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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 21

Chapter XX I


Mike having recovered from his sexual bout with Janice went looking for his wife. Upon entering the master bedroom he was greeted with the sight of Carol, naked on all fours with Ed, who was propped up against the headboard with a pillow behind his head and Terri laying next to him with her eyes closed. Carol was giving Ed one her best blowjobs as she knelt between his strong black legs sucking his cum coated cock attempting to bring life back into the thick black member. The head of Ed’s cock slipped in and out of Carol’s mouth as she alternately took him all the way in and then pulled up to just circle the swollen head of his thick circumcised black cock. Ed was on the verge of cuming when Carol stopped and told him she wanted him to fuck her while she watched in the large mirror on the dresser.


Mike was standing next to the bed now looking down at his wife and her pussy, which was leaking the remnants of Ed’s cum from her swollen cunt lips and staining the sheets below her ass. Mike sat down next to his lovely wife and kissed her gently on her forehead. Felling the kiss, Teri opened her eyes and came face to face with Mike, who was smiling down at her.


“How was it?” Mike asked as he cupped her left breast and gently squeezed.


“Oh God, Mike it was wonderful!” Terri replied looking into his eyes. “I didn’t think I could handle him at first but he just seemed to slip right into me without any problem.


“I’m happy for you, baby.” Mike replied as he began rubbing and squeezing Terri’s hardening nipple.


Feeling the couple next to them shifting on the bed, Terri and Mike moved out of there way and Carol crawled into position so Ed could move in behind her and she could see herself in the mirror with her black stud kneeling behind her. Ed grasped her by the hips placed the tip of his cock against her wet pussy lips then slid into her in one smooth stroke burying himself to the balls. Feeling the black invader enter her pussy Carol ordered him to fuck her hard. Mike and Terri watched as their new friend's cock was sliding in and out of Carol’s pussy then as his rhythm increased and he was pounding in and out of her juicy pussy faster and harder. Carol’s 38D tits were swaying under her, her nipples barely brushing the bed as she met each and every one of Ed's powerful strokes. In just a few moments Mike and Terri watched as Carol and Ed joined in an orgasm while watching themselves cum in the dresser mirror.


Ed removed his softening cock from Carol’s pussy and fell back on the bed and Carol rolled over and laid on the bed next to him with her legs spread wide open, and his cum oozing out of her freshly fuck hole. See this Terri moved away from Mike, slipped between Carol’s legs, and began playing with her pussy. Mike could see the mixture of Carol’s juices and Ed’s cum leaking from her pussy, wet, shiny and inviting. Terri now looked over at Mike, smiled then lowered her head between Carol’s wide spread legs and started licking and sucking on her swollen pussy, licking up all the cum that was leaking from Carol’s love nest.


Ed and Mike sat back on the bed and watched the two sexy ladies when Mike had an idea. With his cock at full mast he moved over behind his lovely wife’s shapely upturned ass and slipped his cock into her pussy as she continued to lick Carol’s clit. Carol was now writhing on the bed under the fierce attack of Terri’s tongue while Ed sat back watching the trio together.

"Oh yes Terri! That's it keep going, faster!” Carol shouted.


Carol was now getting hysterical as she reached her climax, "UH YEAH TONGUE-FUCK ME! THAT'S IT MAKE ME CUM! GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD! IM CUM... CUM... CUUUUMMMMMING!!!"


Terri continued to lick and suck at Carol’s pussy making sure she got every drop of juice from her pussy while Mike worked his cock in and out of his wife’s hot cunt with vigor.


“OH GOD, TERRI STOP! I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE, PLEASE! Carol yelled out pushing Terri away from her clit, cupping her pussy with her hands and closing her legs tight.


Watching the trio in action, Ed’s cock regained its hardness again and he moved up on the bed to join the group. Terri seeing his hardening cock reached out and started slowly stroking and pulling on it. Ed’s cock grew harder in the woman’s small white hand leaking his cum all over her fingers. Then Mike pulled his cock from her pussy and moved over and laid on his back pulling Terri pulling her away from Carol then lifting her up and over on top of him and sliding his hard cock back into her juicy, cum filled pussy, and began fucking her with long slow strokes.


Terri was now sitting on top of her husband, impaled on his hard cock, raising and lowering herself on his stiff dick when Ed moved in behind her, his black cock ready for action again. He gently pushed Terri forward to the point that Mike could suck on her tits while he prepared to take her sweet white ass.


“Ok Terri, make your asshole say ah.” Ed yelled.


Then he took hold of his thick cock and rubbed it up against her slippery pussy opening making contact with Mike’s cock as it moved in and out of Terri’s pussy, lubricating the swollen head. Then he tenderly pulled her ass cheeks apart and inserted the head of his thick prick ever so affectionately into her bottom. This caused Terri’s to squeal and her pussy to become tighter for Mike as Ed slowly worked his cock into her ass until he was embedded into her asshole completely. Terri remained still until she felt comfortable impaled on his rod then Ed began to slowly slide his cock out of her ass until her rosebud ring tightened around his meat. Ed felt Terri squeeze his cock head stopping it from leaving her ass so he pushed his cock into her ass once again.


"Fuck my ass, Ed,” Terri yelled out, "fuck me, crack my ass. Oh, I love your dick in my ass, oh, yes, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass. Oh, fuck me, baby. Please do me.”


Now with both men fucking her, Terri was enjoying her very first and enjoyable double fuck experience. Both of the guys kept moaning out her name, “Terri, oh yes Terri, fuck yes Terri.”


“Oh, Mike...this is great...” Terri screamed. “I love having both of you inside me and I want you both to cum in my ass and pussy and fill me up with your cum!”


As she was getting fucked she did her best to rock her body back and forth on both their cocks enjoying the double fucking she was receiving from both her studs. She was moaning and gasping as Ed fucked her ass and Mike, her husband of 15 years, her pussy. Mike and Ed could both feel the presence of each others cock separated ever so slightly by the thin membrane of flesh separating them. The three of them maintained a rhythm and soon they were all working together in an unbelievable movement. Terri’s orgasms started first by gasping, "Fuck Me!" several times in a row as Ed grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close and Mike squeezed and pinched her nipples and continued their assault on her pussy and ass, together. With her ass now pressed against Ed’s belly he was the first to cum and pumped his load into her butt while his hands grasping her waist, holding her against him as she made animal sounds, her body shaking, trembling, her breathing gasping and uneven as she was jolted by her own orgasm.


Mike’s own orgasm followed, his senses exploding as he emptied himself into his wife and felt her contracting her cunt muscles, gripping his meat, milking him as he moaned and came, then collapsed under her.


Terri was in pure ecstasy from Mike’s cock buried deep in her pussy while Ed fucked her tight ass. “Oh yes,” she yelled, “give me both of your cocks. OH GOD, I CAN FEEL YOU BOTH CUMMING INSIDE ME!”


Terri then collapsed on top of her husbands’ chest, her large breasts flattening against him. Ed withdrew his now limp cock from her ass and Mike felt his warm cum leak down from Terri’s asshole down onto his balls, mixing with his wife's cum and his own. Then Terri’s sweaty body rolled off of Mike’s and onto her side coming to rest next to Carol, she looked well fucked and satisfied. Mike then got off the bed and retrieved four hot wet washcloths from the bathroom, tossing one to Carol, Ed and using the third to gingerly clean up his wife's cum soaked pussy and ass while she laid there spent. Mike pressed the hot washcloth to her pussy wiping away the remains of there lovemaking and looked at his lovely wife’s and could see the look of satisfaction on her face.


Oh God that was great!” Carol said, getting up from the bed.


“You can say that again.” Terri replied. “I’ve never felt so stuffed before in my life. I never would have thought that two cock inside me at the same time would make me feel like it did. It was fantastic!”


“Well I’m glad you liked it,” Ed said smiling. “At first I thought maybe you’d be mad but when I started pushing into you and I felt you pushing back

I knew it was a go.”


I’m glad you did, Ed. That was my second time I’ve had a cock up my ass and it really felt nice. I wish now that I would have let Mike do me when he asked me a couple years ago.” Terri replied then looking over at Mike, smiling. “How about it honey, you want to stick that big cock of yours up your sweet wife’s ass?”


“OH, HELL YES!” Mike yelled, “But I think we’ll have to wait awhile. I’m fresh out of power in the old shootin’ iron.


Everyone laughed at Mike’s response as they all stood up and started out the door to look for the rest of the group. Passing the second bedroom, the door was wide open and the room was empty so the four headed outside to where Janice, Don and Lori were all still naked sitting around drinking cold beers and chatting.


“Well glad to see that the four of you could take a break and join us!” Janice spoke as the four made their appearance on deck.


“Yeh,” Lori added. “And it looks like they all could use a cold beer too?”


“You bet we could," Ed answered. “I’m dried up.”


“OH, I hope not honey.” Janice replied. “The day is still young and us ladies want to have some more fun, if you know what I mean?”


“You know what I mean.” Ed said laughing, walking up to his naked wife and cupping her firm breasts and squeezing them gently. “You’ll have to give me a little time to rest up though. Terri and Carol drained me pretty good.”


“Oh, they did, did they? Well maybe if we all take a swim and then have some lunch you guy’s will be ready for round two?” Lori spoke up as she walked over to Mike and kissed him on the cheek.


“Sounds good to me,” Ed said as he walked over to the edge of the houseboat and jumped in. “Come on you bunch of lazy asses, lets get wet!”


The rest of the group followed suit and before long they were all in the warm lake water swimming around, getting refreshed. Then the four girls teamed up and jumped the three guys and before long they were all splashing around playing a game of grab ass. When they were all tired out one by one they returned to the boat to relax in the warm afternoon sun. Carol and Terri went inside the cabin and returned with fresh towels for everyone to dry off with.


“How about doing some fishing guys’?” Don suggested.


“Sounds good to me,” Ed replied, “but I need to get some cloths on first?”


“I think your right about that,” Don said as he headed inside to retrieve his short, followed close behind by Ed and Mike.


While the guys’ spent the afternoon out fishing on the small flat bottom boat that was towed behind the houseboat the girls laid around on the upper deck taking in the warm afternoon sun and sharing girl talk.


“Well girl’s how was your first taste of black cock?” Lori asked as she applied a thin coat of sunscreen on inside of her soft black thighs.


Carol and Terri looked at each other then replied at the same time, “FANTASTIC!!!”


They all started laughing and then discussed what they wanted to do later.


“You think the guys’ will be ready for some more fucking when they get finished drowning worms?” Terri asked as she rolled over onto her back and spreading her legs and started playing with her puffy pussy lips for all to see.


“I don’t know, Terri, but if they aren’t, I’ll bet I know what will get them in the mood.” Janice replied laughing.


“What’s that?” Terri asked.


“Just play along with Lori and I and you’ll see.” Janice said smiling over at her girlfriend.


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Lori asked looking over at Janice.


“I sure am!” Janice replied. “Are you game?”


“HELL YES I am!” Lori replied. “Where do you want to do it?”


“How about the Master Bedroom?” Janice answered getting up and walking toward the door.


“I’m right behind you.” Lori said then looked at Carol and Terri. “Are you two coming along or are you just going to stand there?”


The two ladies looked at each other then fell into line behind Lori and they all went back inside to the master bedroom to see what Janice and Lori had in mind.


Once inside the room Janice laid down on the right side of the king size bed and spread her legs showing the others her very hairy pussy that now leaking her female juices. Then looking over at Carol and Terri she asked, “Well girls which one of you wants to have a taste of my black pussy?”


Terri looked at Janice, spread out on the bed then over at Carol who was already moving over toward the bed, crawled up, and over between Janice’s wide spread legs running her fingers through the thick black bush causing Janice to moan with pleasure when her fingers made contact with her clit.


Then Carol bent down, started to lick her thighs and moved her way up to Janice's lips. She licked her outer lips and slowly curled her tongue and put it inside Janice's pussy. You could tell Carol had found her "G" spot because Janice was squirming all over the place. Carol then moved up to her clit and drew little circles with her tongue all around it. She wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked it into her mouth and before Janice had a mind blowing orgasm she stopped Carol long enough to have her turn around so she could return the favor. They we were now in a 69 on the bed with Janice eating Carol’s dripping wet pussy just as fast as she was eating hers. Carol started to finger Janice’s pussy and she lifted her hips to make sure she had her finger in as deep as it would go. Suddenly Carol felt three fingers inside her pussy. Lori had moved in behind her and begun to finger fuck Carol while Janice licked her clit. The sensation was intense. Carol rocked her hips to take keep those fingers inside of her which only made her licking of Janice go faster. Then Janice started to tense up as her orgasm was building and Carol kept licking faster and faster savoring that sweet tasting pussy as long as possible until Janice cried out, “I'm cumming” and then felt a throbbing rush of wetness. Carol licked and sucked as much as she could, making her cum again in the process.


The sight of the three women on the bed had caused Terri to become very aroused. Her pussy was on fire and she moved closer to the bed and reached out and gently put her hand on Lori’s ass and started to rub it in little circles. Lori looked over her shoulder, smiled at Terri then laid down next to Carol and Janice and spread her legs inviting Terri to join her. Terri climbed on the bed her face instantly going to Lori’s pussy, licking and sucking the dark colored lip from top to bottom. She licked and kissed all over occasionally allowing her tongue to dip into the wet slit. After what seemed like eons, she spread Lori’s lips and finally allowed her tongue to dip into the honey pot to taste the sweet nectar inside. She licked, sucked, and just as she began to flick her tongue over he swollen bud causing Lori to moan and writhe she locked her legs around Terri’s head and her hands pushed her face deeper into her and Terri was treated to the sweetest taste she had ever had. Lori came for her gushing her juices over her face and tongue faster than Terri could lick them up.


“Oh oh oh oh OH OH OH!! Ahh ha ha HUH HUH NNNnnnnn Oh my GOD! I’m cummmmmmmminnnng!!” Lori cried as she clutched at Terri’s head trying to get it to stop but she kept fucking her with her tongue through her orgasm. When she finally came down, Lori was spent. That one hugely intense orgasm was about all she could handle, cuz Lori flopped to her side and lay there breathing heavily still but unable to do much else. Terri knew how Lori felt; she’d been there a few times before herself.


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