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Heaven Can Wait

Chapter 1 in the series Clouds and Rain

Your free hand begins to stroke my chest. Your fingers find a nipple and begin to tease. You know now the effect this will have. You remember.


You raise your head and find my ear with your mouth. You begin to suck the soft flesh and your tongue dances in and out.


My hands are free to roam over your body. Instead, I pull you closer. Your mouth excites me and I don’t want you to stop.


As I pull you closer, my arm drops and my hand searches for your skin. I can’t reach you because my arm is trapped under you. My hand can only reach the sweet soft mound of your ass.


Do I dare?


As if sensing my frustration, you change your position slightly. My hand finds your firm, round ass and you squirm with encouragement. Your body says, “Touch me there.”


Still, the black silk of your nightie separates us but I can feel the heat of your skin once more as I caress you. I hear your breath quicken as you continue to play with my ear.


Your body shudders and you pull me closer still. My free hand caresses your back and I feel your skin above the fabric of your night gown. The strap is loosely hanging off your shoulder and my hand travels down your sides. Skin, fabric, skin. I love your skin. Yet there is a strange excitement in caressing you where your skin is out of reach. Beneath the silk.


My hand travels down your side. I can feel the softness at the side of your breast. I want more. Through the silken sheath, my hand finds your nipple. I touch you there and your heartbeat quickens. Races. Your breath catches in a sharp gasp. Your nipple hardens at my touch. Like a tiny cock, it stands erect.


And you clutch me tighter.


At this moment, your nipple, this tiny point, is the centre of my world. I want to give you pleasure. Your body speaks to me with a language as old as time. Your back arches as your body cries, “Yes, touch me there!”


But a film of black silk separates us. The strap of your night gown invites me to slide it down your arm even further. As I do, you crook your arm and the impediment is removed. Your breast comes into full view in the dim light, your nipple, dark against the alabaster skin of your breast. Inviting my touch. Inviting my mouth. Inviting my tongue.


I am in awe at the perfection. God made you a woman. God made you a perfect woman. God made you a desirable woman. And God gave this perfection to me. At this moment. In this place, God brought us together for one purpose. To share in the pleasure that you give to me and I give to you.


My fingers find your nipple. As I gently stroke, gently pinch, my mouth waters. I want to know the taste.


You touch yourself, cupping your breast from beneath, offering it to me, offering it to my lips to devour.


My fingers free your nipple and my hand goes to your back. I pull you to me. My lips find their way and I suck. Your nipple, pliant and ready, is drawn between my lips and my tongue flutters over its tip.


Another moan escapes you, this time animal-like, from deep within. You squeeze your own breast offering your nipple to me. You want me to suck harder. You want me to bite you. You want more.


My other hand is not idle. Your ass squirms and your hips move. My hand slides further down until it finds the hot flesh of your thigh.


Sliding upwards, my hand pushes aside the silk and finds smooth flesh. Firm. Hot to the touch. Only the waistband of your thong panties disrupts the smoothness of your skin. Now the sweet roundness of your ass is mine to savour. My fingers tighten and your hips move. Closer to me.


I want to kiss you there. I want to taste the sweetness of the skin that has been my dream. I want to know each subtle flavour as my tongue explores.


My mind reels. How can I kiss your nipple and your ass? I want it all but I can only take a small part of you.


Reluctantly, my hand leaves the sweet softness of your bottom and with both hands on your shoulders; I push you up and away from me. I want to see your face.


You kneel now. The strap of your nightie lies loose. One breast free, which moments ago, was between my lips, between my teeth, glistens in the faint light with my spit.


Your face is in shadow, your black eyes, invisible. Yet I know your lips are parted with desire.


I want to see your body in the soft light. But, as I reach for you, your arms cross. Hiding your breasts. As if to say, “No.”


Or, are you teasing me? Are your folded arms saying, “Not yet”? Is your action deliberate? Do you wish to prolong the moment before you open yourself to me? To my eyes? To my body?


As I reach for you again your folded arms hold yourself tighter and you turn your face from me. Your black hair cascades across your shoulders. I know your body wants me. I can feel the heat.


But, I know that your mind is not ready to accept me.


Gently, I push you back onto the bed. Facing away from me. I pull you closer and I curl my body to lie behind you. Like spoons. My arm around you but no longer searching your flesh.


You sigh. You know that I will hold you, protect you through the night. As much as my mind wants you and my body wants you, I will be patient. We will be lovers again. But not this night.


My body betrays me. Your beautiful ass is snuggled deeply into the curve of my body and my rigid cock is pressed against you. How can you not notice?


As if you were reading my mind, your hand reaches back. And you reach into the trousers of my pyjamas, seizing my cock.


My hand finds your breast and delights, once again, in its fullness and the stiffness of your nipple.


I can feel you smile.


Holding me in this way, you sigh once more, deeply, contentedly, and we sleep.


Heaven can wait.

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