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Preston finds himself in Geneva.

To the uninitiated, Las Vegas is the place to go and indulge oneself with the knowledge of knowing that one’s secrets would be kept. Those who truly have secrets and not just fascinations and random hedonistic thoughts know better, they know that no place in the world keeps a secret better than Geneva . Geneva is perhaps best known as the hideaway for illicit funds gained from all sorts of criminal gains throughout the world. The city is relatively smaller than one would expect but far more cosmopolitan as well. Very few people in Geneva are actually from Geneva , expatriates on the lamb from God knows who and what. The Calvinistic influence is still very apparent in the way the city lives and breathes during the day but at night the city is a hotbed for sex and debauchery. Unfortunately this was not my reason for visiting the city. One of my first clients and later a valuable mentor lived here. He was having his 65 th birthday party and had called to personally invite me. His invitation came with only one condition that I take a couple of days not doing any business and simply enjoy myself. I agreed, I could certainly use the rest. The constant traveling had thrown my body clock completely out of sync. I refused to take any sort of chemical or medicine to fix this. I preferred a slave driver workout that usually left me so spent that I would collapse before I finished my post workout shake. The positive aspect of this situation was that it kept my body in top notch shape, not that I was a narcissist but once you get on the north of 30 things started to happen pretty fast.

I had taken a suite at the Hotel De La Paix, with an incredible view of the Rade de Genève. I decided against watch shopping which is also a big temptation in Geneva and settled on just relaxing until Norbert sent the car to pick me up for the party.

The party was a veritable who’s who of Geneva financial world. Men in tuxedos and women in some of the most fabulous after-five wear seen on any runway, preened through Milo ’s home chit chatting each other up and simply being seen. My tuxedo was a midnight blue number from Ralph Lauren’s Purple label. After what seemed like well over an hour of socializing I finally bumped into Milos , the birthday boy, who was accompanied by his wife Anna and another woman I didn’t know.

“ Preston , you made it!” Milos said, beaming as usual.

“You thought I would miss this? You know I’m a stickler for free food and an open bar!” We both laughed at this.

“ Preston , you remember my wife Anna and this is her sister, Helena.”

“Ladies.” I slightly dipped my head out of respect.

“Preston Dixon, the son Milos never had. It’s wonderful to see you again. Where are you staying during your visit in Geneva ?” Anna inquired.

“I tried to get him to stay with us but he refused. If I didn’t know him better I would be offended.” Milos said jokingly.

“I’m staying at the Paix. It’s a wonderful hotel.”

“Yes, it is but there’s no place like the cradle of family and friends Preston .” Anna responded.

“You have my word that my next trip I will stay with you. Scouts honor.”

“We’re going to hold you to that!” Milos shot back.


“ Preston if you would excuse me, there are a few people here I must say hello to so Anna and I will see you before you leave. I’ll leave you in the hands of the greatest sister in-law in the world, Helena .” With that I shook Milos’ hand, kissed Anna on both cheeks and was left standing with Helena . Helena resembled Lauren Hutton with her perfect mix of maturity and girlishness. She was slightly taller than I remember Lauren being that night I met her at the Blue Marlin in South Beach . Her outfit appeared to be St. John’s with a sexy pair of Jimmy Choo power stilettos on. Her accessories were modest, a tasteful Audemars Piaget and a pearl necklace.

“So you prefer the company of strangers and staff to that of family and friends?” She inquired.

“No, not at all. Is that the impression you get from me?”

“No, not entirely, you remind me of someone I used to know, a very good friend. Maybe I am projecting a bit.”

“Not an ex-husband, I hope.”

“No,” Helena laughed. “Not anything like that. If you must know, he was a professor.”

“A professor? Did you study in the states?” I inquired.

“No, I studied here at the European University .”

“And he reminded you of me?”

“He was a black American professor, the only one at the university.”

“Wow! How did that happen?”

“He was a professor at Howard before the Korean War. He enlisted and after the war chose not to return to the states.”

“That’s very interesting. It been known to happen though.”

“He said he never knew freedom until her left America . Ironic wouldn’t you say?”

“Ironic but probably very true, it was really a difficult time for so many people back then.”

“He was so excited about the civil rights struggle there. He wanted so much to be a part of it but he chose to stay here. He thought that in someway become disconnected with what he called ‘the struggle’.”

“What eventually became of him? Did he ever return to the states?”

“He had made plans but a week before he was to return, he died of a heart attack.”

“That’s really sad.”

“There was only me and my future husband at his funeral.” Helena had tears in her eyes.

“You and your husband seemed to be good friends.”

“I was. My husband was only doing it to get closer to me; you know how men can be!” We both laughed.

Just then the driver approached and informed me that the car was available to take me back to the hotel.

“ Helena forgive me, but I should be getting back to the hotel. You have definitely been the highlight of my evening though.”

“Do you have a corkscrew?”


“A corkscrew for wine.”

“Not here but in the room with the rest of the things on my Batman utility belt. Why?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Try me.”

“I am an oenophile and earlier I spied a bottle of Chateau Le Pin Pomerol 1999 mixed in with some of Milos ’ gifts.”

“A wine lover, huh?”

“There are far more dangerous things a widow can indulge in Preston . Wine is best shared in the company of good friends. You have made an impression on me. You’ve made me remember a time in my life when I was bold and inquisitive. I would feel rejected if you chose not to enjoy this wine with me.”

“What about Milos ?”

“Milos detests wine. He only looks up the prices on the internet to determine how much its value is!”

“That vintage of Pomerol goes at about $1000 us, if I’m not mistaken.”

“How do you know so much about wine?”

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Milos !” We both laughed and Helena touched my hand.

“You hold the car and I will meet you there with the wine.”


I opened the bottle of wine as Helena readied the glasses placing them on the coffee table in the living room area of the suite. She took a seat on the couch. I went into to the sleeping area of the suite to take off my tuxedo. Returning in a dark paisley patterned silk robe.

“That’s not fair!” Helena exclaimed. “You look ready for bed and I look like I’m on my way to a Davos seminar!”

“I’m sorry, “   I laughed. “But I want to be a comfortable as possible,   I promised Milos that I would relax.”

“Do you have another robe? She asked.

“Not like this one, this hotel isn’t that nice but there’s one in the bathroom.”

“Would you mind?”

“No not at all, just hurry. I think it’s breathed enough.”

Helena returned wearing a plush white terry robe. She looked even younger. Her blond hair, no longer encumbered by the bun she wore earlier cascaded past her shoulder. Her perfectly manicured feet were small yet perfect as if she had never walked on them.

“That so much better.” She exclaimed.

“Great.” I took the wine and poured it into glasses.

She took her glass held it up and toasted. “No regrets, salute!”

“No regrets!” I said as I tapped my glass to hers. We took a sip of the wine and smiled.

“So do you have regrets Preston ?” She asked.

“In terms of what?”

“In terms of how you have lived your life so far.”

“Actually, no. Do you?”

“I’m a little older than you; I’ve lived a little more than you, perhaps I am a little more reserved than you, so to answer you question: yes I have regrets.” She took another sip of the Pomerol and gazed into nowhere.

“What’s your biggest regret?”

“That would have to be my relationship with Robert.”

“Your husband?”

“No, Robert was the professor.”

“What sort of regrets do have toward that relationship?” I was definitely curious.

“Not the teacher/student aspect of the relationship but the personal aspect. I was curious about things.” She reached across the coffee table and poured herself another glass. As her reached across the table I could see the pink flesh of the top of her breast exposed. “Personal things if you must know?”

“I’m not going to pry Helena .”

“I had never met an American black man before Robert. Sure we had Africans here but I never felt any attraction toward them. Robert was different.”

“So you had a school girl crush, did you?”

“I was a grown woman; I don’t think crush would be an appropriate word. I want to know things about him. I wanted to know how his lips felt; I wanted his hands to touch me….”

“Was it Robert or did you just have a curiosity for men like Robert?”

“What do you think Preston ?”

“I don’t know but I would be more than glad to help you.”

“Help me?”

“Yes, help you with you curiosity. Regardless if it was Robert or some man like Robert the fascination still exists, right?”

“True. What do you suggest?”

“It’s not what I suggest; it is more about what you are curious about.” I poured myself another glass. “Pretend that I am Robert and the things you are curious about with him I will indulge you.”

“My dear Preston , I have been a widow for over a decade. Since that time I know for certain that I have been referred to as a prude in some circles. Before that though, in my younger days most men were afraid of my boldness even my husband. I had to hold back my passion with him; he said it made him feel emasculated that he could not satisfy me. So what you are offering puts you in harms way shall we say.”

“I will accept that. Do you need me to sign a release?” We both chuckled.

“Are you sure you want this?”

“I think that a question for you?” I took a long sip of the wine and sat back in my chair across from Helena .

“It doesn’t leave this room, right?”


“How do we begin?” Helena nervously asked.

“However you like. Your wish is my command.”

“Are you erect?” She asked.

I slid my hand down inside my robe and inside my boxer-briefs; Helena followed my hand with her eyes, “Semi.”

“Make yourself hard for me.” Helena commanded.

“Give me something so be hard about.” I responded, my hands still in my boxers. Helena sat up on the couch, undid her robe and revealed to me her sheer beige bra and panties. She did not speak she only leaned forward and spread her legs slightly. “That’s better. It's getting harder.” I said, feeling the dead weight of my dick come alive. “You are making it harder.”

“Stroke it for me.” She directed as she unconsciously massage her left breast. “I want to see you stroke it Preston .”

I stood up from the chair, peeled my Armani Exchange boxer-briefs off sat back down, legs spread, robe open and continued stroking my stiff nice inch dick.

“God you are so big.” Helena managed to utter as she removed her breast from the top of her bra and pinched her nipple. I continued to slowly jerk myself off for Helena . The head of dick gradually turning purple as it filled with blood. “Don’t stop Preston .” Helena said as her other hand slid between her legs and she massaged her clit through the top of her sheer beige panties. I could now notice that her breathing had become more labored. “I don’t know if all of that could fit inside me. Are you about to cum?”

“No, not by a long shot. I’m good.” I was focusing on Helena ’s growing excitement. I noticed a wet spot between her legs becoming dark and darker as she rubbed her clit.

“Touch your balls for me.” Helena ’s long legs were now practically spread eagle.

“I have a better idea, you touch them for me.”

Helena rose from the couch and walked over and knelt before me. She cupped my balls in my hand and gently began to massage them. “They are so heavy, they need to be drained Preston .” She continued massaging my swollen balls as she slowly ran her tongue up the inside of my thigh. I began to roll my hips as Helena ’s soft and wet tongue made its way up and down my inner thigh. I took her head with my left hand and guided her in closer to my inner thigh. She continued licking my chiseled thigh moving over occasionally to lick my balls.

“Is that what you are curious about, you want to lick my balls?” She removed her hand from my balls, placed it on the base of my dick and began sucking my balls on at a time. Her muffled moans made my dick even more erect. She would suck on ball and then another, increasing her suction until she felt me wince from the pleasure/pain. She lifted my leg, tossed it over her left shoulder and took her tongue from top to bottom of the seam of my balls all the way down to my asshole. She removed my hand entirely from my dick, replacing it with hers as she explored my asshole with her probing and deft tongue. I made my dick twitch occasionally which caused her to journey even deeper into my asshole with her tongue. Helena slowly made her way back to my balls and then focused her attention on my dick. “I want you in my mouth.” Helena panted, running her tongue up the back of my shaft and kissing the sides of it. She took the head into her mouth and slowly sucked as she took more and more dick, inch by inch. When she couldn’t physically take any more of my dick into her mouth, she headed back in the other direction until only the head remained in her mouth and slowly started the process again, as her manicured nails scratched the insides of my thighs. When Helena finally came up for air ten minutes later she had the look of a woman who refused not to satisfy her deepest cravings and curiosities.

“Do you mind sitting on the couch?” She asked.

“No, not at all.” I moved to the couch and she stood before me. She removed her robe, stood in front of me and continued massaging my turgid dick.

“I have to feel it inside me.” With that, this Swiss woman of impeccable class and taste climbed on top of me. She held my dick with her right hand and slowly attempted to navigate herself down onto it. I grabbed her thighs and stopped myself from entering her, preferring to rock back and forth so that the head of my dick would lightly graze her swollen lips. “Oh God, don’t tease me like that!” She shouted. I could feel her juices dripping from her and slowly sliding down my dick. “Put it in me.” I removed my hands from her thighs and Helena continued to try to impale herself with me. Her opening was as tight as a virgin’s as my head pressed against it. She bit her bottom lip. “What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know if it’s wet enough?

“It hasn’t been this wet in twenty years! What do you suggest?”

“It needs to be a little wetter I think. Stand up and put your right leg over my left shoulder.”

“What will that do?” Helena asked

“Trust me.”

She stood up in the couch and slowly placed her right knee over my left shoulder allowing her leg to dangle over the back of the couch. “What now?” I cupped my hands under Helena ’s round ass and pulled her toward me. I could smell her womanhood as she got closer and closer. She was close now, close enough to taste. I began slowly lick the inside of her thigh as she squirmed. I made my way to her freshly shaved pussy and ran my tongue up and down her slit. She moaned and I lifted her up a bit and lowered her down onto my tongue. She slowly made wide circles with her hips and my tongue slipped through her tight opening and inside her. “I can feel it inside me. “Oh God!” I slowly began flicking my tongue inside her as she rubbed her clit against my nose. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed herself hard against my face. “God, I want to feel you inside me!” With that Helena ’s body began to jerk and quiver. “I’m cumming! It’s been so long!” I felt Helena ’s body go in and out of convulsions, she was definitely cumming, and she was cumming harder than I had seen anyone cum in a very long time. “ Preston ! Preston ! Turn your head Preston !” By the time what she was saying had registered to me I felt a burst of hot liquid on my face, then another four second stream. Helena ’s body stiffened and bucked as if she was having a seizure. When it was all over, Helena ’s body was completely limp. Her juices dripped down my face, neck, chest and stomach. She stretched out on the couch seemingly spent. “Forgive me. What just happened?”

“You squirted on me.”

“Oh my God, Preston , I’m so embarrassed! I’ve never cum like that before.”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You deserved it.” I took Helena by the ankle and brought her foot to my face. I surveyed her pedicure and placed her big toe into my still hungry mouth. Helena writhed as the pleasure ran up her body.

“Mmmm. It’s all your fault Preston . If you would have just placed it inside of me… Oh, God! She again began grinding her hips. “Please, it can not possible get any wetter. I need you inside me.” She pulled her foot toward herself and collected her bearings and mounted me again. She held my dick against her swollen lips and placed it right at her opening. “I’m going to count to three and on my one push toward me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Three….Two…,” Helena exhaled. “One.” With that she pressed her opening toward the stiffness of my dick and I reciprocated. I felt the head slide in as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her naked breasts. “God, it’s so big!” Her legs trembled.

“Are you alright?” I asked, as her pussy gripped my manhood like an angry, iron fist.

“I’m fine. Give it to me.” She replied. I slowly pumped my way inside Helena . “God, you are stretching my asshole, its on fire!” She yelled. I stopped pumping and sat there as she began maneuvering herself up and down my swollen dick. “God, it so good!” she said as she took inch after inch then rise up and slowly fill herself up again. I placed my mouth over her right nipple and gently sucked and nibbled on it. Helena soon found her breaking point and would take herself to that edge before easing back of off my dick. “Wait, I want to try something.” She said, reversing her position so that her back was facing me, balancing herself on my knees as she began riding me. The sight of her sophisticated ass, naked only turned me on more. I slowly met her stoke for stroke until her legs again began to quiver. I needed to cum; I couldn’t allow another misfire like before. I told her to get up. I got up from the couch behind her and bent her over. I rubbed the head of my dick against her ass and pussy and then inserted myself. Her legs really began to buckle as she was forced to balance herself by resting her hand against the couch. “What are you doing?” She asked. Once I had gotten all of the dick that would fit inside of her. I leaned forward and commanded Helena to walk. “Walk with you inside me?”

“Yes, now walk.”

She took one delicate step then another. With every step, my dick would slide in and out of her. Her moaning and groans became louder with every step she took. Her legs now quivered uncontrollably and I felt my own orgasm building. One step, two steps and on the third step I could not hold back any more. My legs quivered as I grabbed Helena by the waist. “Inside me Preston , inside me!” I felt my body jerk and my civility was no more as I felt my hot milk spew out of me and into Helena . “I feel you cumming! It’s making me…” And with that her body jerked, her legs stiffened and I felt her warm cum shoot again from her hot pussy. After we came I fell back onto the couch. Helena reached for her glass, filled her mouth with wine and placed my cum-soaked still erect dick into her mouth, swishing my cum around in her mouth with the wine until she had completely cleaned my dick of any traces of our secret. “When were you born Preston , what year?”

“!972.” I replied.

Helena licked my dick again. “1972 was definitely and excellent vintage year.” She placed her head against my chest. “And I secret the world will never know.”










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