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First Time With A Black Girl

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This happened to me during World War II
I grew up in the Northern Great Plains in the time before World War II. I had never seen a black person until I turned 18 in late July 1944. I was drafted into the military the next month, sent to a Receiving Station for Classification. By troop train, I was taken to Basic Training in Texas.

I learned the ways of the army. I marched, counter marched and drilled till it became part of my waking hours. I saw training films an many subjects. There were the movie training films showing what could happen to you by fucking the wrong girls. All the venereal diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea had explicit pictures of what a penis would look like with any of those diseases.

Then there was a film on how to use a pro kit after you had fucked a woman that may have been infected. The kit was in a small brown foil package. It contained a piece of gauze to clean the cock after you fucked the girl. there was a small tube with the active ingredient to protect from contracting the diseases. The tip was broken off and a small nozzle was inserted in the pee hole.

The tube was squeezed forcing the stuff up inside the cock, and rest was used to cover over the outside all areas that came in contact with the female. You were told to leave it on for at least a specified time before washing it off. It would always stain my brown under shorts leaving bleached areas.

I had fucked several girls and an older woman while at home, and I never caught anything.

It was a number of weeks before we were given a pass to leave the base. I made sure that I always had a pro kit with me. It had been so long since I had one, I needed a good fuck. My first time I was in town, being a loner, I was by myself.

I saw for the first time black people. As I walked, I found my self on the edge of black housing area. As I neared one house on the street, there was a black girl sitting on the porch railing. She was dressed in a simple dress and was bare foot. She was, what I thought, very pretty.

"Hi, soldier boy!" she pulled up her dress showing me a patch of black pussy hair against her beautiful chocolate color skin. "How would you like to fuck a black girl's pussy, Soldier boy?'

"How much are you asking?"

"I'll give you a real good time, soldier boy, if you give me two dollars!"

I walked up close to her, she was still allowing me to look at her pussy. My cock was fully erect and she knew I was interested. I said, "I'd like to fuck your pussy!" I felt in my pocket to make sure I had my pro kit.

We entered the house and went to her bedroom. She asked me to show my cock to her. She at least knew enough to check that I didn't have anything. She was surprised to see my circumcised cock. I explained to her that I had been born in a hospital. A doctor had removed much of my foreskin. It was to be able to keep it clean.

She grasped it and jacked me off several times to see if there was any sign of pus, an indication of infection. She asked for the money and I gave it to her. She quickly pulled her dress off and stood naked in all her black beauty. She couldn't have been much older than 16. She stood about 5' 2", couldn't have been over 100 pounds, was slim with small tits, just like I like them. She was standing before me, I towered over her at over 6 feet, as I stripped. We were now both naked.

She pushed me back on to the bed. She then got down close to my erection and started licking it. "Your cock is as big as my paw's!" The girls and women back home had sucked my cock, but didn't ever let me cum in their mouths.

"You can cum in my mouth if you want to, and then fuck me."

"That is what I want." She must have had a wonderful teacher. She knew how to lick and suck my cock. She paid attention to my balls, gently cupping and kissing them. I was surprised that she actually swallowed my cum. She then laid down and spread her legs. "Fuck that big cock up my pussy, soldier boy!"

I was surprised how tight her pussy was and how she was able to work her cunt like none I had ever fucked before. She was moaning, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, I never had a white boy fuck me before, yes fuck me hard, make me cum, fill my cunt with your white boy cum."

I pumped away, I was comparing my white skin against her beautiful and flawless black skin. I hadn't had a fuck since I left home. As I eagerly filled her pussy, she had an orgasm too. "Oh, soldier boy, don't pull your cock out, I want you to keep fucking my cunt again. I very seldom have a cum while being fucked!"

I can fuck several times and cum each time without losing my erection. So, I continued fucking her pussy, she really knew how to work her cunt to draw every bit of my cum. Fucking her was so much better than any of the pussy back home.

"You better go now, my ma will be coming home from work soon."

I cleaned up and used the pro kit. She had never seen one before.

"Please come back and fuck me again the next time you are in town," she said.

And I did.

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