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First ebony experience

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After black will a woman go back
Adele looked around the changing room as she changed her working costume. She pulled her bathing costume over her hips and slipped the shoulder straps on. She cupped her full boobs and nestled them into the stretchy fabric before going out into the pool area. She slid into the warm water and started to swim her long blonde hair in a ponytail.

She was 27, a deputy manager at a bar restaurant, which left little time for too much of a social life. Recently she had broken up with her boyfriend. She was quite happy on her own at least for a while as it gave her more time to ride which was her passion.

The bar where Adele worked took on some new door security guys. They were pretty good. One of them, a tall black guy, named Brian used the gym. They bumped into each other a few times.

After swimming a mile, she was in the Jacuzzi when Brian came in wearing a pair of baggy swim shorts. He slid into the Jacuzzi. They chatted for a while then he went to swim. Adele stared at his muscular frame, all shiny as he swam. Naughty thoughts started to fill her mind. Looking around, she got up and went into the sauna. Sitting on the middle level with the heat enveloping her, she laid on the soft wood and closed her eyes.

She heard the door open. She jumped when she heard his voice.

He said, “Hi.”

She felt him climb past her to a higher seat. He said, “Mind if I slip these off?”

“What?” she gasped.

“Oh," he laughed, "I have trunks on. Don’t worry,”

He wriggled from his shorts as she sat up. He was wearing tight yellow trunks and she could see his cock clearly outlined in the snug fabric. As he lay back, she could not help but stare. She had to quickly look away if he moved. She was starting to feel a little turned on. She stood up, said goodbye and left.

She took her towel and shampoo from her locker and went into a shower. She struggled a little getting out of her costume but eventually stood under the warm water, soaping and rinsing her hair.

She put some gel in her hand and washed her upper body. Her mind kept drifting back to his body as her slippery hand cupped her breast. She gasped. Her nipple was so sensitive. She gently rolled and tweaked the hard round button of flesh. She rinsed off her hand and parted her legs. Her fingers were rubbing her pussy. Her eyes were closed. She gasped loudly as her finger parted the wet lips and slid into her a little.

Dropping to her knees, she pushed deeper slowly pumping and twisting her fingers. She was moaning softly to herself as she ground her pussy against her knuckles. She pressed her thumb gently against her clitoris, circling it. She bit her lip as her flooded pussy quivered and her body trembled.

The sound of voices shattered the moment and she stopped. She felt like crying. She had been so close. Clearing her mind, she finished showering and left.

After meeting at the gym she and Brian chatted quite a bit. They flirted a little. When she was locking the pub, he waited and walked her to her car. One night her car would not start. It had been a busy night and she really did not want to wait for a taxi. Brian gave her a lift and she invited him in for coffee.

They drank coffee and chatted for ages being a little flirty.

Adele said, “I better kick you out. I need to sleep.”

He smiled and said, “Okay, if you are sure.”

As they stood, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Turning her head, their lips brushed and they kissed again. He leaned her back against the wall as his hands cupped her ass, their kiss deepening.

Adele stroked his cheek. She pulled open his shirt. Her nails were running lightly over his chest. She kissed his shoulders, then his neck, then his chest, flicking her tongue over his nipples and making him gasp.

He took hold of her hand pushing it down and on to the front of his pants. She could feel his cock. Her fingers fumbled with the zip of his pants then the button. He wriggled and helped her push them down. His nine-inch cock sprang free.

Adele kissed him. She squeezed his cock and slowly ran her fingers over it. She could hear him breathing deeper.

He whispered “Suck my cock.”

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he applied pressure trying to push her down. Adele tried to resist needing to feel him touch her. She cried out when he held back. He pushed her head downwards gently but firmly.

She knelt in front of him staring at his thick hard cock curving slightly upwards. The black shaft was topped by a dark pink tip. Adele licked the head of his circumcised cock before sucking him. She heard him groan as she took his thick cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicked around it. He fed her more of his cock with one hand on her head, pulling her on to him.

He wrapped his fingers in her long, blonde hair and pumped his cock into her mouth. He pulled her on to him, trying to push deeper. He looked down. He could see her shirt open and her red bra cupping her 36C breasts. Leaning forward a little, he gripped her shirt pulling it open.

“Oh, my,“ he gasped as his thick fingers squeezed the soft flesh.

He pulled the bra cups under them. He rolled her nipples in his fingers roughly making her whimper. Hearing her whimper, he pushed hard into her mouth making her gag and pull back.

Adele’s hand squeezed the base of his cock as she sucked in rhythm with his thrusting. She could feel he was getting close. She tried to take more of him, but he was too big. She felt him grip her head.

Brian pushed deep into her mouth. The muscles in his legs tensed, his cock twitched and then he erupted forcing himself deep into her mouth.

As his cock pulsed he cried out through gritted teeth, ”Swallow, bitch!”

His hold on her head relaxed, his knees almost buckling.

Adele felt his cock twitch and the first jet of his cum. As he pushed hard into her, she coughed, almost choking, as he forced his cock into her throat. She pulled her head back still feeling his cum spurting. His cock slipped from her mouth with the last jets of cum on her cheek and neck. The smell of his cum filled her nostrils. She looked up at him. He cupped her chin. His cock softened as she stared.

Brian looked down at her. Taking his cock in his hand, he slapped it across her cheeks splashing her with the last few drops of cum.

“So how was your first black cock?“ he asked, smiling.

Adele knelt back with his cum on her face and shirt.

“It tasted good,” she grinned.

He bent pulling his trousers up. “Well, next time you may get to fuck it.”

Adele cried out as he turned smiled and headed for the door. She felt used, but strangely she felt pretty good.

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