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Hot Town

It's a Hot Time in a Hot Town when Summer is around.
Summer in The City

The Outdoor Film Festival had Grant Park buzzing with activity and hot women. Yet, she still stood out to me. She seemed hot from a distance, and not just from the July Chicago heat. As I watched, she suddenly began gathering her things and leaving. I caught up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and then promptly collided with my chest.

“Sorry!” she said in apology.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” I said as if we were old friends.

I could see she was scanning my six-foot frame, taking in my ice-blue eyes and long, dark hair. She lingered on my lips a bit. I’ve been told that they are pussy-eating, cunt-licking lips. I took that description as a huge compliment.

She had a nice glossy pout herself and mocha skin that had a nice glow. Her green summer dress was sleeveless and the long skirt covered her to the ankle, leaving much to my dirty imagination.

I continued pleading with her. “I’m stuck with two sixteen-year-olds. You have to keep me company and protect me from raging hormones and the temptation to feel like an old codger,” I said, in exaggerated desperation.

“You have two teenagers?” She asked.

“No! My brother and his date. Stay and you can meet them yourself.”

She looked at me like I was nuts. “I don’t even know you.”

“Isn’t a friend just a...”

“...Stranger that you haven’t met yet,” she joined in and finished with me. “One of my mom’s favorite sayings. Not sure I want to hang with a guy that agrees with my mom on anything.”

“I do have a curse of being especially good with mom. Now fathers…” I frowned, comically. “It can go either way.”

She gave me a small laugh. It was a start.

She was twirling loose strands of her wavy hair around her fingers. The rest of her copper-colored hair was in a tight updo. I had the urge to move my fingers through that hair, and pull her into me, feel her against my body again.

Before I could respond we were accosted by a pretty, petite brunette and a tall, muscled and tattooed guy.

“Summer! It’s so nice to find you working so hard on that critical Davis Project,” the brunette said to her.

“Hey, Summer,” the guy said, hesitantly. He seemed shy in spite of his imposing looks.

Summer’s whole body went rigid and her eyes were like lasers.

“April. Rick. It’s always nice to see you two,” she said, with an overly cheery tone.

April shot her a fake-ass smile and then zoned in on my presence. She was hot but her whole aura was Snotty Super Bitch. The type I’d fuck but couldn’t wait until she left my apartment. I didn’t like how she approached Summer.

I wrapped an arm around Summer’s shoulders and kissed her forehead.

“Isn’t amazing how hard my honey works?” I ad-libbed. They needed to know she wasn’t alone. I just hoped she didn’t punch me.

Summer gave me a double-look but followed my lead.

“You’re just too sweet honey,” she said. “This is my co-worker April. And this is…Rick.”

“What happened to Craig?” Snotty Super Bitch asked.

“Last time I checked my personal life was none of your business. But thanks for asking,” Summer shot back.

I liked her style. And I would never want to be on the receiving end of that cold stare.

I told her we had to go and quickly got her away from them.

“Thank you,” she said, seemingly relieved. “But now I want to leave more than ever!”

“I have to beg, huh? I’m really not a psycho. I promise!” She laughed. Psycho, the iconic Hitchcock film, was the film showing tonight. “And I have proof,” I said.

My companions were breaking through the crowd and making their way over. My brother Harland is a younger, nerdier version of myself. His date Emily was shy but pretty with a shock of pink color in her blonde hair. Harland looked my new friend up and down and smiled at me. I had his brotherly approval apparently.

After a quick conversation where Harland and Emily attested to my not wanting to kill her and stuff her body in a trunk, Summer finally relented to staying with us.

We walked to our picnic. The film wouldn’t start until sundown. The huge outdoor screen loomed ahead of us as blanket after blanket of people eating, chatting, and patiently waiting surrounded us.

“I’m Remi Loving, by the way,” I said, and reached out my hand. I caught her admiring my long, toned arms. She offered her own dainty hand.

Summer explained to me that April was a back-stabbing co-worker and Rick was her ex who was now dating April. She had introduced them at a work function. Ouch.

“His loss and extreme misjudgment. So why are you here by yourself?”

“My friends and boyfriend cancelled on me. I come to the film festival every year for my birthday.”

Her phone rang, interrupting us. She had to rush back to work. I followed, against her will, scared she wouldn’t return otherwise.

Warm Front

“You need to loosen up. Relax a little.”

As soon as I said it, I knew I had made a mistake. Never tell a woman to relax. It’s the equivalent of asking her if she’s on her period. It is never a welcomed comment.

“I mean, you work hard. You deserve to enjoy yourself. Give yourself permission to let go.”

That was better, much better. I was appealing to her needs. Women are high on my priority list. I pride myself on noticing the things most men don’t notice or don’t particularly care about.

“You sound like my boss,” she said.

“Good! I must meet this person.”

“You did,” she replied. “Charlotte. The sexy blonde who blew your cover.”

On the way to her office she had introduced me to a lovely blonde who was slightly older than Summer. Unlike Summer, Charlotte evidently had a life outside of work and immediately remembered me from my current play.

“So you’re an actor? Why didn’t you tell me?”

I saw her comments for what they were, a distraction tactic. Summer did not want to discuss herself or her life.

I answered truthfully. “People make all kinds of assumptions about actors.”

I knew what was coming next. She would accuse me, the actor, of playing a role. She leaned back against her desk and crossed her beautiful toned arms.

“I got you figured out. You come from a conservative family. But you don’t quite fit in. I’m thinking a rich, conservative family. You probably became an actor just to piss them off because that is how you get their attention.”

Okay, I hadn’t seen that coming. But I like to be surprised.

Women are always trying to figure men out but the great pity of their efforts is that go too deep. We’re like the 9-year-old kings who are given the throne after the old man croaks. We have no idea what the fuck we are doing, but we sure like the attention.

And damn it can be so much fun. Why not reap the benefits?

“You got all that from finding out I acted in a few plays?”

“So I’m right?”

Her fingers absentmindedly gripped the book on her desk and flipped the pages. Flip-Flip-Flip-Flip-Flip, the pages moved rapidly as her thumb stroke them. I put my hand over hers and picked up the book. It was a cheap paperback. Cops, romance and sex. Lots of sex it promised.

“Guilty pleasure. I read the dirty parts first,” she said having a laugh at herself. “I have no idea why I told you that.”

“Tell me more. Things you never tell anyone.”

“There’s too many.” She shook her head.

“Give me the dirty parts first. What’s your birthday wish?”

She was blushing. I had to know why. “Let’s just say, I had some sexy plans for tonight.”

“Well, I never met a sexy plan I didn’t like, so tell me more.”

She smiled, and then wet her lips. A simply seductive gesture.

“You’re a stranger,” she said.

“That’s exactly why you’re going to tell me. It’s the perfect. Say whatever you want and poof...I’m gone! You don’t have to see me again.”

Her eyes narrowed. “I hate to admit it. I can’t believe I’m admitting this…But you have a point.”

What would she confess? I was truly curious about what secrets this lady could be concealing.

Her mouth closed and opened. And nothing came out.

I reached over and gently pulled the hairclip from her hair and watched it fall as it framed her face. It was a thick, copper and honey-colored, mass of waves and curls. I breathed in her coconut scent.

“How often do you masturbate?”

She blinked a couple of times but her expression soon softened. “Once a week. You?”

“Every day. At least once. Sometimes more.”

I shrugged. It really was no big deal sharing this with her.

I began to nuzzle her neck.

“Favorite position?” I asked.

“Don’t have one.”

“Not possible.”

“Very possible.”

“Is your sex life as awful as I’m now imagining it to be?”

“Probably worse,” she offered. “It’s me. I’m…cold.”

Her breathing was getting heavy as I continued kissing her neck and shoulders. She suddenly shivered, her body quietly trembling against me. I rubbed her arms, warming her with my body heat.

“You’re holding back,” I said calmly. “What do you want, Summer?”

“I want to surprise my boyfriend.”

“How will you do that?”

“People call me anal. So tonight I thought I’d live up to the name, with him.”

She was open to doing anal. I had to have this woman, soon. Like, now.

“I’m hating this Craig more with each passing moment.”

“He’s a good guy....”

“Does he fuck you right? Does he satisfy you? Does he give you the kind of orgasm that’s so fucking intense that you’re left weak, yet you will yourself to beg for more?”

Her silence was a clear answer.

“What do you want Summer?” I asked again.

“I have no fucking idea! I just - I just want to be fucked. Fucked hard and right. Turned inside-fucking-out.”


My dear, beloved Summer wasn’t cold but boiling underneath all of that order and control. This was my job - my duty to slip my thick key into Summer’s glorious womanly lock and open her up. It was a privilege to unleash her inner slut.

My lips hovered over her luscious mouth. One slight reach forward and her lips were mine. Her warm brown eyes met my gaze directly and flamed brighter.

“The cleaning crew will be here thirty minutes. We’ll have to be quick.”

“I can work with that,” I said.

I embraced the back of her neck and pulled her mouth into mine. Her whole being responded, she relaxed into me. There was just a tiny amount of resistance lingering. I began devoured her, darting my tongue inside, tasting her generous lips, tongue and teeth.

There’s a quote that says a person can be conquered by a kiss. Her whole body softened, melted into mine. Hands entangled into each other’s hair. I felt her surrendering to me, to what was meant to happen tonight.

She let out a soft gasp as I pulled down the top edge of her dress. I took in the sight of her gorgeous tits, but somehow lifted my gaze to meet hers. I trailed kisses down her neck, collarbone, and down her chest to the middle of her breasts. Taking possession of my two new best friends, I cupped them and teased, licked, sucked on each dark pebbled nipple.

My hands began to search for more of her unbelievably silky skin. I craved her, I wanted to enjoy as much of her as she would allow me to access. I reached under that long fucking dress and sighed with relief when I reached a divine pair of legs that were longer than I had imagined. They led to even tastier thighs and my fingers continued their treasure hunt upwards. Then Summer managed to surprise me again.

“No panties?” I remarked, giving her a smart-ass grin.

She looked slightly embarrassed. “A treat for Cr--my boyfriend.”

“Excuse me, but he is a fucking idiot. I would never let you out of my sight. Or my bed.”

She blushed. “He’s off limits, okay? No more talk about him or I can’t do this.”

“Yes, Maam.”

I looked down at the sweet, bald pussy of hers and I was more than glad to not think or talk about that asshole another minute. That meant more Summer for me.

On my knees I kissed her quivering belly. Her hips began a slight wiggle and a small moan left her beloved mouth. I tongued the indent of her adorable belly button as I brought my hands to the curve of her hips and gripped the firm, smooth skin of her round ass. Her hips jutted forward as I massaged and kneaded the powerfully erotic twin muscles.


I slid my tongue up the length of her pussylips.


My cock was rigid as steel and threatened tear a massive hole through my pants.


I could hardly wait to sink myself into the soft depths of Summer’s cunt. But I had another goal to reach first.

“Turn around,” I directed.


“Turn around, Beautiful.”

She turned and gave my first view of her remarkable ass. Glorious. Firm, smooth, blissful. An ass that made the angels and the devils sing in harmony.

I kissed it. Each cheek. Eagerly.

“Are you…?!”

“You never wanted anyone to kiss your ass?”

Her ass cheeks shimmied a bit as she laughed.

“Your butt is worth a few kisses and more,” I added.

I made a trail down her two supple hills and under until I reached the area where her rear end and pussy greeted each other. Gripping her and spreading her cheeks a bit, I ticked and teased her puckered entrance. Her hips began an involuntary circling as she responded to my tongue’s evasion of her tight, tiny asshole.

I licked my way up her crease, getting as much contact with her skin as I could manage before she stopped me. But her protests never came.

Now standing again, I wet my fingers with her leaking pussy juices. I entered first one, then a second finger into her ass pucker.

“Is this okay?” I asked her, leaning my body against her backside, whispering in her ear, caressing her neck. My hard-on poked her, begging her to say yes.

“Yes,” she cried.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes - please don’t stop.”

I repositioned her, bending her over her desk. It was fitting that I would violate her in the place where she gave so much of her time and self.

Then I dipped underneath her, facing her bewitching smooth pussy, resting my back against the desk front. She had given me the green light and I now attacked her wet snatch with abandonment, entering my tongue into every hidden and reachable surface while purposefully avoiding her clit.

Meanwhile, my fingers made a re-entry into her asshole. She began grinding against my face in a fit of ecstatic movement. My tongue met her fingers as she rubbed her ignored clit. She angled her pussy so that my tongue would taste that aroused button but I waited still. Finally, when she called my name, begging, I slid my tongue over that swollen nub and she began to cum almost instantly.

In the midst of her orgasm I began to tongue the fuck out of her bottom. She become even more loose and relaxed, just how I needed her to be for my stiff cock.

I stood behind her, pulled off my pants and put on a condom with shaking hands.

“Tell me more of your secrets,” I begged.



I separated those delectable cheeks, after lubing her with the peach-scented lotion from her desk. I aimed my cockhead at the invisible force field that protected her anal canal.

“My best friend? She once ate my pussy. She was SO good...I came and came. I couldn’t go down her, but I sucked her titties and fingered her pussy until she came.”

I pierced her juicy ass, the visual of her and another girl on my brain as my cock began to penetrate her. I kissed Summer’s warm, moist neck and back.

A guttural sound came from her throat.

“Shhh....” I said, softly reassuring her, holding her belly. “Keep talking. Trust me.”

Learning from my earlier mistake, I did not tell her to relax.

“My first time, I was 16 and it was with one of my Dad’s friends. I was in his 30s and was huge. It hurt bad, at first. But later...I felt so good. I began to crave him. He fucked me a couple times in my little pink bedroom, while my parents slept next door. He’s married now but still once and while, when I go back home I get a refill of his cock.”

This new side of Summer of was delicious. I fucked her tight hole slowly, still.

“I once tried to get out of ticket by offering to give the cop a blowjob. Like some awful porn movie. He turned me down. But later, He showed up at my house and I did suck his hard dick. Then we screwed on my kitchen table. I made him keep his uniform on!”

She continued. “The moment I saw you I wanted you inside of me. I wanted you to fuck me like Craig can’t or won’t. I wanted you so bad that I was getting wet talking to you and my knees nearly buckled. Oh God...”

The rest of her words came out in spurts as I thrust into her with the images Summer had painted on my mental canvas. I stimulated her clit and she was cumming for me again. I wasn’t too far behind, the tightness of her ass creaming my dick and causing me to shoot a super load.

I wish I could say we went another round. But almost as soon as we came, the cleaning lady heard the noise and was knocking at the office door. We got dressed quickly as Summer yelled that she was fine and she would be out in a minute.

Heat Advisory

I said nothing on the elevator only because I was following Summer’s lead. She had composed and retreated inside of herself. We exited the building and made our way to the busy crosswalk on Michigan Avenue, the park was only minutes away.

“I like your hair down,” Emily told Summer when we got. I laughed knowingly at her blushing response.

“I’d like her panties down,” my brother whispered to me. This was just normal dirty talk among brothers. I couldn’t explain it didn’t like him talking about Summer in that way.

We were starving and I showed-off the Thai-steak salad I had made myself. She didn’t believe me but enjoyed it all. Or she was just drunk from the large amounts of wine we shared.

At one point she turned to look at me, her chin resting on her shoulder and gave me the sweetest of smiles and then slowly dragged her tongue over her lips.

I really had to ditch these kids and get this woman alone again. I had to have more. Fuck this movie. Fuck these people. All I needed was Summer for entertainment. But she really wanted to see the film. So I had to be a patient little boy and wait.

An already memorable night became unforgettable about an hour into the film. We were lucky enough to be positioned where we could lie down and still see without our view being blocked my lawn chairs and people’s backs.

Everything that had already happened with Summer was repeating in my mind and my cock was responding. With a blanket on us for Lake Michigan chill, I was spooning her. The night sky and stars were above us at this outdoor event. We were in our own bubble in spite of the crowd.

“You have another condom?” She whispered.



She pressed herself into me harder. I slid her dress up. Her heat under my fingers was driving me crazy. I looked around. Everyone had their eyes on the screen or each other. No one was looking our way. What I wanted to do, what Summer seemed to want to do, would be tricky. But lust has a way of making the impossible actually doable.

“Do me right here in the park with all of these people around,” she said to me.

I found my last condom and rolled onto my back and it onto my rigid cock. The thought of secretly having sex in this crowded event kept me incredibly hard and excited.

I lifted her leg enough to get at her heat and felt her grab my cock. She pulled it into her piping hot snatch. Her head rested in the crook of my elbow. My other arm crossed her chest and I gripped her breasts. We couldn’t make the normal noises. I swear I could hear the blood flowing through her veins, the flip of her lust switch into overdrive and the click of her brain ticking away loudly - telling her to stay quiet. Or was it my own body that echoed all this?

Confined to slight movements or risking discovery, was torture and paradise. It was the sharp thrill of getting away with something and the simmering thrill of having to wait and cultivate each thrust for that happy ending.

Summer felt exquisite, unreal. My own orgasm intensified as I felt her pleasure increase. It was truly wicked - this slow, boiling - this summer lovin’.

“You owe me a confession,” she said, panting in the midst of her moaning.

I could not tell her the first “confession” that popped into my head. I wasn’t sure if I ever could at this point. I told her the next thing that popped into my head.

“You were right. I’m a spoiled rich boy who loves to piss his parents off.”

“Give me more honey!”

I was nearing a climax and that must be the reason I said:

“My cousin is a selfish jackass. I decided I would meet his girlfriend. Fuck her, make her cum saying my name and then I would throw it in his face.”

“Did you?”

“I won’t throw it in his face,” I said.

“I’m cumming.”

“Say it!”

“Ah....Remi! I’m there....” She whispered passionately. But I came first with the contractions of her pussywalls squeezing me dry.


It was a week after we’d said goodnight, without further obligations. I didn’t expect Summer to stay with me in the next few days. She had figured me out pretty quickly and I was intrigued. What other surprises or secrets would she yield?

I called her and asked her to lunch. Of course, I didn’t tell her lunch would be at my apartment.

She looked around my place. “Nice place! Needs a woman’s touch, though. But, you get plenty of that, right?”

She was having some fun with me. Why wasn’t I laughing?

“Would you be upset if I told you I wasn’t hungry? At least, not for food?” She asked me, with devilish smile on her angel face.

Apparently, Craig hadn’t changed his bedroom ways. I led her to my king-sized bed, a foreign place to have sex for us.

She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on. Then began to unbutton my clothes, stripping me naked. Then she slowly undressed out of her corporate suit for me. This was the first time we’d seen each other completely naked. She was gorgeous. I couldn’t imagine not making love to her.

She climbed on again and immediately pushed my hard dick into her entryway. I moved backward into the headboard and she began to tease me badly. She pulled me out and rocked herself against my length, stroking her clit with my dick, and teasing us both. She wouldn’t let me enter her for what seemed like forever, but arched her back so I could suck her luscious tits. Summer was in control and having a ball. Specifically, she firmly held my balls while giving me a wicked look.

Finally, I flipped her over, getting the upper hand. I returned the favor by eating the fuck out of her pussy and not letting her cum as fast she threatened too.

Then her damn Blackberry rang.

“Shit! It’s Craig,” she said.

I climbed up her body and pushed into her scorching pussy, anyway. She gave me a warning look, but didn’t quite hide how good it felt to her.

“I have to answer,” she said, breathing heavily. “Hi honey,” she said into the phone.

“Can this wait?!...Okay…Whatever it is I forgive you!...Hmmm…”

Suddenly her neck jerked and she looked at me, bewildered.

What’s your cousin’s name?!” She said while looking me dead in the eyes.

She tilted the phone so I could hear him a bit.

“Remi...Sent him…film in the park…keep you company...”

Her mouth fell open in shock. I somehow met her gaze and kept fucking her, certain it would be the last time I would get the privilege.

“...He couldn’t find you...Glad…always hitting on my girlfriends.”

Summer tucked her head into my chest.

“He sounds like a real asshole,” I heard her muffled voice say, before she got Craig off the phone and hung up.

I gripped her into a tight hug before she could pull away. My fingers sank into her hot skin. Instead of telling me to stop, as I had expected, she held onto my back, her fingernails scratching my back. She let out moans of pleasure as we continue to make love.

I let her come first and her eyes never left me. My orgasm was so intense it was like my body was turning inside out for that one goal of cumming inside of Summer.

After our bodies had calmed down, she broke the ice.

“Are you going to explain?” She said, with a calmness that scared me.

Except for this one tiny omission, I had been pretty truthful with her. There was no use stopping now.

“You were even prettier than Craig described,” I told her, lamely.

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