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Holding On Tight to You

Two hunters take solace in one another after a third one dies.
Tamara held back a moan as she opened her dark brown legs a bit wider. She was focused on the feel of the tongue darting between her thighs. The intensity of the pull of the lips that sucked her soaking clit were working her up something good. She moved closer to the corner against the wall. Her sweet torturer darted their lips inside her slit and up around her clit several agonizing times until she thought she might crash on the floor the way her thighs trembled with pleasure. The waves came suddenly then she was being held up closer to the wall still.

“Oh Baby you know how to do me,” she said as Bobby’s pink smiling face came into view.

He grinned and kissed her with her juices dripping down his beard before he used the back of his hand to wipe it away. His tongue fucked her mouth the way it had her pussy and she pushed her hands up around his neck. She found herself bucking against the front of his pants where it looked as though his cock was in a hurry to come out an play. She let go and a few ladies smiled over at her as they walked into the bathroom near the wall where they had been making out.

“Hey lets get out of here so I can do you all night,” he said.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Tamara opened her eyes to look up at the ceiling. She sighed. It had been a dream or a flash from the past. She moved her hands between her legs for a check; oh yeah she was wet but where was Bobby. She moved the sheet over the bed then got out naked and in want.

Bobby sat in front of the television his eyes locked on a spot above the small device. He listened as Rufus' ghost droned on about what a bad friend he had been to him.

“Why didn’t you just burn my bones, then I wouldn’t be here, Bob?”

“Yeah so you would have another thing to Bitch at me about.”


“I didn’t burn your bones despite the boys begging me because I …….felt I needed to be tortured, maybe.”

“You are one selfish son of a bitch even in my after life you screwed me over.”

“Ugh….” Bobby said, “you know you could be more helpful dead than alive….” he added.

“How is that?” Rufus asked.

“Bobby, Baby we need more bed time,” Tamara said with a twinkle in her eyes as she walked into the dark room then opened the blinds to reveal a sunny day outside.

She hated the way Bobby spent so much time talking to Rufus’ ghost. She had tried to convince him ignore Rufus or get rid of him but he had refused so far.

She had meet up with Bobby after she found out about Rufus’ death. Rufus was a fellow hunter and long time friend of Bobby Singer's. In the world of hunting supernatural beings there was a small community that all seemed to be connected one way or another.

Their new relationship had started out innocently enough but after talk of Rufus waned Tamara finally confessed her feelings to Bobby. She had been drawn to the other man from the start but more after her husband, Isaac, had died. She had stayed away only for the sake of decorum.

Bobby’s mutual feeling had been evident especially on their only actual date out to eat. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her and as soon as they got back to the car he kissed her long and sweet. Their first time had been in the back seat of his small car in the same parking lot. They had sex with most of their clothes still on but it was hard and fast the way Tamara liked it.

She straddled Bobby’s hips as her recollections faded to the back of her mind, “Lover I need you and we got work to do so can you do me?”

Rufus groaned, “How do you feel screwing your friends wife?”

Bobby ignored him as he kissed Tamara's neck and traced his hands over her dark perky breasts.

“It feels like she has been my wife for the last month, idjit” he said to Rufus who had the decency to fade away as Bobby pushed his ready cock inside of her and she moaned against him.


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