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From boy to man

James's first time with her was one he would not forget

This is a story about a young man named James Duncan. James had everything a young man could want at 16 years old. He was the captain of the football and basketball team, and he ran track to keep his 6'3" frame lean. He had moved to the Valley suburbs two years ago when his father died and his mom remarried which burned him to the core. His stepdad was cool and he know that James was angry at his mother for doing that so he spent time with James as much as he could and James was appreciative of that. His mom and step dad ran a successful international real estate business which meant they were gone a lot and James was practically by himself most of the time. The only one he really talked to was the maid who lived at the house. Her name was Selina.

Selina was a 22 year old girl who took care of the house while his parents were gone. She too lost a parent due to tragedy so she understood how James truly felt. And he was very willing to open up to her because he trusted her and vice versa. James was attracted to her and he would often jack off thinking about her and her lips being wrapped around his caramel cock. He wanted to have sex with her but he had to figure out a way how to do it without being alienated by her in the future.  He knew homecoming was coming up so he saw her still up in her room with the door slightly open. When he looked inside she was laying on the bed completely naked rubbing her hands all over her body watching a porn movie that was on TV. James could not believe how incredible her body looked as she rubbed her clit and 36D breasts. James's cock got hard real fast and he just stood there and watched her for 10 minutes bring herself to an orgasm. He quickly went upstairs and jacked off again until he fell asleep.

The next day at school was a fast one with classes going on and homecoming week here, time was flying. The prep rally was full of school spirit as always. James quarterbacked the football team and his boys Lamarcus (His tailback) Reggie (Wide Receiver), Big Boogi (Tight End), and the white boy that was cool with them Jamie (Free Safety) all scanned the crowd. All of the girls had their eyes on them as they were the finest guys on the team. And rumor had it they had the biggest dicks in the school which raised the girls curiosity even more. Jamie leaned over to Big Boogi and told him about the party after the game Friday Night against arch rival Henson. The Williams-Henson rivalry spanned over 75 years in their town. Which evere team won this game always either went to the state title game or won it. Williams won the title last year but Henson's team was it's strongest it has been in years.

"Hey J, we gotta get this game man" Lamarcus told him. This game was important because there would be college scouts watching this big game to recruit players.

"I know dog, I know." James told him back. One thing that James knew how to handle was pressure. He was damn good at it.

After practice, the boys all met up and made plans for this weekend.  James went home and relaxed. Selina had dinner waiting for him and he quickly ate it and went to shower. After the shower Selina looked in his room so she could drop his clothes off and she gota lot more than she bargained for. She saw James's cock in the flesh, it was at least 7 inches semi hard and she became wet instantly her panties were nearly drenched. James caught a glimpse of her playing with her cunt and he just thought of it as nothing by playing it off.  He played Madden online and then went off to sleep. The big game was tomorrow!!!

Game day mornings were normally routine but with James and his boys being seniors, this was their last chance to prove who the best team was out there. They all met up in the courtyard, chilling, laughing, and joking. For such an important game they were relaxed. James could not get Selina's body off of his mind, he wanted his cock inside her but he had to wait.

Classes were boring and they got through them. At 5:30 James went home to grab some stuff for the game and he noticed Selina relaxing.

"Hey J." She says.

"Hey Selina. Just grabbing some stuff for the game. Wanna come?" He asked.

Selina never watched him play, and she thought this would be cool to get out of the house to do things other than shop for the house and the occasional outfit.

"Sure, I'd love to. Let me get dressed." She replied. He waited in the living room for her as she got ready.  She came out in a short white jean skirt and a beige top with matching shoes which showed enough cleavage to make his eyes bulge.

"I'm ready" she said while she grabbed her purse.

"Cool, let's go." James said back to her. James now truly saw how beautiful she was. Her breasts and ass were on display. He had opened the door for her and she got in, he had noticed that she had matching beige panties on. Selina knew he glanced at her pussy. That is why she wore the outfit. Teasing was something she was very good at.

As they drove to the school they chatted about the week and stuff. Selina decided to catch him off guard a little.

"You enjoyed the view?" She asked.

"What you mean?" He replied.

"Come on, I saw you look up my skirt when I sat down in the car and I liked it. If you win I got something planned for you after the game." She told him while her hand was all over his cock, rubbing it softly.

"I will admit I did. You are just gorgeous and I am very attracted to you." He admitted.

"You know, I feel the same about you too." She replied.

They pulled in the parking lot at 5:45 pm, game time was a little over an hour away so he walked her over to the bleachers and showed her where they were.

"Good luck tonight" She said to him. Then she threw him off by giving him a kiss.

"Thank you". He said back smiling to her. He went off to get ready.

The team was pumped and relaxed. They were undefeated as their counterparts. This game had a lot at stake. For James it meant getting a full ride to a Division I school, and Selina's lips around his cock.

The coach went through his speech and the team went out for warmups, the stands were slowly filling up. Selina was getting looks from the whole crowd. A full blooded columbian woman with honey colored eyes, she commanded the whole atmosphere. Even the faculty saw her sitting and they were smittened with her. James was calm cool and collective. He had her as their eyes met and she blew him a kiss.

Kickoff came and the game went back and fourth in the first half, both teams refused to give up an inch. It was tied at 14 late in the second and Henson had the ball deep in Wiillam's territory. Williams's defense needed a stop bad to keep the game close. Jamie who was the captain of the defense decided to go with a quarter defensive set on third and five, Henson was on the twenty-two yard line. The ball was snapped and Henson's QB dropped back to throw a quick slant. Jamie saw it coming and as soon as Henson's receiver had the ball, Jamie drlivered the most vicious hit ever seen.


"AWWWWW" The entire crowd said in unison. Jamie's teammates gave him mad props for the hit.

The henson receiver eventually got up on his own power and made it back to the sideline. he gave a pound to Jamie on the hand as a show of respect. Henson settled for a field goal to make it a 17-14 game. James was 11-14 for 121 yards and threw a 35 yard TD to Big Boogi. Both teams knew it was going to be a war. Meanwhile, Selina was getting cat calls throughout the game and getting hit on repeatedly not only by other students, but by the male teachers...and their wives!!

Halftime was very interesting.

The second half was nuts! Williams tied it up at 17 but after that both team's defenses bent but did not break as either side could not get in field goal range. It was about two minutes left in the game and Williams had the ball. James was 25-28 and he had calmly put up over 250 yards passing with his one TD pass, Lamarcus had over 125 yards on the ground, Reggie had over 100 yards catching as did Big Boogi. They were on their five yard line so they had to move fast. James told them this:

"Alright, no more fuckin around! Let's beat these bitches asses and go party. I got the plays, just follow." They all said "We got you." They moved it to midfield calmly and there was 25 secondfs left. James called play action. James dropped back and faked the handoff beautifully, set his feet and waited for Reggie's hand to rise saying that he was open. A henson defender was coming hard and fast and James felt him come. The moment Reggie's hand came up he barely got rid of the ball in time and he was hit very hard. James got to his feet and he saw tht Reggie caught the ball with one hand and made the final score. The crowd was going absolutely crazy, Selina was smiling for James as he made the play that counted.

Selina found him and gave him a huge wet kiss. "Looks like I owe you a celebration." she says.

"Yes we do, but we gotta hit up a party first. Celebration time!" he said in an excited tone. They walked back to the locker room and she waited outside while he got dressed. After that, they rode off and got a quick bite to eat before heading to the party which was right around the corner from his house.  James was excited by not only winning the game, but he wondered what Selina had in store for him later.

They arrived at the party. Jamie's parents were on vacation and when that happened Jamie always knew how to throw a wild party so everyone from the freshmen to the seniors were there, even a few old graduates that were in college stopped through to try and pick up some young tail.

The minute they walked in all eyes were on Selina. She and James could feel all the attention on focus towards her. Selina walked with James and noticed every guy stare at her beautiful ass. All of the girls gave her the stare of envy.

"Oh well." She thought to herself. And they went out to the patio by the pool area and watched the craziness begin. There was pot smoking, beer drinking, shot guzzling, even naked swimming at the party. Jamie came out wearing nothing but his birthday suit and a cowboy hat with two sophmore girls under his arms. Everyone laughed their asses off and snapped photos.

"Alright alright, NO myspacing these alright." Jamie yelled. He would be in deep shit if those pictures got out.

After staying foran hour and taking a couple bong hits. James and Selina decided to head home. thye wanted a more quiet atmosphere.

"Yo man, I'll hit y'all up tomorrow." He said.

"Alright yo. Peace." They said back looking at Selina's lovely ass walk away wishing they had that.

They made it home and he went to the Jacuzzi. He was relaxing when she came out with a baby blue bikini on. She was even more beautiful. She came up to him and had him sit on the edge of the jacuzzi. She moved her body seductively for him slowly building up his anticipation. She got behind him to give a massage. The massage relaxed his entire body so much that he damn near came in his shorts from her touch.  She then reached around to his waist and opened his shorts and took out his cock and started to stroke it slow. She got him nice and hard in no time, James never felt another woman do this and he was on cloud nine. She was just marveled on how beautiful it was and she began taking his 10 inch cock into her mouth sucking him off slowly. She loved to perform oral sex so this was nothing to her.

James on the other hand was on another level. With the massage that he had gotten and the blow job that he was receiving, his body quickly forgot about the hit it took in the game.

"Ahhhhh..........damn......." he said with approval. He wanted to hold it in but he could not and he came inside her mouth. She quickly swallowed it up. He was still rock hard after it and he could not believe it.

"Your cock is beautiful. I want it to fuck me. But first, put your mouth right here for me." Selina pointed to her pussy. He wanted to taste her as she wanted him to also. His lips and tongue caressed her lips and clit, making her feel good and she was rubbing his head in satisfaction.

"Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, that feels so good.....ooooohhhhhh!!." she told him and he kept going for her.

 She was on the verge of cumming and she knew it.

"Ahhhh, I'm a cum right now." she said. Right after tht she came. her cum shot out and James tasted it and he liked the taste of it.

They took a small break to smoke a little bit more weed that James got from the party. The weed was very good as they became more horny. James had one hand on the blunt and another inside of her wet cunt. She even took a few hits of the blunt herself and she was ready to be fucked into complete and utter submission, stroking his cock waiting for it to go inside of her.

"Now its time for your pussy to get this hard cock." he told her. He laid her down where her ass was hanging on the edge of the jacuzzi and he moved the head of his cock up and down her nicely trimmed pussy. She was pinching her nipples and bitine her lips anticipating his cock. He then slid his cock inside her wet cunt stretching it far and wide. It was painful but she felt a fullness that she never had before.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." She screamed out in pleasure and pain. Her pussy juices were flowing to lubricate his huge cock, so he let her get used to his size and then he moved back and fourth slow. With the fifth stroke, she had her first orgasm.

"OOOOHHHHHHH FUCK!!." Her eyes went into her head, her pussy dripped out a thick liquid.This was some outstanding pussy James thought to himself and he was going to enjoy it all.

His strokes went faster and faster. His cock was slurping in and out of her pussy at a pulsing pace. Selina loved his cock inside of her and she was losing count of how many times she was cumming. Every slam of his cock went deep inside of her, she loved every second of it.

"Fuck me, fuck me, please baby fuck me harder, make me cum again!" She was telling him. The thrusts were getting harder too. He then pulled out all the way and thrusted it back in so hard she nearly passed out on him.

"OH MY GOD!!!!." She gripped her breasts tight and he continued the fast pace. he slowed down so she could get her breath.

"I want to fuck you from behind." He told her. She caught her breath and got on all fours and he quickly took his hard cock, smacked it against her pussy lips and made her shiver a little bit more and slid it back inside her slow. He fucked her from behind for over 45 minutes and she was enjoying more orgasms.

"Damn papi, fuck me and don't stop...........fuck me until I can't breathe." she moaned out. He liked the sound of his hips and her ass slapping together. He slowed down to catch his breath a little bit. She turned artound to face him.

"I want to take a ride on it." she said in a sedictive grin. He pulled out and laid down on the patio chair and she took his cock and slid herself down onto him. His cock felt like it was in the right place. It was his home and she knew that it was hers.

"You are made for only me, no one else." She told him. James was lost in her stare but deep down he know there would possibly be no other woman that could fuck him the way she was. Not now, not ever. 

He was ready to cum and he wanted to explode.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum right now. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!." He said.

"Cum inside my mouth baby." she pleaded.

He pulled out and came into her mouth so much that the cum overflowed out of it. She She closed her mouth and swallowed what she could. James was completely blown away. She cleaned off all of the cum from her face and got some drinks to get the aftertaste from her mouth. Even after a fucking that she took she was still beautiful drenched in sweat. The laid together playing with each other.

"I love you James." She told him. And she truly did.

"I love you too." He told her. They laid together and fell into a deep sleep.

The next night they went to his homecoming dance and he was getting props from the boys and nasty stares from the girls. James and Selina stayed together even after he graduated and moved to California to go to UCLA. The two have never been happier.

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