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Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter IV

Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter IV

Giselle and Francesco lack of passion in their marriage, leads his wife to take a lover

The story so far:

Giselle’s Italian husband, Francisco, is useless in bed. To satisfy her sexually, she has taken a lover, an African named Mobu with a huge black cock. She has just had her first fuck from him, and drunk his semen out of a condom. But the evening is not over yet by a long way. Now read on…


Then Giselle invited her African stud to lie down next to her on the double bed. She wanted to get to know his body better, and learn how to satisfy every inch of his black frame.

She and Mobu began to hug and kiss each other passionately, their tongues entwined like two slippery eels. He reclined on his back and she lay on top of him as they kissed, her ample, heavy breasts pressed against his chest.

Mobu had his hands on her firm buttocks, squeezing and caressing them, and this began to arouse him physically once more. Soon, Giselle started to feel her black lover’s big penis starting to swell and rise again, pressed against her thighs. And she too began to feel sex juices welling up inside her. She was as aroused and excited as he. They felt the strong desire to fuck each other again.

Giselle started to kiss and lick Mobu’s chest, moving steadily down over his stomach and abdomen. She felt something bobbing against her cheek. Looking round, she saw his penis, erect and covered with his prepuce again.

“Oh, who have we here?” she purred, “My wonderful black royal python. It is so majestic but still so shy, it does not want to show its royal head to its enchantress. But this girl wants to admire your royal head, so let me help you to show it to her.”

So Giselle started to kiss and lick at his black penis, like a snake charmer with her pet. Naturally enough, this caused it to expand and swell even further, to the extent that it began to stand upright like a missile about to launch into the sky. 

Giselle was delighted to see it ready for action again, so soon after its last ejaculation. This wasn’t what she was used to; most white men seemed unable to produce a second erection quite so soon. Once again, the prepuce was tight around the bulbous head, and she moistened it with her mouth before pulling down the fold of skin with her fingers, exposing his smooth round helmet.

“Oh Mobu, your penis is so enormously huge,” she whispered. “I have never seen anything like it before, so well-shaped and majestic. As a woman I feel it invites my respect and admiration. All other cocks I have seen are as nothing compared to your glorious black weapon.”

Mobu was always pleased to hear praise of his big black cock, but if truth were known it was no more than he expected. All of the white women he had conquered had said pretty much the same thing.

As soon as all of his bulbous head was revealed, she asked him if she could kiss it. Of course, he nodded in agreement, and she bent her head towards it.

As she stared at the huge black monster, she felt herself mesmerised by its size and magnificence. It was as if the tables had been turned and she, the charmer of snakes, was herself being charmed by the serpent. The huge bulbous head seemed to draw her in, rearing upwards, fierce and proud. She stuck out her tongue and licked slowly over the broad curve of his smooth helmet. When she came to the little slit, she wriggled her tongue into the opening, before kissing it with her red lips. Slowly she extended her lips over the whole head, until it was engulfed in her warm mouth. She slid her tongue around the rim of his knob, making him groan with pleasure. His knob-head seemed to swell even more, so engorged with blood she thought it might burst.

She let his black knob-head slip out of her mouth and began to tease him by kissing it all over the tip. As she did so, a few spurts of pre-cum fluid came out of the end. She licked it up; saltier than his semen but still tasty.

Mobu was groaning with pleasure, and Giselle thought she had better stop her tongue-work, otherwise she feared he might ejaculate before she had a chance to have his cock in her hungry vagina again.

“Okay, my African stallion, this white girl now wants to be fucked again. How about it, big boy?” she teased.

Mobu was certainly ready to fuck Giselle again. But he was also keen to restore his position of authority, and for Giselle to acknowledge his Black Power, and admit how much she needed him.

“Oh, so you want my black cock, do you, white girl?” he sneered. “You think this black mamba is always available for you, do you? Well, maybe you need to beg me for it, white slut.”

Giselle wasn’t used to being talked to like this, and for a moment she wanted to slap him. But then she realised that this was a necessary part of surrendering to her African lover, and she felt herself getting wet with excitement.

“Oh, my black stallion,” she purred, “I beg of you, please fuck this weak white woman again with your powerful black cock. You know that my pathetic husband cannot satisfy me, and that I need your dick to give me what I want.”

“Well, since you beg me for it, my white slut, I will give it to you,” cried Mobu in triumph. “Get down on the bed and open your legs, woman!”

Giselle leant over and took another condom from her bag. She had to work hard to roll it down his cock, so huge was its girth, and as before it didn’t cover the entire length. Then she lay down on the bed and opened her legs. She used her fingers to spread her cunt lips apart, showing Mobu the pink wet flesh around the entrance to her pleasure hole.

Mobu leant over, grabbed her round the waist, and positioned his thick, 10-inch erection at her cunt entrance, smearing the tip with her sticky juices.

“This is what it feels like to be really fucked by a black bull,” he cried. And he thrust his cock right into her with one hard push. Giselle screamed with joy as she felt his cock-head bang against her cervix.

“Oh fuck, Mobu, yes! Please fuck me. Fuck me with your big black cock. Oh fuck, it’s so big.”

Mobu’s body was dripping with sweat as he slammed his cock again and again into Giselle’s vagina. He knew how much this white woman wanted him, and he wanted her to know who was boss.

“How is that, white slut?” he spat. “Do you like this black cock in your white pussy?”

“Oh, oh, oh, yes!” whimpered Giselle. “You’re so big, you’re filling me up, I can’t take any more. I can feel you inside me, you’re filling me right up, fuck yes, oh fuck.” 

With every thrust she heard the slurp of his monstrous thick cock as it entered her, forcing her juices to squirt out and run down her thighs. She was in heaven and could barely keep her emotions under control.

“Oh my God, oh my God, it feels so beautiful, I can feel you so deep inside me,” she moaned. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes.”

After almost ten minutes of pounding Giselle on her back, Mobu wanted to change positions.

“Get on top of me, woman,” he instructed, pulling his big black cock out with a slurp and rolling onto his back. Eagerly, Giselle mounted him as if she was mounting a horse, facing him with her legs on either side of his pelvis, in the classic “cowgirl” position.

She had to raise herself up quite high to get above Mobu’s rearing penis, which was shiny and glistening with her sexual juices, and he helped her by holding her hips with his strong arms as she positioned herself above it. Then she took hold of his shaft and placed the tip against the entrance to her vagina, before lowering herself onto it with a sigh of pleasure, taking his cock as deep as she could. Then she began to bounce up and down on him, while Mobu supported her with his hands on her hips.

Mobu was very satisfied to lie back and watch this splendid white married woman going up and down on top of his big black cock, her big firm tits swinging backwards and forwards, and her copious cunt juices running down over his thighs.

He began to arch his pelvis upwards to meet her, helping to push his cock as deep as possible into her. Giselle began to worry that his cock might even burst right through her cervix into her uterus. She felt wonderful as she rocked up and down on him, free and sexually liberated as she had never felt with her previous boyfriends, let alone her husband.
She felt as if Mobu’s Great African Spirit had entered fully into her. She wanted to yell at all the world how wonderful she felt. She began to moan as if she could feel her orgasm starting to approach.

Mobu could tell she was close to her orgasm, so he held her by the waist and slowed down his pace of fucking her. He wanted her to have an orgasm but he also wanted it to be the most wonderful one she had ever had. Steadily he thrust into her, determined to impress her with his lovemaking and every sexual sensation she was having with him. He wanted her to realise that no white man could satisfy her as totally as he could.

This was the technique he used with all his white conquests, to make them accept his dominance totally. In his African culture it was a great achievement for a black man to conquer a married white woman, because that showed his complete psychological and sexual superiority. Indeed Mobu did have quite a low opinion esteem of white men sexually and intellectually speaking.

When indeed Mobu spotted a white woman who he fancied, it was his policy to conquer and seduce her. If she was engaged or married, it made no difference; rather it made him bolder, more confident and determined to win her over. Giselle, of course, had been no challenge at all, because of her known problems with her practically impotent husband. But she was still a good fuck, he had to admit, and very attractive to boot.

As he watched, he saw her start to shake, as if she was in a trance or possessed by some demon. Then he heard her scream out in total sexual abandonment, as she orgasmed with amazing force.

“Yes, oh yes, I can feel it, my African stud, I feel the Great African Spirit owning me. Ah yes, wonderful, I never felt like this, yes oh fuck!”

It surely was an impressive orgasm. Mobu could see her shaking and trembling, like one of the priestesses in his African country who danced and shook when they were possessed and owned by African spirits. But the only spirit that possessed Giselle was the spirit of his big black cock.

Now that she had orgasmed, Mobu felt happy to release his own seed. All this time he had been holding back, but he was now ready to shoot out his stuff.

He wondered if he should shoot inside her again, filling the condom with his black man’s ejaculate, but he decided it would be enjoyable to pull out and remove the condom before shooting his seed all over her body. That way Giselle could see just how potently powerful he was, and how much semen he could produce, even so soon after his last ejaculation.

So, while Giselle was still shaking from her own orgasm, he rolled her over onto her back and pumped his cock into her faster and faster. As he felt his balls contract and the semen start to boil up the length of his penis, he pulled it out, whipped off the condom, and pointed his swollen knob-head at her nude body.

“Ah, my white devil, this is for you,” he cried out, as massive quantities of white seed came shooting out of his black veiny tool. The first loop of spunk splattered across Giselle’s pretty face, and the second one went even further, reaching from her hair right across the head-board on the bed. More ropes of semen splashed across her large white breasts and coated her pink nipples, and ran down her sides onto the bed. His semen was maybe not as thick and viscous as the first time, but this meant that it flew even further, and covered Giselle’s naked body in sticky wet goo.

Giselle wriggled with glee as the semen splattered over her. She stuck out her tongue and licked a sticky loop of it from round her mouth.

“How’s that, my white slut?” gloated Mobu as the last drops of spunk dripped from his black cock onto Giselle’s abdomen. “Have any of your white men ever given you a tribute of so much seed?” 

He felt as if he truly owned this writhing white woman, lying there coated in his own freshly-made semen.

“Oh my God, look at it all Mobu,” she gasped. “I cannot believe it. You shot an incredible quantity of semen. How did you do it? I can hardly think it possible. You have already ejaculated once this evening. It is unbelievable. I have never seen anything like that. How did your balls manage to produce and store so much?”

Mobu just smiled her and proudly stated, “I am an African man, Giselle, not like your miserable and weak white men. You just witness and compare.”

“Oh, you truly are an African stallion,” sighed Giselle. “I have to admit you have really impressed me. Your copious ejaculation, as Becca told me, reminds me of a horse. Undoubtedly I have never seen one of my white lovers ejaculate like this, let alone Francesco my husband. He is so sad when he ejaculates those poor miserable drops of semen. I often nearly burst out laughing at the sight.”

She then began to run her fingers through his sticky semen as it coated her naked body, all over her big tits and beautiful face and well-toned tummy. Once her fingers were coated with the gooey semen, she began to greedily lick it off.

“Mmm, it tastes again so wonderfully good, just as good as last time,” she exclaimed. “I wish I could dine on nothing but your semen. I am sure it would nourish me fully. Why would I need anything else?” She lifted up her own right breast and licked the semen off it, exclaiming all the time at how good it tasted.

Mobu was delighted to see how much she enjoyed devouring his African spunk. He knew most white women loved the taste of black man’s semen, and Giselle was no exception.

“It is Ambrosia, the nectar of the Gods,” said Giselle gleefully. “Now I am scared I could get addicted to it, and will need a fix every single day!”

Mobu laughed. “Well, I would be delighted to service your addiction,” he said. “I will refill my tanks daily before passing on my fresh produce to you, my lady.”

“Be careful, my black boy,” challenged Giselle. “I wonder who would win if I were to try to drain your tanks totally?”

“I would be ready to accept the challenge,” laughed Mobu.

He felt himself in need of a pee, and got up to go to the bathroom. But Giselle was not quite finished with him yet.

“Hey, African boy,” she said sharply, “Where do you think you are going? I see something I absolutely do not like. Come here and let me check. This is disrespectful to a nice white girl.”

Mobu was not sure whether she was joking or not. He was worried for a moment whether he had in some way offended her. But she beckoned him back to her.

“Just you stop here in front of me. Hold your hands up, I want to see your black snake. Hmm, yes, look at this.”

She took hold of his penis with both hands. It was not quite fully erect any more, but still a substantial handful for a white woman. She rubbed gently at the shaft just under the rim of the helmet, by the frenular triangle. As she did so, Mobu’s cock twitched, and a fat droplet of semen welled up from his urethra and sat in a globule at the entrance to his penile slit.

“Ah, ah,” trilled Giselle in triumph. “It is just as I thought. You still have some drops of seed here in your naughty snake. Just look at it. How is this possible?”

Mobu was still somewhat confused. “Well, Giselle, I apologize,” he began. “Allow me to go to the bathroom to clean myself.”

“Oh no, big boy, I think you fail to understand,” giggled Giselle. “You have tried to sneak away with this yummy seed still in your cock. You should know that you should give me all of your freshly-made semen, and I mean all of it. This is disrespectful towards a nice white girl. Now you give me no choice, I have to make sure there is absolutely none left, either in your shaft or in these big fat black balls of yours.”

She began to rub her hand up and down Mobu’s shaft, which naturally began to swell up again. Poor Mobu winced. Having already ejaculated twice that evening, his penis was of course very tender and sensitive.

Giselle noticed him wince. “Oh dear, you poor big boy,” she giggled. “Is your black snake still tender after fucking me twice? Well, it is your own fault for not giving me all of your seed. That was disrespectful, was it not?”

She lent over and licked the drop of semen from the tip of Mobu’s cock. His helmet was the most sensitive part of all, and even the touch of Giselle’s tongue was enough to make him shudder.

“Are you sure that is all?” asked Giselle playfully. She continued to stroke Mobu’s shaft until he was fully erect again, all 10 inches or more of him. Another drop of semen bubbled up, and she licked it off, but still she didn’t stop.

Every rub of her hand was an exquisite agony to Mobu, but he didn’t want to show weakness, so he gritted his teeth to stop himself from wincing, and let her carry on.

Giselle knew that he was in some pain, but she wanted Mobu to understand she was not simply one of his normal white conquests. She wanted him to have to pay a price if he wanted to date and bed her. She was ready to give herself to him totally, but he had to understand how sexually voracious she was, and would not allow him to hold anything back.

She had read once in one of her female magazines that, according to the Kama Sutra, there were some areas of the male sexual organs which (if correctly stimulated) could give a man the most powerful orgasms he had ever experienced. One of these was the upper part of his glans that terminated with the meatus (piss-hole). This opening situated on the gland, where the male urethra terminates, is a crucial point (she had read) because most men cannot control themselves when it is being stimulated.

Giselle knew that this process could be painful for the man, because of the sensitivity of the organ, especially so soon after ejaculation. Holding Mobu’s penis in both hands, she studied and analysed the majestic bulbous head. She felt her African mate trembling and moaning as he felt her heavy breath on his glans. However, he knew she was in control so he decided to try to relax.

Giselle decided it was time to launch her attack on that royal organ. She opened her lips in a circular way so as to form an “O”. Then she lowered her mouth over the shiny black dome of Mobu’s cock-head, closing her lips round under the rim of his helmet, so the whole helmet was sealed inside the warm wet cave of her mouth.

Then she began to suck as hard as she could on the cock-head, so hard that she actually caused Mobu’s glans to stretch in her mouth. This made him gasp with an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure. She sucked as if she was trying to suck out Mobu’s very soul through his urethra.

Giselle tasted the droplets of semen that had been left in his urethra as the pressure of her sucking caused them to erupt into her mouth. Mobu was trembling and groaning in his throat as Giselle slurped so eagerly at the most sensitive part of his black member. As her lips closed even tighter around the sensitive rim of his cock-head, he could feel the unmistakable sensation of another orgasm starting to build up. He began to breathe harder and his legs began to shake.

He began to cry out in exquisite agony.

“Ah Giselle, is this what you want, to drain my fat black balls completely? If so, you have succeeded, you white devil of a girl. Here it comes, here it comes, take all my African soul, you white slut. Your husband is a miserable spineless man with no sperm in his balls. But I, Mobu, have all the sperm of an African Man, and you can have it all!”

And he began to shoot his load into Giselle’s mouth.

Giselle was quite frankly astounded at the amount of seminal fluid that Mobu ejaculated into her mouth. It was certainly quite watery, by no means as thick as the previous two helpings, but there was an absolute river of it. Even so, every time another spurt of fluid from Mobu’s cock splashed into her mouth, she gulped it down, enjoying the flavour very much. Never before had she seen a white man produce three ejaculations within so short a time. She had expected him to be “shooting blanks” by this time, but she had to admit defeat. This black man really did seem to have endless reserves of semen in his tanks.

Eventually, the spurts of semen stopped. Reluctantly, she let the bulbous head of Mobu’s black cock slip out of her mouth, and rolled the last watery helpings of liquid around in her mouth before swallowing it down. She could tell by the look on his face that his cock-head was incredibly tender and sensitive after all the action it had seen. His glans was a very deep purple colour, almost inflamed, and his urethral channel was wide open.

She was still somewhat afraid of his cock, but she also felt incredibly proud of having exhausted this rare exemplar of African man. She placed a sweet kiss on his bulbous and completely purple head, and invited him to lie next to her on the double size bed and exchange hugs and kisses.

Mobu made Giselle lie on top of his body, her big boobs pressed against his chest and her soft pubic mound resting on his still tender cock. They began to kiss, their tongues entwined in a relaxed and friendly struggle.

Rarely had Mobu felt so aroused at being with a white girl. He liked Giselle very much, not only aesthetically but also for her class and elegance. He decided that he wanted to do more than just seduce her sexually, but to establish a serious and strong relationship with her. The only obstacle in this task was her spineless and weak husband, although he quite frankly would not form much of an opposition. Even so, he was aware that Giselle still cared for her husband, and in her eyes Mobu was little more than a stud who she would use to satisfy her sexual needs.

Mobu, however, wanted to ensure that Giselle was totally “Africanised”, to the extent that she did not just want him for sex, but needed him at a deeper level. He had to get her totally addicted to his big black cock, and get the husband out of the picture completely. To do so, he would need to play his cards carefully. In the meantime, he was content to psychologically humiliate her husband by showing him how much more able he was to satisfy Giselle sexually.

Mobu and Giselle stayed cuddling nude in bed for over 40 minutes, before falling asleep embracing each other. Giselle fell asleep first, lying over Mobu’s nude chest, their legs entwined with each other, seeming almost like one body. Mobu felt extremely delighted that Giselle, when she fell asleep, was still holding with her left hand his softening penis. She grasped it as if it was a sacred and priceless jewel.


All of this sexual action had of course been observed by Giselle’s husband, Francesco, who had been watching the whole thing with Giselle’s friend, Becca, on the security camera system. He had watched as his wife sucked on Mobu’s penis, before lying on her back wantonly and being fucked by him a second time. He had seen Mobu shoot his load of semen all over her naked body, and watched as she ate his cum before sucking him off yet again. He had marvelled at the way Mobu seemed able to get hard again almost immediately, and how his balls never seemed to run dry.

He felt a mixture of so many emotions: jealousy, depression, humiliation, frustration, envy, sadness, and tiredness. But to his shame he also felt sexual excitement and arousal at watching Mobu’s big black cock slamming in and out of his own wife’s vagina.

As Giselle and Mobu fell asleep, Becca switched off the camera.

“You see, Francesco,” she said, “how only a black man can fully satisfy a white woman like Giselle. How could you hope to compete? They will certainly want to fuck again when they awake in the morning. But do not worry, Francesco, I have made up a bed for you in one of the other rooms. You will have to sleep there alone, but at least you will know that your wife is sexually satisfied for perhaps the first time in her whole life.”

Sadly, Francesco did as Becca ordered. He lay awake for several hours, unable to sleep, as he thought about how he had failed his wife for so many years, and wondered what the future would be for their marriage. He knew he had given full permission for Giselle to fuck Mobu, to satisfy her sexual needs, but he wondered how far their relationship would go. What would happen to their marriage now?


Giselle was the first to wake up the next day, at almost eight in the morning. She was pleased to see that Mobu was still asleep next to her. She did not want to wake him up yet, but took the opportunity to admire his muscular and athletic naked body. She was so impressed by his physique and his slender but well-toned figure, his strong arms lying across her torso. She admired his abdominal muscles and then, lowering her look, his soft but still impressive penis, that rested against her upper leg like a huge fleshy proboscis.

She decided it was time to wake up her African lover, but she wanted to do it in the most sensual way she could. She slipped out from underneath his embrace, and bent her head down over his penis, where it lay majestically along his muscular thigh. The head was covered by the prepuce, so she was unable to see if it was still engorged and purple after the heavy oral stimulation she had given it the night before.

Giselle started by lasciviously kissing Mobu’s penis from its tip right down to its base. She then paid attention to his big firm testicles, which seemed her like two billiard balls, by covering them with wet, sensual kisses. They looked so lovely just lying there. Opening her mouth, she sucked first one and then the other into her mouth, gently massaging them with her tongue and lips, being careful not to squeeze too hard in case she caused him pain, knowing how delicate a man’s ball-sack can be.

Then Giselle went back to his tip. She decided it was proper to repeat her manoeuvre with her tongue in order to pull down his prepuce, so she flipped her curved tongue in the tiny opening of the prepuce over the tip and tried her best to insert the upper part of her tongue under the skin. She had to try for some minutes before succeeding, but once she had done so she started to pull it down in order to free the glans.

Once she had pulled his prepuce completely down, she turned her attention to the uncovered and freed huge bulbous head. As before, she concentrated on the tip, and after forming her lips into an “O” shape, she engulfed the tip of his glans and started sucking it again as strongly as she could.

The result was that the African man’s whole penis began briskly swelling and hardening, rising upwards towards an upright position. Giselle held it in both hands as she sucked on it, as if she were worshipping its magnificence. She knew that if she kept sucking, soon her African would have no choice but to ejaculate.

Inevitably, as Giselle sucked harder and his penis rose higher, Mobu awoke from his sleep. He looked down to see the white woman sucking hard on his black monster. After a good night’s rest, he was very happy to reward Giselle with a further helping of his semen if that was what she wanted.

“Oh Giselle,” he moaned, “you are doing it again, you wicked white slut. Do you really want more of my semen. Well, you are going to get it. Oh my African gods, I can feel it coming.”

Giselle well knew that Mobu’s orgasm was very near, but she also knew if she wanted to accomplish her maneuver to her full satisfaction she had to stay calm and maintain control and concentration. She continued her intense suction, hoping to bring him to such an orgasm that it totally emptied his swollen testicles.

And so it happened. With a loud cry, Mobu shot out his fresh semen from the tip of his cock. Giselle felt at least seven great geysers of cum erupt into her eager mouth. She swallowed each one, feeling each helping of gooey ejaculate run down her throat as a new helping gushed out of Mobu's black cock.

Even when it seemed as if Mobu’s balls had been drained dry, Giselle continued to suck on his sensitive cock, wanting to enjoy every last droplet of spunk. She sucked out a last few mouthfuls of watery liquid, as Mobu gasped for breath, his cock tingling. Giselle was sucking so hard, he thought she wanted to swallow the whole thing. 

At last she let his empty flaccid dick slip out of her mouth.

“I am sorry if that was painful to you, my dear Mobu,” she said with a smile. “But I really could not bear to lose one little drop this time. You need to learn that I want everything you have to give me, you bad boy. I have now had the first course of my breakfast: although I am still very hungry.”

Mobu had a feeling that Giselle’s sexual appetite would never be satisfied. But hopefully, neither would his own.


I desire to thank you so much Naughtie Annie for helping me to write and edit this chapter as the previous ones of this story!

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