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Her Football Coach

Assistant hooks up with coach and gets first taste at a little orgasm and sex
She never thought much about it but her attire never changed that much. Theresa, the slightly attractive young woman, had always worn long dresses, and tops which always covered her up. She got by. She got along with others. Nothing anyone else ever did or wore made her feel as if she should “change” herself in any such way.

Now there was a guy she’d gone to college with by the name of Richard. He wasn’t fancy but he kind of always stood out to a degree. The reason for that was due to he was one of the small school’s highly regarded Defensive Backs.

He knew her. She knew of him. They’d talked here and there but for the most part neither had classes with one another. She was a step ahead of him in fact. He was in Athletic Management but his goal was to be a head football coach somewhere and it began at the areas small NAIA school as an assistant. Right out of college, he got the job. He was good. His name floated around. It was circling in and out of other schools and before he knew it a Division II school was coming to call on him.

Meanwhile, as he worked the sidelines of the NAIA football program, Theresa worked the lines in the same school’s Athletic Department. Back in her day, she played Volleyball and Softball and was almost good enough to play at the collegiate level, but she decided not to.

Now out in the real world, both were doing their own jobs, and as a result of this, these two would become better and better friends. However first off, it should be pointed out that Theresa has always been and still is, to this very day, a sedate young lady. She is quiet. She is to a point a shy young lady. She has never overdressed. She simply has gone about her job as an obedient young employee who is trying to be the best at whatever is put in front of her. Like mentioned, Theresa is a fairly attractive young woman. She wears her hair long but despite that she covers herself up wearing long, unattractive skirts, and tops which give no mention to her body shape.

She lives by what she knows. She’s an ultra-conservative and traditional woman with deep and moral principles or so we think she is.

A college in the DII level came calling. Richard received the call. They were offering him a head coaching position. He initially told them he’d have to think on it a couple days which he did. He called them back. He took the job. He settled in and got to know all the people required.

He heard they were looking for someone to fill a position within their Athletic Department so he called the head man. “Chuck, I may know of someone who’d fit the bill. I can call her or I can give you her name and you can call her yourself.”

Chuck got the info from him and called Theresa’s cell phone. He introduced himself and invited her down to the school for the interview. She easily convinced herself, somehow, this was the right move. Initially, she didn’t remember that Richard was the head coach there. Then Chuck told her how he found her.

Theresa kind of smiled at the notion. Knowing she’d know someone, Richard, there kind of helped her make the decision in the long run, and seeing as she had his number she called him later on.

“Ohhhhhhh hi there, how are you?” he said in his gregarious sounding voice.

“I’m fine Richard. How are you?” she said.

They talked and in doing so he invited her out for dinner once her interviewing was all done. Before she realized it the two had spoken for almost thirty minutes.

“Where should we meet?” she asked. She of course didn’t know the area at all.

“Let me pick you up, alright?” he told her and they arranged a time.

He was more then happy to pick her up, more then happy to have dinner with a former classmate, and more then happy to be with what he considered a beautiful looking woman that evening.

They talked and they talked and she got more and more comfortable as the evening went on and on. Before she realized it she had missed her flight back home.

“Oh my lord,” she said. “I’m gong to miss my flight. I don’t want to miss it. Ohhh lord,” she went on to say as she looked at her watch. She noticed it was a half hour past the flight time. It was going on 7:45. She couldn’t get a flight until the next day. “I don’t have anything scheduled. I’ll have to get a flight tomorrow.”

“Nonsense,” he told her. “Listen, let’s do this.” She listened up as she looked at him. “I’ve got room at my house. It’s a nice place and I’d love to have company.”

He assured her there wasn’t any funny business going on so she trusted he meant what he said. He drove her to his house. She had no change of clothing. She had no pajamas either. She had nothing but her briefcase. That was all she had.

“Here, I know this is probably way too big for you, but try it on.” He handed her some pajamas. “Sleep in this tonight and if you need anything, you let me know. There’s the bathroom and you saw the kitchen when we came in. I’ll already be up most likely making coffee for us,” he went on to say. “You do drink coffee, right?” he added.

She didn’t drink it often but conceded she did.

The very next morning, she woke up. Yes, the pajamas were almost too large on her but they worked, and surprisingly to Richard she looked gorgeous somehow. She walked into the kitchen and saw him without a shirt on but wearing pajama bottoms. From behind, she saw his physique.

Her eyes kind of opened wide. She was duly impressed by it for sure. It was “stacked” with muscle from every angle she could see. Hardly and ounce of flab on it, she told herself. That’s when he turned around so that she could see his front side.

Wow, holy devil in god’s bible she told herself as she lifted up his pajamas she was wearing. She couldn’t believe how chiseled out his chest was. It was so well defined she didn’t know what to say or what to think.

“Good morning,” he said as his eyes seemed to float over her body. “How are you? Did you sleep well?”

“I did, thank you,” she came back. “That is a really comfortable bed.”

He smiled warmly and said that he was happy she slept well. He shut up a moment as she stared into her eyes. Then he said. I’ve been looking at flights. There’s one going out in two hours. I can get you on that. Care for some breakfast first?”

She wasn’t thrilled but happy he was trying to do his best to accommodate her, which he did, and he made her a small breakfast with a slice of toast and grapefruit. They ate and talked some more. They got ready and he took her to the airport. He even walked her to her flight.

“You’ve been a gentleman,” she told him.

Finally, she boarded the plane and said goodbye. She thanked him but did not hug him. It wasn’t in her nature to do so seeing as he is black and it wasn’t in her family’s background to develop relationships with African Americans whatsoever.

Back in her own town, she called in late, which they already knew, and at lunch she called her sister. “I’ve met a guy, kind of,” she told her sister Melody.

“Ooooohh, tell me more. Tell me more,” the sister said.

So Theresa did. She did just that as she explained everything except that he was black. But finally, it slipped out and surprisingly Melody did not care at all. Melody told Theresa that men of color, especially African Americans, can be some of the best lovers a woman meets.

“If you ever make love to this man, if it gets to that point, do it and do it well. Remember this. Do it all while you have the chance, Theresa. You have to remember that.”

The conservative, shy, and quiet Theresa always remembered her older sister’s words. But remembering and doing it, if it got to that point were two different things entirely.

Back at work, doing her job, a week passed. No word from the university. No word from Richard either for that matter but in truth she didn’t expect anything from either the school or him.

Finally two weeks passed. Richard called her. She was totally surprised but had to call him back and once they talked, she felt terrific for reason. She wasn’t sure why, but when she got off the phone she was smiling and smiling from ear to ear.

Still, she asked herself if this was the right thing to be feeling seeing that he was black.

There was a connection, a new deep and dedication connection she could not shake inside her bones. She wanted to see him. She wanted to see him more and more. She wasn’t sure about the job anymore. Nobody had called her and time had gone by at this point and for that matter, these two lived nearly 200 miles apart. What could she do, she wondered?

All of a sudden, she got a call. It was nearly five week later. She got the job and she had to make quick arrangements to get there to start in her new position as junior Athletic Director, which in truth was simply two steps below being the AD at the school.

She needed an apartment. She needed a place to stay. Her first call, her first “assignment” was to establish that, and then go from there. She called him. “I got the job,” she said, smiling. He was happy for her. “However, I don’t have a place to stay. I’ve got to find a place to stay, Richard.”

“Stay here, at my house. I’ve got room. You can stay here,” he told her.

She was shocked. She couldn’t do that, she thought. I can’t stay there with you. I mean I like you and all but, but you are black and I’m not. We can’t, I mean I can’t do that, she told herself.

“Theresa?” he called out on the other end.

“Oh uh yes,” she replied.

“So what do you think? Do you like that idea?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Richard. What will people think?” she came back.

“What do you mean?” he said.

“I mean me, a white woman, and you being a black man. Won’t people gossip?” she said.

“I don’t care. You’ll sleep in one of my guest rooms and I’ll sleep in my room. What’s to gossip about?” he told her.

She thought about it on the phone. There was silence for a while. Then she recalled what her sister said to her but she flushed that idea out of her mind. That wasn’t even part of the combination of things going on. He didn’t like her like that, did he?

“No, you sleep here,” he demanded. “There won’t be any uhhh funny business. I promise you. There won’t be any funny business whatsoever.” However, he then thought about it. Although, maybe I’d like to see where it could go he told himself.

She agreed. She quit her position at the other college and moved her belongings to the new school and with that she moved in with Richard, in the extra bedroom of course. They got along well. He liked having her around as a roommate but paid additional attention to her while he was around. They had later suppers together but something started happening.

Something was beginning to blossom. What it was she wasn’t quite sure.

“You look nice today,” he told her as he left for the school.

She wore nothing different then usual. She had on one of her long, unattractive skirts, an oversized cardigan, and barely any makeup either. There wasn’t anything to address that she was attractive but he seemed to think she was. What that was he’d soon tell her.

He left and she went back to the bathroom. She looked at herself. Long hair, oversized sweater, and she also looked at the lower half of her body. “No, I’m not pretty,” she said. “I don’t wear anything that makes me look pretty.”

She went on to work and dove into her job. The day progressed and she headed home. Still she was happy he had complimented her looks and seeing as he did, she made him dinner. A wonderful cook that she was, he ate it up, and then some.

“That was a delicious dinner, Theresa. Where’d you learn to cook?” he told her.

“My mother taught us girls how to cook,” she replied.

“Well if all your dinners are like that, I could eat them all the time,” he went on to say.

She thought about his words as she cleaned up, not him. She didn’t mind but as she cleaned up she started thinking about other things. She thought long and hard about her past conversation with Melody and what she had to say when Theresa told her about meeting him. That had Theresa considering the possibility of having sex or better yet making love to him.

Is that even possible, she asked herself.

She turned around and looked at him. He was sitting there, peacefully on the couch, and she reconsidered the idea. Should I even say anything, she wondered? No, we’re just friends. That’s all, just friends she told herself.

She cleaned up the last two pans and set them down to dry. Once done, she turned and looked at him again. She stared at what she considered his beautiful brown eyes. She looked at him quietly as he read something on the couch. Finally, she convinced herself to go and sit down with him. That’s what she did.

She sat down on the same couch and started speaking quietly. “Richard, I’ve got a question for you,” she said. He looked up at her. She remained quiet for a moment. He paid attention to her while she formed the words she wanted to use. “Have you ever made love to another woman before?” she asked.

He looked at her. He neither smiled nor frowned. He simply looked at her, wondering. “Why do you ask?” he finally said.

“I don’t know,” she came back.

He gazed into her eyes and smiled modestly. “Yes you do. You know why you asked.”

She looked back at him. She nodded her head and added “Yes, yes I do. I guess I know why,” she told him. “There are a number of reasons why.”

“Do you want to tell me why?” he said.

“Maybe, maybe later on I will,” she told him.

Then he shifted the traffic of the conversation. “May I say something to you?” She said yes. “I don’t know that you know this but I’ve always thought that you are a very attractive woman.” He paused and stared right into her eyes. She looked away. Then he added “I’ve even considered this. I’ve considered asking you to make love to me but when the time is right.”

She was surprised and embarrassed too. She turned a brilliant shade of red and it showed on her cheeks, which he noticed. “You’ve, you’ve really uhhh thought that uh about me? Really Richard, you thought that about me?” she said.

He smiled and nodded his head.

“Are you asking me now?” she said aloud.

He looked at her. At first, he shook his head, but then he second guessed himself. He shrugged his shoulders and said. “Maybe, I don’t know. I guess that depends on you.”

“I’m not sure about all this, Richard,” she told him as she shook her head and “retreated” from him sort of. “I don’t know if we should or if I should.”

“We don’t have to,” he told her. “Don’t worry about it.”

But she knew she wanted to try. She knew she wanted to try it with him. She also knew she wanted to be naked, if he wanted to be naked with her, that evening. However, where to start was the upcoming question residing in her head. She didn’t know the answer.

It was now 10:30 and she just gone to bed. Her door was cracked and she was laying underneath the covers, thinking. She saw his body as he walked into his bedroom. He called out to her and told her goodnight. She wondered what it would be like to make love to him. Did she even know him that well, she asked herself. Were they good enough friends she wondered? Did that even matter she asked herself?

She lay there, thinking about it all. In actuality, 45 minutes had passed. All of a sudden, she heard movement. She turned over and looked through the doors crack. Was that Richard standing there? Yes, it was Richard standing by the doors crack.

His pajama top hung open. He had on bottoms but her focus was on his top and that tremendous chest of his. God, he had an incredibly awesome looking chest she told herself. No, he has a really, really great looking upper body she said as she smiled. He didn’t see it but despite what he saw or didn’t see he pushed open her door.

He said it quietly. “Theresa, are you awake?”

He repeated himself as she remained quiet. She acted like she was sleeping and so he turned around. He took a step towards the door and that was when she said, in her quiet like voice “Richard, its okay. I’m awake. You can come in. You can come and uhhh sit down.”

She turned over and kind of sat up, pushing the blankets away from her body. He walked towards the bed. She wasn’t sure what she felt but she felt something and that sensation or series of sensations was something new to her. And for the very first time in her life, Theresa loved how she felt.

Oh my gosh, oh wow lord she told herself as she watched him approach her bed.

He sat down and looked at her as she looked back up at him. She didn’t know what to think or what to feel for that matter. Regardless, she felt terrific. The hormonal sensations she was starting to feel were remarkable to her. She felt “vibrations” in her chest. She felt them in her belly. She felt them in her thighs. And all of a sudden, for some ungodly reason, she began feeling those “vibrations” in her pussy.

“Oh god,” she said softly.

“Are you alright?” he asked, quietly.

“Uh, I don’t know,” she said. “I uh think I am.”

He reached down and rubbed the side of her body, lightly. She did not stop him. It felt nice. To Theresa, it felt wonderful. He continued rubbing her shoulder and back but she happened to notice his hands were moving around to her sides. Still, she let him continue what he was doing. It all felt really, really relaxing to her. He rubbed, he even caressed her backsides, but then all of a sudden she felt a finger she thought touching her boob.

She didn’t jump but didn’t initially feel comfortable with what he was doing either. She remained in her position, laying on her belly as his hands moved about her back and sides and around the sides of her boobs.

“How’s that feel?” he asked, quietly.

“Nice,” she said.

He kept on rubbing her back. His hands moved lower over her pajama top and once he was down her back, suddenly he slipped one of the hands up inside her top.

“Oh,” she uttered. “Should we do this?”

“Only if you want me too,” he said as his hand slid up her back. “You’re warm and your skin is nice and soft too,” he went on to say.

She smiled and allowed him to pet her back. He rubbed it some more but his hands moved around to her sides. He felt the sides of her breasts at that point. She was a little uneasy about it all and jumped a bit as his hand felt her breasts’ sides a little more.

“Do you like that too?” he asked.

“I guess so,” she replied.

“Let’s do something a little different. Turn on your back. I’m taking off my top. You take yours off too and we’ll kiss and make love with one another, okay?”

She didn’t respond. She laid there for a moment but eventually she did turn over. Once she did and once she saw that naked chest of his she gave in. Theresa started to unbutton her pajama top for him. He waited. He smiled into her eyes. He was patient. And it appeared to show that she appreciated his patience too.

He slowly reached down. As he did, he lightly touched her boob. He watched her reaction to it. The sensations she felt showed up in her eyes. She was easily enamored by the feel of his fingers on her boob. He kept on smiling as he gently touched more and more of one of them.

She appeared to love how it felt as her eyes closed and her chest filled with air. She’d breathe in as his hand moved over her tit. She’d exhale as it rubbed it some more. All of a sudden, with her eyes closed, she felt him on her lips.

He kissed her and he kissed her softly but passionately as well.

He pulled away. She opened her eyes. That kiss of his filled her with ecstasy she never knew before in her life. “Do that again, will you? Kiss me like that again,” she told him with a smile which lit up her face. “I liked that a lot.”

So he did it again and as he kissed her, his hands slowly and gradually moved over her body. All of a sudden, with his mouth on hers, and his hands on her tits, he shoved his tongue inside her mouth.

Glory of an unexplainable kind exploded with in her.

As he kissed her, as he felt up her bosoms, he arms and hands reached around his body. Theresa was entrapped in some kind of force she didn’t quite understand. She was aroused by the kissing. She was trapped by his tongue as it moved all over her mouth. His hands had a hold of her bosoms and before she knew it her legs were wrapping themselves around his beautiful dark body.

She was learning to kiss like a real lover kisses. Her tongue let itself loose on him too. The two were just starting to make love as the bodies entangled themselves against one another. Her hands were all over his upper body and somehow and in someway she got herself on top of him. She was all over his chest and kissing it madly as if having done it before many times over.

She grew horny. He grew aroused and seeing as he was getting a little hornier he took hold of one of her hands and gently placed it down inside his legs. All activity stopped. For the very first time in her life she felt a man’s cock and a black man’s cock at that.

She pulled away and looked at him. “Is that uhhh yours?” she said.

He smiled and nodded his head.

“It’s soooo uh huge, Richard,” she told him. “I mean it. It’s huge.”

He smiled. “Do you want to see it?”

She nodded and he pulled off his pajama bottoms and she was surprised as hell to see its size. No, it wasn’t big and thick, but it was long and lengthy.

“Can I uhhh touch it?” she asked in a demure tone of voice.

“Theresa, you can touch anything you want on my body if you want to,” he said.

She took hold of it and daintily and playfully toyed around with his cock. It was still soft and limber and he showed her how it could get hard as a rock. She was duly impressed. As a result Theresa started stroking it slowly but she kept at it.

She even got a little nifty in that she went down on it as it got harder and harder and she got beneath the cock and kissed his balls. Then she licked him thinking she was the nifty one. She enjoyed jacking him off. She wanted to get as horny as he was but didn’t know what to say or do.

He suddenly reached down inside her legs. She felt his hand and without thinking her legs opened up so that he’d feel her pussy all over. Before she knew it, she was wet. Before she knew it, something was calling him out more and more, and he answered that call for her.

His fingers dove inside her. He played around once inside her pussy. He loved how she felt. She loved how it felt. Before she knew it, she was crying out urges she didn’t know she had.

Finally, he went down on her. His tongue dove in. Was this even possible she asked herself. It must be because he was doing it. Her legs were spread apart. His mouth was up inside her legs. He was eating her out. She was in seventh heaven and having an orgasm to boot.

Finally, he did it for her. He knelt up and jacked himself off. He came. Yes, he came and he did it all over her belly. She was elated. For the very first time in her life she kind of had sex with a man and either way she was “in love.”

“Wow Richard,” she said. “You’ve made me feel like a princess. I could do so much more then that,” she told him.

“We will. I guarantee that we will, alright?”

With that, the two snuggled and slept together the remainder of the night.

“And we kind of made love last night. He was terrific,” Theresa told her sister the next day. Her sister asked a few other questions. “No, he’s not humongous but he’s a great lover. I think he is. I can’t wait until we do it again.”

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