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Hostile Takeover

The hostile takeover wouldn't be geared towards her company...
Charlie was bored.

She sat behind her desk and looked out at the almost panoramic view of her office window as she chewed the end of her pen. She had been preparing for over a week now the presentation that was due in thirty minutes. Her company was at the proverbial crossroads. With money at a almost standstill, her presentation could mean the rise or complete ruin of her brainchild.

The client was one Gerard Kingston and he was a business tycoon. Every day it seemed his company was taking mergers or performing hostile takeovers. He was a beast when it came to business. And Charlie was terrified. His account would be the saving grace of this company, a company that she had invested her savings into almost five years ago.

Five years.

That’s how long it took for Charlie to fuck it all up. She had gone to college and graduated with her MBA at the age of 23. Twenty-fucking-three. Shaking her head at the skyline, she thought of the years of high school she had busted her ass to get the full-ride scholarship. She thought of the countless nights of sleep in college, the hours of studying, and the single life that she miserably led. Through it all, she worked two jobs, saved her money, and upon graduation had sunk her savings into starting her PR business. And now…she was...on her knees and at the mercy of Gerard Kingston.

Son of a bitch.

She used to think that she was a woman on top and she would take over the world of business; the female Gerard. Alas, her dreams were doomed to wither unless she could convince said Gerard into taking her company under his wing.

Looking back from the view Charlie stood and straightened her skirt and walked to the mirror in the corner. She’s spent days trying to decide on her outfit. Every part of the presentation had to be perfect and that meant her, too. Her make-up was flawless and classy and her caramel-colored hair was swept up in a French twist. Her nerves were even giving her a peachy look on her normally pale cheeks. Nothing out of place there, she thought to herself before moving on to critique the rest.

Her black suit jacket hugged her just right and her charcoal dress shirt was perfectly pressed and fitted; the skirt was almost a second skin and fell just above her knee where the eye then picked up on the black thigh highs that covered her down, disappearing into her fire engine red stilettos.

She was beginning to second guess her choice of clothing. What the fuck was she thinking? All dark colors? She mind as well introduce herself as Wednesday fucking Addams! Cheese and sprinkles, she was screwed.

With a groan of defeat, she grabbed her computer and walked to the small conference room where she’d be meeting Mr. Kingston to all but beg him to save her.

What did teenagers say nowadays? Fuck my life?


“Miss Cox?” The voice of her secretary stirred her from her depressed state. Looking up, she saw her mousy secretary, Lydia.

“Yes Lydia?”

“Mr. Kingston is here to see you. It’s now five.”

“Send him in, Lydia.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The knot in Charlie’s stomach tightened and she was sure she was going to embarrass herself by losing her lunch in the planter by the window. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself for the next few hours of her life.


Gerard stood in the doorway and took in the woman before him. He could smell her tension and anxiety from down the hall and now he watched her wring her hands as she waited for him. She was looking out the window and he could tell she was trying to compose herself before he came into the room. From behind, she was quite the sight. Her hair was perfectly set in a twist and only a sliver of her creamy neck was exposed before she was covered in black. She was small in stature even with the aid of her sexy red heels, but her curves didn’t end for days. Her ass was high and round and her calves popped with the elevation. He couldn’t wait to see the front and he found himself no longer dreading this meeting.

“Hello, Miss Cox?”

The woman turned around with a smile plastered on her face. She was a gorgeous creature with bedroom eyes, plump lips, and a pair of tits and hips to die for. He was dying to see her thighs. Was she wearing hose or thigh highs?

“Mr. Kingston.” She walked forward with an outstretched hand. She radiated a confidence that he knew wasn’t real. He took her small hand in his and shook it.

“Please, take a seat. I have everything ready for you as I hope not to take up too much of your time.”

“By all means, Miss Cox, please take your time. You have me for the rest of the day and I wouldn’t want you to miss a good point. Relax.”

The woman let out of small chuckle.

“Am I that obvious?”

“You can say that, yes. I’m not the big bad wolf and I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t interested.”

“I see your point, sir.”


“Shall we continue then, Gerard?”


Three hours.

She had gone through her PowerPoint slides and explained her company and its dilemma. He had asked questions like why she had started, what was her motivation, what her goal was for her company, etc. They had gone through piles of paperwork; audits, reports, invoices, capital, assets, and debts.

Throughout the meeting, Gerard had taken off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He was intense, inquisitive, focused, and Charlie was quivering with lust.

Gerard was tall, thick, solid, and filled in the suit well. His chocolate skin contrasted with his white collared shirt that he had opened and the tie he’d loosened swayed with his movements. Every time he reached for a file, she caught herself staring at his hands. They were big and very distracting.

Charlie was very sure she was about to have a litter of kittens. She was starting to realize how much sex was actually absent from her life. Her clothes were suffocating.

Eons seemed to slip by as they delved deeper and deeper into her company and her exasperation was bubbling close to the surface. How had her well thought out plan come to this?

“Charlie.” His voice cut through the thick silence. His voice was deep and commanding.


“Why do you think your company has started to fail?”

“I, uh, well…”

“Come on, you must have some clue deep down. Why is it failing?”

“Gerard, I—“

“I’ll tell you why.”

Charlie looked at him in shock, her honey colored eyes wide in the headlights. She looked very worried.

“Charlie, you have no passion.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me. You have no passion. You’ve lost your drive. You’re burned out. Dry.”

“I beg your pardon, but I have worked very hard to be where I am today!”

“You worked hard only to land yourself in this mess?”

Her face was flooding red with anger.

“Somewhere along the way, Miss Cox, you have allowed yourself to stop. Just stop! I can see it now! Miss Valedictorian of her class goes on to school on a scholarship. She studies hard, makes good grades, and graduates in the top three percent of her class. Yes, I did my research. How could I not when I’m thinking about working with your company? But, I’ll tell you this, Miss Cox. The girl I imagine had no friends, no fun, didn’t date, didn’t take any adventures or allow herself to stop and smell the proverbial goddamn roses! “

Charlie sat back in her chair, dumbfounded.

“You’ve given me facts, timelines, reports and that’s all grand, but you haven’t given me one fucking clue into why you want your company to be saved. I haven’t seen any passion from you. You’re answers are practiced.”


“Speak up. Don’t stutter. You need to be sure of yourself, take control. When is the last time you let yourself go early from the office? Hmm? The last time you went out on a date? The last time you were fucked into oblivion?”

“You’ve no right to ask me those sorts of questions, Mr. Kingston! We’re talking about my business, not my damn love life!”

“My point is that you’re dried up and you have dried up this company. You’ve taken a bonsai tree and over watered it, overly pruned it. You have kept such tight reigns on it that you haven’t given your company any room to breathe and grow. Like yourself! I mean look at you! Twenty-eight, beautiful, and living the life of a sixty year old spinster. The only sign of life in you is in the color of your shoes!”

“My shoes? What do my shoes have anything to do with this?”

“Stand up. Now.” She stood up and put her hand on the table. “Your hair is too perfect.” He reached behind her and pulled the pin that held her hair in place. It fell in a caramel river and settled to the middle of her back.

“Your clothes are too planned.” He stepped behind her and grabbed the lapels of her jacket, pulling it back and threw it on the table. Walking to stand in front of her he took to top button of her shirt and undid it and did the same for the next three buttons.

“You’re too stuffy, Miss Cox. You remind me of a rigid schoolmarm. Your shoes are the only thing about you that is impulsive and daring. They are the only last shred of evidence that I have in hoping that you have the passion and balls to turn this company around.”

In the next second, Gerard felt the sting as Charlie’s hand came up to smack him in the face. He brought his hand up to rub the spot as he looked at her with steely eyes.

“I. Am. So. Sorry. I can’t believe I just did that.”

“Now that…is a reaction worth talking about.” He cornered her against the table and he could see the worry enter her eyes. The seconds seemed to audibly click by. Their breathing was quick and the tension thick. Without warning, Gerard leaned down and grabbed her thighs, pulling her up onto the table and stepped between her opened legs. Her gasp of surprise was like a glass breaking in the dead silence.

His hands came to the buttons of her shirt, grabbing and pulling it roughly apart. Her breasts were heavy looking, barely concealed by the red lace. He could almost make out the circle of her nipples.

“Mr. Kingston, this is hardly appropriate! Please, you have to let me down.” Her voice quivered the weak request. He could see how much she actually wanted this.

Leaning forward, he kissed her. Her lips were soft, supple, and yielding to his as she opened her mouth to let him in. Their tongues rubbed together, her mouth sucking at is bottom lip. He moaned into her mouth, grabbing her hair and pulled her in to deepen the kiss. Her soft cries were muffled with his mouth as she sat straight, trying to bring him closer to her. Gerard could feel her self-controlled exterior breaking.

Bringing his hand to her chest, he grabbed the middle of her bra and yanked down, baring her to him. He broke the kiss to stare at her. Her nipples were hard little pebbles surrounded by pink and the contrast of her milky skin against his dark hand only fueled his desire. Lowering his head, he took a nipple into his mouth and suckled. Her cry of pleasure echoed in his ears as his hands grabbed her tits and fed them into his mouth.

Charlie watched as his hot pink tongue circled her nipples before his mouth closed back over them. Her past experiences with sex were already forgotten with this new experience. She’d never felt so controlled by another person in her life and it turned her on immensely to be taken by this man. The sight of her tits overfilling his black hands was making her pussy wetter by the second.

Moving down, Gerard placed wet openmouthed kisses against her ribs and stomach as his hands reached down to pull up on her skirt.

“Lift your hips, baby.” His eyes feasted on her creamy thick thighs that were encased in black thigh highs and were held up by the lacy garter belt around her hips. Her pussy lay bared to him, glittering with her arousal.

“This was the woman I wanted to see. Out of control, sexy, and passionate. Who would have thought to find such a sensual sight underneath the stodgy clothes?”

Pulling her to him, he lifted her from the table and brought her feet to the floor. Giving her a quick, deep kiss her turned her around and commanded her spread her legs and bend over the table. Falling to his knees, he took her plump ass in his hands and squeezed, lifting and spreading to see the pink wetness of her pussy. His moan sounded deep in his chest.

“Please.” Her voice was almost inaudible and shook with desire.

“Please what? Speak up, Charlie. Tell me what you want.” He could tell she was struggling. “Say it.”

“Eat me. Please. I need your mouth on me so fucking bad.” Her quiet, bashful plea made his dick hard as a rock.

Opening her to him, he buried his face in her pussy. He took his time, licking her slit and delving his tongue into her hole. She moaned and pushed back onto his face and he smacked her ass in response. Her moan was low and primal and he knew he’d finally broken her. He smacked her ass again as he rubbed her clit with his flattened tongue.

“Ooooh, FUCK, Gerard! That feels so fucking good!”

He began to make slow, soft circles with the tip of his tongue. Her throaty cries grew quicker and her breathing became shallow as he teased. Spreading her, his thumb pushed into her ass. Her quick intake of breath was followed by the guttural cry as she squeezed around his finger. All the while, he continued his slow, lazy circles around her clit. She begged him, pleaded with him to make her cum. Her thighs quivered and her hips made circles as she pushed her pussy into his face and his thumb deeper into her ass. He could feel her inner muscles tighten and her thighs shook as her first orgasm rushed over her. Her cream leaked out and his tongue lapped it up as she rode the wave.

Standing up, his hands grabbed the flesh of her hips and ground her into the table. She pushed back against him, silently begging him to take her pussy as she rubbed against the bulge in his pants. Grabbing her hair, he gently pulled her back towards his chest and whispered in her ear.

“Have you ever been fucked?”

She gave a shaky no.

“Do you want to be? Do you want to be fucked by my black dick?”


“Tell me. I wanna hear it.”

“I want, no need, you to fuck me with your black cock. God, I want it so fucking goddamn bad.”

He smacked her ass, watching the flesh turn red with his print. She yelped in surprise.

“Tell me again.”

“I want you to FUCK me with you black fucking cock! PLEASE!” She heard him unfasten his buckle and the zip of his pants and the thud as is pants fell to the floor. His cock was instantly there between her lips, his hips slowly sliding it up and down, grazing against her sensitive clit.

“Beg me.”

“Please, Gerard. I need your hard, black dick him me. I need it fucking my white pussy hard. FUCK ME, pleeease.”

His answer was to drive it home. Her back arched and her hoarse cry gave way as his dick rammed hard into her pussy. His hands had taken a hold of her arms and used them to pull her back into his hard thrusts. Her pussy clenched and trembled at the invasion. He was taking her, fucking her like no man had ever done. In this moment, he owned her and her pussy came around his cock with the realization.

“You’re so fucking tight. Christ, I’m gonna own this fucking pussy of yours!”

She moaned her assent. His rigid cock plowed into her, her tits bouncing, her heels lifting her ass up like an offering. He watched as his dick entered her, his balls slapping her pussy, and her juicy ass jiggle with each thrust. She widened her stance and he went deeper, her cry voicing the pleasure and pain that she felt. He grabbed her hair and bent down to growl in her ear.

“That pussy is gonna cum around this cock. Squeeze it. You love it, don’t you? You love being fucked by this black dick. Tell me.”

“Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes, god it feels so fucking good! You fuck me so good, Gerard. Make that pussy cum; I wanna cum all over that fucking cock!!!!”

“That’s right, my little white slut. Give it to me. I want that pussy cumming all around this cock.”

His words caused her to go over and her pussy squeezed his cock as he pumped faster into her. The table shook and files slid from the piles they’d built. Her screams became louder and he pushed her into another orgasm. She loved it, begged for it, and it all drove him closer.

He pulled out, pulled her away from the table and turned her around. He pumped his cock with his fist, kissing her hard and long before pushing her to her knees.

“I want you to open that pretty pink mouth of yours.” Her lips opened and her tiny pink tongue stuck out, her eyes coy. The sexual cockiness in them told him she was enjoying every second. His fist pumped faster and his balls tightened, his thick creamy load spilling out onto her tongue. She took it all, playing it over her tongue, showing him before swallowing it all. She leaned forward and licked his dick clean. He stared down at her, knowing that he couldn’t just have her once.

“Miss Cox.”

“Yes, Mr. Kingston?”

“I think that in order to fully understand the position your company is in, we’re going to have to set up more meetings. This is going to take a while.”

She smiled up at him and said, “I hoped you’d say that.”

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