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Great Timing

Lilly and Michael get stuck on an elevator and decide to make it worthwhile
Lilly smiled when she saw the familiar number pop up on her phone.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight.” The text read.

Lilly finished brushing her teeth and made her way into her bedroom. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out what she was going to wear. She was meeting Michael for dinner and she knew tonight would be the night they would finally have sex. He was handsome, black wavy hair, and deep brown eyes. His eyes always made Lilly feel like she could swim in them they were so deep and thoughtful. They had been on four very successful dates up until now and Lilly knew that Michael knew just as much as she did that they were going to have sex tonight. Her pussy was getting wet at the moment as she thought about it. She looked over at the clock on her dresser.

“Shit!!!” She said out loud.

He would be at her apartment in thirty minutes. She ran into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Michael looked at himself one more time before deciding he looked damn good. He had on a nice black dress shirt and black pants, with a white tie. He loved the combination of the black and white; the contrast was eye catching for sure. He thought about Lilly then. She was white and her skin made a very nice contrast against his. He was half Mexican and half African American. His skin was the color caramel, and smooth. He turned the bathroom light off after one more look into the vanity mirror and walked out of the room.

Lilly looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. The dress she had picked was beautiful. The top was a tank top, which hugged her until her hips where it flared out into a full skirt. The top was white and the skirt was purple. Purple was her favorite color, and she had always been told it made her look gorgeous. Her brown hair was in curls and hanging down her back. She kept her makeup to a minimum and decided to wear low heals. Her heart leaped out of her chest when she heard the door bell ringing. She quickly walked to the door and took a slow deep breath before opening the door.

Michael’s breath caught in his throat. She seemed to become more beautiful every time he saw her. He let his eyes slowly slide down her body taking in every detail. The way her hips flared, the way her chest rose and fell with every breath.

“God love, you look amazing.”

He didn’t recognize the voice that was coming out of his mouth. It was hoarse and he could really benefit from a cold glass of water at the moment.

Lilly smiled shyly. She lifted her head and let her eyes cascade over his body. The shirt was tight against his body and the pants hugged him in all the right places. His hair looked soft and Lilly mind flashed to the last time they went on a date. They had shared an intense make-out session in his car. She had run her hands through his hair that night, and still remembered how silky it had felt in her hands. She smiled and grabbed his tie. She used it to pull him forward closer to her.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, her mouth a breath away from his. She pressed forward and pressed her soft, full lips to his.

He didn’t touch her, nor did she touch him. They were both afraid that if they did they wouldn’t make it to the restaurant.

Michael broke the kiss first, and took a deep breath.

“Shall we?”

Lilly grabbed his hand as they walked to his car.

Once in the car they made small talk, even cracking jokes at a person passing in a car next to them that had waved at Lilly.

“You smell delicious,” Lilly said, before even really thinking about it.

Michael smiled and cast his eyes sideways at her. He caught a glimpse of the white flesh on her outer thigh, before she pulled the skirt of her dress down. He swallowed hard and averted his eyes back to the road.

“Thank you.”

He bit down on the inside of his bottom lip and decided to see what she wanted to do after the restaurant.

“So babe. What do you want to do after we eat?”

Lilly smirked and looked out the passenger side window. She was nervous now, and she didn’t know why. She wanted to have sex with him, hell that was all she could think about for the past week; but what if that wasn’t what he wanted?

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen your place. Maybe we could go there.”

Michael wanted to yell with excitement. That’s exactly what he hoped she would say.

“Sure love, we can do that.”

They pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and walked in. The hostess led them to their booth and they both sat down. Lilly picked up her menu.

“I’m really enjoying that dress.”

Lilly smiled without looking up.

“I’m sure you are.”

Michael let his eyes slide lower to the bit of cleavage that the dress showed. He had only felt her breasts through her clothes, and he could not wait until he could get her bare chest in front of his eyes, and hands.

He had to stop or he was going to embarrass himself.

They ate while sharing small talk and enjoyed themselves.

Lilly found him even more charming than she’d liked to have admitted and Michael couldn’t take his eyes off of the dimples on her face or the twinkle in her dark green eyes.

Something clicked in Michael’s mind. Lilly had informed him when they had first started talking that her eyes changed colors. He couldn’t remember exactly what the color dark green meant. He tapped his finger against the table trying to remember. Suddenly it clicked. She had told him that dark green meant she was aroused. He cast his eyes around the restaurant quickly and slid out of the seat.

“What are you doing?” Lilly asked watching him.

He slid into the booth next to Lilly.

Before he could answer her the waitress came by and asked if they wanted dessert. Michael politely told her they did and ordered a delicious looking chocolate cake, with ice cream on top.

“Now would you kindly tell me what you’re doing on my side of the booth?” Lilly asked.

Michael looked over at her and smiled.

“I remembered something important.”


“Yes. I remembered you telling me that when your eyes are dark green, you are aroused.”

Lilly’s face grew hot. Maybe she shouldn’t have shared that bit of information.

Lilly’s hand found its way to his leg.

“And what color are they now?”

Michael couldn’t focus.

“Dark green love.” He let his hand dance up her leg pushing her skirt up with it. To his advantage the corner they were sitting in was dark, and he didn’t think anyone could see them, but really at that point he didn’t care much if they could.

Lilly swallowed hard; his hand was dangerously close to her pussy.

“What are you doing?” Lilly’s voice came out in a whisper.

She knew damn well what he was doing and she wanted him desperately to touch her. His fingers stopped at her lips covered by her panties. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe. Lilly couldn’t breathe. His hand slid under her panties and touched her pussy.

“God, you are so wet.” His breath was hot against her ear.

She grabbed his hand meaning to pull it away but she only pressed it closer to her hot pussy.

She moaned softly. The music in the restaurant drowned it out.

“Michael, please. We are in public.”

He continued his assault on her senses and slowly, very slowly, pushed his long slender index finger into her warm wetness. She had to stop herself from bucking her hips off the leather of the seat. He let his thumb trace over her swollen clit before lightly flicking his finger across it. Michael pulled back just in time for the waitress to come back with the check.

Michael smirked at the waitress, both seeming to share an unsaid secret.

“You have perfect timing,” he said with a laugh in his voice.

Lilly blushed and pulled her skirt down.

Michael scanned the ticket quickly and pulled his wallet out. He placed a one hundred dollar bill on it and told the waitress to keep the change. She smiled widely and thanked him before walking away as if he might change his mind any minute and ask for the change.

“You were flirting with her,” Lilly said teasingly. She knew he wasn’t but just wanted to get under his skin.

Michael looked over at her face and smiled. He grabbed her hand and started to slide out of the booth.

“If we don’t get to somewhere private very soon, love, I’m going to rip your clothes off right here.”

Lilly blushed all the way down to her toes and felt the familiar warming in her pelvis letting her know she was growing even wetter.

They made their way to his car and started towards Lilly’s apartment before either knew what was going on. The tension in the car was palpable and Lilly couldn’t keep the smirk off of her face. She dared a peek over to Michael and giggled at the obvious bulge in his trousers.

“Just what are you giggling at?”


Michael laughed and adjusted himself.

They pulled up to Lilly’s small apartment building and walked to the elevator hand and hand.

Once in the elevator Michael's eyes couldn’t leave Lilly's face. He let his eyes slowly take in the rest of her body. God he couldn’t wait to get that dress off of her. Lilly took a deep breath and smiled over at Michael. Just then the elevator gave a violent jolt and stopped dead in its tracks.

“What the fuck?!” Michael said to no one in particular.

He quickly pushed the emergency button. Lilly watched him, trying to keep herself from becoming scared.

“Ok folks…” came the ghostly voice from the small intercom on the wall in front of Michael.

“We know you’re in there. You’re stuck between floors so we’ve got to figure out what’s going on, just stick tight.” The voice held a heavy southern accent and Lilly could almost imagine what the man would look like.

Michael pressed the button to talk.

“How long is this going to take?” he waited for an answer, but was only met with silence.

He shrugged off his jacket and sighed heavily.

“Looks like we’re stuck babe.”

Michael walked to where Lilly was standing and cupped her face in his hands.

“Don’t be scared.” Michael’s voice trailed off.

“..We can make this wait fun.” He pressed his soft warm lips to Lilly’s making her bones turn to jell-o.

“Michael, we are in an elevator, where I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a camera. I do not want to give whoever is watching a free show!”

Michael looked over at the place where a camera used to be.

“Nah there’s nothing there. Look, see.”

As he says the words his hands slowly slid up Lilly’s back, pulling the zipper down on her dress as he went. Lilly smiled, still slightly unsure.

“I don’t know about this Michael.”

He nuzzled her neck breathing in her sweet, slightly flowery scent. He kissed his way up her neck to her earlobe and breathed his hot, wet breath into her ear. Lilly’s knees almost buckled. Her hands found their way to Michael’s waist and started to pull his shirt from where it was tucked into his pants.

“You skin is so soft,” Michael said on a moan.

He hands had worked their way inside her dress and was working it off her shoulders. She got Michael’s shirt open and pushed it off his body, letting it pool in the floor behind him. Michael sighed when her lips found the warm, soft skin of his chest. The sensations were all proving too much and they had only gotten started. They both wondered just how long this would last. Michael started to say something but Lilly pressed her fingers to his mouth.

“Stop talking so much.”

He smiled and started working her dress down. He pulled it down and exposed her bra clad breasts to his hungry eyes. The soft pale pink lace of the bra barely concealed anything. Her supple skin was spilling out of the tops of the bra and it was begging Michael to kiss it. He placed soft kisses on the top of each of her breasts while reaching behind her to unhook the contraption.

“Uhh folks.” The ghostly, redneck voice was back.

“We’ve found the problem and it’s going to be about thirty-five or forty minutes before we can get you out of there.” This time Lilly heard a distinct sound of someone spitting before the intercom went quiet.

Michael’s eyes lit up.

“Thirty minutes! That gives me plenty of time.”

Lilly laughed and teasingly let her fingers dance down the front of Michael’s body; lightly touching the pronounced bulge in the front of his pants. She slid the zipper down on the front of his pants and worked her hand in.

“You’re getting awfully brave there love,” Michael said before finally getting her bra undone and letting it fall.

He feasted his eyes on her perfect breasts. They had been untouched by sun, and he had this wild notion that he was the only other male to see them. At least that’s what he wanted to fantasies. He leaned in and lapped his tongue against her small, pebbled, pink nipple. Lilly moaned softly as he took the nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently. Michael let his teeth graze her sensitive flesh there and Lilly groaned.

“God that’s so hot.”

“Mmmm does it make you wet love?” Michael asked with a mouth on her skin.

Lilly squeezed his very erect penis in her hand for an answer. She unbuttoned his pants and let gravity take its course. Michael kicked the pants to the side and pushed her dress down the rest of her body. He stepped back to view the skin that was now open to his eyes. Her bra was gone and she stood before him in just her hip hugging barely-there underwear. He reached for her underwear and slowly watched as she helped him pushed the lacey fabric down her smooth legs.

He groaned audibly.

She was smooth, perfectly bare on her vagina. God he wasn’t expecting that. It was such a turn on. He looked up at her where he knelt still holding her underwear around her ankles. He slowly moved up until his mouth connected with her sweet spot. He let his tongue sweep up and opens her lips to his mouth.

“Your taste is so sweet.”

Lilly only moaned, grabbing at his hair.

“Open up for me love. Spread your legs so I can see all of you.”

Lilly opened her legs for his eyes and Michael growled.

She was beautiful everywhere. He opened her with his hand before diving in for a better taste. He sucked in her clit and gently nipped in with his teeth. Lilly’s knees did buckle this time but he hands where there to catch her. He kissed her openness and made his way back up her body. Lilly had enough teasing and reached for his boxers. She wanted to see his body, feel his skin against hers. God she needed it, desperately wanted it, wanted him, inside her and fast.

She pushed his underwear down and watched his hard penis come into view. It felt like velvet steel in her hands and Michael closed his eyes as she lowered her mouth to it. She opened her mouth and took just the head in. It felt nice in her mouth and Michael thought he might explode. Before he knew what was happening she opened her mouth wider and took his entire length into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the base. Michael bucked against her.

“Oh love. Keep it up and this will end faster than it should.” His words told her to stop but he hands worked into her hair and kept her hot mouth on his penis.

She worked her back up and kissed the soft head, before looking up at him with a wicked smile on her face. He pulled her up by her upper arms and moved his mouth closer to hers.

“I can’t wait to feel what it feels like to fuck you senseless.”

Lilly blushed and pulled his sensuous mouth to hers. She nipped at his bottom lip before sliding her tongue into his mouth. She brushed the front of his teeth before he slid his tongue against hers. With Michaels help she wrapped her legs around his waist and tipped her pelvis up.

“Please Michael.”

He moved his pelvis forward several inches and collided with her opening. She could feel his head stretching her and she moaned wanting more. He obliged and pushed the rest of his penis into her. He felt the glove of her warmness and tightness envelope him and he moaned.

“You feel fucking fantastic.”

He continued to pump into her knowing it wasn’t going to take long. The teasing, the sensations, the fact they could be caught was building into an orgasm they both knew would be amazing. Lilly racked her nails down Michael’s back and groaned as he hit her clit while pumping into her. Lilly squeezed her pelvic muscles around his girth and Michael moaned louder.

“I’m going to come Lilly.”

Lilly kissed his neck and gently sank her teeth into his darker, soft skin.

He pulled out and slammed back into her rapidly, feeling his orgasm crashing around them both. The heat between them was becoming feverish and Lilly crashed against him and came harder than she had in years.

They both stood connected for God only knew how long. Both of them panting and laughing. Michael kissed Lilly’s shoulder before she dropped her legs. He quickly glanced at his watch and smirked.

“We’ve got about ten minutes according to whoever is on the other side of that intercom.”

Lilly blushed again and looked around and the array of clothing. She found her dress and watched Michael clumsily find his clothes. They dressed in silence, and both jumped when the voice came back over the intercom.

“Alright we’ve fixed the problem and you should be moving in a few minutes.”

As if to answer that the elevator gave a lurch and started to move up. Lilly just finished zipping the side of her dress went the elevator stopped. Michael shrugged his jacket on before the doors opened.

The apartment super was standing in front of the doors and quickly apologized when they opened.

“I am so sorry about that!”

Lilly smiled. “It’s okay.”

The small super looked from her to Michael and grinned.

“I do hope the two of you found a way to pass your time.”

They both laughed and Michael clapped the man on the shoulder.

“I think we did my man, I think we did.”

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