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Getting My Car Registered

John goes to register his car, and gets a pleasent surprise
It was mid summer. I was 18 years old at the time. My car's registration had expired and I had to go register it.

I came to the Vehichle Department of my area, and entered the building. I found the waiting line to get my number. I filled out the form given to me at the door. Half an hour later I was sitting down waiting for my number to come up.

Finally it was my turn, so I went to the desk specified next to my number on the board. Just so you know, when I was going to the desk, I was not expecting to see a total hotty, nor was I even thinking about that.

That is probobaly why, when I saw her I litterally gasped. She was beuatiful. About 5'8, well preportioned and dark skinned. She had nice D breasts, and curves in all the right places. She looked to be in her early thirties but turned out to be 44. She had long black hair that went past her shoulders. She was wearing nice makeup that fit her perfectly and she looked like a goddess.

As I approached her, she asked me "How can I help you?"

I was barley able to reply "I need to register my vehichle."

She took my forms and started reading through them. While she was doing that, I took the time to sneak a peak at her breasts. I thought I would not be caught, but she faced up a bit too early and caught me in the act. However she did not say anything.

Until we finished, it felt like more than 2 hours passed, however it was only about 20 minutes. My dick felt like it was about to explode and rip out of my pants. I geuss the women noticed this and what she did next, startled me greatly.

"Follow me please. And hide your erection. We don't need people to stare." She commanded.

I did as I was told and followed her through a series of halls until we came to a door at the end. She opened it with a key, and as we stepped in, she locked it. She then flipped the switch on, and walked over to the couch in the middle of the room.

She told me "To come over." So I did without thinking twice.

Slowly she unzipped my pants letting loose my 8 inch pal who was ready to explode.

She laughed and told me I would have to wait until it calmed down. She then left the room.

I thought I was going to cry, but decided against it. Instead I began to wait patiently, and my cock became soft. Soon she came back inside in just a red bra and matching panties.

She walked over slowly and started rubbing my cock. It became hard in an instant and she started to suck it. Slowly licking up my shaft and then sucking on my head. She did it over and over, occasionally sucking on my balls. Soon she started to deepthroat me, and without warning I filled her throat with cum, almost making her choke.

She pulled out and smiled at me, gesturing to come undress her. We started to make out, while I undid her bra, and then her panties. Her breasts fell out and I immediatly grabbed one in each hand and started to suck one while pinching and rubbing the nipple on the other. She started to quietly moan. When I finished with one breast, I moved to the next. They tasted amazing and even had a bit of breast milk still in them.

Then she layed on the couch, and demanded me "To eat her pussy". I did as I was told and ate out her pussy juices. After a bit of licking I started to suck on her clit like there was no tommorow. She started to scream, releasing a huge amount of her juices onto my face. I licked it all up and them kissed her, allowing her to taste herself. She loved it, and we made out for a good 10 minutes.

Then she bent over and invited me to fuck her. I stepped over her and slowly inserted my cock. She began to moan and I decided to give it to her doggy style. I started slow, and then picked up the pace, making her scream. We continued like that until we both came. We then both fell onto the couch making out for a while more.

After we finished, I took her number and went home.

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