Forbidden Love

By Jasmine_x

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A slutty daughter finally unleashes her lust...
It was 1860. I had just turned eighteen years old and was blossoming into a wonderful young lady, despite the dark evil that was my father. He was a plantation owner in the very south of Carolina. However I didn’t share the same views as him. As a girl he told me that the black men he had working for him were terrible creatures. I never believed any of this nonsense, I just saw another human being in front of me. By the age of sixteen I was beginning to get interested in boys. The boys who knew me around town never struck any interest of mine. I was more fascinated by my father’s workers.

I could kind of tell why the boys were interested in me when I reached eighteen. My breasts had enlarged to a pretty nice size. I had a perfect hourglass figure from my corset which was complimented by my immaculate beauty. My eyes were wide and shone a radiant sapphire blue and lastly my hair was as golden as the summer sun. I could see little cupids in every man’s eyes when they looked at me.

I began to disobey my father by wandering into the fields to watch the men work. By god how different they were to a white man. Their torsos were so muscular and elegant. I just couldn’t look away from any of them. One man had caught my attention more than the others, I didn’t know his name but I imagined it was just as handsome and exotic as him. I spent weeks throughout the summer watching the black fieldhands in secrecy, as I knew my father would become very frustrated knowing his only daughter was lusting after one of his workers. I just wanted the chance to touch and feel his body. To feel his heart beating against mine as we made passionate love to one another. I would begin to drool just thinking about it.

It was a Friday night when I finally found which hut he stayed in, luckily my daddy was out at the local saloons and whore houses, leaving me at the house alone. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything within the house as my father would realize what I had done, so I marched over to the hut where the man I had been lusting over for weeks was staying. I opened the door and strolled up to him, but I was immediately surrounded by the rest of his friends. Intimidated by them I offered my hand for his approval. He grabbed it and pulled me towards him viciously, my head crashed against his rock solid chest. The others just began to laugh at me. As I began to sob on my knees, he held his hand to me, realizing that he misunderstood the situation.

As he pulled me to my feet, our eyes finally met. They were a gorgeous hazel brown and he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. He brushed my golden hair over my ear and leaned in for a kiss. We gave each other a quick peck on the lips at first, but the second time he leaned in we started to make out and our tongues began to dance with one another. He twirled me around as we made out passionately with my tits firmly against his chest. I knew from the start that this man was my true love and I would do anything for him. I showed this by allowing my skirt to fall to the floor, revealing that I only had a rather tight corset on along with stockings and my garter.

I sat on his bunk and began to massage my horny pussy, he was mesmerized by the sheer beauty that was hidden underneath my hand. I began to masturbate more vigorously till I reached climax. I had totally forgotten about the other men been there and my eyes were set on this mysterious stranger, my mysterious lover. After my climax I had realized that in front of me stood five erect cocks; my secret affair with my father’s plantation workers was about to begin.

Each and every one of the men was twice the size of my petite structure, but twice as soft and gentle. They gazed upon my beautiful face as my lover pleasured me even more by fingering and nibbling on my clitoris.

One of them finally built up the courage to move closer to me and slide his cock into my waiting mouth, whilst another moved to the other side placing my hand onto his meat. I began to move my mouth over to the other cock whilst they untied my corset, allowing my perfect tits to fall out. They all howled in excitement as they saw my luxurious pink nipples fall in front of them, fully erect. The men began to alternate and take turns fucking my puny, white mouth. They were all in pure delight of this, just one more cock to suck though and He was between my legs.

I stopped him from eating me, and encouraged him to stay standing whilst I wrapped my mouth around his head and began taking it all in. My god how big this was compared to the others. Getting further down, I began to gag a little, until I managed to get it all in my mouth. I removed his head from my throat immediately and just resumed with normal sucking. He looked up at the ceiling and let out a loud sigh of relief as I continued to put my mouth to good use. Instantly the mood changed and he stopped me from sucking him, I was about to become the cabin’s whore.

I laid back on the bunk with my legs spread as far as they could. He began to slide into my tight downy pussy. My moans of pleasure were cut short by another cock entering my mouth and pacifying every scream and moan I committed. He was pounding my pussy so forcefully that my stockings began to fall a little, even with the garters. I closed my eyes whilst he nailed me and the other cock plugged my mouth. I felt my slim legs been lifted up to which I opened my eyes, alarmed that something was happening. To my astonishment this felt better, his cock protruded further into my tight wet pussy.

My tits were getting squeezed repeatedly as they bounced from the force of my man’s thrusts. Without warning he pulled me up and laid back with me on top of him. For the first time in this encounter I felt like I was in control. I was very, very wrong about this. He had lead me into a false state of mind as I felt another large cock enter me, this one been inside my tight pink asshole. Again my moans and screams were cut short by a cock entering my mouth.

I felt like such a dirty whore as these two cocks pounded both my holes whilst I sucked another, but I didn’t care, my dream was coming to life in front of my very eyes. The men fucking me were synchronized as they came, filling both my holes with hot cum. They both released me and as I laid there, stretched and exhausted the other two took their positions.

Like the predecessors one was stretching my now cum filled pussy and the other in my cum filled ass. The main difference between these guys and the ones before was these fucked much harder, making me squeal louder and spasm more with satisfaction. The pounding of their balls against my body was deafeningly loud.

That’s all I could hear as I whispered, “Make me your filthy whore”.

They picked up the tempo, humping me faster and harder, that hard that I was shrieking for my daddy. With a mighty thrust they both came as deep as they could into me, their little white whore.

With one of the men still remaining to cum, I offered him my pussy by spreading the lips with my fingers. He gave me a quick shake of his head and moved up to my face, he lifted my head onto his cock and began pushing and pulling my head on the length of his rod. I knew I would cherish this night forever as I looked up at him. It seemed as though this one action sent him into spasm mode as he pushed my head as far onto his cock as possible. I felt the seed of his cock running down the back of my throat. To my surprise I liked this sensation. With another couple of hours before my dad returning home from the town, I stayed in the cabin with the men, surrounded by all of their cocks, licking and slurping every last drop of their cum off their cocks, like a good little whore that I am.

Intentionally I never wanted my father to find out about what I did that night. Unfortunately for him, his little princess, little Miss Burton had fallen pregnant at the hands of this encounter...