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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 20

Terri's First Black Lover

  Chapter XX  

Inside the cabin on the king size bed, her knees drawn up and her heels resting on the edge of the bed Terri watched as Ed stepped closer. Her body overflowing with passion as she stared at the thick black cock standing hard and thick from his hairy crotch. Her whole body trembling with anticipation at the thought of experiencing her first black cock.


When Ed finally stood between her smooth white thighs, Terri saw him looking at her fur-covered pussy. She knew that her pussy was already wet inside and her lips were swollen in anticipation and she could hardly wait to experience Ed's throbbing manhood enter her body for the first time.


She focused in on Ed as he placed his left hand on slight bulge of her stomach; a sign of childbirth, just above her thick patch of blonde pubic hair then slid his thumb down until it came in contact with her sensitive clit causing her to tremble. Then grasping his swollen cock in his right hand he rubbed his thick turgid head up and down her slit causing Terri to tremble and moan. When he pulled away and saw the wetness of her cunt glistening on the head of his cock he knew that she was more than ready to receive him So he positioned his cock against the outer lips of her pussy and very slowly inched forward, entering her love hole. While the thick head of his dick penetrated her outer lips Terri sucked in a deep breath. Her body trembled as she felt the huge mushroom head of his maleness slowly and inexorably parting the lips of her pussy and slowly inching deeper and deeper into her pussy. She felt Ed's enormous throbbing cock head burrowing its way up into her helpless vagina until finally she had all 5 inches inside her. When Terri felt the enormous cum filled balls of Ed pressed tightly against the firm rounded cheeks of her ass, Ed stopped. He allowed for her pussy to adjust to massive thickness of his cock before he continued on.


“Are you ready for this, Terri?” Ed asked before moving forward.


“OH YES, ED! I’m more than ready, fuck me, please.” Teri replied feeling the thickness of him deep inside her body. Fuck me hard and make me cum!”


Lying there, joined together at the groin, Terri began rotating her hips, slowly at first, then with increased vigor as her pussy adapted to the thickness of the cock that was now lodged inside her pussy. As she began moving without any discomfort, Ed grasped her upper thighs pulling her ass closer to the edge of the bed. Then very slowly he pulled his cock back out until all that remained was the head inside her pussy. Then very carefully he slipped his prick back inside her pussy until he hit bottom again. That brought about a series of low moans from between Terri's clenched teeth.


When Ed started his strokes the inside of Terri's tight pussy with his fat dick it sent shivers of delight through her whole body. With his wide cock working slowly in and out of her cunt she tensed her buttocks and flexed her vaginal muscles around it with all the strength she had while her hips pumped up lewdly to meet him as she had her first climax. Then, with a heavy, low throated groan, she allowed herself to relax even more opening her cunt as wide as she could giving it freely and lewdly to the black man that fucking her. Her intent was to allow him to fuck her as hard and as long as he wanted. She also wanted to feel him when his cock swelled and he pumped his black DNA into her white cunt.


Ed's thick cock was plunging heavily in and out of Terri's cunt now. It fucked in and out wetly, glinting with cunt juice as it slid on its lubricated way, sometimes making a lewd sucking sound as it withdrew on the outstroke.


Terri was now moaning and babbling incoherently, her pelvis grinding harder and more desperately into Ed. The only thing that mattered to her now was the fulfillment of her crazily careening desire.


Terri was way beyond control now as Ed fucked with long driving strokes up into her ravaged pink cunt. She felt she was close to complete rapture and nothing else mattered. Nothing mattered but her rapidly rising orgasm and it felt so strong that she trembled afraid it was going to tear her apart. She opened her eyes wide and the cords in her neck stood out as she grasped Ed with all her might and gasped, "Yes! Yyyyyeeeesssss! FUCK ME! Harder! Stick it up me! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"


She lay still as Ed bent over her, fucking her in the cunt. Then suddenly she came a second time with a wild, explosive abruptness, the power of her cum twisting her body about and contorting her beautiful face ecstatically as she tossed and twisted and writhed like a snake beneath him.


Ed could feel his cock growing and expanding inside her until it felt as though it were going to burst from the exquisite pleasure building in his testicles as they slapped heavily against the white buttocks below him. It wouldn't be long and he began ramming it into her with long hard strokes to excite her even more. He wanted to make sure her first black fuck would be one that she would remember for a long time to come.


He could tell she was near completion as she gripped him tightly between her thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his long, hard thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound coming from deep within her throat as though she had no control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his merciless thrusting with all his strength.


"Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck it, fuck it hard, hard!" she chanted, mumbling all the obscene words that came to her mind and spurring him on with the pounding of her heels on his ass. She jackknifed her legs up tight, pressing her knees back hard into her breasts and offering him full opening of her nakedly upraised crotch. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head her face contorted and straining for the final explosion that was so tremblingly near.


"Oh God, fuck harder! I'm cumming!" she coughed suddenly, her mouth gaping wide in ecstatic abandon. "I'm cumming!" She pulled back her thighs tighter until the whole of her pink; widely stretched vaginal slit was presented up to him to batter and use as he willed. Her ankles locked over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wildly uninhibited dance of wildly abandoned ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide, unseeing eyes gazed wide at the ceiling.


"Oh God, she was getting fucked crazy by Ed and loving it, driving them both toward a hotly wet cum.


A low banshee style scream suddenly formed on the edges of her lips and then pierced through the sounds of the others around them. Their two heavily panting bodies slapped brutally together. Terri's nostrils flared wide, and she screwed herself up hard as she could on his heavily thrusting cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of her thighs while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly.


She held her breath for an interminable moment and then expelled it as thought hit in the stomach by a solid fist, her body collapsing limply down onto the firm bed beneath her.


She lay still, except for the uncontrollable quivering of her pussy still locked tightly around his tormented and tortured cock. He pushed deeper into her and then lay still, allowing her to rest for a moment. It was all he could do to keep from continuing to fuck into her limply spread body. He had never in his life seen anything like it. He had never felt anything like it, either. This was the first white woman that he really enjoyed. All the rests were your normal party fucks. He throbbed the muscle of his prick deep in her belly, hoping to bring her to life again.


"That was nice," she mumbled. "I haven't ever in my life been fucked like that before."


"You're not finished yet." Ed gasped down at her, the ache throbbing hotly in his balls.


"God," she murmured in approval, "you held back for a long time."


"But not any longer," he breathed hard, "I'm almost there."


For the second time in less than an hour great swirls of heat were building deep in Ed’s balls and he allowed his hips to pump lewdly. The muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they would snap as he fucked harder into Terri's pussy. He groaned then suddenly gasped. The moment was here, and a low, guttural sound started from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the hot sticky sperm begin its mad dash from the sanctity of his balls and begin ascend up his shaft and gush out in hot thick streams into her greedily sucking pussy.


"FUCK ME! Now! Oh God, fill me with your cum!" She cried out at him kicking her legs back as high as she could. Her groans heaving from her chest as his throbbing prick let loose and began spewing its thick white jets of scalding semen far into the depths of her hungrily trembling belly, her own sexual secretions mixing and pooling hotly with his, an almost insane convulsion of ecstasy momentarily overwhelming her ...


Then it was over...


For a long while their panting filled the still air of the room. Finally, Ed pulled from between her legs, his limp, sperm-drained cock slipping from her vagina like pulling the stopper from a tub of water. Terri's legs were still spread as Ed left her, the refreshing air of the cool room now soothing her ravished genitals.


Then she felt herself falling through time, unaware of the fact that her husband was now standing next to the bed staring down at her and her cum dripping pussy.


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