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Hot Wife’s Interracial Rest Area Fantasy

White slut wife dreams of hot threesome with her black lover.
I know how much you love fucking my tight slut ass; well here is something I have fantasized about. You pick me up in a car and we start off for a rest area where we can fuck outdoors in public. I am wearing a crisp white blouse with a black lace bra underneath. I have a short black pleated skirt with white panties and black thigh high stockings with lace at the top. I look sweet but naughty; I also have on black fuck-me heels. I lean over and suck your thick black cock as you drive, taking you as deep as I can. I don’t want you to cum yet, but I give you excellent deep throat sucking.

Then I lean back in my seat and lift my skirt to show you my stockings and panties. The panties are wet, since I was turned on even before you picked me up just thinking about your hard cock. Sucking you got me wetter and the panties show a big wet spot. You tell me that I can only cum when you say so.

When we get to the highway rest area, you take me about a half mile into the woods near some secluded picnic tables. I get to my knees and start to suck your cock, you face fuck me really hard; you are standing and in total control, the way I love it. I finger my pussy as you gag me with your cock. When your cock is dripping wet with my saliva, you pull me up and bend me over the picnic table face down. You push up my skirt and pull my panties down so they are just on one ankle. You spread my cheeks and push the head of your big cock into my ass. I scream out in pain, and notice two joggers standing 20 feet away watching; you gesture for them to come over. You pull off my blouse so I am just in my lacy bra.

You start fucking me so good and so deep that I cry out over and over how much I love your black cock in my ass. The two joggers, one white and one black, get close and pull out their cocks and start to jerk off. You tell them they will get to fuck me soon, but they can start by filling my mouth.

They alternate putting their thick cocks into my mouth, as you all call me slut, whore and cunt. I am in heaven with all these strong men taking their pleasure from me. As you continue to fuck me hard in the ass from behind, you reach under me and start to pinch and pull at my thick nipples through my bra. I moan louder but my mouth is full of cock. You tell the black jogger to pull out of my mouth.

“Slut, are you my white whore?”

“Yes, sir, I am.”

“What do you love?”

“I love black cock”


“In my ass and mouth.”

“Where else?”

“My cunt also.”

“C’mon, boys, take a shot at her ass.”

You pull out with a loud popping sound and the black jogger gets behind me and slides right into my slick asshole.

“Wow she is so tight,” he yells as he starts to fuck me hard.

“Yeah baby,” I say. “Fuck me hard. Ram that cock home. Fuck this slut whore good.”

You and the other guy just watch and stroke your cocks as the black jogger rams his cock all the way up my slutty ass.

“Harder, baby, fill me with that black dick.”

You tell the white guy to go next, and he gets behind me, as his friend moves to the other end of the picnic table and shoves his cock into my waiting mouth. The white guy is even thicker than you and it hurts as he shoves his cock into my asshole.

“Oh fuck,” I cry out. “You are so big, shove it in deeper.”

You watch with a big smile as this white stud fucks my ass hard, giving me his huge cock to the hilt. He really gets into it, talking dirty to me as he skewers me on his massive dick.

“Take my cock you dirty slut. Take it deep into your sweet ass. Are you a fucking slut?”

“Yes, I’m a slut,” I say, “Fuck me hard, harder harder yes. Oh God yes.”

He doesn’t slow down a bit, and stays rock hard. All you guys hold your cum back so well.

Now that they have both taken my ass, you direct them to stand with their cocks near my face, as you re-enter my anus.

“OK, boys, time for the money shot. Jack those dicks and cum onto my slut’s face.”

They start jerking double time and in just about a minute they both start spurting onto my face. The warm jets of cum splash all over my face and I try to get some into my mouth. My face is covered, these boys must have not cum for a few days.

You, excited by seeing my face covered in cum, start to blow your load into my ass.

“Yeah baby, take it, take my cum deep into your ass.”

You finish and lie on top of me, spent but still inside me. They boys have zipped up and are leaving.

“Thanks,” they both say as they resume their jog.

You pull out of my ass, but I continue to lie on the picnic table, absorbing what has just happened to me. I look forward to our next stop at a highway rest area.

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