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First Taste Of Black

Eric drew Savanna close and kissed her again in the back seat of the cab on their way to his apartment. He gently ran his long ebony fingers through her silky honey scented blonde hair. She moaned softly as his tongue slithered between her parted lips. 

It all began when Savanna approached Eric earlier in the bar. She had been out with friends and got sidetracked when she noticed the tall sexy black man. She left her group of friends and started talking and drinking with him. There was an undeniable attraction between them right from the start. 

After sucking down a few more beers, Savanna became bolder and began openly flirting with Eric. She seemed fascinated with Eric’s build and reached out and ran her hand along his muscled arm and rock hard chest. 

“Oh, you really have nice muscles,” she said as her hand crossed his chest. She actually made him blush although his dark skin didn’t show it. 

“I work out a lot,” he said to her, “four or five times a week.

“Gosh, it really shows,” she said with eyes getting lost in him. She ran her small white hand once again along his ebony arm, lingering long enough to feel the tense sinewy muscles. The contrast between her soft, white, ivory skin and his ebony arm was quite noticeable in the dark atmosphere around them. They began playfully caressing and eventually kissed. The kiss was almost over before it began, a quick peck on the lips that sealed the deal. 

Eric was impressed with Savanna’s lovely figure. She wore a tight black dress which beheld a pair of lovely white breasts pointing proudly at him. The dress had a deep frontal plunge which gave Eric all the more reason to look and Savanna all the more reason to flaunt. 

There was much more to Savanna’s body that he liked, starting with her firm ass and long shapely legs that ran down to her fragile ankles that her black heels were strapped to. He liked her long blond hair that danced on her shoulders as she talked. Her make-up was flawless with rich scarlet lipstick painting her sexy lips. 

“Is it true what they say about black men?” Savanna giggled.

A bit surprised by her question, Eric asked, “And what is it they say?”

She gave him a sexy kiss on the lips and then whispered in his ear, “That black men have big cocks.”

“Is that what you’re looking for?” Eric asked.

“Well, I am a bit curious. I’ve never been with a black man before, never taken by a black lover. I’ve only been with white guys, and black men always had a different appeal to me.”

“I like white women,” Eric admitted. “I fucked a few, none as beautiful as you though. I’ll give you your first taste of black if you really want it.”

So there they were, Savanna and Eric in the back seat of the cab, making out like crazy while the driver kept a close eye on them through the rear view mirror. Eric slid his hand under her dress between kisses and pushed her lacy panties to one side and plunged his thick middle finger into her hot, wet pussy, following it with another into her sopping hole making her gasp and arch her body closer to him. 

Savanna’s pussy was soft, warm, inviting. The velvety walls of her vagina clung to his probing fingers, beckoning for more, urging him to probe deeper. Savanna tried her best to stifle her moans from the driver’s ear and to no avail. When Eric pulled his fingers from Savanna’s hot muffin, he raised them to his nose and sniffed her womanly scent before he licked her savory juices from his fingers. 

Savanna’s pussy was ripe for fucking when they arrived at Eric’s apartment. Eric got out of the cab first and paid the driver, and then he helped Savanna exit the cab and she came out pulling her dress down modestly. She slipped off her high heels and walked bare-footed across the parking lot of the building while holding Eric’s hand. Savanna’s alabaster skin shone like silver in the moonlight, and Eric was looking more forward to be her first black lover. 

Once inside his apartment, Eric led Savanna straight into his bedroom, and the kissing started again. She had never kissed a black man before tonight and she was hungry for his lips and his tongue as they searched and tasted each other’s mouths. 

He slipped her black dress down her body, allowing it to fall to the floor and drank in the sight of her beautiful figure for the first time. She was braless with two perfect tits jutting out proudly with luscious round nipples pointing right at him.

His eyes traced down her flat tummy and slender waist, then watched her pulling her panties down her legs and reveal her smoothly shaved pussy, pink, puffy and swollen after getting fingered in the cab. They kissed again and she pulled off his shirt. She ran her gentle white hands over the dark ebony skin of his sculpted chest, gently tracing the muscles of his pecs. She kissed his chest hungrily and teased his nipples with her tongue. 

“I want to see your cock,” she said while tugging at his jeans as if she was trying to rip them off of him. 

His cock was as hard as iron for this panting white woman, and as he slipped off his jeans his thick, black cock sprang up like an iron bar from his loins to its full proud 9 inches and its wide, round girth. 

Savanna fell to her knees the moment she saw it. At first all she did was gaze at it, gently cooing and sighing, mesmerized by its menacing size. So long and thick and wrapped in coal-black skin, Eric’s cock had a powerful draw on this white southern belle, and he knew it as he proudly displayed it for her.

Savanna reach and held it in two hands, curving her slender white fingers around its base. She wasn’t shy to kiss it. She kissed the big black knob and before long she was slurping on it, almost worshiping it in a trance-like state. She stretched her lips around it and started sucking on it, taking as much into her mouth as she could. She moaned hungrily as she wagged and bobbed her blonde head back and forth and up and down on his ebony shaft. 

“Mmm, that’s it baby, suck my big black cock good like a white woman should. Oh yeah baby…suck it hard, suck it like you mean it… make it nice and hard so I can fuck your tight, little, pretty white pussy,” he edged her on. 

Savanna worked up a sweat and drooled from her lips as she sucked on her black lover’s cock like a hungry white whore. He just stood there, his feet slightly apart as this stunning blonde woman worked feverishly on his dick. Savanna’s luscious mouth had Eric’s cock throbbing and he could feel the pre-cum seeping up his shaft. He knew that if he let her continue this way he would end up pumping his load down her throat. Although he wanted nothing more than to feed this hot, hungry white female his hot salty cum, he opted to deprive her of this pleasure and save it for her pussy. He pulled his cock from her mouth, stood her up and laid her on his bed, on her back. 

“Ohhh,” she moaned and spread her long sexy legs wantonly and propped herself up on her elbows to watch as he crawled over her with his immense cock nearing her tight little pussy. 

“Mmm,” she moaned again as he pushed the tip of his cock gently at the swollen lips of her pussy, parting them slightly. 

“Do you think you can handle my big black cock baby?” he asked as he teased her slit with the rub of his cock. 

“Yes, Eric, oh yes…I’m so ready for it!”

He continued to tease her, all the time nudging the tip of his ebony cock at her soft, pink opening. She threw her head back against the pillow, her blonde hair splayed about her head when she felt the bulbous knob of his cock pushing in. He pushed deeper and she completely surrendered her pussy to him. He gave her half his length, pulled back and slowly pushed forward again, causing her to groan as her pussy stretched to take more. 

By the time that Eric was fully embedded inside Savanna’s hot cunt, she was grinding her loins against his, urging him to fuck her. Eric was going to make the most of this good fortune and give this curious white southern woman exactly what she asked for. When Eric started rotating his hips with long, deep strokes, Savanna started coming apart at the seams, gasping and moaning, her body writhing under his. 

Eric continued to drill Savanna’s soft, craving cunt, sliding his long black shaft in and out and in and out of her hot pink flesh. The mirror on the wall reflected the erotic embrace of two bodies, one black and one white. Her soft white breasts mashed against his hard ebony chest. Bodies straining, sweating, sliding deliciously against each other. The grinding of hips and a muscular black ass pumping a large black dick in and out of a swollen pink pussy. The reflection revealed why the taboo of a black man fucking a white woman still exists.

“Oh Eric, I love your big black cock! You feel so good inside of me. You’re all the way up inside my belly! Oh Eric, fuck me baby….Fuck me!” Savanna moaned and groaned, urging Eric on.  

She bucked hard against him, threw her head back and brayed with delight as an intense orgasm ripped through her body, making her shudder and tighten her pussy around Eric’s driving shaft. 

“Do you want me to stop Savanna? Have you had enough black cock? Or do you want me to fuck you like a bitch, good and hard?” 

“Oh, I want it. I want it good and hard,” Savanna begged with her pussy clamped tightly around Eric’s dick. 

“Yeah baby, and I am going to fuck you like the sexy white bitch you are,” he huffed and continued to violate her whiteness with his long black cock. He hammered her like a machine, sweat flying off his ass with his hips moving so fast. His powerful arms constricted her like a snake as he used all his strength to pound his white captive into oblivion. 

Savanna’s pussy was sopping wet, slurping and squelching around Eric’s powerful black shaft each time he pushed into her. Soon she was begging, “Stop! Please stop! You’re killing me! Let me get on top and ride you at my pace.”

Eric liked the fact that Savanna wanted to ride his cock, so he rolled onto his back and watched this delicate, soft, beautiful white woman climbing on top of him, reaching a hand down to aim his cock at her pussy and ease gently down on it. He marveled again at the sexy contrast of her lily-white skin and his own black flesh as she slid easily up and down his shaft. 

She rode it slowly at first, taking it all the way up her cunt each time she sank, and then rising all the way up, feeling the sexy wet friction of the slide. She then picked up her pace and Eric grabbed her hips and started thrusting his cock upwards when she came down and soon had her panting like a bitch as she rocked. Tears trickled down her cheeks as sweat trickled off her tits. She was in high gear in the fast lane eagerly heading for a fatal crash. 

“Oh fuck me! Fuck me hard, you sexy black bastard!” she cried out obviously going out of her mind. 

He rolled her over onto her back while he was still inside her. “Okay you sexy bitch, if you think your hot white ass can handle it,” he said grinning through his sweat and placed her slender white ankles on both shoulders as he began to ravish her. He started with a slow pace, the long slow slide of his dick once again drawing his white counterpart into a smooth rhythm with him. But as the black warrior beast in him began to rise, he began to pound her harder and harder and harder. His breaths turned into ragged gasps. 

Savanna screams could be heard through the walls of Eric’s apartment as his onslaught to her tight little pussy continued. Sweat dripped from Eric’s pours, making his skin shine like polished mahogany as he fucked her. Harder and harder and harder Eric pounded his hot white counterpart and she continued to beg for more. 

She writhed against him, her hips rising up to meet his brutally hard thrusts. His sweaty black balls swollen with cum slapped her sweaty white ass each time he came down on her. Groaning with passion she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his back, not wanting the barrage to end. A large quantity of juice had dripped from her pussy and formed a large wet spot on the sheets. 

Eric ravished Savanna for more than fifteen minutes without mercy. She had several orgasms along the way, and yet another powerful orgasm jack-knifed through her body, making her pussy spasm and pulse around his pounding dick. She writhed in ecstasy as he took her for his own pleasure. 

She cheered him on, urging him to cum inside her, longing to take his seed deep into her womb. His huge black balls twitched and corded, ejaculating a white milky flood of a million black warrior sperm battling for access to her defenseless white egg. She screamed with pleasure as she took his pleasure.

After she recovered from her ordeal, he fucked her three more times, once in the shower and twice more on the bed to make sure he embedded his seed where it needed to be. They never saw each other again after that night. Too bad, they would have made perfect parents for the little black baby that Savanna gave birth to nine months later.

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