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Foreign Spices (Part 3 of 3)

Foreign Spices (Part 3 of 3)

Nara continues to experience new pleasures back home
Three months later...

How did she end up like this?

Nara lay on the bed alone trying to remain calm. So many thoughts and conflicting emotions rattling through her did she let it get to this point? She had come to the hotel room to talk, only to talk then say good-bye. That was it. That's what she had told herself. She wasn't even supposed to step into the room.

So how was it that within a few minutes she was now not only inside the room but lying on the bed, nude, with her clothes in a heap on the floor? She shifted her hips uneasily on the soft linens, but even if somehow her mind was able to convince her to try to leave, she couldn't. She tugged slightly with her wrists at the lengths of silk that had strapped her to the bed posts. She wasn't going anywhere.

Her nerves raced and she was finding it harder and harder to think. The strain would have shown in her dark, slender eyes if she hadn't been blindfolded by a scarf.

Her head turned unsteadily left and right, trying to listen to what was going on around her. Nervous breaths slipped through her quivering red lips. The fear, the anticipation, within her twisted her gut and sent a tingle up and down her smooth, honey flesh. She swallowed softly and eked, "R-Revish?"

In her personal darkness, she waited for him to come.



"Pick a guy!" Rekha said out loud, leaning up close to her friend.

"What?" Nara replied.

"Pick a guy," Rekha repeated directly into her friend's ear, "Just pick one and tell him you want him to fuck your brains out!"

Nara leaned back in her chair. She grimaced, incredulous, unsure if she had heard Rekha correctly over the noise in the club. The wickedly lurid expression on the face of her comely friend told her that she had.

Nara shook her head. Looking down at her drink as she stirred it she stated flatly, "I'm not doing that."

"Come on!"

Raising a brow towards her, Nara scoffed, "Some of us just can't turn on our inner slut like others."

Rekha returned the raised brow in kind. "Well, you should," she remarked.

Nara rolled her eyes. She glanced around the club, unable to focus on the swirling crowds that surrounded her. The flashing and spinning lights also didn't help. Neither did the alcohol...nor her own thoughts. Going clubbing had lost some of its lustre ever since she and Rekha had returned to Toronto from their trip to India. She was torn by the thoughts of the night club they had frequented while in Kolkota. She missed the unique qualities of the Indian club, the heady scents, the hindi-beat techno music, and being the only Far East Asian girl in the club was an intriguing thrill. Yet she was also trying desperately to forget the memory of the last night she had visited, for her sake and for Rekha's.

Now, she preferred going to clubs only to get buzzed by a few drinks and lose her thoughts in the mind-numbing music. She and Rekha made an attractive pair -- the slender, cool Korean girl and the sultry, curvy East Indian. They had many offers for company to fend off whenever they went clubbing. Nara sent them all packing with an ice cold stare.

Rekha wasn't going to give up this night though. Again she brushed up close to her friend and said, "Okay, if not a guy then how about a girl? Find yourself a hottie for the night?"

Nara gasped, leaving her mouth hanging open. She sat frozen in her chair as Rekha quickly leaned in close to her face. Her green eyes looked seductively at her young friend. It made Nara uneasy.

"I'm sure there would be a few honeys out there who would love to take a crack at your tight little body," Rekha said, a smile curling onto her cherry red lips. She dragged the back of her hand up along the length of the Nara's arm. "I'd bet you'd be pretty hot doing some girl-on-girl action."

Nara's small eyes blinked but Rekha's face remained an inch away from hers. After a long moment she smirked and laughed, "Uh, yeah! Sick! You're such a freak!"

"Ooh, if you only knew, Sweetie," Rekha cooed, “I think you could use some liberating.”

Nara pushed her friend away and the two women giggled as they took a sip of their drinks.

Rekha sighed and squeezed her friend's hand resting on the table. "Seriously, though," she said, "What's up with you lately?

Nara inhaled then exhaled slowly. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back and then rolled it to one side then the other. She was just trying to stay relaxed. She smiled at Rekha then said, "Nothing. Nothing really. Maybe work. It's been crazy busy."

Rekha lowered her head and eyed her friend. Nara returned the stare uneasily, holding her breath. Then Rekha shrugged and looked away, unconvinced.

Blinking, Nara managed to exhale unsteadily as her friend's attention moved away from her. Another second of those green eyes burrowing into her and she was sure that she was going to crack. She allowed her body to ease, and she slouched slightly in her chair.

"Oh guess what?" Rekha spun around.

Nara's eyes widened and she sat up rigid once again.

"Guess who's coming to visit?" Rekha continued with a happy lilt in her voice.

The young woman with black hair and crescent-slit eyes shook her head slowly, a blank stare on her face.

Rekha's pink lips shaped into a sharp smile and her eyes lit up. "My prince of Kolkota," Rekha sang, "Revish!"

Nara could feel the blood seep back from her skin. She swallowed softly then edged her mouth open. "R-really?" she asked, "Uh, when?"

Rekha raised two of her long fingers up. "Two weeks," she said. She couldn't stop smiling.

Her mouth still slightly ajar, Nara looked down at the table. Her mind churned.

"Oh God I can't wait!" Rekha declared. She poked her friend in the arm, "And he said he's looking forward to seeing you, too!"

Rekha bubbled in her seat like a little girl anticipating a hot fudge Sunday. She held Nara by the shoulder and forearm and said gleefully, "We have to show him around the city together, okay? He was so good to both of us in India, taking us around like that!"

Nara nodded, twitching her mouth into something that could pass as a smile, but she still couldn't look directly at Rekha.

For the rest of the night, everything she did and saw and thought was veiled by images of that night she spent with Revish and nightmares of what might happen if Rekha found out. He was Rekha's prince. Nara had even scolded him never to hurt her best friend.

Hidden away in the bottom of her dresser, beside an ornate necklace he had given to her as a going away present, Nara kept the DVD recording of her session with Revish. Every hot, lustful, and intense moment they had shared together in that private room above the club in Kolkota, every whisper, gasp and groan, was documented on it.

Nara took a long sip from her drink and then swore to herself. She stared at her glass.

"Two weeks," Rekha had said.

According to the last email Nara had received from Revish, the man had actually arrived in town a week ago...


Nara was pulled along the sidewalk by the flow of the early morning pedestrian traffic. Buried in thoughts of a lost weekend, she was carried like driftwood into the lobby of the building where she was doing her internship. The building and everyone, including herself, seemed so grey. The lack of any stimulus allowed her mind to wander too much as she stood waiting for the elevator.

After the Friday night in the club and a groaning hang over in the morning, Nara had shut herself up in her bedroom. When her family asked, she just claimed illness and curled herself up tighter on her bed. She always kept her eye on the phone. Revish had been in town but he hadn't called her.

It was only a matter of time.

The elevator doors slid open with a "ding" and passengers clambered in along with Nara. They all turned and took their positions facing the closing door. Just as they were about to shut, a hand slid in and propped them back open.

"Excuse me," the man who had caught the doors said. He flashed a charismatic smile that, along with his emerald eyes and slick black hair, highlighted his angular olive-brown face. He slipped in, his red silk shirt clashing with all the dark outfits of the other passengers, and stood beside Nara.

As the doors slid shut, everyone resumed looking at nothing. Everyone except the young Korean woman the man in red sidled up beside. Her face drawn pale, Nara's normally slender eyes widened upon the man. A familiar scent of musk and spice wafted through her nostrils and did little to steady her heart thumping against her chest.

He ignored her as she looked up at him. A boyish smile on his lips, he simply looked up at the blinking numbers above the elevator doors.

After a moment, the doors slid open and people filed out quietly. Nara blinked herself out of her stupor and realized she was at her floor. Hesitating for a second, she took a half-step towards the door.

That's when the man reached out and grabbed her arm, holding her back. He continued to look away from her, instead reaching forward and pushing the button for the top floor.

Nara wondered if he could feel her body trembling as he held her.

It seemed to take forever. The doors slid open a couple more times and more people got off until it was just the two of them left in the elevator. Still they didn't say anything to one another.

When they arrived to the top floor, the man stepped out of the elevator pulling Nara along with him.

"W-wait...," she stammered as she followed him down the corridors.

The man pushed through the emergency door and led her into the fire well.

"Revish!" Nara snapped as soon as the door closed behind them. She pulled away from his grasp and said, "What are you doing here?"

He raised his hands innocently. "I said I was coming to visit didn't I? You're very hard to track down."

She glared at him. He was handsome and suave and cocky as all hell. Nara had no idea what to say.

"I've been really looking forward to this visit," he continued, "Seeing your beautiful city, beautiful country, beautiful people."

Nara closed her eyes, trying desperately to think straight. "But why are you here?" she asked again.

The man leaned over her but never reached out to touch her. He looked at her with calm cool eyes and said, "I wanted to see you. We have unfinished business, you and me,"

"We...," she paused to restart her heart. She shook her head, "You and We can't do this. I don't want to betray Rekha."

He smirked, bemused. "You mean anymore than you've already done so?" he asked, his voice a devilish whisper.

The knife twisted deeper into her soul. Choking back her unease, she said, "Rekha still thinks you're arriving in two weeks."

Revish leaned ever closer towards her face. "Does she now?" he said.

She tried to look him in the eye. If her words weren't keeping him back, she hoped her resistant expression would. Yet the longer she looked at him the closer he moved towards her and suddenly an unexpected, undeniable pang swelled from her core.

God, did he want to do it here in the stairwell? Even more so, did she?

Two inches separating their faces, Revish finally stopped closing in. He could see clearly the angst in her pretty face and small, dark eyes. Without looking away, Revish reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He held it up. It read, "Four Seasons Hotel. Room 2717. 8 p.m."

Nara's eyes flitted from the print on the paper to the man whose swarthy face was filling her view. She watched him as he silently folded up the paper and stuffed it into her coat pocket.

With a kiss on the forehead of the motionless, speechless woman, Revish stepped past her and through the emergency door back into the office corridors.

Nara stood alone in the stairwell unmoving. She was late 15 minutes for work.


The evening came faster than Nara wanted it to that day. Mired in heady thoughts of a passionate, steamy night in Kolkota and of an illicit invitation folded up in her coat pocket, she had done little at work except shift papers around her desk.

For others, saying "See you tomorrow" as they headed out from work was as easy as thinking of going from point A to B. For Nara there was a huge obstacle in the way between now and tomorrow morning. His name was Revish.

The young woman wandered aimlessly around the downtown streets for two hours skipping dinner and staring through shop windows. After a while, as the night sky blanketed the city and the street lamps flickered on, she finally looked up from the sidewalk. She stood in front of a row of glass doors, the words "The Four Seasons" painted with a flourish on each of them.

The doorman, with his forest green full length coat and white gloves smiled at her and held a door open. It was like the world was beckoning her.

Slowly she walked in.

It was in the elevator that she had decided. She would simply tell Revish that she was going to end it, even if she had to tell Rekha about what the two of them had done back in the club in Kolkota. That was it. She had to clear her conscience one way or the other.

Armed with this plan she exited the elevator as the doors open with a more confident stride in her step. But even as she found Room 2717, even as she knocked softly on the door, she knew she had to do this fast.

Revish answered the door. The man was wearing a white plush bathrobe that was parted wide baring his muscular, smooth, dark chest. His face looked like it had just been clean shaven. He lowered his handsome gaze upon her and smiled gently. He leaned against the doorframe saying nothing.

Nara hesitated and blinked when she saw him. There was confidence in his eyes, a cockiness in his smile. He had been waiting for her. He had been anticipating how this night was going to play out.

Fast. She had to be fast.

She looked to the side, away from his eyes as she swallowed then spoke, "Uh, R-Revish...I..."

Ravish raised his hand and held it out to her. Nara stared at it.

"Come," he said softly and beckoned her with a curl of his fingers.

Still watching his hand, Nara shook her head slowly. Her heart was pounding and made her unsteady on her feet.

The man narrowed his eyes, his lips drawing to a firm line. He took a hold of her hand and pulled her gently into the room. The woman didn't resist.

She hadn't been fast enough.

Her nerves racing, Nara jumped slightly when she heard the door shut and lock behind her. She kept her back to him and only tilted her head when she felt him lift her bag off her shoulder.

"I'm glad you came tonight," he said in a soft husky voice. He removed her coat.

Nara closed her eyes, frowning, frustrated with how little resistance she was offering the man. "Revish," she said, breathless, "We have to stop."

H wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling his face against the back of her head, inhaling the sweet smell of her soft, black hair. "I've been thinking of you ever since our night together at the club," he said.

Again, Nara shook her head trying to jostle the images out of her head. Still she didn't move. She felt him press his hard, warm body against her back. When she finally did open her eyes, she looked down to see the man's hands working diligently to unbutton her white blouse.

"Revish," she gasped, "Please..."

"I've been thinking about how good your body felt, how giving you were," he breathed.

It was like they were having two separate conversations.

The last button gave way, a fine line of flesh revealed from her neck to her smooth belly. Nara's heavy breathing pushed the gap in her shirt further and further apart. Revish ran his fingers up through the part like a river through a canyon, his tips delicately brushing against the young woman's enticing skin. As his hand slipped under her blouse, cupping his hand around her firm, small breast, Nara rolled her head back. His hand indulged in a firm grope of her breast beneath the soft material of her bra. Nara's mouth slipped open as she groaned.

"R-Rev...uhh," she croaked.

The blouse was slipped off her smooth shoulders, down her arms, past her wrists and dropped unceremoniously onto the floor around her feet. Nara chewed on her lower lip as she listened to the soft "pop" sound of the clasp of her bra being undone in the back.

Like the time in Kolkota when their love-making lasted for hours, Revish relished the pace he had set, stripping the young woman with a deliberate ease and patience. He rubbed the tender skin of her back as he pushed the bra apart and off of her. His skilled hands came to the front again, his palms sliding under her silky breasts, his fingers gently pulling and tickling her brown nipples taut. He felt the pronounced rise and fall of her chest as her breathing deepened.

The man's hands slithered their way down then. Again Nara watched as his fingers undid the button of her pants. She listened to the quiet whine of her zipper as it was pulled down.

Nara was losing to him fast. With one last clear thought in her mind, she turned her head slightly then groaned, "We...we can't lie to Rekha like this."

Slowly Revish turned her around to face him. As he held her shoulders, he offered a cool smile and said, "I never lied to Rekha."

Without hesitation, he brought his lips upon hers. It was a deep, full kiss that froze the moment. Nara, her eyes squeezed tight, could feel the determination on his lips, the forcefulness of his intent. She breathed deeply through her nose, inhaling his scent deep into her core. When their lips parted slightly she gasped and immediately felt his tongue slide past her lips, delving hungrily in her mouth.

As each delicious second passed, as his warm lips pressed and glided over hers, thoughts of Rekha faded further into the back of Nara's mind. She would pay for this later.

Only later.

Revish pushed her pants and her panties off as he ran his hands down her back and over the sleek flesh of her round, tight ass. They fell to the floor as Nara shimmied her hips. She stepped out of the pool clothes as he backed her up to the bed.

As Revish lowered her onto the cool, plush linens he positioned her in the centre of the Queen size bed, his lips always moving on hers.

Finally he sat back on the edge of the bed. Running his hand across her fine, nude body, he took his time to admire the pretty woman, taking in the sight of her nubile, amber coloured flesh, The anticipation, the anxiousness on her face was arousing beyond whatever he had imagined. Revish wanted to tease even more of those feelings to the surface.

He reached for a small bag on the night table. From within, he produced two long, silk straps. Nara's mouth slipped open.

"Remember these?" he asked.

The young woman did remember. But instead of nodding, she started to shake her head.

Revish angled a thick brow upward, his lips drawing to a firm, crooked grin. She had said no before. Tonight, the choice wasn't going to be hers.

Though she was reluctant, Nara said nothing as he took her hand and wrapped and tied her wrist with the end of a soft, silk strap. She watched quietly as he tied the other end tightly to the bed post. Within a few moments, he had done the same with her other hand, securing the strap's end to the other bed post. He didn't stretch her arms out taut, but she wasn't going to go anywhere. Nara never felt so exposed and she shifted uneasily on the bed.

Revish sat back and admired his handy-work then he reached for the bag again. Once more he reached in and this time pulled out a blue silk scarf.

He winked at her. "One more," he said then leaned forward stretching the pretty material over her eyes.

"Revish," Nara gasped as the light was blocked out from her vision, "Wait..."

"Shh," he hushed. As he reached behind her head and tied the scarf off at the back, he added, "Just enjoy it."

In the darkness, Nara felt him kiss her gently on the lips. Then she heard him stand from the bed and quietly walk away.

"R-Revish?" she called out. He didn't reply

For a long moment, she didn't say anything else. She continued to shift and wriggle slightly on the bed. She couldn't stop her quick swallows and gulps as her nerves raced. She tugged gently at the straps. Nara was doing anything to keep her mind distracted from what was to come.

She even allowed herself one brief, scolding thought about the ridiculousness of the moment. Yeah, you were just going to call it off and say good-bye, she thought to herself.

Before she could let that thought wheedle its way any deeper into her head though. She heard and felt someone approach the bed. The mattress shifted as another body lay down beside her.

She opened her mouth to say something but suddenly a set of lips fully wrapped over hers, cutting her off. She felt warm moist lips on her, a slick tongue in her, as her words and thoughts were squelched by a long, languid kiss. Nara gasped and groaned, swept away by the voraciousness of the kiss. She could feel the hunger.

Nara breathed deeply, noting a sweetness in the air. Her mind was in frenzy. Her mouth remained open, gaping, even as the other set of lips pulled away from the kiss. Now she felt the lips upon her breast, kissing them before dragging a tongue up from the base of the supple mounds to the tip of her nipple, circling it, pushing against it. Her breast was sucked into a warm, wet mouth. She felt the tongue and teeth tease and taste her nipple, straining to attention.

"Uhh. Ah, Rev!" she gasped.

The mouth continued to sample her breasts. When she felt a finger gingerly trace the line of her clean-shaven slit up and down, Nara tensed, her body seizing at the touch, her wrists pulling at the unyielding straps. The finger barely applied any pressure as it gently slid up and down along her petals.

"Unn! Oh God!" she groaned. As she licked her drying lips, she twisted her hips as the finger continued to slowly explore her tender slit.

Mouth and teeth continued to work her aching breasts, and more fingers played with her tingling snatch. Her gaping mouth was then covered by another draining kiss.

Nara moaned as she took the kiss full on. Her whole body was afire. It took her almost a full minute to sort out what she was feeling: a set of lips kissing her on the mouth and another set sucking and kissing her breasts at the same time.

Under the darkness of the blindfold, a flash lit up her mind.

"Umm! Wait! Wait!" she gasped as she turned her head away from the kiss. She twisted her body, trying to shake off the other set of lips upon her body. She called out, "Revish! Wait! Who...Is someone else...?"

She didn't want to ask. She tugged hard at the straps.

"Shh," a voice hushed her softly. Soft hands brushed at her cheeks gently. The voice repeated, "Shh. It's okay, Sweety."

Nara froze completely, her body and face rigid. That wasn't Revish who had just spoken. She knew that voice.

Oh God.

Nara closed her eyes as she felt the blindfold pushed up over her head. For a moment she didn't want to open them, but when she finally did, they were as wide as quarters even as she blinked.

Her mouth dropped open and she eked, "Rekha."

The attractive, perfectly smooth brown skinned face of her best friend moved in close to hers as Rekha pressed her body up to hers on the bed. Her full, pink lips angled to a very wicked smile and her beautiful green eyes were locked onto Nara's.

"Someone," Rekha said as she tapped her finger playfully on the tip of Nara's nose, "Has been a very, very naughty little girl."

Rekha was wearing the same white bathrobe as Revish and the two of them sat on opposite sides of her.

A pit in Nara's belly opened wide. She could feel the blood that had moments ago drained from her face, immediately flow back in flushing her cheeks a glowing red. Her mouth continued to hang open but very little came out of it. The young woman turned her head and saw Revish, a smile also curled on his lips.

She turned again to her friend. "R-Rekha...I...I..."

Rekha chuckled quietly, bringing her long curled eyelashes together as she closed her eyes and shook her head. "Don't hurt yourself trying to think about it too much," she said.

"I told you I never lied to her," Revish broke in giving Nara a knowing glance.

"No, it looks to me," Rekha said as she daintily brushed away the strands of hair from her stunned friend's face, "Like you're the only one who's been lying."

Nara listened carefully. Shame was replaced with confusion and unease. There wasn't any anger in Rekha's voice only a teasing, playful...seductive...lilt.

"That means, Sweety," Rekha continued, "You owe me."

Rekha ran a finger along the red, tulip shaped lips of Nara, circling them, widening them even as they quivered at her touch. She could feel Nara's nervous breath on her fingertip.

"You owe me big time," Rekha said.

"Rekha, I...Mmm!"

Nara was cut off. She never really knew what she was going to say if she had been allowed to speak but the deep, passionate kiss of her friend instantly made that point moot.

Rekha's full pink lips folded over and over her own, never allowing her to think. Nara tasted a sweetness like honey on her friend's soft glossy lips that filled her mouth. She swallowed and gasped, completely overwhelmed by the passion thrust upon her.

Rekha's tongue flicked at Nara's upper lip then she used her teeth to gently pull at the bottom. Then she plunged her tongue deep into her friend's waiting mouth, twisting it around Nara's, mingling their saliva. The smacking of their lips and tongues and eager, urgent gasps filled the room.

Nara's wrists fell limp under the pull of the straps. She shunted every thought to the back of her skull. Rekha should have been beating her cheating friend and boyfriend into the rug. What was happening, what she was doing, what this all meant, would be dealt with at another time.

Revish sat on the other side of the bed watching the two women approvingly. His hand was beneath his bathrobe, gently stroking his cock, charging it to a rigid length. He stood up from the bed, undid the sash, and slipped the robe off, revealing his olive-brown, hard, muscular body.

As Nara and Rekha continued to explore each other's mouths, he strolled around to the foot of the bed. Always with a seductive smile on his lips, he leaned onto the edge of the bed and slid up between Nara's legs, parting them with gentle pushes of his fingers. He kissed her knees and made his way down nipping and kissing her soft inner thighs. He continued to place his lips gently around her crotch closer and closer to her tender snatch.

"Uhh," Nara shuddered as she felt Revish lick his tongue up her slit. Then as she felt his fingers probe into her and his lips and tongue tickle and suck on her clit her whole body shook and she grasped the sashes, arching her back.

Rekha held her down even as she strained and twisted her body up from the bed. The more Nara bucked and angled her body, the harder Rekha drove her mouth over hers. She pushed down on her chest, fondling and groping Nara's pert, supple breasts. Inwardly, the darker woman smiled, delighted by her friend's reactions. For a long time she had been curious about how Nara would be if she surrendered herself to a moment of passion and lust like this. Rekha had determined that she would be there when she did.

"Mmm-uhh!" Nara moaned repeatedly into Rekha's mouth, her friend capturing every hot breath.

Revish delved deep inside of Nara, pushing her petals far apart, sinking his fingers and tongue as far as he could into her pink tenderness. She was warm and dripping wet before too long.

Nara was gasping heavily, her lips glossy, her eyes glassy as Rekha finally pulled away from the kiss. She swept back her long, reddish-brown hair as she scanned the slender body of her friend, glistening with a sheen of perspiration.

Nara watched as Rekha stood up and removed the bathrobe, letting it peel off her skin and drop to the floor. The mocha skinned woman stood there deliberately letting her bound friend take in her curvy body. Rekha was a tall, bronzed Venus of a woman highlighted by swanky hips and full, rounded-breasts with dollar size dark nipples. This was the body of a man-killer.

Rekha walked around to the foot of the bed and tapped Revish on the shoulder. The man looked up from the luscious snatch he had been savouring and smiled back at her. He stood up from the bed.

Nara couldn't deny the swell of jealousy deep within her as she saw possibly the two most beautiful people she knew embrace and lock their lips together in a smouldering kiss as they stood at the foot of the bed. Rekha's pillow breasts mashed up against Revish's muscular body and their hands clutched and grasped all over one another's bodies.

Rekha reached down between them and stroked his rigid cock, rubbing the head against her belly. Nara watched the dark length twitch and harden against her friend's touch. Revish leaned down and scooped Rekha's left breast in with his hand. She tossed her head back, her long hair flowing like a waterfall as he flicked his tongue over her hard nipple.

Nara twisted her wrists in the sashes. For several minutes, she was entertained by the tantalizing, illicit scene of the two people pleasuring one another at her feet. Neither of them touched or looked at her during the entire time but her heart still raced to a pounding rhythm.

Finally, Rekha turned a lurid gaze upon her.

"Miss me?" she asked.

Nara chewed her bottom lip as she watched Rekha move onto the bed and between her legs as Revish had done before. The taller woman leaned in close to her crotch. Nara could only see her friend's green eyes looking over her pelvis. She could tell she was smiling, though.

"I always knew you were as smooth as a baby's belly down here," Rekha purred.

Before she could reply, Nara gasped aloud, Rekha having sunk both finger and tongue into her friend.

"Ahh," Nara moaned through her rounded lips, "Oh God, Rekha!"

Again she arched her back as her friend licked and teased her relentlessly. All the while, Rekha's exotic, sexy eyes looked up at her, the finely trimmed lines of her brow angling down. Rekha wrapped her arms over her friend's thighs, holding them down as she nuzzled her face against Nara's crotch.

Revish slipped onto the bed beside Nara. "Allow me," he said as he reached across her and undid one of the straps around her wrists.

As Rekha's finger sank in and out of her and her lips kissed her quivering clit, Nara, gasping for air, stretched her mouth open. Revish kneeled up beside her, gently turned her head, and pushed his stiff, thick cock past her gaping lips.

"Mmph!" she gasped as he filled her small mouth with hard flesh.

Nara frowned as she twisted her body, her free hand bracing against Revish's torso as he rocked his body slowly back and forth, gliding his cock in and out, in and out. He stroked her hair as he watched the dome of his penis push against her cheek.

The woman's small eyes were squeezed tight finding it near impossible to focus on any one sensation seizing her body. Her belly rolled and hitched as her best friend continued to sample her succulent snatch. She dug her fingers into Revish's hip as she slicked his cock with her saliva.

The room was filled with all of their sounds of hot ecstasy: deep breaths, husky growls, gasps, moans, wet slurps and kisses.

Nara squeezed her eyes tight, a single tear streamed down her cheek. Her stomach tensed and she groaned with Revish's cock deep in her mouth. Rekha wrapped her lips over Nara's snatch. She tasted her friend as Nara came in a rush, her body twisting and bucking as she did so.

Nara slipped her mouth off of Revish. A sling of shiny saliva linked her lips to his tip.

"Oh God! Oh fuck!" she wheezed as her belly twitched and ached.

Rekha lifted her head, showing off her glossy smile as Nara continued to drip onto the bed sheets. The dark woman glided upwards dragging her breasts along her friend's smooth, amber skin. She gave each of her breasts a long, hard suck before continuing upwards. Revish undid the other strap, releasing Nara. As soon as Rekha's face came into view, the two women entwined in a close embrace and pressed their mouths upon one another in an intimate kiss. Nara felt Rekha's luscious, ample breasts against her body. She could smell her friend's flowery perfume and body scent. She inhaled deeply.

Revish moved once again to the foot of the bed.

It was Nara's turn to catch Rekha's swelling groan as Revish propped up her hips and pushed deep into her from behind with his saliva slicked cock.

"Oh! Ahh!" Rekha leaned her head back and sighed.

Nara looked up at the face of her friend, saw up close the ecstasy that flowed from the inside out. As Revish moved in and out of her with a steady, rhythmic motion, Rekha's red lips slipped open and her green eyes rolled upward. Nara reached up and brushed the hair away from her friend's face as her body heaved and sighed to the rolling strokes of the man behind her.

She didn't know how long she had this intimate view of the two of them, Rekha swaying above her. Nara simply watched and absorbed seeing her child hood friend like this, being with her like this. She could feel the heat from the woman's body. It made her own blood simmer.

Finally Rekha gazed down at her. That lurid smile came to her lips once more.

Rekha raised herself to her knees, allowing Revish to slip out of her. The two of them kissed and exchanged knowing glances.

Revish shrugged. "She's the guest of honour here, isn't she?" he remarked with a coy grin.

Rekha turned to her friend still lying on the bed. She beckoned her with a finger. Nara hesitated for a moment, feeling the anticipation in her stomach, before getting up and kneeling on the bed as well. Rekha held her friend by the shoulders and leaned forward. She and Nara shared another long kiss. Rekha smiled. She still felt a nervous quiver on her friend's lips. This was even better than she had ever thought it could be.

With a few subtle shifts, Rekha guided her friend around on the bed. Nara blinked and pulled back slightly. She turned her head slightly as she felt Revish's solid body move up against her back. His strong hands wrapped themselves around her slender waist and she swallowed when she felt him brush the tip of his cock along the crack of her bum. Her breaths came more quickly and she turned to face Rekha.

The attractive Indian woman smiled with pleasure as she watched Nara's eyes widen and her brows raise upward as Revish thrust his cock into her from behind.

Nara held her breath then shuddered, "Uhhn!"

Revish looked down, liking the way his dark staff buried itself deep past her lighter, fine toned flesh. His crotch pushed up against her butt with a stiff slap. Quickly he broke into his rhythm, grinding his hips and thrusting his cock with raw strokes into Nara's damp, tenderness.

"Uh-uhhn," Nara's voice quivered her groans. His cock was as hard and as thick as she remembered it to be, prodding and probing deep inside of her. She felt his hands slide past her waist and up her body. He grasped at her shaking breasts with one hand, the other worked its way further to her chin, lifting it, turning it back so he could lean over her and plant a sultry, wanton kiss onto her gaping mouth. Their tongues lashed and tangled as their bodies rolled and gyrated with one another.

Rekha caressed her lips on her friend's pert breasts once again. She fondled and pinched her nipples with her fingers. Her other hand slid down to Nara's crotch and fingered and pulled at her sensitive clit and rubbed Revish's length as it slid in and out of her. The illicit sensations rocked Nara to her core and she groaned uncontrollably.

Still teasing her friend's petals with her fingers Rekha kneeled upright and guided Nara's mouth back to hers. She didn't know why, but she couldn't get enough of her Nara's lips, her tongue, her taste. She kept her eyes wide open as she watched her tongue flick against Nara's own outstretched tongue before just wrapping her mouth of hers once more.

Rekha held her close, pressing their breasts together, not a breath of space between the flesh of their bodies. Revish leaned his chest against Nara's back. The young Korean woman was sandwiched between her two dark lovers, her amber toned body between mocha and olive brown skin. The tastes were indelible, the heat stifling, the smells of perfume, musk, and spice almost unbearable. Her whole body tingled and her mind screamed in ecstasy. As their bodies slipped and glided against one another Nara moaned aloud from her gut, her voice deep and raw.

Rekha lay back down on the pillows, pulling her friend down onto the bed with her. Revish's solid strokes never ceased as Rekha sat up and pulled her knees up, spreading her legs. With a rough shove, she pushed Nara's head down between her thighs.

Nara was on her knees and elbows still taking Revish's relentless thrusts from behind. She watched as best as she could as Rekha pulled and fingered her snatch exposing the tender pink flesh between the dark petals. Nara was breathing hard as she felt her friend's hand on the back of her head, pushing her face down into her crotch.

As Revish shook her from behind and as she gasped and groaned, Nara flicked her tongue and licked the line of Rekha's slit. Again Rekha's hand pushed her head down and now her nose and lips were pressed up against her friend. Nara moaned against Rekha's snatch then pressed her tongue into her.

"Ahh! Yes!" Rekha groaned feeling her friend's stiff, nervous licks against her inner flesh.

Nara ran her tongue up and down the length Rekha's snatch, pinching her trembling clit with her soft lips. She panted heavily but she soon had it dripping with her own sticky, glossy saliva. Rekha clenched her teeth and tangled her fingers in Nara's black, neck length hair.

The large bed creaked and shook as Revish increased the power in his thrusts. His crotch slapped loudly against Nara's raised butt as he held tight to her hips and bucked her harder and faster. He sucked in long breaths of air through a very satisfied smile. They were a tangled, undulating, sweaty trio of overheated bodies.

"Ah! Ah! AH!" Rekha's brow angled to a tense frown as Nara continued to sink her tongue inside of her and press her lips and teeth against the hood of her clit. Her body began to tremble.

Nara was caught up in the tantalizing, erotic rhythm. There wasn't a thought in her head. Everything was raw and primal and immediate, totally throwing all caution away to the lust that filled her.

Over and over Revish thrust his thick, hard cock into the young woman. His abdomen ached and the strain was now showing on his rugged face. He grunted and groaned, feeling the surge rushing through his body.

Suddenly, Rekha gasped and growled through gritted teeth as she twisted a clutch of Nara's hair painfully in her fist. "Ahh!" she cried out as she came hard in a dripping mess. She threw back her head against the headboard and groaned as her whole body quaked.

Nara tasted the first spurts against her tongue before she raised her head, her face flushed. She felt Revish's thick piece slam one more time deep into her core then her eyes rolled upward and she loosed a long, languid groan.

"Uhn! Un-ahh!" she screamed as she came again all over Revish's cock. She felt her cum run down her thighs and onto the bed sheets.

Revish bucked and ground his crotch against her ass before quickly withdrawing and leaning back. He worked his juice covered cock with his hand as he sucked in a lungful of air. "Uhn!" he grunted loudly and felt the exquisite release of his body. Thick strands of sticky, white cum streamed out of him and pasted Nara's ass and lower back. The viscous jism clung to her glowing flesh.

"Let her taste it," Rekha said as her body eased into the soft pillows.

Revish turned Nara onto the bed on her back. She looked exhausted, her eyes almost dreamy as the man crawled up to her face. He lifted her head slightly and lifted his cock towards her slightly parted lips. His dome, still dripping with cum, pushed them apart as he sank it into her mouth. Nara frowned as she felt and then tasted one last spurt of spunk frost her mouth.

Revish withdrew, leaving a sticky white sheen on her lips. Nara gasped and coughed quietly as she cleared her throat, wiped the inside of her mouth with her tongue and swallowed.

The young Korean woman rolled a little on her side to the edge of the bed. She had her back to Rekha and Revish. As she felt Revish's sticky cum cool and drip down her back side, she didn't move and only listened to the two of them as they shared another long, deep kiss behind her.

Finally she felt a hand on her shoulder gently pull her back on the bed. She looked up and saw the face of her friend Rekha, her beautiful face and eyes still glowing like she had just awoken from the most luscious nap. The dark woman stroked her cheek and smiled then leaned over to kiss her softly, warmly.

For the rest of the night, Nara lay between the two of them as they caressed and kissed her till she fell asleep.


Revish walked towards the airport security gate, his carry on slung over his shoulder. He was flanked by a tall, curvy Indian woman and a slender, pretty Korean woman. Onlookers whispered amongst themselves as they watched the handsome young man lean over to share a long, passionate kiss with each of them.

Then he turned, and walked towards the gate with a broad smile and an easy wave of his hand.

The two women waved back and watched him until he disappeared behind the gates.

Nara and Rekha looked at each other then chuckled softly. They walked close to one another as they made their way back to the parking lot.

"So," Nara said, a telling smile on her lips, "Next year we go to Korea."

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