hands on breasts.

Fingers pinched my nipples stretching the tortured flesh of my tits. My body had to follow the direction they pulled me in to stop the pain.

“Ah shit, no, please no.” Even I wasn’t sure if I was telling them it hurt or telling them not to stop.

They pulled me up until my back arched over the arm of the sofa and my head fell backwards. I opened my eyes to see a hard dark cock and hairy balls dangling in front of my face. A head bent down to my ear.

"If you bite, you're dead, understand?" I didn't answer, I wasn't going to bite. I opened my mouth and leant back further to let him push his rock hard dick past my lips. I started to suck and lick as hard as I could.

I heard a groan from the other side of the room. With my mouth full of a lovely hard pink helmet and a heavy set of balls in my eyes I couldn't see a thing.

"Look at hubby's face, he's either going to have a heart attack or cum again".

I'd forgotten about Darren, he was still tied to the chair but he wasn't saying anything. His heart's fine, so the idea that he was getting turned on watching me being used like this was more like it. Thinking about the sight he was looking at made me feel so horny. The man behind me was fucking my mouth now and the fingers in my pussy were pushing me towards another orgasm. I started bucking my hips to get even more from the fingers and reached out to try to find the man whose hands were pulling and squeezing my tits. When he realised what I was doing, I heard a zip and another erect member was there for me. My fingers wrapped round it, sliding easily over the pre-cum leaking out of the bulbous end.

"You and your hubby are loving every minute of this. Come on girl, let yourself go and cum on my fingers before we give you what you really want. That husband of yours has just cum again; it must be your turn".

That last picture in my mind sent my brain into a kaleidoscope of dirty images as wave after wave of lust swept over me making me groan onto the cock in my mouth. I felt it harden, I knew that feeling from when I sucked Darren and I tried to turn away. These men weren't like that; they just wanted to use me as a place to dump their sperm. My head was held firmly in place as for the first time in my life a man emptied his balls in my mouth.

With my head tilted backwards, it was either choke or swallow. I gulped repeatedly until the last of the salty fluids drained into my stomach. I was surprised, the taste wasn't anything like as bad as I'd imagined. Years of eating ripe brie had presumably trained me better than I thought.

Any thoughts I might have had about taking a rest were dismissed quickly. I was twisted back onto the sofa and 2 of the men grabbed a leg each, pulling me wide open again. The leader had already taken off his trousers and he moved quickly between my legs pushing his superb cock into me with no finesse. I was so wet and ready for him that wasn't a problem. For the first time since I was married, I had a real live cock filling me completely, stretching the walls of my sex as it was thrust up inside me.

This was so much better than a vibrator; his movements were hard and fast. I could sense that he wasn't going to last long so I concentrated on my own orgasm and the cock still in my hand. I loved being fucked with my legs held up high, the depth of penetration was beyond anything in my limited experience. My orgasm hit within a couple of minutes followed closely by his, he had no intention of pulling out. I was lost in another world and didn't care any more.

He stepped away and the cock in my hand disappeared to re-appear nudging into my cunt. This was heaven, all my life I was used to being frustrated. Once Darren had cum, that was it. Now here I was full of cum at both ends and another cock was ready to service me. He must have been thicker than his pal because despite how wet I was he filled me. I was past thinking about their size; they were all big enough for me. He drilled me fucking faster and faster.

My groans were a never ending string of verbal confirmation that I was enjoying a sexual peak beyond anything I’d dreamt possible. His stokes shortened, his voice joined mine merging into one unintelligible series of grunts in the same way our bodies joined in a sympathetic rhythm.

“Oh fuck, so good, yes, yes don’t stop, I’m there baby, now, now.”

I think he beat me to it but only by a second and the first spasm of his orgasm deep in my pussy took me the extra yard I needed to match his passion with my own. His hips sank into mine as his balls emptied his sperm into my willing body.

I could feel cum running down my thighs when he pulled out and I thought they would take a breather. Nothing was further from the thoughts of these studs. By now the one who had come in my mouth was ready for more. They kept my legs wide open as the third rock hard dick entered me. He’d already cum once and started a lot slower, a lot less desperate, pushing in long and deep and hard, so very hard. He reached bits of me I didn't even know were there, moving slowly so I had time to think and feel.

I closed my eyes, sensing every nerve in my love tunnel being stimulated as his beautiful hard rod slid slowly but firmly in and out of my well lubricated body. I was lost in the sheer lust of the feelings he generated inside me until quite suddenly an almighty orgasm came from nowhere.

"Oh my god yes, just there, do it just there oh fuuuuuuccckkkk yes, yes, yes. Ahhhhh."

I knew I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the sensations ripping through my brain. The body spasms slowly abated and I opened my eyes to see 4 faces staring at me in astonishment.

"Fuckin hell, you really are a horny tart. You love cock don't you? You have the silkiest cunt I've ever fucked but now I want you from behind."

"I think we should let her suck hubby while we all fuck her again". They all laughed at that. Looking at Darren, he looked surprisingly happy at the idea as well.

"Pull the slut over there and let her get a mouthful while we do her again."

I was pushed onto my knees in front of Darren and my mouth shoved into his lap. I looked up into his eyes as my mouth closed round his willy. I couldn't think of it in any other way, the word seemed so right. A pair of hands grabbed the cheeks of my arse and for the fourth time, I was being used by these men. I was taken hard from behind, whoever it was grabbed my hair and started using it to make me mouth fuck Darren.

"What does it feel like to suck hubby while you have a real cock up your cunt?" I tried to reply by nodding but the way he was jerking my head on Darren’s cock, my nods were lost.

"You'll never be happy with hubby again, one cock isn’t enough for a slut like you, by the time we finish shagging you again you'll have had more dick up you in one night than you've had in the last year."

His rock hard meat was bringing me off again, the filthy words turned me on even more. Somewhere in my mind I still knew I shouldn't be enjoying this, but I was. I loved it; just thinking that I was going to get fucked at least once more pushed me over the edge. I groaned as my whole body shook with lust and I felt the cock buried deep in my cunt explode again, filling me with more strangers cum.

I hadn't even caught my breath before I felt another body behind me and another pair of hands grabbed my hair making sure I carried on sucking Darren. I looked up into his face. As he looked down at me he smiled, a weak smile, but still a smile. "Sorry hon, but I'm going to cum in your mouth". I tried to smile back, but the man behind me pressing his hard cock into my virgin arse wiped any smile off my face. I tried to pull away but I was held firm as for the first time in my life I was about to take a man into my back passage.

So much cum had leaked out of my well used pussy that lubrication wasn't a problem, but that didn't stop it hurting. He didn't go deep, but deep enough given his size. To start with it was just pain and humiliation, but after a few minutes, the pain eased and much to my surprise, turned to a pleasure of sorts. I suppose I should have been grateful that he only pushed the first 2 or 3 inches of his cock into my virgin butt.

The others decided this wasn't enough and one of them started to play with my nipples as my tits hung down swaying with the fucking motion. Fingers pulled and tweaked, rubbing my tits making me feel even more horny.

A hand pushed between my legs. I swear there were 4 fingers in my pussy. This would have brought me off on its' own, but with my arse being fucked, hands rubbing and tweaking my nipples and my face being well and truly fucked by my husband, there was no way I wouldn't cum. I came all right, like never before. The man fucking me from behind followed quite quickly as for the first time I felt a cock pumping inside my bowels. I could feel the warm fluids spurting inside me and his erection softening as he finished himself off.

I knew I had to sort Darren out and wrapped my hand round him, wanking him hard. I'd never let him cum in my mouth before, but that was before. Now I wasn't going to miss a drop. I felt him tense and the warm salty fluid oozed onto my tongue. He groaned softly as I milked him, not letting him leave until I'd sucked every drop he had to offer and had gone limp in my mouth. I looked up into his eyes as I sat back.

The aftermath was surreal. The men got dressed but left me sitting naked on the floor while they moved from room to room completing the job they'd come for. I suppose I could have moved, but instead I simply sat with my eyes closed my brain in complete turmoil. No one said a word until they were leaving when the one who had taken my anal cherry obviously felt horny again. He grabbed me by the arms and pushed me head first over the arm of the sofa with my bum sticking up in the air. I was sure he was going to give me my second experience of arse fucking. Instead he slid easily into my well used pussy as his hand came down hard on the right cheek of my bum making me yelp in pain.

After the number of times I'd been used by this gang of men I didn't think I could cum again. Also the pain when he hit me initially seemed like a real turn off. Strangely the more he ploughed into me and the harder he spanked me, the more the pain lessened and a warm glow spread from my backside towards my pussy. The whole of my rear started to tingle and incredibly I came again shouting obscenely as I did.

He was going berserk behind me desperately trying to come, I was so full of their slippery sperm, he probably couldn't feel much. Finally he buried himself deep in me one last time and I felt more of his milky seed being pumped into my belly. As he came, he stopped hitting me, leaving a warm throbbing glow spreading out from my right bum cheek. I can't describe how horny it felt, it should have just hurt but all I was aware of was the sexy tingling in my loins. He tidied himself up and along with his friends, walked out the door carrying god only knew what with them.

I hadn't moved from my position over the end of the sofa, I just lay there with my eyes closed moaning gently. I actually felt good, exhausted and sore, but in a surprisingly good way. I sensed rather that felt Darren behind me. They'd obviously done the decent thing and untied him as they left.

"You enjoyed that." It was a statement not a question. "I can't believe it, you fuckin loved it you dirty slut." His hand touched the area where I had been thoroughly spanked, I flinched and a groan escaped from somewhere deep in my stomach.

His hand crashed down making me cry out. I tried to stand up, but his hand on my back kept me where I was, I didn't fight it. The hand crashed down again and again, he was calling me filthy names but it was turning him on as he did it. He was angry but excited at the same time. I felt his cock hard against my leg. If he tried to fuck me now I was too wet, too slack, too used, he wouldn't be able to feel anything.

It didn’t matter, he had other ideas. His hands prised my cheeks apart and for the first time he pushed his cock through the slight resistance of my well used brown hole and started to fuck my arse. He had always wanted to do this, but I wouldn't let him telling him it was disgusting. Things had changed and he knew it, we both knew it.

We talked about it later and we knew this wouldn't be the last time I would be gang banged, but at that moment as he pumped another load of cum into my bowels, he was a happy man.

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