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Halley Gets a Little Medicine

Halley is laid up for a while, and when her best friends stop by they decide to help her with pain.
I woke up to four things. 1) My phone alarm going off. I had expected that. 2) Pounding on my door. I had also expected that, but not so soon. 3) Yelling. It was a holy racket outside my apartment door. That I had not expected, and was not happy about. 4) An indescribable pain in my right leg. That was also expected, and I couldn’t do much about it.

I reached for my phone and turned the blaring alarm off, knocking over a half full plastic cup, which spilled water all over my fake wood floor. Now that there was less noise, I was able to hear myself think. My thoughts were not kind.

I was couch and bed-ridden for a month. I was two days into my sentence, and not enjoying it. I had done something to my leg at the gym a week ago, and after an embarrassing trip in an ambulance, I was told I needed a whole lot of surgery. There was a lot of technical talk, much of which included torn tendons, ripped cartilage, a lot of initials and the sum ending in, “you're fucked.” I most certainly was. After a week in the hospital, I had crawled onto my couch and hadn’t moved much since. I was wearing an old, tatty, free tee-shirt that was about five sizes too big and a pair of girl boxers, my mummified leg propped on multiple pillows.

“AL! Open the door!” That was Jamey.

“Hold on! We got a key!” I groaned at my once brilliant idea as the locks on my door yielded to a copy of my key. “We’re coming in!” Ryan informed me, and I couldn’t help but be thankful the racket had halted.

Ryan, Jamey and I had been best friends since freshman year in college. We were a Biology lab group, and the bond had continued far beyond Bio. Ryan had gone from pre-med to become a doctor, Jamey a nurse and I a freelance photographer. We moved to the same city together, and supported each other in times of need. Our needs differed; mine, most commonly, a person I could call when I lost my apartment key or locked myself out or could drunk dial for a ride home. Ryan was useful with both. Jamey was useful to get drunk with. I now regretted my decision to entrust them with keys.

“Go away.” They came in my apartment with pizza, beer and my favorite pop. “Leave the pizza and pop.” They kicked their shoes off and put their offerings on my table. Jamey got a dishtowel and Ryan carefully looked at my line of pill bottles, then at my leg, then at me.

“How bad does it hurt?” He looked at the swelling, lifted a few bandages and tickled my foot.

“That’s a dumb question.” I glowered at him and grabbed my throw blanket, pulling it over me. It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable around them, seeing me braless and in panties, we’d seen each other naked plenty of times and I knew they were gay for each other, but I hadn’t been brave enough to try and shower and there was definitely some stubble that could be shaved away. I didn’t have any good females friends I trusted with a razor anywhere on my body and my mother was five states away and I sure wasn’t about to call her.

“You hungry?” Jamey poured some pop over ice for me. I struggled out of my slouched position to accept the soda.

“Yes.” I replied.

I gulped down something other than stale water for the first time since the hospital. Also I hadn’t done any shopping before the accident and was left with slim pickings. I had eaten all of my crackers, made ramen with difficulty, suffered through the freezer burnt microwave meals, and made pancakes, only to find the only syrup I had was for adult drinks, not pancakes and was down to a can of soup and a moldy slice of bread. Jamey watched as I hungrily mowed on the Hawaiian pizza, my favorite. The boys were definitely earning points.

“You look a little rough.” I flipped Ryan the bird as he sipped on some beer.

“How’d you find out?” I mumbled through slices of heaven.

“Besides the ignored texts and phone calls?” Jamey munched thoughtfully on a slice. “Everyone was talking about it at the gym. They’re praying you don’t sue.”

“Why would I do that? Sure, the equipment malfunctioned but it’s nobody’s fault.” Everybody was out to get somebody, apparently. Not me, I would be happy for a shower, some food and something other than bad daytime TV.

“They comped you three years membership costs, and threw in a bunch of extras.” Jamey grinned at my pouty face.

“Does it look like I’ll be working out anytime soon?”

“You been keeping up on the pain meds, miss Cranky?” Ryan eyed my nearly full bottles.

“They make me sick, I can’t take them.”

“Did you call your doctor and ask for alternative prescriptions?” Ryan enunciated each word carefully.

“Yes, and they told me he was on vacation. I’m mostly fine, unless I move, or think, or breathe.” We finished the pizza in silence. Ryan cleaned up and Jamey looked at my sorry state.

“You could use a bath.”

“I know I could, but I’m not exactly in an adventurous mood, and I don’t want another ambulance ride when I fall and hurt myself worse.”

“Dude, you do realize I’m a murse, right?” Jamey liked the male nurse combo. He pointed to his scrubs. I had to appreciate his body. He and Ryan were very competitive, especially when it came to their workouts. The results, bodies better than Abercrombie models. I am also competitive, but I can’t be described as a model. “I give sponge baths for a living.” I knew he was joking; he worked the ER in a busy city. He never gave sponge baths.

“There are advantages to having friends in the medical field, if you ever answered our calls or texts you would we’re here to help you. You haven’t got anything edible in here, ya know?” Ryan held up the can of expired soup. “I’m going to go get something you can eat. Jamey, clean her sorry ass up, and take care of her.”

“My purse is by the door!” I called after Ryan, grinning. Maybe my best friends were annoying, obnoxious, and loud, I loved how they took care of me. The door shut and Jamey was in my bedroom and bathroom, surveying the obstacle course. He came back with a grin on his face.

“Good news is you have your own personal nurse. Bad news is your bathroom is smaller than my closet. Seriously, how do you do anyone in there?”

“I don’t do anyone in my bathroom, James.”

I glared at him, a reminder of recent string of sexless nights. It didn’t help that I have an incredibly high sex drive and no time to go find a proper one night stand. And now, when I’m stranded flat on my back with my legs spread, I couldn’t really get into it. Not that I hadn’t watched more than a fair share of porn the past two days, or abused my favorite dildos and vibrators, I just needed someone else’s touch. The thought of my toys made me hope I had put them in my drawer, not left them on my bed.

“You’re beds pretty small too. How do you time someone spread eagle when they’re bigger than your bed?” I rolled my eyes, aware my nipples had gone hard the moment I’d looked at Jamey in scrubs and my panties got wet at the thought of a sponge bath by him. “You got quite the selection of toys too.” I could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks.

I wasn’t shy about sex around them, they weren’t around me. We had even fooled around a few times in college; I knew they were bisexual but completely gay for each other as they phrased it. I’m bi too, but I really like a man’s body, women are just better for relationships. We had gone to sex toy shops, and for my birthday they had given me my favorite vibrating dildo. We proceeded to try it out, and it was sooo satisfying.

I needed to stop thinking about sex. My panties were pretty wet now, and I was sure Jamey could see my nipples.

“I thought I put those away. Sorry.” I wasn’t really sorry though.

“Somebody been horny lately? Lots of time on your hands, if you know what I mean.” He is such a naughty boy. Jamey effortlessly lifted me up and carried me into the bathroom, setting me on the toilet lid. He pulled my tee over my head abruptly and carefully maneuvered my panties down the swaddling. He noticed the damp patch and grinned at me. He pulled his scrub top off and I feasted my eyes on the perfect male body. He teased me as he pulled his pants down with his briefs. His cock is a glorious eight inches, uncut, when he isn’t horny. When he was, it was a massive weapon I wasn’t sure any of my toys could match. It was semi-erect now and getting harder.

“Hair first.” He carefully adjusted water temperature and got my mint shampoo. It made my scalp tingly and I loved it. His strong fingers massaged my head and it was blissful. I couldn’t help but moan my appreciation. He started to scrub my body after I clipped my hair up, freshly clean. There is nothing better than being clean and smooth. Jamey carefully shaved my legs (or what he could of the mummy) and my pussy. I was a bit uncomfortable, but he got it smoother than I did. He playfully rubbed my clit and fingered me after, driving me wild. His huge black cock bounced against my leg, and I made sure to stroke it, showing my appreciation.

Clean and dry, Jamey helped me get to my bed. He got out my favorite peppermint lotion and applied it all over my body, while I tugged on his cock and rubbed my clitty. He finished moisturizing me and pulled my hand away.

“Jamey…” I begged him as lowered his mouth to my smooth pussy. He has a big tongue, or at least it feels like it. He licked me and licked me, making me orgasm, clutching his head closer. I wasn’t even thinking about my leg. This is an excellent form of pain control.

He inserted two fingers into my tight cunt, working them slowly, just how I like it. I was so wet; he was able to slide around with ease. I felt filled to the limit, but Jamey didn’t think so and slowly worked a third finger inside. It was about the width of his cock, and I knew he had to be preparing me. I felt an intruder at my back door. He was rubbing my asshole. The shock pushed me over the edge, into a shivering orgasm. I screeched out and pulled on my ample nipples.

Jamey didn’t remove his hand until all the shudders had subsided. He pulled his muscled body up and kissed me so I could taste myself, a turn on. We kissed for a while, and I could feel his monster rubbing my pubis while we kissed. It was so hot; it left a burning trail of pre-cum. I knew I needed to reciprocate the pleasure.

“Jamey babe, I can’t move that good, but bring your cock up by my face. Let me have that monster.” He grinned as he straddled over my face, giving me access to his cock.

My lips surrounded his hot meat. It took a while to adjust to him; most of my hook-ups were cut little white cocks or cunts. My mouth was stretched as far as it could go, and I used a technique I had seen on a porno. He apparently enjoyed it, from the animal sounds he was making. I could feel his balls pulsing in their sack, as I fondled them.

Jamey reached into my drawer and pulled out a condom and deftly put it on as he positioned himself between my wide legs. He went slowly at first, enjoying my virgin-like tightness. (It felt like my first time again.) Then he picked up speed, and I felt his heavy balls slap my ass cheeks. I did what I could, flexing my pussy muscles and playing with his nipples. I could tell he was cumming, his eyes narrowed to slits and thrust in so deeply I expected to feel it in my throat. He furiously rubbed my clit and suddenly I was cumming, clenching his cock in deeply. He swore and I twisted my nipples.

Ryan was holding up my doorway when I opened my eyes again. He was grinning.

“My turn.” Ryan undid his belt.

Whoever thought that sex could be such an effective painkiller?

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